Borat Releases Message of Support for Rudy Giuliani | THR News

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    Borat has a message for Rudy Giuliani! The former mayor of New York, and personal attorney to President Donald Trump, is at the center of controversy over a compromising bedroom scene in Sacha Baron Cohen's new 'Borat' sequel, 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.' Sacha Baron Cohen took to Twitter as his alter ego to share a message of support for Giuliani.
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    Borat Releases Message of Support for Rudy Giuliani | THR News
    The Hollywood Reporter

    Published on Month ago


    1. Akram Jerab

      I wonder who this John Defore voted for?

    2. Henry Cohen

      El Maldito Borat

    3. Len Howl

      Keep your hands out of your pants Rudy, especially when there are cameras! F ing hilarious!

    4. OrochiMSM

      Should have let him continue doing his own thing

    5. Clavers1369

      Sasha Baron Cohen has just lost a long-time fan.

    6. mysassystyle

      They tried to set him up, only a pervert see something wrong with this. That’s why it’s always talked about because perverts see perver-tic things. If your lips are dry u better turn your head to lick em. Smh This world is changing dramatically.

    7. JkC’s Portal

      He just doesn't stop LOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!

    8. Alec Hamid

      This had me laughing out loud, very funny. 👍😄🤣

    9. Aleksandar


    10. Jesse Lee

      I'd rather believe Cohen playing a fake Eastern European than Giuliani playing himself.

    11. Monee Baad

      If I invite you to the bedroom for a drink and you get the wrong idea, I owe you an explanation...coz duh!!

    12. Having Fits !

      UM they are both adults, SHE not he offered, the girl unlike implied is NOT 15 Years old but of age. This is called entrapment or set up. How would you feel if someone put cameras in your bedroom.

    13. Dallas Stone

      Would he tuck his shirt lying on the bed, with a male journalist, after asking him his phone number and address? Hhmmmm, yeah, no.

    14. Jamie Gallagher

      Why would anyone look to Sachs Cohen as a pinnacle of what is or isn't appropriate behavior ? Seriously has anyone seen the things he puts in his films and makes light of ?

    15. Storm Raven


    16. john doe

      hes gonna get sued

    17. Edgar Light


    18. Dan UBE

      making fun of another race, when he should be making fun of his own kind.... would be much more humble.

    19. Paula Michael


    20. james elliott

      Sacha Baron Cohen is pretty pathetic, when you think about it. Essentially he has made a soviet-style blackmail sting here in the hope the Far Left will let him have his career back. Bad news Sacha, there is no group as anti-Semitic as the hard Left.

      1. Pippi Walker

        Actually the first 1 minute of the above video is Sacha trying to remind us of the drama, to make us watch it or buy the movie. Pathetic.

      2. Pippi Walker

        And he probably lost half of his viewers. Therefore this above video.

    21. Stuffy animal toons

      I watched the movie he was adjusting hes clothing..

    22. Alicia A Morgan

      Why are you getting involved "Borat" oh wait I know 🤝🤑🤑

    23. ellen

      Sasha, you should be shame of yourself.

    24. Sandra Hallen

      Black mail

    25. pabstblurobot

      why would anyone want to smear Rudy Giuliani?

    26. Daniskil Or Daniil

      I honestly feel all of this is staged, every other scene in the movie is staged (it’s very obvious when Borat goes into the “cuhservative” dude’s home). There’s no way Rudy could be that stupid and no way that Sacha saw everything going down during or after filming the movie and thought “yeah we’re not gonna sue him or rat him out for anything”

      1. Pippi Walker

        Did you pay to watch the movie? Just out of interest. I don't feel like watching anything from Borat.

    27. Amanda Warry

      I will never watch or support Cohan’s or Islas pursuits ever again.

      1. Pippi Walker

        Same here. I have a feeling he just lost half his audience. This is why he is desperate in the above video.

    28. johnny bravo

      Pay attention people, more evidence of frauded election when hollywood attempts to destroy a man via slander and trickery. Interesting how just before an election they set this up to slander a potential key figure in this, all to protect the elit hollywood pedobears and their democrt trafficking rings

    29. JokersBlackBook

      Just another way to promote a movie

    30. wish martinez

      Just Watched this Rudi was Tucking his shirt in.

    31. patrina tee

      It's just a fake borat film .love borat films but I like rudy and what he stands for .the usa needs trump .so come on borat tell them the truth on your films .

    32. Div Omni

      The reason he is in a normal voice is because guliani can make him go away, I totally agree this wasn't funny and sasha shud be scared #SashaScurrrd

      1. James Dawson

        He wasn’t in his normal voice in the response video though?

    33. Lance Dukel

      Cohen is a racist.

    34. Maykel Campilongo

      Biden was 50 years in politics was and now is so corrupt but nobody knows nothing , young people never gonna know what’s going on until it’s gonna be to late

      1. johnny bravo

        this is more evidence of intentional fraud, a slander on a key figure in the election integrity that they planned. when hollywood wants to suprress someone this is what they do

    35. D. McPherson

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

    36. Claudia Cuevas


    37. Rafa Ordaz

      Borat is very fascinated with his personal homosexuality. Is it a daddy issue?

    38. John Gialanella jr

      Poor Rudy Kazootie, he is so misunderstood. As are the wonderful Republicans. There is nothing wrong with not doing anything about polluted Air, Land, and Water and helping the people who do not need help (The Rich and powerful) That is as normal as Trump being viewed as a nice guy.

    39. Sean Phillips

      This Jew actually thinks he's funny doesn't he. He really does.

    40. Ray's RC world Shoults

      He was tucking in his shirt everything you see is not a conspiracy borat go back to your country .

    41. Ma G

      He’s Trump’s lawyer!! And he’s got mountains of evidence the Presidential election was a fraud!!! 😂 What a freakin clown!

    42. Deadly Queen

      1) Sacha didn't tell Rudy the girl was 15. 2) The audio was spliced to make it seem weird, he never said "I'll have your phone number and address" when they were in that room. 3) The video was spliced to make it seem like he was tucking in his shirt longer. I'm Kind of disappointed in Sacha. I wouldn't think he would go as far as mocking Rudy to give the democrats a political leverage. And to say outrageous stuff even when he was not in the Borat persona - "Who knows what he's done to other journalists", hinting to something that might not be true.

    43. HM K

      It's completely fabrication

    44. Damon Labenz

      More than 500,000 Virginia voters were mailed absentee applications with incorrect info

      1. johnny bravo

        virginia cheated

    45. Brett Truthseeker

      so me a break

    46. XxMike Xx jones

      Fraud where they lost lol what about the states they won?

      1. johnny bravo

        some of them still cheated. trump wins by several million in fair election

    47. Marty McFLY 1985

      Don't know which is most embarrassing for her Politician getting ready to sleep with her Or her dad comes running to her Rescue dressed in a MANKINI She's going to need therapy for year's

    48. Team Kuuki Food & Games

      I am not a fan of the republican party and def happy that biden will be taking the presidency, -- but also as a nurse, I have seen many older overweight men tuck in their shirts in strange ways. One man I remember kind of leaning back to tuck in while in his bed I remember did so all the time, I think just because he preferred to stretch his pants upwards, instead of forwards while standing -- either a habit or just a way that was more comfortable/energy efficient for him. I have no idea if that is true for Giuliani, but I thought I would put that out there. Dialogue is as important as making points :)

    49. Red

      You men in the comments.... hypocrites

    50. S. T.

      Giuliani heard that there was fraud, directly from Borat. So it must be true 😂.

    51. Jonathan Schara That’s Rife

    52. Paul P

      Trumps lawyer 🤣

    53. Jay

      Giuliani is a bigger clown than "Borat".

    54. Heinrich Kramer

      Cohen is a SOCIALIST-zionist and his wife converted to judaism ... explains a lot.

      1. Jay

        @Heinrich Kramer Your first name is the same as Heinrich Himmler's. That says a lot.

    55. x xx

      I miss when borat was funny

    56. Mary Smith

      How many 15 year olds invite someone to a hotel room for a video. No one would expect that a journalist would be 15 and the entire situation into which Rudy G was invited was inappropriate. Who invites someone to a hotel room for an interview. She announced herself as a journalist. Dont see where it states that she is underage.

    57. Donald Steele


    58. schmudge

      Stone cold Rudy A.H. Giuliani is a piece of work just like the LAST whitehouse occupier. Oh Borat you should run for the whitehouse next time. lmao

    59. DBond007 Sash

      Rudy is not going to stop talking about the Biden crime family

      1. johnny bravo

        lol exactly

    60. Alan Piper

      Too many dumb people fall for Sasha's set ups. You would think that these prominent people would be smarter than that, but unfortunately not, and they are the ones in the power seats in the USA. Very sad the level of dumb to say the least.

    61. Nomadic Media

      If it's just the microphone why did he jump up in a really guilty way? I'd say he was feeling more than just startled by being interrupted. Just a guess.

    62. Zingaro

      I believe Rudy Giuliani on this one..its pretty obvious he was just tucking his shirt in..

    63. Daniel Angiolini

      You can hear him panting

    64. miriam Taheri

      we love rudy Giuliani

    65. Jonathan BLC

      Is this way of tucking in shirt the norm in US?..... So all shopping mall changing room should have a bed

    66. James Wynne

      It’s pretty clear that Giuliani didn’t do anything inappropriate. Cohen knows he can’t say it or he’ll get sued, that’s why he doesn’t say it explicitly and says “make up your own mind.” It sounds like his legal team told Cohen he can’t lie about what Giuliani did.

    67. Artie Overla

      Complete set up! Who is Borerat?

    68. Haut Jour

      Borat is not funny, never liked him.

      1. Sleezy_chicken_biscuits

        What should we do with that information? Don't watch his movies then you sensitive snowflake

    69. Ally Gaffney

      I'm conflicted. I love borat. He makes me very happy. But, I'm a Republican. So I'm walking a fine line of laughing with borat, and trying to not cringe too hard.

    70. Ann Diego

      It goes without saying that Rudy Giuliani has a lot of documentation on Joe Biden‘s money laundering scheme so of course they’re trying to disparage Rudy Giuliani. Whether it’s true or not, it’s really a distraction to the Joe Biden money laundering scheme.

    71. David Craigie

      Borat is boring...Deep State much money did he get?

    72. kris

      Is not this what men do? Just sayin .......... what’s the fuss people.......

    73. D Legionnaire


    74. Jun Acebedo

      How about a message to the kazakhstan people?

    75. Luke P

      that mayor guy is a creep

    76. Sound Extent

      ode to the chosen one, written in germany, ten miles away from the trump cradle, which was very inspiring.

    77. Gislo A

      Everyone can see the movie, it is out - this is what they wanted. I dont know if this Rudy guy deserves it... but it for sure is FAKE!!!

    78. shankoff1

      What kind of recording equipment did Giuliani have around his junk?

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Sacha Boran has no credibility - Case Closed

    79. Magnus Årsland

      She is 25.... I can understand I am still 8🐸

      1. Magnus Årsland

        @Ailsa Ni Hypocrisy? If I was Rudy I would have been thinking maybe I am getting lucky.

      2. Ailsa Ni

        Borat is a gift for those seeing the need to expose hypocrisy. Thx Borat !

    80. Ted Cleveland

      "my back anosssss is better than her! take me!"

    81. speedyprocrastinator

      Just watched Giuliani and you have made this post so out of context. He called the police on them.

    82. soiung toiue

      She's 24 in real life but after watching the film, she looks way younger.

    83. Brian Bernstein

      if you're tucking in your shirt, you don't sit up at lightning speed when someone enters the room. you also don't tuck your shirt over and over and over and over....

    84. Late Bloomer

      idk...asking for a phone number and address as you are walking into a bedroom does imply 'intent' - i did notice when she took off his mic his shirt did come untucked, but...anyone else lie back like that to tuck their shirt in??

    85. Crossrider Bankai

      This movie deserves oscar awards, if not I will riot

      1. June Wang

        When Giuliani entered the bedroom, the glass door showed that lady was in front of Giuliani. But in the movie he was walking alone. The lady must got edited out purposely.

      2. soiung toiue The FBI has an active criminal investigation into the Biden family

    86. newy1960

      Rudy by name, Rudy by nature. Cohen saved him from any further embarrassment by bursting in to the room.

    87. Sal Rodriguez

      9/11 did it

    88. Robert Neil

      Nothing like the Biden clips we won’t see here, right?

    89. William Paul

      This was a set up and a hit job. Joe should have been smarter. The young girl gave him plenty of inviting signals. Green lights. And the mic sit up was part of the hit job. Rudy should have figured this out.

    90. nieooj gotoy

      If that is how he tucks in his shirt, I wonder how he even puts on a shirt. Hanging upside down like a bat?

    91. JP Lattimore


    92. MR. T

      These Borat movie sequels are awful,.. Part 1 was funny not any ones after that..

    93. Clutch Cargo

      Borat is a gift for those seeing the need to expose hypocrisy. Thx Borat !

    94. Garage Dj

      Sacha Boran has no credibility - Case Closed

      1. nieooj gotoy

        No doubt sasha cohen is a genius,but this looks fake

    95. P CH

      Polls are only a reference, and many times they have been wrong. So, put a mask and a hand sanitizer and go to vote in person as it is too late now to do it by mail. Don't wait till the very last day as there will be longer lines. Go Biden!. Go Borat! We need science in our side to face a Pandemic.

    96. Joel Williams

      This is horseshit...

    97. Michael Udeze

      Russia must have lots of compromising videos of Giuliani, because he probably thought that the young ladies he met in Ukraine really like decrepit old men.

    98. John Deagle

      Borat hasn't been funny since 2006.

    99. 傷心的人

      Who says pigs are not running America?

    100. Metal

      Hunter Biden and Spy Chief of China DNI Ratcliffe: Hunter Biden's emails are 'not part' of Russian disinformation campaignhttps The FBI has an active criminal investigation into the Biden family