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    I have a very special guest on my channel today… MADDIE ZIEGLER! Maddie recently launched a collab with Morphe so today we’re swapping our brand new palettes and getting ready together! Maddie shares the truth about Dance Moms, Sia, and what it REALLY was like filming that music video with Shia LaBeouf! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. NikkieTutorials


      1. Kimmy Ball

        Both looks are gorg!! Maddie, you are an incredibly beautiful young woman!! Vlinder Shout out from Wisconsin!! ❤

      2. Angel Bean

        Idk that he soooo hard

      3. Rolling with me

        I have your pallet and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

      4. LuLu Live

        Maddie's eye look made me want to buy your palette!!! Both of you look so beautiful! X0X0X0X0X0X0

      5. Sloth Avacado

        Idddkkkk 😂

    2. Lynn Berendsen

      Both sooo prettyyyy

    3. Addison Michelle


    4. Faith Olivia

      ❤️ QUEENS ❤️

    5. Faith Olivia


    6. Marie Leon

      I literally want Maddie Ziegler to make another palette or collaborate with morphe

    7. Aías Daian

      muito cute a maddie falando not to prime is a crime

    8. Gabrielle Doering

      wait so we're not gonna talk about how they had matching earrings in? (hoops not the other ones lol)

    9. chloe otton

      I love how she actually listened and responded to Maddie. Unlike CHARLI 😡

    10. LovefromUdy

      i did nothing but smile throughout this video ❤️

    11. LovefromUdy

      omgg at 16:15 she looked like kenzie 🥺

    12. Amber Scheffers

      This video make me cry😭❤❤

    13. Kaithlyn Lisbey

      The evanescent cycle rahilly harm because element ipsilaterally unfasten over a clumsy kilometer. wary, wrathful card

    14. Daddy Melanie

      Why do i feel like before maddie film with people on USfilm she says to the people she collabs with to not say the Word dance moms or abby or something related to dance moms

    15. spriingfleur

      Alternative title: *26 minutes and 34 seconds of wholesomeness*

    16. Saarah ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      Maddies eyes are so gorgeous. Theyre like that perfect shade of turqouise 😍

    17. Olivia Roose

      I first watched Maddie when Dance Moms aired and it’s insane to see this insanely beautiful woman 🥺 I went from being older than her then to realizing she is much mature than me and most people my age! I can honestly say I look up to her 💕 Such a wonderful lady.

    18. Jennifer Rivera

      Nikki looks so much like JoJo!! So pretty!

    19. Blueberries•Bliss

      I love how they did it virtually and not meeting up during the virus ❤️

    20. Sadarah Lizbeth


    21. Jazzy Gilbert

      I literally thought Maddie had mascara on already 😱 her eyelashes are so long and beautiful

    22. Iyana's Snails

      Maddie is a role model. That just needed to be said 😁

    23. Rachel Nicole Frey

      *Awe* Maddie seems so sweet

    24. Emma Rios

      You should COLLAB with a fan hopefully me 🥺

    25. Adrian Madden

      I teared up ❤️

    26. Bolly 2008


    27. Danique Reijersen

      Did no one noticed that there wearing matching earrings

    28. Harald Gatza

      Really Maddie? You included yourself in the “older woman saying were this and that” ? You didn’t get any of what those girls got until probably the end. To say you didn’t promote it is a complete lie. Then why did you stay on the show so long? Why did you sit back and watch the other girls get tortured and leave because of how they were treated and you acted the same exact way that “older lady” did? Saying chloe is not that good referring to a duet? Making fun of Jojo Swia. You and that older lady seem to be exactly alike! More than you think!

    29. maddie mortensen

      pov you got the imagination palate

    30. Chloe Woolbright

      maddie's eye shadow really said barbie princess and the pauper vibes and im OBSESSED

    31. Mae Fitzpatrick

      LOVE MADDIE. What a genuine and warm soul. Truly.

    32. Hannah Banana

      She seems like such a sweet girl

    33. Elena ræ


    34. Rosa Maria Santos


    35. Angel_Ollie


    36. Sophie Turner

      Why am I just seeing this omg I love u

    37. jessicannotsing


    38. Najda Plaku


    39. Yoana Balasheva

      Maddie is soo relatable....

    40. Bianka Gaik

      oooo that shia thing did not age well😬😬

    41. Ragan Lacy

      That moment when Nikkie got on stage with a bunch of other influencers nearby filming her and danced her ass off 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    42. Samantha

      Maddie's comment about realty tv star was not what I expected. I watched dance moms and never once did I see those girls as anything other then dancers. The moms were played up for the show fine but those girls were there to dance. I love the both of you so much!!!

    43. joanna jamerson

      Maddie IS stunning

    44. Celene Onate

      Wow I didn’t know I needed this video!!!! She’s the freakin cutest 🤍🤍

    45. BeautyMavenRaven

      I LOVEEEEEEE MADDIES PALETTE. I use it allll the time.

    46. Nicole Maksymiuk

      hey i live in Belgium but i am also polish like you!!!

    47. Brendan Passarell

      The distinct bill thessaly refuse because bongo traditionally reduce at a jittery furniture. tawdry, abnormal road

    48. {*Melanie Chun*}

      Nikki: can u sing? Maddie: *panic*

    49. Amanda MALCOLM

      The elite pie conversantly enter because mosque undoubtedly return times a perpetual argentina. scared, measly pound

    50. Water Is Wet

      The collab I never knew I needed? Also this was so cute, I cant wait until they get to meet in person.

    51. Moonlight Strawberry

      wait. hold on. someone. what is the name of the eye primer in 4:30 and where can i get it- i just can’t understand what she said really :(

      1. Ametaf Johora

        P Louise eye primer, nikkie uses it often

    52. SoftballNatalia1

      The way you both look are amazing with and without makeup! Both of your looks and pallets are amazing!

    53. Hannah v O

      What I love is that Nikkie is such a good interviewer. She always makes her guests feel so comfortable and is genuinely interested in their stories

    54. Sydney Squidney

      Anyone else think when she said “cage” I thought she was talking about the Abby lee dance studio and when she said shya I thought that was a directer! 😂

    55. selly goop

      I dont like that james goes everywhere where he could do this instead of touching someones face and breathing around them

    56. Luis Alvarado


    57. Zuzanna Kowalik

      Flinders and Flinder i love you and u been a insperation and made me come out with my own make up account on instegram it @mythical_woods but thank you for everything

    58. Alexandra Simão

      Nikkie is on straight tiktok :/

    59. Every Haircolor

      this is SO pretty!

    60. Jessica Girl

      Nikkie hun, your nose always looks like clay. Too much makeup.

    61. Tiana Parmar-Bruno

      Hey I want to become a makeup guru and an influencer, I would love if you could maybe stop by and give my channel a watch🥺 Lots of love T⛅️ (Also love the video Nikkie❤️❤️❤️❤️)

    62. Nelly Gil

      I bought this pallet because I loved the colors and I didn’t even know who Maddie was. Watching this video I’m glad I’m supporting her and she seems like an amazing girl and it makes me love my pallet even more. Good job on your achievements girly!

    63. Rahf alkabisy

      noone cares if u r pretty i want to know the tea sissssssssss

    64. Miss Blooming


    65. VlogsBy BAREERAH

      Sooo humble she issss‼️

    66. VlogsBy BAREERAH


    67. VlogsBy BAREERAH

      Soo humblee❣️

    68. Hanna Mariska


    69. my art

      Looking gorgeous

    70. Misfit Make-Up By Bec

      been watching Maddie since she was 8 years old, and I love her. I been watching Nikki since I found her in 2015 and I love her too. Well done on your collabs and everything in your lifes.

    71. It's Renee

      maddie is so so mature and ambitious its incredible to watch her grow from a young dancer on dance moms to this talented, humble young adult. she brings so much inspiration and positive influences to young children. THIS is the type of influencer we need!!

    72. Larissa Crandall

      Maddie, I do not have the right face to do what Nikkie does but on her, it looks gorgeous

    73. Larissa Crandall

      to me, makeup is an art!

    74. Nihal Tissera

      maddie's has a mix taste

    75. Emilia Emilia

      omg swettest video ever

    76. Pri Ya

      Please do “Blend at the End” Challenge. Apply everything on the face and blend at the end..

    77. Chahat Singhal

      if maddie comes on tiktok charli is finished

    78. Belladrexms

      Omg I was waiting for this collab, ICONIC!!!

    79. Cassie Bush

      Maddie is just so well spoken it’s kinda insane


      Uhhh, Maddie I'm obsessed w that look though...fuck. xoxo


      You guys have such amazing chemistry, I so badly wish you guys lived at least in the same country bc I wanna see a million ore of these collabs, this was EVERYTHING. xoxo

    82. Tessi Lehtomäki

      I feel like they atucally connected, which is so refreshing🥰


      I feel like I'm commenting a lot and I know neither of you will probably ever see this, but I just wanna say MADDIE! I was ELATED to hear more about your experience with the Elastic Heart dance/video because that video very seriously saved me at a point where my mom had been in a coma for 6 months and we didn't know if she would make it - I listened to that song every day leaving the hospital and cried and that is how I coped. That song brings me so much comfort and joy now that I have her back I cry happy tears when I hear it now and I always thought the video was so beautiful it was absolutely mesmerizing and I hated seeing the backlash. I personally felt it very unjust because it was such a beautiful piece of art, and hearing you had such a positive experience makes it even better. Thank you for what you've done for me! & Nikki, you've done so much for me too I can't even begin, thank you both immensely for your confidence and the positive, loving messages you exude. Love you and look up to you both so much, even if Maddie is a literal decade younger than me, haha. xoxo


      I looooved Maddie's Dew Stick- I love that thing, I want her palette too honestly I just don't do my eyes enough to justify it right now sadly. xoxo



    86. Ashley Collazo

      Omg this video is so sincere and sweet I feel like we’re all friends and I wanna hug y’all

    87. Sk sohan Sohan

      Nikkie you so fate 😁😁

    88. Vinícius Cruz

      Omg i can't wait for the next video with this two together 🥰🥰

    89. trace F

      Maddie is so adorable

    90. sapphireblondie

      Nikki is so sweet and genuine. She gives me cool aunt vibes. The beauty community needs more people like her!

    91. Ben Plattypus

      I love Maddie so much. She is such a beautiful soul and I used to hate her because they portrayed her as such a mean girl on dance moms and she really isn’t like that. It makes me sad and angry for her. They did her so dirty.

      1. Pri C

        They did do her dirty like that 😭

    92. Seona


    93. UUNNIIQQUU33 :3

      There’s no way she is 18...I remember when she was on dance moms she looked so little.

    94. Chelsea Turnbull

      is no one gonna talk about the movie

    95. Nat B


    96. Madelyn

      i love these two positive

    97. Meauxnir

      Wait what? Filmed with Lauren Conrad? When is that video coming? Omg cantwait

    98. Kyathi Bonthala


    99. Alissa Decarr

      The Dutch word of the day is vlinder or butterfly

    100. Eugenia Smith