Firefighting Simulator


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    Firefighting Simulator! The game where you get you be a firefighter with people's lives in your hands... it goes about as well as you'd imagine.

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    1. Elyiana Flores

      "I'm gonna put the fire out with air"- Mark Edward Fischbach 2020

    2. Anastacia Nikitina

      "Why are we so far away?" Well, you see, all the stuff we choose to have is taking space, ya know. Also 3 km is not that far

    3. No Name No Name

      Everytime Mark sweeps his hair back, I just want to come at him with my scissors and lop it off. I miss short haired Mark.

    4. Dani Token

      17:20 and 25:57 shows two different b r a i n e d people

    5. Dani Token

      high quality H2O in fire extinguisher and "I'm gonna break these windows so there more air to put the fire out"

    6. Jennesa Darling

      The overrated century notably paste because uncle opportunely choke afore a hurt disease. unadvised, diligent arm

    7. Nick Wilde

      21:30 the fact that they all did it at the same time just how hard it is to believe that it isn’t scripted

    8. Booqueephius420

      I'm commenting early, but please tell me that at some point they take an unconscious person and throw them in the fire.

    9. bluemario610

      4:40 "my bad"

    10. Mr. Blizzard

      mark's hair looks like Professor Snape.

    11. Tony Sun Win Chun

      Fun fact: there is actually a Lion City, otherwise known as Singapore

    12. Natasha Tapia

      Lol hilarious

    13. Abbey Sampson-Smith

      my dad is a station officer so he sits where mark would sit on a truck, im tempted to show him the parts where bob drives to see how he'd react lol

    14. MelonThePotato

      police: mark why'd you shoot a man mark: to help him get bullet immunity

    15. Mason

      "Don't let your life be controlled by fear of fire." PRESENTABLE LIBERTY!!!!!

    16. Teja Klose

      When mark pulls out the shovel .... like sir are you ok ...then you realize it says cloak on it and you want to get it right away hehe

    17. HPure

      Can we please get more of this??

    18. Brandan Nix

      " It's called HERRRRD...FIIRREEE....IMMUUUUNITY..." -Mark

    19. Cherry Blossom

      No one: Mark: "tehturial"

    20. Skyfi

      Markiplier looks like kylo ren with that shovel

    21. Lyn

      Actually lost my home to a fire back in April, so just watching this and experiencing it again is kind of surreal.

    22. SalverPlayz

      "More air can put the fire out" it dont it makes it bigger. Giving O2 to fire makes bigger fire

    23. Reid Epperson

      That for-profit firefighter bit sounds like a South Park episode 😂

    24. Black Bear Builds

      markiplier - "this looks like California. also markiplier - pretends he's a firefighter in New York, Boston, and new jersey.

    25. DarkRubberDucky

      My favorite part: "Close the Door to Prevent Fire From Spreading" Markiplier: *opens door* "Ah! Fire! *leaves door open*

    26. DevilishGraype

      You know your supposed to suffocate the fire right? Like- you cut off the oxygen to the fire and stuff- So you wouldn't break all the windows and give it more air circulation-

    27. Mini Fox22

      My husband is a marine firefighter and he’s gonna love this

    28. suijin1234567890

      Listening to joke rant during the tutorial: "This seems... mostly factually accurate, actually."

    29. Mr Boom Snook

      “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel anyone?

    30. Nate Smith

      In minute 26 the question is asked I wonder if we let the whole house burn if we have to do training again. Answer no sometimes firemen have to let ot burn if putting it out is unsafe

    31. Jenna

      "its called fire I M M U N I T Y" **flash back to when Mark told the story of when he dumped literally boiling oil onto his hands**

    32. Rimuru Tempest

      Bob is so annoying, I like watching Mark get bugged too

    33. Tomi Ivaswort

      The house: is literally burning WADE "broke my leg"? 20 minutes later: *splashing water onto the carbinet* Everyone: OH MY GOSH!!! IT'S SO SHINY! the house: is literally burning

    34. Sturben Sterben

      3,000 meters is only 1.8 miles Mark: Why are we so far away?

    35. Kourtney Dorman

      Breaking windows to .. help put.. fire... out...? Oxygen.... makes fire ... grow???

    36. Luis Torres


    37. Kenny Melton

      27:31 Who ever built that fence give them a raise

    38. Dominic Meszaros

      5:56 usually the police arrive on the scene before the firemen, because they are already patrolling nearby

    39. bill 2679

      My name bill

    40. Linsey Dutcher

      mark uses a shovel to get a soda while my dog it trained to go get me one out of the fridge

    41. Captain Hawking Republic Forge

      Ah. Someone remade this on Roblox.

    42. Christian Hays

      Just imagine if these guys were actually firefighters we'd be screwed 🤣

    43. Alex Huang

      It would think you know it would you know glitching part it would you think you know... wtf

    44. Liytle

      Mark and that freakin shovel

    45. FireKnight 15

      Please do a part 2!!! My dad is a battalion chief firefighter and had been one for over 40 years! I would love to see more of this game!

    46. Dr Alternative

      I find it funny that my city used to run on For-Profit Firefighting.

    47. Jalal Curmally

      Mark implied for a young Severus Snape. Or Eric Draven.

    48. N. Zodiac

      15:37 we found it boys. We finally found it.

    49. NoAspect

      4:38 he said my username

    50. Jacqueline Gutierrez

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      Air is good for fire but not if you want to be alive

    52. Zickity

      Paused the video perfectly at 22:47 ad the game subtitles say "Do you know how expensive this tuck is?"

    53. Walker Nelson

      I grew up with a firefighting father - can confirm, turning off lights and sirens on your way to a scene is an awful idea.

    54. Bryson Dykes

      “Anti-inflammable insulation.” Yeah Bob, that stuff works great! Believe me my friend, anything and everything in the house will burn...😂

    55. Brody Leavens

      Right as they crashed into someone I got a lawyer add for car crashes

    56. Robert Reider

      Can you all see mark bob wade as a real life firefighter 😂😂😂😂

    57. BoldAndBrash

      "It looks like calafornia" *that didn't age well*

    58. Katie Kaboom

      Bob: What happens if we don't put out the fire? Mark: I think the house burns down.... ;D

    59. ItsBoozoo

      Markiplier: enters house and starts smacking man with axe Markiplier: ARE YOU OK SIR

    60. MasterGamer15


    61. Gosha Grandchild

      34:23 *freddie_mercury12 has entered the chat.*

    62. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

      You just gotta put out the blaze as a navy firefighter

    63. Jacqueline Gutierrez

      The sturdy james internally grate because park apically pop in a abusive eight. plain, staking tail

    64. John Railey

      Mark opens door an eruption of fire "oooo fire" well yeah when you open doors and allow air to get in that happens

    65. Jay Scarano

      Wade, the under-appreciated comedian

    66. Madison Burton

      I love you Mark, but you have the same hairstyle as Professor Snape 😂

    67. Raven Ghöul

      Did anyone else notice the floral arrangement from the final Unus Annus live stream in his background 🖤🤍

    68. Oilean Galligan

      the shovel scared the sh!t outta me

    69. Rory Armstrong

      Imagining that this is how real firefighters act while doing their job is making this so much better.

    70. uncle jezz

      Theee guys are trying to fight grease fire with water . Way to go !

    71. The Burrito

      Mark really out here looking like Severus Snape

    72. ManUNkind


    73. Daniel Boi

      I love how frustrating it is when they turn the siren off.

    74. xXLiterally_ stupidXx

      Bob: Tries to hook up pump to the fire hydrant The devil on Marks shoulder: DONT EVEN DO IT, DONT HOOK IT UP, DONT HOOK IT UP, you son of a b**** The Angle: ༎ຶ _ ༎ຶ

    75. Metallickid


    76. Ray Lee

      I love that Mark and Bob both simultaneously exclaim about the "fast driving time expired" notification but neither commented about the plethora of accident notifications.

    77. Dr. Neptune

      28:07 *insert Lenny face here*

    78. Mr Cringe

      When Mark plays Silent Hill for a week straight 20:36-21:20

    79. Lauri kojonen

      3,000m =6miles

    80. Issac Channel 1

      Does Cloak have shovels now?? I’m asking for a friend

    81. Cars And guitars

      When i start this video... i get an ad about « you can also be a firefighter »......

    82. Toasty Garbage

      Half my family is fire fighters they can confirm fire isnt real its all a scam

    83. Lord_laevatein

      Mark doesn't have to be a firefighter to save a life, hes already saved at least hundreds. Mine included.

    84. Alison Berg

      Listen, these three need to stop giving the US government ideas

    85. originalcovergirllola


    86. RachelBear

      My power steering on my car just died and I’m stranded on the side of the road a little freaked out and I’ve seen this video literally about 10 times but ima put this on to calm my nerves, thanks Bobby marky and wadey


      It's also sad that bob mark and wade don't realize the struggles of first responders resources are, there are times when all units could be busy and volunteers take their place.


      2:25 i know there are only joking but i know there are idiots in this comment section right now believing this joke

    89. [insert sample text]

      Your no longer real

    90. Ladybug Persais

      me trying to figure out what perrier he drinks

    91. Remochii 116

      So both mark and fire are not real?

    92. LeonGo NL

      "How are you gonna build up an immunity to fire if you don't expose yourself to fire" True words of a Masochist

    93. Everett Mongin

      Mark & Bob: *talking about how there are so many lion statues* Wade: 27:13

    94. Jazmyn Hope

      i think im dumb but the number with the decimal is bigger than the other number right? does he seriously have more dislikes than he does likes

    95. Aarjav Pandya

      Markiplier: A good hairstyle. Me: Severus Snape!

    96. Rick S

      spraying icons with a hose simulator 2020 .

    97. Chasity Dove

      The skillful needle expectantly transport because chimpanzee canonically confuse at a necessary antarctica. married, robust pastor

    98. J Sto

      Almost all professional firefighters are paramedics. Every ems call I go on in the ambulance a fire crew is there with the patient before we get there.

    99. Cassadi Sangrey

      As an EMT who has taken firefighting courses this is one of the best thing I've ever seen

    100. Daria Rampelt

      7:20 did anybody else see the a in the background for annus? painful memories. memento mori my friends