BLACK GOKU's speech hit different!


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    BLACK GOKU's speech hit different!
    Did a parody of Goku's speech to frieza, but made him black. Enjoy!
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    Published on 17 days ago



      “Niggas think i’m fighting to save the day but really nigga I just love to fight” That pretty much sums up his character 😂

    2. Mr Sir


    3. Scruffy Scruffington

      All time favorite video

    4. Ramo Devonish


    5. Jackie G

      Lmfao! Good one. 🤣🤣🤣

    6. 10 Outta 10


    7. jonver92


    8. fares gamer nj


    9. N&Z Forever

      Post is the next one

    10. Reilk

      fuckin love this shit.

    11. Tsepetsi Lerato

      more vedos fuck ssj

    12. habib saliu

      Yo he strapped😂😂😂😂

    13. Ivelll Boi

      so this is what happens when goku fell and his afro saved him. moral of the story: shave all protagonist hairs, bald is new meta.

    14. Jaheem Howard

      Saint seiya versus Goku rap battle

    15. Jonathan Jackson

      Why the gun on the backside?

    16. Faygo


    17. Ya Dig313

      "I am the Light in the Darkness Cause my Chain be glistenin" -Froku


      He ain’t lying Frieza is ugly

    19. NayShawn Wills

      Thanks a lot Black Goku, now that I looked at your Dragon Ball chain, I need some glasses.

    20. Calinkswag

      Dead💀💀💀💀 the outro 🤣🤣🤣

    21. The Legend Smith

      Anyone think he seems a little Angry

    22. Drunken master

      I like how he can destroy a whole planet still carries a glock real mf g 😎😎

    23. Sola Scriptura

      @1:34 Narrator like: "Can I talk? You gonna let me talk? NVM. I'm out."

    24. BubblySky

      “Niggas think I’m fighting, to save the day. But I really just like to fight” Why that went hard tho.

    25. Copyninjah

      If boondocks did dbz hahaha

    26. TheMixology Channel

      He'll yeah that dbz chain


      I just realized he got that iron on him

    28. Dutch Alcott

      this whole thing is one big stereotype , you gotta be better then this bro. much love but this shit ain't it

    29. Sunil Murasing

      Froku uses talkno Jutsu

    30. Uyathandwa Bacela

      So much time imbezeled in day thang

    31. Santi The Goat

      This one is hella unexpected but fire😂😂

    32. ryan Talley98

      Damn right narrator next episode this nigga dead on my mama 😂

    33. tailss. exe

      Lol I fucking died at the end when he said this nigga dead

    34. Spade King360

      Yo Weezy F. Broly were u at

    35. Xay Sleek

      Bro, i'm laughin so hard my head hurtin. This was comedy gold rite here.

    36. YettiMusik

      That was Halarious yo 😂

    37. Damitsall

      More like SSJ Nigarot.

    38. Kirichima Hatake

      No one is going to mention that this guy literally has a glock on his back?

    39. Kaylon Jeramy

      Im fucking weak. Goku went gangster on that ass.

    40. MangoDog

      Sounds like Dyspo

    41. dragon ball


    42. Marcus Lopez

      This is just boondocks/dragon ball Not really funny

    43. Lee B

      Damn bruh are u even a real fan goku woulda had 4 a star dragon ball chain freal.

    44. Raymond Jette

      Man says nigga, but bleeps out fuck and bitch

    45. Nioh tsushima

      Can we get froku's origin story

    46. Alexia Whitecloud

      I like the other vids, just not feeling this one.

    47. John W


    48. Jay Legend

      Nice and funny he has a gun in the back

    49. Red3yeking _

      “People think i fight to save the universe, nah i fight to fight” so accurate

    50. TheJr


    51. David Christian

      Is your outro on the iTunes Store?! I want it so bad as a ringtone!!

    52. Melvin Moore Sr.


    53. KoH

      This is exactly how Goku is, factz!

    54. killer katz


    55. Perfect SusanoQ

      Tune in next time 😭😂😂

    56. Perfect SusanoQ

      Mans said forget it 💀

    57. Eric Recker

      He got a blick on his sash in the back 🤣🤣🤣 wtf

    58. Blaq Joker

      “Niggas think I’m fighting to save the day... but really nigga I just like to fight!!”🤣🤣 Froku 2021

    59. destinyjam cookie

      The goku I wish I had when growing up in the hood.

    60. Kusuo Saiki

      Should’ve given him the four star dragon ball chain

    61. brian hill

      It really does

    62. Marcus Jordan

      Of how women history month well let the women.

    63. J universe

      Goku breaks the 4th wall omg🤣🤣 1:24

    64. Raj Kecy

      That gun in his back

    65. karee Ong

      The quizzical teller reassembly supply because kendo aboaly man for a flagrant fragrance. amuck, tricky okra

    66. Tania Bams

      If Goku was this vicious, Vegita would’ve been like “Aight, I’m out.”

    67. drill zilla

      That gun killed me hahahahahah

    68. Kiyaan Cambell

      This is total BULLS@#$"&T, it ruins the whole thing

    69. Suicide Kyd

      at least it had reality, black dude wanting to fight and carrying a gun

    70. Justin Williamson

      He got a glock in his pants XD

    71. Faze RICH

      GET A GOOD LOOK BITCH!! had me dying 😂😂😂

    72. Perry Walker

      What the fuck I just watch lmfao

    73. Clive Lynch

      OOOOHHHHH damn, that was damn good! I was frigging dying LMAO!!!!!

    74. Various Artists - Topic

      I Love You 😭❗️

    75. The Devil Breaker

      "SpAre mEEeEEeE!!!!!!!"

    76. billy730

      This is the most racist shit I’ve ever seen

      1. ScxrredEdits

        It’s just an animation chill out

    77. Daniel Watrous

      lol broku

    78. Autism boy


    79. DBZ Forever741

      Bruhhh lol

    80. The Legend Smith

      I think we need some merc, dragon ball chain with diamonds. Hoody with Ally to good nightmare to them ops ho.

    81. J S

      i'd rock tf outta that chain

    82. Cash Banks

      I just like to fight funniest part

    83. Donte Da Don Kiwi

      🔥🔥🔥🔥hell yeah

    84. Dream Banshee

      Bro I need a full remix of the outeo

      1. Dream Banshee

        I meant outro

    85. Kamilah Fraizer

      When are you going to do older Sasuke and older Goku and Naruto

    86. Svikari Aedirn

      I cannot for the life of me stop watching this

    87. Thomas Uptgraft

      That was stupid as fuck

      1. Krish Bansal

        Ok BOOMER

      2. ScxrredEdits


    88. Fade Bladd

      But really N***a I just like to fight”💀

    89. Rockstar Gree

      Why TF do Goku have a pistol?? 😆 😆

    90. Marshall J

      You saw his 45 in his back pocket tho?

    91. L.S.GRAND20/20

      🤣🤣🤣 on God broku

    92. ittylink

      Frieza freezin up like beotch

    93. Stefanp Petridis

      Does the real dragonball have even one black character?

      1. Krish Bansal

        Yeh, i mean it has to be right cuz i can imagine a black character in db style so i must have seen it somewhere.

      2. ScxrredEdits


    94. Bonita Gontus

      Goku's carrying a piece lol

    95. Mine Creater

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ho my God 🤣🤣🤣

    96. Angel Mendoza

      In SS I get Ho's..

    97. Angel Mendoza

      Fucking dying laughing... hahahahaahahahhhhahaahahhahahahhahaahaaahahahahahajahha

    98. Angel Mendoza

      Best everrrrrrrrr

    99. DK Harris