playing with my new Morphe makeup collection with kenz!

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    kenzie and i playing with my new #morphexmaddieziegler makeup collection at home. xx 👯‍♀️
    shop the my collection at Morphe:
    Don’t forget to use my code MADDIE to save 10% off on and in Morphe stores!”.

    morphe IG: @morphebrushes
    kenzie’s IG: @kenzie
    my instagram - @maddieziegler
    my twitter - @maddieziegler

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Meg Ken

      Seems like a very scripted video

    2. Meg Ken

      Morphe is a shit brand...too expensive for what you get

    3. Malorie Young

      So when they were putting on the highlighter Maddie said that she puts it on her whole face and Kenzie was like "do you really" and Maddie was like "I dew" like the Dew stick. I hope this made sense if not just go to 14:21 :)

    4. brielle deangelo

      i love how much maddie knows about her own products. and you can tell that she actually put a lot of work into it.

    5. Amy Costa

      when you said kenny i thought of kenny the cat from spongebob

    6. Art World

      Anyone knows what the name of the background music in the intro is. It’s so nice.

    7. Kiersten Thompson


    8. Jesse Koss

      They honestly both look way better without any makeup at all!!

    9. Jennifer Zheng

      I'm a Libra and I finally realized why I relate to Maddie so much on Dance Moms because we legit have the same personality and goals

    10. Cream Frappe

      Wonder if Maddie and Kenzie surprised Abby

    11. Evelyn Perez

      How much did you like dance moms?!

    12. Madeline Medina

      I just got her pallet I already had the check duo and love it. Can’t wait to try this look out.❤️

    13. Angel Weng

      Yay I’m ur eye shadow!

    14. Marwa Awad

      i am a libra too

    15. Karoly Pirate

      9:34 her bracelet is cute

    16. Mia Fackler

      to be completely honest, you guys are like the prettiest sisters on the entire planet!

    17. 16810-Bateel Khalid A Shalabi

      you should swap lives for one day

    18. Melissa Nguyen

      I love how much time and energy she put into her collection and this video seemed so genuinely as well

    19. Trevana Graham

      Mackenzie is beautiful also Maddie😘 y'all are something like the Damelios

    20. Star Dolls

      Omg the same thing with my grandma I never met her but my family called her butterfly grandma

    21. CranberryPlayz

      I can still see Mackenzie when she was 8 in her face but in my opinion Maddie has grown up so much :0.

    22. Siena Schopper

      This is how how the James Charles collaboration should have gone

    23. Riley brunson


    24. Chloe B

      That's so funny how maddie just goes "she's still learning how to do make-up" like uh

    25. C J

      Who else kinda wants to see a D’amelio x Ziegler making dancing tiktoks??? (Ofc after the pandemic gets a bit better.)

    26. Cydney Williams


    27. Sofia Deinert

      ur makeup collection is so pretty omg

    28. Priscila

      Maddie Ziegler x NHC

    29. Fazendo Arte na Pedagogia

      why her teeth like that


        They r gorgeous

    30. MiniNovaStar

      No...No... Okay fine 😂😂

    31. m i k a

      maddie's an actress, a dancer, an artist, a *makeup* artist, a clothes designer, an instagram star, a celeb, an author and like much more. LIKE HOW THO :0

    32. Madelyn Kruk

      Does anybody else find it relaxing or satisfying when Maddie like taps the brush against the pallet 😂

    33. Alanna Sarabo

      Mackenzie quote of the year 2020: tHaTs So PReTty

    34. Alanna Sarabo

      I love how the names of the products actually mean something to Maddie and instead of just putting random stuff. When she named one of the eyeshadows “kenny” for Mackenzie that’s when I knew she really cared

    35. Lydia Woods

      Ok i like the damilios alright and ik that charli and maddie are friends, but how does charli have 100 mil but maddie has less then 1 mil and kenzie has 20 mil?? yall in 2021, we oughta be tryna get them right up there with the damilios. and it will be sooo worth it cause maddie and kenz are litterally everything

    36. penguin soup

      i was just watching dance moms little to say this is jarring

    37. Monalisa Imperial

      I'm smiling from start till end of the whole video 😁 you guys are so beautiful, I'm a fan since dance mom 🤩🤩💞

    38. jamba jackson

      U both are so pretty love ur gold hoop earings do u ever tuck ur hair perfectly behind both ears for a style i love that look with earings like urs

    39. Linda Calaway

      Love y’all both y’all did so good

    40. Linda Calaway

      What was in Kenzie left ear it looked like blood

    41. YaY kk

      They so cute I feel so old 🍓

    42. Royale Rabbit


    43. Game Buster

      Maddie why don’t you talk to Abby lee miler anymore. Videos in USfilm are saying rumours why. Please prove them wrong

      1. j-rod the library kid

        @Game Buster I'm not saying she deserves it let's say but karma got her good

      2. Game Buster

        @j-rod the library kid ok first your right Abby is a psychopath, but no one deserves what she passed through, not even you, what can Abby even do sit in her chair and wait, I just taught it with make so happy to see her again. look at Jojo she still Abby even if screams at her a lot. being nice cant be that bad.

      3. j-rod the library kid

        @Game Buster I never said what to do lmfao you can obsess about a creepy relationship between a child and a dance teacher all u want

      4. Game Buster

        Abby is not any more the big witch she changed now all she is is an old lady who had cancer with no family

      5. Game Buster

        @j-rod the library kid first of all who are you to tell me what to do

    44. Lucia Bagnall

      I love this pallet. You have done an amazing job with the colors and it is so pretty, good job.

    45. Hazel Ann Cuaderno

      Is it just me or you also see Megan Fox in Maddie?

    46. officially_vivi angel

      I really want to buy it

    47. Sofronia Martsoukos

      they are both so grown up and gorgeous

    48. Strawberry Girll

      I wish I was you guys ur so pretty!!!

    49. Taylor_ xdancer

      Omg they’ve grown so much🥺 I just can’t. They are so pretty

    50. John Evans

      You are so pretty !!!!


      What is the music at the beginning


        Plz tell anyone

    52. Addison.rae_ fan

      So cute sisters

    53. Hanna Mariska

      I came from the charli and maddie collab video and sis.............. this is so much more fun HAHAHAAH

    54. Gary Taylor

      I’m sorry I’m just going to say it Kenzie has a much more beautiful personality and demeanor about her they are both very beautiful girls looks wise but I feel like Kenzie has the personality to match her looks!!!

    55. Shannon Garcia

      I’m doing that but I don’t have the collection

    56. Alyssa Cazares

      playing with my new Morphe makeup collection with kenz! 2,377,743 views•Jul 19, 2020 115K 1K SHARE SAVE Maddie Ziegler 3.7M subscribers kenzie and i playing with my new #morphexmaddieziegler makeup collection at home. xx 👯‍♀️ shop the my collection at Morphe: Don’t forget to use my code MADDIE to save 10% off on and in Morphe stores!”. socials morphe IG: @morphebrushes kenzie’s IG: @kenzie my instagram - @maddieziegler my twitter - @maddieziegler

    57. Ariana Robinson

      there are so pretty and maddie is a good older sister

    58. irfana shahid

      When is your birthday

    59. Marely _Queen

      Hah Kenzie is more successful than you now !😗✌️


        No anymore Maddie has more worth than kenzie

    60. LivinCountry

      So weird seeing them grown

    61. Bay Kennish

      I love how Maddie mentions Tonya, her makeup artist, and appreciated her in pretty much every video when she's showing off this collection. So sweet.

    62. Bollywood And Ziegler

      How can two people be so gorgeous, and so talented?

    63. シ ʜɪ

      Omygod they r SO pretty :0

    64. aliza avelar

      I just got on yt for the first time and omg I NEED this whole set ahhh!

    65. Mama Mia

      Hey Maddie, y isn’t morphe shipping to the uae

    66. Alondra

      I don't want to be rude but wow kenzie gained a lot of weight since I last saw her

      1. Caliyah

        @j-rod the library kid what she said was rude but people keep saying it’s an insult like being fats a bad things ouch.

      2. j-rod the library kid

        Disgusting. Go look in the mirror and think about what you wrote online

      3. Caliyah

        No not this again


      Maddie Ziegler que hermosa es🤩🥰

    68. Julia Moss

      Maddie is bombing i love her

    69. Lubabah Ali

      I love you guys and maddy makup

    70. EA J

      I bought the blush and lip gloss duo and it is AMAZING!!!

    71. It’s Sophie

      omg i am am a libra i need to get that lip stick

    72. Alanys Saldana

      omg i sall u guys like 3 day ago on dance moms and i thought the dance moms vids were new but like u guys are so big eeee i am a giand fan of abby and u guys

    73. nina swinkels

      i know its pretty obvious but i cant get over the fact how pretty maddie's eyes are

    74. Ana Isabel Lopez

      they’re so pretty💘 i love her line it’s so pretty and fun!!

    75. M World

      Kenzie looks so pretty with lashes!!!!!

    76. Elocity

      i wonder if kenzie's teeth bother her.

    77. Wari Aruai


    78. Sandhya Shankar

      on the video: "i loved that drawing" "thank you" off camera: "KeNzIe YoU'rE aN iDiot" "No YoU aRe ShUt Up!!!"

    79. Gianna Yiap Qianna

      I like the sister relationship #sister goals

    80. Olivia Stevens

      oml... im so a big fan if you could say hi and respond a would happy cryyy

    81. Trisha Robinson

      I love you guys so much you are so beautiful and talented I may not know who you guys are in person by know who you guys are through social media of course and I know about your guy's dancing career cause I watched dance moms and I love that show you guys were so cute and so young I hope I get to know you guys in person in the future love you lots 💓💓💓💓

    82. Itz_Princess Cloud

      Umm maddie i have a dare can you see abby lee miler again Pleaseee🙏🙏

    83. vanessads_uza

      I love Kenzie's soft brown eyes in the beginning of the video

    84. Isabella Rose

      When u realise they look so different when u didn't know which one was which when they were younger.

    85. Bong Heng

      They deffinetly had a glow up i have never watch them so LOL they are so pretty

    86. Nermin Musa


    87. Alani Fentini

      Hay maddie can you do a other makeup tutorial for all of us please

    88. Alaynna Muro

      Maddie and Mackenzie are just amzing they are such an insparation to me

    89. Julissa Rosario

      I love this video, it’s so cute 😍

    90. Allison Morales Chrzanowsky

      First step: To have a perfect skin and be pretty! :( I failed!

      1. j-rod the library kid

        You are pretty wdym

    91. SnakyPopcorn804

      I have this palletee

    92. roblox.queenz. jhin

      Lol me and my cousin shock cuz we remember kenzie and maddie in dance moms and their were so young in that time and now they grow up so yeeaaahh


      If Kenzie put on fake lashes she would look a lot like Addison Rea

    94. Jayson Gonzalez

      I love your dancing

    95. Manan Rathod

      damm these both are so preety!

    96. Diana Robertson

      Should of named a shade after Abbey ❤

    97. silksmasterjack

      Hello morphe maybe Kendal could get her own line like Maddie, my little Kendal deserves the world. ,Jill

    98. Alexa Gomez

      They love each other so much and they both have so much energy!!!

    99. nazan degerci


    100. Summer Tran

      y’all charli and dixie were the face of the make up were as maddie designed and made the make up