Boosie Picked Jeezy Over Gucci Mane in Verzuz: Jeezy Has More Club Anthems (Part 20)


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    In this VladTV interview, Boosie was asked if he would ever do a Verzuz, and said no because the people he would go up against aren’t real. He then pointed out that he wouldn’t have the support he needed because most of the people who came up on his music are dead or in jail. He then called out the social media fans who critique Verzuz. From there, Boosie and Vlad talked about Jeezy and T.I.’s Verzuz and Vlad pointed out that Jeezy said people actually wanted to see Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane instead. When asked who he would pick out of Jeezy and Gucci, Boosie went with Jeezy, saying Jeezy has more club anthems.

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    1. SlumMadekell

      *Boosie* ...

    2. Nadje the Carolina Captain

      Jeezy had a smash hit with Rhianna 10 years ago -_- It's called "Hard"

    3. Young Crasher

      I ain't dead yet better believe it 💯

    4. three3thou

      "Nah I don't doing no verzuz..." Way he said that I was dying 🤣

    5. The Mars Files

      This an older version of nba young boy

    6. The Mars Files

      All my fans dead!!! Lol

    7. Tracy B

      🤔 what’s the difference between dead or in the graveyard???

    8. Booboop Tv

      Boosie; I honestly think it’s time to stop doing interviews and pick up some books. You’ve been through a lot and I think you should tap into your higher intellect. Brotha to brotha

    9. Quise Bailey

      That jacket hard

    10. Francisco Briseno

      He didn’t name not a single jeezy song.... 😂😂😂

    11. Daniel Glass

      They both have good songs, T.I vs Jeezy would have been great because they have a lots of hits, but jeezy do have more club anthems than Gucci, while Gucci had the better diss song, that was a really good versuz, if Pimp C was alive a UGK vs 8ball&MJG would have been classic


      What boosie meant: "My day 1 fans dead or in jail. The other half not day ones or they more into they kids than social media versus battles." Either way, niggas aint gone feel the music he got cuz they weren't "club bangers"

    13. Sandz Nyembe

      Who says that bro 😂😭😭😭 Boosie a real one "Half my fans dead"

    14. xiang lu

      Dam he look like green goblin when he smiles haha

    15. Liam’s channel

      “All my fans dead or in the graveyard”😂😂😂😂 why did he get so fuckin mad at being asked about the verzuz😂

    16. Robot McLava

      A real fan right here for over 15. Man don't go nowhere Boosie Boo, bro real cats only got a few real ones left to even listen to man fr.

    17. james juice

      Talk Yo shit boosie

    18. Dustin Fidge

      Boosie looks so irritated in the first 10 seconds lmao 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

    19. MySouthernCharm88


    20. Deandre Broussard

      I luh this nigga blood 😂

    21. Syerra Lemon


    22. d morris

      He the real hood modern day tupac

    23. d morris

      Boosie say facts

    24. Shotti 94

      Boosie can go up against Plies

    25. Yaro Zeee

      Lol boosie been dropping trash music he don’t got it no more, ion know why he getting mad. Still fuck with him tho

    26. R G

      He ain't lying......My daughter's father used to rock Boosie back from 2001-2007...He was murdered three days b4 Christmas 2007. She was 2.....

    27. Jose Bustamante jr.

      Went from mad to saying that shit gon be hard 😂😂😂

    28. Byakuya Kuchiki

      I'm a big boosie fan and was already dealing dope and doin dirt in my teens

    29. Rico Jmulla

      VLAD is just weird as fuck 🤨

    30. Shemil Bennet

      Jeezy is a goat

    31. b-ry

      sorry vlad but blurred lines ain’t winning you a versus lol

    32. AntHill AMG

      Shit ain't always that easy Vlad. And it worked😏

    33. Stump Baby

      Boosie so REAL, he don’t be fck’n round❗️

    34. Robert Jeffers

      I’m still here bro Teaching my kids not to be like I was 💪🏾

    35. BlueFace Records


    36. Jason Barnes


    37. life As Ronnie Gang

      main man we still here long clips and choppers was our war Anthem mia for life you was our jay z pbc for life

    38. Plain Jane

      Ion think Boosie know what a versuz is...

    39. The Jeffro

      No Cap

    40. Michael A.

      0:53 Vlad thinking to himself....”I should’ve brought security...shit just got real!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. Jessie Lopez

      All my fans STEPPAS!

    42. Jacques Samuel

      I love this nigga

    43. Eseosa Uyi

      Who You Got Who You Got 😂😂

    44. she she Bostic


    45. she she Bostic

      I love boosie. 💪💪💪

    46. Young Scato

      Boosie vs Yo Gotti...he the realest street nigga out besides boo

    47. Young Scato

      0:11 Boosie soundin like his lil homie NBA Youngboy a lil bit here...that Baton Rouge aggression comin out

    48. Chris Rushing

      I remember back in high school. My friend was a DJ. I would help him with setting stuff up. It also got me in parties and clubs for free. Whenever he was ready to end the party. He would play Boosie. He may have got to the 3rd song. Several fights would break out. I have seen people shot or shot at as Boosie songs were playing. That man telling the truth.

    49. DaEmpresss Queen Key


    50. Maxx Jones

      Boosie vs Yo Gotti

    51. Michael Mosby

      This nigga turned up I had to leave a comment

    52. Noel Navarro

      fukn webbie. quit acting soft

    53. Henny Blanko

      Jeezy got songs wit Rihanna, Glad.

    54. Dadrion Ross

      Jeezy Had So Hard Ft RiRi Vlad Just Be Goin Off The Top Of His Head

    55. Rappers Digest

      Boosie versus juvenile

    56. Dear Santa


    57. Darius Robbins

      You can really tell the club shooting got to Boosie's heart 😄 I'm praying for my guy. Vlad.. just don't ask no more questions bruh. Just reflect on the past interviews with Boosie 💀

    58. Domo Davis

      Drugs is a hell of a drug

    59. SD Master Trainer

      BOOSIE SNAPPED!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Tink Tink

      Boosie ain’t bullshittin jeezy can go with another nigga after ti

    61. Rien Lawrence

      Jeezy got radio hits

    62. Tee

      Vlad what you talking about? Jeezy got music with Rihanna too.

    63. Tee

      Okay Boosie, tell us how you really feel lmao

    64. Jermaine McRae

      Jeezy would beat both ina versuz but VLAD dumb jeezy will kill tip 🤣

    65. MarkoTiano

      Listening to this idiot I m losing brain cells.

    66. Johnny Weeks

      I'm a fan and I'm alive and well!! Trying to be here for my kids now!!!

    67. Beny G

      Boosie’s dead fans voted for Biden 💀

    68. Holistic Nymph

      Vlad sitting back scared.

    69. Tiant Taylor

      Real Shit💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    70. Eugene Berry

      Glad answered that like a politician 🤣🤣

    71. YUNG ME

      JEEZY got a song with Rihanna so hard

    72. Erik

      lmao. this nigga a crackhead for keep on talking to an opp like this.

    73. Latonya Sheppard

      Boosie vs Webbie!

    74. Drake Brown

      Jeezy got shit wit JayZ fuck is he talkin bout

    75. Mike Jones

      Some real shit

    76. Tony Snow

      TALK YO SHIT BOO.... real steppa

    77. Reggie Pearson

      Real shit ..I'm still stuck ⚡

    78. Big Fdahos


    79. J Jackson

      Bro trippin

    80. Brandon ill

      Pure uncut ignorance at its finest. I'm not in jail or the grave...I guess he telling me I can't be a fan anymore 🤷‍♂️

    81. Bizzybeats Productionz

      You can tell vlad didn’t listen to there music he never said who he had

    82. Joseph Human

      Boosie so fuckin REAL

    83. brianka watson

      this nigga is not lyin or sayin tht shit jus to say it..every nigha i kno tht was a boosie fan is dead or in jail shit crazy

    84. Bob Dillard

      I feel like boosie and Gucci ain’t really click when they met lol. Not saying they don’t like each other

      1. Bob Dillard

        @Cory Beltran not talkin bout that lol

      2. Cory Beltran

        Nah jeezy just better

    85. Bob Dillard

      In terms of the streets ! Jeezy got that - dj Vladimir


      “All my real fans dead or in the graveyard “🤔 was that a Birdman moment ❓

    87. Jeffery Burney

      All boosies fans strippers.. steppers dang auto correct lol


      Young definitely has a hit with Rihanna, its probly only Rihanna song i like because Jeezy kept it G on that bih. Vlad tripping

    89. Fly MystaLee

      Plies will beat u in a verses battle

    90. Addison T.Maintain

      Im big Boosie fan from St Louis mo fifty yrs old still big fan I understand to anger tho bro

      1. Addison T.Maintain

        And I'm a steppa been to modoc five times rip 3 those bitches was afraid scared mufuckas kill so they don't be killed

    91. La Queen BigB

      My fans DED

    92. La Queen BigB

      Boosie snapped

    93. Derrick Jackson

      Isn't he trying to get his SOCIAL MEDIA account back from Instagram 🤣 Boosie funny man

    94. Wolf Anderson

      Guess that’s why he ain’t selling albums!!!

    95. 1 Rome

      Boosie vs Webbie lets do it

    96. zhivago johnson

      I'm going to try and save Boosie really quick. "My fans dead or in the graveyard" Technically you gotta die before you go to the graveyard and some bodies haven't been found 😂😂😂

    97. Derrell Drew

      Correction officer Glad Jeezy has multiple songs with Rihanna and Jay z and Rhianna he was on the same label as her with roc nation

    98. Thrip Global

      I'm the trying to stay alive fan! Raise my kids right! But I bet you boosie wouldn't get touched in Mississippi! Fuck Texas how I'm feeling.

    99. Big Basco

      Damn wat about Webbie.

    100. Robert Parks

      jeezy got a song with riri called so hard .... and usher love in this club went # 1