G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I (Official Video)

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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Алекс кэт

      I love😍😍😍

    2. yoongi meow

      As a Gemini we do not claim him :)

    3. drayjhuan carpenter

      whos here 2021

    4. Eric Dean

      this G-Easy has really came up.... Great songs

    5. Miguel Duenas

      Great song

    6. Yann William Kouamé


    7. natasa

      april 2021?

    8. TaxEvasion

      I've forgotten what a relationship feels like.

    9. Goliath Sand

      She's known for sleeping around and he's so insecure he cheated so lol it works

    10. naseer ahmad

      song 🎧 🎶 love ❤️ it . Him and i

    11. Miqueas Pasuquin


    12. Zhuldiz Azikhan

      491 млн

    13. Ahmet alperen

      I can't leave this music, absolutely great.

    14. J Quill


    15. Leon Rendelmann

      fuck I still love it

    16. Nathalie Schweighoefer

      Sad and true March 2018 big FM

    17. freedom star

      I came here so I could see my honey boo boo

    18. Sharna Stocks

      This song hits different

    19. Sílvia Santos

      And he betrayed her I don’t even think I believe in love now

    20. Isha Negi

      Searched-Human eye😂😁😁😁

    21. Nehir Han

      why did you do this to her G?

    22. ишын олмасын

      Песня бомба чесно говоря

    23. LaiYa Gamer


    24. jnk

      I fucking love this song.

    25. Kullu Don

      Yha humme mil ni ri h aur ye itni pyari bandi ko cheat krr re h

    26. Sev Aykan

      Şimdide halsey hamile 🥺

    27. Jyoti Chanuhan

      Can get I like on my comment so I get remember this amazing song whenever I will got 👍

      1. Jyoti Chanuhan

        @Lana del rey's fuckin footmat okk tq no probs ..but ur reply also reminds me😊😊

    28. Dr Jackerus

      Ich höre das Lied jeden Morgen zum aufstehen 👌

    29. musiclova2112

      This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️

    30. Ruben raj

      Daily listening this. 15-apr_21

    31. A Bitch

      Yea.. your lucky she didn’t try to cut your.. off..

    32. me inme


    33. Nic Oliver

      And he still C.H.E.A.T.E.D.

      1. HatreQ Q


    34. odae hamedi

      Your voice is so amazing

    35. Ging Lomogue

      I missed the guy who told me this song 😥😍

    36. Mr. Jlav music

      This couple is just a brain explosion, well done guys you are cool ........

    37. Marie Sax

      Is his ... cut off ?

    38. Nabeel Asif_ibexpk

      In the

    39. Suraii Mayfield

      She looks like octavia from the 100❤️🤧

    40. Eazy Aslı

      HG forever

    41. charles lubin

      Life is opcjinal

    42. Ritwik Ranjan

      Koi competition nahi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Bc bollywood sudhrega nahi

      1. Anurudh Chauhan


    43. Friend of Jesus

      Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, therefore, if you confess with your lips the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life. told other people how good he is, how he saves, heals and liberates and gives eternal life for free30

    44. Suraj Bhingare

      How many people still come here everyday

    45. KOSLAK

      Without lyric i know this song

    46. iFruyyy


    47. Lucifer MorningStar

      damn half billion O_O

    48. Ante Perišin

      Came here in 2021 and I still have no idea who Halsey is or if they really are together 😎👍

    49. Stanislaw II

      I just love to watch how adult celebs fell drunk in love like some teenagers and show it off to whole world and soon they break up just to get into another first-love romance ^^

    50. Johanna Sentayehu

      Is it just me or doesn't Halsey look like Octavia from the 100??? :)

    51. SRA Music

      it touch the bottom of my heart

    52. Derek Bentley

      You and I this and that 100 I bat. I've mind coming to get mine yeah that time. Real love you don't need to suffer just love her to begin in the end I will see you again the other side. Til the end it's the rhyme to lifelike a finger painting top to bottom always astar in my eye I addictive lover you and I. Why Hym? I don't even like him tell him take a swim so it's just you and I The right way meet your folks your brothers your dad your mother. Hang with your friends let them know I'm your man. Wink at you yeah imma flirt cause you the star in my eye I WOW wo wo wo get this straight together you the gas I'm the brakes if you want to eat both cakes. I'm 4 Real life is no guarantee deal best believe I live for the minute. The minute it would take to hit it. Hot lapping fast qualifier POLE POSITION #1 DRAFT HAND PICKED OR WHAT THE RING 4??! 4 Score you down 0-1 0-2 to a 3-0H!!!! 3 3 laps down I keep on the ground walking all around. I make the money do the work. Got it don't have to sell my words and time. The highest form of Big Balling. Like the rock song my big balls. Stop clowning and frowning you drowning I her to savior the LABORER neighbor her my best friend day and night till the end just you and I so forget him you see the name Bentley you know what it's about. Legacy a true legend stuntin like my Daddy GEasy easy don't be mad at me. You want some ammo so you can fight back? I came from the bottom to top twice I kill'em being nice Bentley nice no rice just luxury that where I part ways. Or as city slicker say the black top ends. Like a shot in the dark I got a Royal Flush of hearts. Knowing my part treat her like a queen setting on my shoulders so when she thinks there's better I set back down past eye level! Sea level 🤫 MACin since the 3rd grade getting laid and getting paid. Was broke for ever untill the thought. Maybe I can round up some change and change my life. Pennies nickels dimes quarters half's and silver dollars. Big silver dollars make millions of dollars. So go girl grab a shower I be back to get you in a hour. Walk it like I talk it and we ain't baulking shit.

    53. Viviána Nagy

      Кaк быстро вывести виде0 в ТоП ютьюбa или проще взять En0tGl0bal и все?

    54. Victhim Fernandes

      Pqp, cm esse cara trair a Halsey vey😡

    55. my bella

      who else wants a relationship like this

    56. EILLEEN 101

      I love this song but I swear to goodness if my man calls me 'his bitch' then I'll kick his ass.,.she is publicly being degraded


      lip kiss omg that was amaze

    58. Eric Rosenbarger


    59. Eric Rosenbarger

      Im still alive?!

    60. Eric Rosenbarger


    61. depresso. bean

      I can see Octavia in this video. Anyone else?

    62. LifeOfReilly

      This beat is fk’g sick...🎧💋

    63. Viviána Nagy

      Сейчaс из крутилoк ПФ 0стaется тoлькo EnotGl0bal, остальное п0гибл0, а прoдaют не всем .. Любые к0ммерчиские пр0екты стал0 труднo двигать

    64. Viviána Nagy

      Пoдскaжите, какoй пр0грaммoй можнo крутить ютьюб!

    65. Viviána Nagy

      Ребят,пф рабoтaет в Яндексе или нет?

    66. Viviána Nagy

      Сейчaс все СЕо свoдится к накрутки ПФ, а х0роших крутилок рaз два дa 0бчелся, я вот п0льзуюсь Еn0tGl0bal пo сравнению с остальным прям BMW =))

    67. Viviána Nagy

      Есть три прoектa, среди п0дписчиков есть oбладaтели Еn0tGlobal и помoгут зa денюжку?

    68. Viviána Nagy

      Ребята ктo в курсе, есть тaкoй сoфт EnotGlobal им ктo-нибудь раб0тал ?

    69. Viviána Nagy

      Сеoшники крутят ПФ? Кoнкуренты м0жет чег0 накликивают?...

    70. Viviána Nagy

      Ребятa, кaк вывести видеo в Т0П?

      1. v p

        Born to die - Lana del Rey

    71. Ban Nsabin

      This camera man was the only non toxic one in the relationship

      1. kalova

        😂 😂 😂 True

      2. Vaishnavi K


    72. asish osker

      Me and ........?

    73. valentinaa


    74. Sherry Guzman


    75. musiclova2112

      This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..

    76. Pistache

      Ooh so pretty together

    77. Dakota S

      3:27 she didn't trust him

    78. Dakota S


    79. kaylin murray

      so did she try cut your hm

    80. Middle Child

      Goddamn 2021 I discovered G-Eazy Fucking talented artist

    81. Charli Brooklyn Hunter

      RIP this song! :)

    82. melissa melissa


    83. Tabot Ghislain

      Amazing how he still cheated

    84. SAB Unity

      No matter how many times I've listen that song... But everytime I listened thiz... Gotta *Goosebumps* n it's a really crazy feeling ♥️♥️

    85. TrappDrift

      Must've been very awkward for the camera man just watchin them kiss and stuff

    86. dhamer Eya

      well....she"s pregnant now

    87. Sia

      g-eazy: she would never cheat also g-eazy: cheats on her

    88. Beril Yıldız

      "...ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my (ha ha ha)..."

    89. Viviána Nagy

      м0жет вoпрoс уже и бaян, нo я бы пoслушала пр0 ПФ. как вoевать с яндекс0м, как выходить из пoд фильтрa, кaк рaзгoвaривaть с Плaтонами чтoбы тебя услышaли

    90. 〘簡單的〙ツ

      Hello RESPECT AZERBAİJAN.🇦🇿👋🏻❤️

    91. heAVEN

      هو وين تعليقك

      1. It's more

        @heAVEN كتبتي فشورة!؟

      2. heAVEN

        شنو ما سلم مني شسويتله

      3. It's more

        @heAVEN حتى المغني ماسلم منها

      4. heAVEN

        @It's more شو كل شويه حاذفين تعليقي

      5. heAVEN

        @It's more 1:12 بوستي المفضله

    92. Indira Gamidova

      Очень жаль что в итоге они не вместе 😢😢😢😢

    93. Basalirwa Gilberto

      Y do I keep on visiting this song over again

    94. claire

      3:04 HOLLLLLLY

    95. Jenny klarke

      Once a Chester always a cheater. Man is a damn fool.

    96. Cocos Butterfly

      My bf was dating my my best friend:( he was already dating her when he asked me to be his gf and then broke up with me Bc his mom didn’t want him dating witch is a lie

      1. Fabi


    97. Mahmoud Abdelhadi

      Shout out to the people who think they're still together

    98. Fernan Kun

      they were stars on this stage. each playing to an audience of two...

    99. Fatty Patty HD

      “Swear most likely ill die with you” ☹️

    100. _ADLEVYb_

      Çok iyisiymişsiniz be