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    Take a Candy Leave a Candy, Act of Kindness Recorded on Halloween Via Ring Video Doorbell 2
    "My husband put a sign out that read: “Take all you want, just not the starbursts. My wife loves them.” said Ashleigh.
    These two boys took the joking sign to heart, taking candy from their own Halloween bags and leaving it at the doorstep.
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Eva Tovar

      Too cute 🤗

    2. Color Safe Bleach

      But why would the people that live there, put starburst in the bowl if they didn’t want anyone to take it?

    3. Delaney Centeno

      😊 awww that’s so nice

    4. Lil Duckling

      Most of these comments don’t have replies .-.

    5. Jesi Vvy

      0:24 what’s that light in the sky?

    6. Royall

      Man put the entire bag over is head and searched for the starburst. Lmao

    7. Aurelian

      They didn’t even dress up.

    8. Jo Montanee

      Whomever raise these 2 young gentlemen should be praised and much respected. ☺️💞💝🌈🌈😇😇👏👏👏👏👏👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

    9. lonbites

      Kudos to the parents...Parents always wonder if they raised their kids right...i hope the parents see this video....Y'all are doing a fine job!

    10. TheHmurveit

      Now that’s sweat

    11. i-ska8 _4fun

      Yo any1 else saw dat in the sky at 0:25

    12. Discjunky12

      Wow! What great kids! They are every parent's dream.

    13. • xTiff33x •

      live footage of fairies in the background

    14. Glizzy iOS

      Dang, this is more than kindness.

    15. Deborah Phillips

      Awwww! Such sweet caring kids!!!!!

    16. Joris Popplin


    17. Grace Willcock

      00:20 what was the thing in the sky?

    18. #EXO #NCT #WAYV Come Back, the superior song

      whoa, just noticed most of, if not all, the top comments have no replies!

    19. aesthixoreo

      Awwww this melts my heart ❤️✨

    20. Tiktoks Altitude

      Wait ring has USfilm?!

    21. Welllwell Sellem

      It was on 0:25

    22. Welllwell Sellem

      Did y’all see something in the back it was like something flying

    23. Hagop Bozakarian

      He is very sweet he gave his own canddy

    24. Masuga Nut

      Those are some good young men right there! They must have very proud parents right now! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ those boys are the type of people you need in this world

    25. Evelyne kasih

      What kind heart kiddos ✨✨

    26. Julia Martin

      That’s so cute their sweet 🥲

    27. Grace Word

      anyone see those things flying in the air around 0:20

    28. Star Animates

      I use ring as my doorbell ;-;

    29. V. Bailon

      Proud of these kids family.👼👼 Bless these two.😊

    30. Crime reaper

      Good kids give them lot candy for next Halloween

    31. ino nil

      Can someone explain what is that Candy collecting culture at night? From Asia.

    32. Lyssa Rhodes

      The parents of these kids trick or treating and leaving starbursts should be so proud. Wonderful young men they just made my day.

    33. MatJustChillin

      STICKS HEAD IN THE BAG ME - hesss the chosennnnn oneeee wee must protect himmmm

    34. Josie Gonzalez

      Lmao.. how he held the bag over his head to search in the bag 😍

    35. Saraim Gebretsadik

      The kids now watching this... Yay my kindness payed off I’m famous now

    36. Lamborghini God

      I know what you candy do for a update for ring doorbell's they can I have a scan test like if ur locked out and you scan your thumb and you need your thumb to get in.

    37. bullanguero82

      A bit of help with the context, please. The family put a lot of different candy out. One kind was Starbusts, that he bought for the wife... But the trick or treaters were not supposed to take them? Why do that? Why put them outside and risk it? Why not use... the inside of the house? LOL A drawer? I'm confused.

    38. doggiesarus

      Kids, so cute.

    39. Maria del Pilar Carrera-Douglas


    40. Yassy Stream

      When he stuck his head in the bag I LOST IT 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    41. harmony momentofbeing

      Oh man I did not expect that . They are so sweet for that !

    42. Mario1611

      0:22 Check out the sky in the background.

    43. Trisha Casida


    44. Simply Dilan

      Such amazing kids!

    45. Hello Bree

      Im kinda confused tho. 🤨

    46. Markyboy68

      Hey his is so wholesome 🥺

    47. Gracie

      Hmmm, maybe there never were any starbursts.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Lovely kids. Parents would be proud. Love how one dude put his head in the sack

    48. Monica T

      🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love u guys ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

    49. Susann Levy

      Really nice Boys...but i dont understand,why put starburst outside,if you want them for yourself?

    50. marzinjedi

      Good kids exist !

    51. Nakiyah Benson

      I wish kids did this more instead of bullying ppl and trying to get attention in bad ways💯

    52. Superman animations studios

      Bruh the kid just wants to be famous. 🤦‍♂️ Dumb shit USfilm video.

    53. Po Panda

      Why did the lady want the Starbursts????? Taking from the nice boys?

    54. Dżejpa 2020

      There are still good people in the world

      1. seiom jvony

        Wow, kindness still breathing

    55. Holly Ruck

      Oh these boys! How precious! 🎃

    56. Samantha mother of cats

      Aww that was so sweet of them, their parents raised them well.. and my boy Miguel with his head in the bag 😂😂 lmao. Only thing confusing me is, why even put the starburst outside tho if they don’t want them taken?

      1. seiom jvony

        Nice kids 💕

    57. Patricia Cabrera

      Every time I see this video I smell there real .So many SMILING FACES cockroaches out there that we think are good .But we can not desive God cause he knows are heart and mind and hidden camera s because they see everything when you think no one is seeing . These two boys have a humble heart and the bag over his head is freaking ADORABLE!!!!

    58. Dopelenii

      Why do these comments have no replies?

    59. Hihi10s


    60. Des Tree

      They didn't even hesitate ❤️

    61. Avea Diamond


    62. Deanna Rose

      Awww they were so happy to do it too! Such sweet little boys, their parents did an awesome job!

    63. Marina Krsmanovic

      Honey boys ❤️

    64. seiom jvony

      This what people should be like

    65. Google Account

      Lovely kids. Parents would be proud. Love how one dude put his head in the sack

    66. Beach Town Reseller

      Good kids. Oh my goodness, they still exist in 2020!❤️

    67. Jessah Christee Egonia

      Is that a firefly at 0:24 mark? I'd like to believe it's a fairy. Anyway, well done boys!!!

    68. freaky toonz

      Love the people saying this is an act of kindness and the parents raised them well.... Its a fuckin piece of candy XDDDDDD

    69. Nova Amor

      Nice kids 💕

    70. luster 5

      Wow, kindness still breathing

    71. Ronald Timbalaco Villamor

      I don’t know what is happening

    72. Cynthia Marie

      Omg my heart just melted these kids are ONE of a kinda bless them and there parents who did an amazing job raising them

    73. Justa Clapper

      I LOVE these kids. Reminds me of my son

    74. Gudiana

      0:24 OMG firefly in The background!

      1. seiom jvony

        Who took the star?? Lmbooo

    75. Renee Howard

      Lmao he stuck his whole head in the bag looking for the starburst

    76. Clemdane

      That's so cute!

    77. Experiment Lad

      0:25 rockets going crazy in the background😂😂

    78. Experiment Lad

      Anyone noticed the rocket flying around in the background @0.25 it’s mad😂

    79. Orren Huiett

      Who the heck would dislike this

    80. aola wili

      Now show us the Starburst thief 👀

    81. Peaches Jackofski

      Ellen, get these two on and reward them.

    82. The leafy bunny

      Look who is getting a lifetime supplies of candy

    83. Montages

      Awww, somebody took the starbursts.... WHO TOOK THE STARBURST ❤️

    84. Noah Joseph

      Nah these kids are dumb in my books

    85. Retro Man

      "Everyone liked that"

    86. Sonia R

      Great kids, that's all I have to say.

    87. Quay Styles


    88. Ms Lusiana

      Future President

    89. CutyFN

      0:21 whats the light in the backround

      1. aola wili


    90. Aria

      What’s that flying thing in the background????? 😱😱😱😱😱

    91. Blue Brain

      That bowl of candy would have not stand a chance against younger me

    92. Blue Brain

      Omg 🥺

    93. Ash Baxter

      Such gentlemen already at children’s ages! There is hope in this world wish there was more like them.. make sure my daughter has respect and kindness like these 2 boys well done boys

    94. ABen Ben

      This is our future what a beautiful sight

    95. helloimraven313 Follow Me

      Who took the star?? Lmbooo

    96. Colin W

      great costumes I must say

    97. Giaya Rhea


    98. Shauka Hodan

      how he puts his head in the bag tho...

    99. prizak

      What is a starrbust? A candy?

    100. Tyler Janssen

      what happens when u live ina good huwhite neighborhood had it been the hoods the whole bowl will be gone