Kens and Karens: A Tribute to Unnecessarily Calling the Cops | The Daily Show

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    Let’s not forget all the Kens and Karens that made this year special. Here’s our coverage of white people unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. #DailyShow
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    Published on Month ago


    1. loretta wilson

      I'm glad you showed everyone these videos of the white people doing these horrible things to Black people....

    2. Bombshell 716

      Loved the savage phone operator responding to such nonsensical complaints. What's her name? Would love to watch her more 😍❤️❤️

    3. Wayne Paik

      Karen’s & Kevin’s 😳

    4. Colleen Rose

      I laugh at the ridiculousness of this but at the same very sadden it even happens..

    5. Jus Humans

      Obviously Karen attack anyone no matter your skin color. This show is very divisive, shame shame, there are good whites, good blacks, bad white, bad black at the end of the day we are all human. The show could be about Karens & Ken calling the cops & not just about just black and white everything turns into a race thing maybe some of these case don't even have anything with skin color.

    6. Jus Humans

      Trevor makes me sick everything has to do with race.

    7. Jesus & MuDvAyNe

      STOP IDENTIFYING PEOPLE BY THEIR SKIN COLOR! Edit) This goes for darker folks too

    8. 1biggaford

      That’s when you slap them bitches!

    9. V. O

      No white lady I will not 😂😂😂

    10. Scott Harrison

      Just here to answer the question that is the title of this video... Ignorance Have a good day folks and stay safe

    11. Dscrappy Golani

      America is turning into a madhouse.

    12. RespectMathias

      I didn't know gta was a documentary of American cops

    13. Ivori I WANNAH BE FREE Williams


    14. mlouis035

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    15. Faizan Mehmood

      ive always wondered what it likes to live in great USA

    16. Sugar Cake

      Look at those cops ready to arrest those men I wonder did they question the racist woman before they place Handcuff on those men

    17. So. 1600

      Come to think of it I’ve never seen a P.O.C call the cops

    18. Jette Nielsen

      That child might have thought she was her mom - I've had a child come up and give me a hug from behind by accident. This video makes you facepalm so hard!

    19. Thom Walbran

      You are the best Trev

    20. Thom Walbran

      Trevor any chance we might get the Name of the Country Club leaked!

    21. Kristoffer Hansen

      Thank God for having a N..... judging and shouting 2pac and Biggie. Why why why are the nwa still here? Shit!

    22. Peggy genetics

      Cops here in kosiosko , Marshall co Indiana go over 100 mph just too to pull u over for for going over 10mph . So i get how this works its ok they break the law and even kill people to get to someone who was speeding but they were going way faster . Im sick of these old tactics also now there in reg vehicles so u don’t know who is pulling u over . Like 80s 90s all over again . The cops think there above the law cause they r the law and they get by with it

    23. Dave Beach

      That may be the best thing to come from BLM protesters, white people are finally forced to confront the fact that police reports are filled with lies made to support their version of events. Hopefully these videos can open some eyes to the way a lot of police are scared of those with black or brown skin color.

    24. Jam Labis


    25. Mcglynn Kareem

      The brown radar ectrodactyly bore because visitor beverly disappear besides a vagabond quartz. vulgar, extra-large extra-small exuberant policeman

    26. Earline Jones

      Show up late so you want be arrested 🤠

    27. Ormus

      This is a great job at promoting racism. This is why your show isn't funny, and neither are you.

    28. Sol

      I can't stop crying, poor babies. I can't imagine the fear the mother felt in that situation

    29. Retta Williams-Green

      Get your head around this! They have multiple cops surrounding this car holding a pregnant woman and her 2 children because a little 4 or 5 year old girl took a Barbie doll from a dollar store and her mother didn't notice so that she could stop her and/or pay for the dollar. Now, compare this situation to the invasion of the Capitol where the police acted differently, they were much calmed and supportive with those people.

    30. connor allstot

      Some states have anti loitering laws they could have just bought a small black coffee

    31. YoungnastyVan Grougaloragran

      White privilege ninja.😂🤣😂🤣 well need to go get my death certificate.

    32. Gypsy Queen 19olong

      Cellphones giving them away......

    33. Mystic Investigations

      Actually the groundhog shooting was the only police action that was justified in this video. The groundhog was charging the officer and you have no idea if it could be rabid. Even if it wasn't does anyone want to get bitten by any animal?

    34. Lim Wei

      Soóooo funny I need more vid's like this , I love the groundhog part Soo funny #thedailyshowwithtrevornoah

    35. Smriti

      America is filled with racists and xenophobics. People are just so entitled and mean. Really God bless this forsaken country.

    36. Nancy Webb

      Trump needs to be fined ad made to pay for the security around the inauguration.

    37. just_ zea

      I kinda dislike the fact that he's making fun of racism cuz uh, well people with NORMALL skin color are dying every single day for no reason😔 (I mean it's funny that ppl r so terrified of 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯 normall skin but it's just doesn't seem right)

    38. Trenice King

      The Police need to start charging these White women 500 every time they make a b.s. call. This behavior is going to distract the Police from real emergencies. Sad.

    39. TheGerman Hero

      In Amerika you have to call the police against the police

    40. Trenice King


    41. Zumla Nangumbi

      What make they think that are white? 😂 They are pink 😂😂😂😂

    42. Ronald Rhoda

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    43. cycoklr

      22:43 It's likely that the groundhog was used to humans giving it handouts. Its approach did not seem threatening but glad to see a person, more like how a friendly dog would approach a stranger. That was just a case of stupid cop with itchy finger. The ricocheting bullet could have caused more harm.

    44. Alias Alex

      Its weird but everytime an american lady calling cops on a black male she s always fat or ugly! Is there any frustration in those ladies

    45. Hector Lopez

      Oh yeah,,Welcome to 'merica 😂

      1. Hector Lopez

        Yeah, I know .One of my favorites dude🤣😎✌

      2. My Bad Friend

        Nice pfp

    46. BondAir Bond

      This is disgusting people who do this

    47. Cody Li

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    48. Van Peters

      Maybe the person they were waiting for was gonna buy the coffee lol

    49. Wallie Goolsby


    50. Jonathon Cazares

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    51. blobbo

      4:20 is this the quintessential quintuplets in real life?

    52. Lafulafoa Liu

      Island time lol. Where all my Pacific Islanders✊😂😂😂.

    53. Manuela Rat

      It's getting out of control and still nobody really takes responsibility for it... guns, mad people,'s just sad

    54. Young 7th

      Yeah it sucks here in phx.

    55. Cameron Sullivan

      The groundhog is clearly rabid

      1. Cameron Sullivan

        @My Bad Friend because it's day time and it's being uncharacteristically aggressive. Animal control would have been an overall more stressful and drawn out death for the animal. Little furry animals only act like that if they are cornered. Any normal groundhog would've been out of there lol

      2. My Bad Friend

        And how can you tell

    56. Lynn Miller Ruiz

      We are not all Permit Patty’s.... those women are an insult to all white women.

    57. aidan s

      so you’re telling me chicago cops(a city with the highest murder rate in the US) shoot less times then phoenix cops?

    58. Ricardo Manuel

      Mtv cribs for trevor coming soon

    59. Barokate

      But for real racism is a HUGE problem. I've been beaten for being white 4 times in 2 weeks in Detroit when I've visited my aunt... and my fkin grandma is black! Too bad i had to little melanine :/ I guess racism really affects everyone.

    60. Marie Perez

      Reason why I'm going to live in Canada

    61. Travis Ghost

      No one is more racist than white women a white women’s false tears have cause so much damage it’s sick

      1. Noyouthe troll



      Come on Trevor I know you ballin, whats up with all the ads😩

    63. Mintylight

      Those poor children scarred for life. Thank goodness for people standing up for them as well as getting evidence at least. Also, I suspect if you can't feel the difference between a brush of something on your azz as opposed to being *grabbed*, you haven't had any physical interaction for so long, you forgot how it feels. And also, who tf shoots a frightened small animal that is in a dangerous situation? YOU'RE not the one in danger, mr Police Officer. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. If you have a phobia of groundhogs that is so severe, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun. "Oh Kenny here is so scared & mentally unstable he shoots everything that moves. Let's give him a gun!"

    64. Jonny Moon

      These cops need to be lobotomized and stored in padded cells for eternity. Menace to society.

    65. Kevin Yang

      Poor groundhog

    66. juan silva

      Permit patty really be out there crouching to disappear like she solid snake

    67. Omar Singidas


    68. D-MAC

      I live 70 miles outside of the Dallas /Ft Worth area and in November of 2020 during the election my in-laws and Biden Harris signs in the yard. And for some reason 10-year-old boy next door became politicized and decided while his mother and father were at work whom I in-laws were friendly with decided he was going to trespass on my in-laws property and destroy their political signs my mother-in-law was sitting in her she/shed . Lol! But just happened to see the neighbor kid a white kid from next door. Come on to their property and destroy their signs my mother-in-law caught the key asked him where he lived and discovered it was the neighbor kid she spoke with the parents when they got home and their question was what can we do to make you whole my mother-in-law only requested that they make their son return and replace the signs. And two weeks later two 8-year-old girls came onto their property while they were out grocery shopping and stole their brand new signs. Now this is a rural town. My question to you . when did eight and ten year olds become politicized ? After the second incident my mother-in-law called the police and after looking at the footage the police decided they would give the parents a visit not the prosecute but just scare the kids . Question? Had these kids been black , and my in-laws been White would we be looking at three brand new juvenile offenders ??? Because other than the police talking to the kids with the intent of putting the fear of God in the kids my mother-in-law did not want to press charges. Had the shoe been on the other foot what outcome would a black parent have been facing. ???

    69. Ney Neys

      these things actually happened? what the hell

    70. Aunty Connie

      It is really crazy and sad. It is sad to treat human beings the way some white people are treating black people. I always have anxiety because of racism & discriminations. It gets worst when Trump became GOP leader. Racisms affects me so much in a small town that I leave in. Additional agony is added to black people that have foreign name and have accent. My experience with racism began in 1974 and it continues today 2021. Though I am not a black man, I am a black woman yet, I face racism and discriminations regardless. If I am right, most black people experence racism, white supremacists intimidations, discriminations, and white racists lying about black person (s). I do hide myself indoor a lot because of racism.

    71. Patricia Davidovic

      Those police should pay. Imagine the kids.. How afraid they were when these cops were threatening their mam and dad. God i dream of the day where all those who did such wrong and evil out there to go through what they did. And feel every inch of it.

    72. jay tee

      Sickening! finally people are seeing the truth

    73. Gabby Kabins

      I hope maybe some T**** supporters see this and understand the difference between these people and Ashli Babbitt.

    74. Jung Gonzalez

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    75. Michael Hill

      Because they know that the cops are there for them...on their side

    76. Tytrena Mcdonald

      KKK Members "COPS"

    77. Willy Henshaw

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    78. Alar Larson didn't disappear just because you "Ducked Down". That shit wouldn't work...I'm thinking more like get into....a container.

    79. Ileana Jesus-compres

      Stay right there I am on my way😂 lmao, I am gay but still...

    80. Alar Larson

      Did I laugh? yes. Do I think this is his position to say white lady nearly 100 times? No. It's hard to not mention race for some people. I am on episode two and it is a bit messed up. White Person Phone? WTF? I don't think MAGA people are watching your show. You know who watches your show.

    81. Spooky

      This episode was so funny, and she is hilarious, I hope to more of her comedy. It literally makes zero sense. How can the shade of someone's skin logically be used as a barometer for someone's character? And I really can't stand other people acting as if racism is dead. I've actually had other white people say all kinds of things to me about not taking pride in being white, they were racist and thought of us as some sort of collective. I'm like having skin the same shade as mayo doesn't make us special, and is one of the most irrelevant things about us other than how that has been weaponized to harm other people. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that for centuries humankind has caused so much pain, inequality, and anguish over the shade of an organ. The color of an organ. Really people?

    82. Luu O

      I'm not here for Trevor. I'm here for Ms. Dulce Sloan~

    83. Ethan Irwin

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    84. Florx

      They are afraid of Black people like an Arab just hanging around wearing drip while sitting in starbucks.

    85. Yello Bey

      They are ignorant. Our blackness aka GREATNESS make them uncomfortable.

      1. Noyouthe troll


    86. Zidan Kazbiyan M

      Im from Indonesia, and i never understand why american white so afraid/hate black people Ps. I love this guy on video 😆

    87. Arjumand Ayub

      Black and white people playing police police 👮👮👮...

    88. Jerimiah Henley

      Jesus is coming back soon. Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish. 5 steps to salvation by bible Flock Box : Stay blessed Stay Safe

    89. Ethan Irwin

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    90. PeterLE2

      "How do civilians know how to behave as police better than the police?" Because in the US cops have almost no training and no education. That happens if you make people cops after 6 months of training.

      1. Jette Nielsen

        Indeed! Here in Denmark it takes 2 years and 4 months to get basic training as a police-officer.

    91. Mayra Collin

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    92. Mikey Kane

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    93. Anum Ali

      Oh god

    94. spOt

      subtitle indonesia Please😘

    95. Lady LindanaLove

      I'll never consider moving to USA, everything is just too crazy for me

      1. roknikov

        @Joshua O you might want to look into Switzerland or Finland

      2. Joshua O

        Where u from cause i want to leave this freakin dumb sh%t country

    96. Yin Tai Ng

      The foregoing fine muhly earn because colt nomenclaturally complete anenst a aloof possibility. envious, nutty female

    97. Manecki Neckbeard

      Is it like a white people thing to be so entitled that they call the police and then feel free to either leave the scene and/or tell the ostensible "criminals" to leave before the cops even arrive? What's the point of even calling if you don't expect yourself or the "perpetrators" to even still be around once the cops get there?? Do these folks feel so intimidated by the mere presence of not-white people that they can't find the courage to stick around for 5 minutes? Or, do they not even consider asking the people to leave BEFORE calling 911? Like, they're so intimidated that they need police backup to say, "hey, can you leave this golf course?"

    98. Manecki Neckbeard

      Not sure if this counts...but as a white passing woman, I totally admit to yelling "WTF white lady!?" when I've been cut off in traffic. Also, I'm now wondering, if I didn't pass as white, how the situation would've turned out when my 2yo innocently swiped a bottle of bubble bath from Trader Joe's?? Holy crap, I suddenly feel SO lucky AF!!

    99. Manecki Neckbeard

      I agree 100%. I knew someone who was arrested by a bike cop...for accidentally riding his bike in a park's no-bike zone. His dignity was sullied for many years to come.

    100. Ryan Biggsby