Catching Tennis Balls from Basketball STADIUM | That's Amazing

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    That's Amazing brothers Tommy and Matthew compete in a tennis ball catching challenge from the top of a basketball stadium! Make sure to like, subscribe, and share with friends!
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    We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Nicole Anderson

      Good job maths 😄.

    2. Merritt M

      Go Matthew!

    3. Hunter Roun

      Good luck

    4. Amaan Chowdhury


    5. Lisa Schonhoff


    6. Ved Vora

      Can you make more among us videos

    7. Elizabeth Thurlow

      Mathew wins I bet it

    8. Dominic Valinotti

      OMG HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i am such a good faaaaaan

    9. Mind Blowing Gaming XD

      Maggie is such A cheater

    10. Jonas Sterling


    11. Lyzzette H

      Shut up

    12. Zach Schram

      Matt’s going to win

    13. Damien Mita


    14. Prasant Sharma

      It’s a Tommy and Maggie and it says Matthew and Zach

    15. Siena Yeilding

      How old is mathey

    16. TOP WIN wwamw

      I love your videos

    17. Ruth Wingrave

      Your cousins so good at this!!!

    18. Rupal Thakar


      1. Rupal Thakar

        no you

    19. Abhijit Law

      Matthew wish every time

    20. nathan gilbert

      4:27 shout out to stef Kurry

    21. YUNGBLXXD _


    22. bob burgerz

      go India and look at street cricket this stuff nothing

    23. Sophia Grace

      5:55 Did tommy just have a stroke?!


      Zack needs to be in a pro league

    25. Lane Megginson

      Zach makes Mathew go get em.

    26. Leviathan

      2016 anyone?

    27. 鍾躍庭


    28. Lisa Hermes

      Sub to that’s amazing

    29. Amy Markocic

      I'm a USfilmr and my USfilm name is amazing trick shots

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    31. Mike the Spike


    32. Cathleen Brdlik

      Sut up

    33. 陈灯强



      Covid 19 sucks mann!!

    35. Raihaan ali baig

      Where are u from

    36. Adeline Hau

      zachary is amazing at catching stuff

    37. tiko fish


    38. Rashmi V


    39. Donna Kadel

      Go Matthew

    40. Saqib Razaq


    41. Cool Kid

      Matthew is gonna win

    42. Cool Kid

      I subscribed liked and turned on the post notifications

    43. Thomas Brainard

      Zachary is a pro at everything from tennis container catching to biology he’s the all around goat

      1. Keep Colin A Packers Fan

        Bok gang just built different my guy😤💪

    44. Tank and Jayden

      For some reason I didn’t vote because I usually want Tommy and Maggie to win but this time, they are not in the same team

    45. Xavier Patterson

      Xavier is my name

    46. Stirlo the snail

      Stephen's the best along with leonard and James harden, LeBron and yanus

      1. Rj Foster


    47. Did You See That -Trick Shots

      Zach has INSANE hand-eye coordination!

      1. Addison the Artist

        I agree

      2. It's Crazzy_trickshots


    48. Rise in Thunder

      Zachary the trick shot 👑 king

    49. Viraaj Kar


    50. Viraaj Kar

      I've noticed something that Maggie loves Tommy than anyone else

    51. josh howk

      I could never catch it in 1000000000000000 try's

    52. Nearly Impossible

      Go to Nearly Impossible, we love that’s amazing Nearly impossible | fight spinner and please sub

    53. sandeep kaur

      That's amazing. You are coo

    54. Karma Gainey


    55. Peter Ray

      Go older brother!!

    56. Abby C

      Wow what happened to Zachary

    57. xNinja 10

      1:37 As a Toronto Raptors fan that made my day

    58. Suyash maru


    59. Jone

      Hey bro good video

    60. Agustin juiz


    61. Agustin juiz


    62. Agustin juiz


    63. Agustin juiz


    64. Agustin juiz


      1. Santino Maximo romano

        Chau pete

    65. Santino Maximo romano

      Esta caja de comentarios a sido secuestrada por la grasa

      1. Agustin juiz

        Un kpo

    66. mildredpierce0

      Mathew Mathew

    67. Austin Hill

      Guys I swear I’m watching the price is right and this girl looks literally like maggie

      1. Wild Caveman

        @Match Up ur vids r cool

      2. Wild Caveman

        @꧁Z o d i a c꧂ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ r u dumb Match up is That’s Amazing’s other channel

      3. ꧁Z o d i a c꧂ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

        Match Up where is the proof no offense

      4. Match Up

        That was me!

    68. kenneth jo

      stay safe mathew

    69. ItsAirlessvoice351

      be safe from the virus

    70. ItsAirlessvoice351

      it the best

    71. ItsAirlessvoice351

      guys i love that amazing it my best

    72. Kadeeja Jemshy

      Do a big brother store type

    73. Prime Giant

      Hi I love your USfilm channel

    74. Ethan Choudhury

      Tommy is amazing

    75. Ethan Choudhury

      That’s Amazing 2 I am your big fan your video is amazing and I like Tommy tell me the first song

    76. Xavier Patterson

      You do need to sign Zach up

      1. Xavier Patterson

        @Deepesh R because he’s great

      2. Deepesh R

        For what

    77. Mr. Clock Does Stuff

      Watch my bottle flip trick shots videos and today i made a dice stacking video watch all of them!!!

    78. Cole's crazy!

      Do dice stacking 3 plz!

    79. Redd The QT

      My god I was looking for videos in ur That's Amazing I can't stop watching your vids.

    80. mardin samimi


    81. Lacey Utley

      10:54 nice DP shirt!

    82. Sam Bartholomew

      Hi That’s Amazing you guys are amazing

    83. Woah peridot with no enhancers !?! !?!

      The captions are funny

    84. Woah peridot with no enhancers !?! !?!

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    85. Woah peridot with no enhancers !?! !?!


    86. Matt crack

      My name is MATTHEW can I have a shoutout

    87. Hemanshu Patil

      You make good videos in every channel,I love your videos

    88. Hemanshu Patil

      Also stay safe,because there is quarantine

      1. Tank and Jayden

        You mean is covid?

    89. Hemanshu Patil

      Make video on beyblade trickshots

    90. sticking4free aka FreeStickers

      That's Amazing, how come the comments are turned off?

      1. Requiem

        FreeStickers it’s because youtube did it, if u weren’t deaf enough to hear it.

    91. Keep Colin A Packers Fan

      Pretty sure cousin Zach is undefeated in challenge vids

    92. Nickthemagicman FN

      Tommy was with Zach not with Maggie the pole said they were

    93. Plum Duck Pg3d

      you guys should do more dice stacking trick shots.

    94. Patty Frazer

      A star is born!

    95. Juice_wrld_fan _page

      That's Amazing's video's are amazing

    96. 2NV Vlogs

      I'm from VietNam, i love video so much

      1. Santino Maximo romano

        Me tenei harto aweonao

      2. Santino Maximo romano

        Capo aprende a hablar un saludo maquins fiera mastodonte

      3. Santino Maximo romano

        A bueno crak

    97. Andr0id134 Boy

      Tommy just said holy crap that's nice to hear

    98. That’s cool that’s amazing That's

      Amazing video guys

    99. M. Zek

      Matthew is awesome 🌟

    100. EbenDido

      Why I Can't Comment At Your Channel That's Amazing? But can at this channel?