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Young Thug

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    Young Stoner Life Records Presents the official video for Young Thug & Gunna's "Ski" from the album 'Slime Language 2' - Out Now!
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    Director: Omar Jones @freeomarjones
    Producers: Angel J Rosa & Mark Schroeder
    Company: AJR Films
    Video Commissioner: Lucas Prevost
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    Call Us: +1 (404) 224-9702
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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Joseph [CreepyDualScreen]

      Who noticed NAV in this video

      1. Joseph [CreepyDualScreen]


    2. Hyper MediaEnt


    3. Kusza

      Ye ski

    4. Big Dog3

      2:19, yo is that actually DK Metcalf?

    5. Zatkk

      its so good when says "YA😀" "YA😀😀" 😭😭

    6. Xavier Smith

      verified twearking


      My homies:pull up Me:skiiii😂

    8. tuneche blurred

      Wish lil uzi was on this jam to sing "yeah"

    9. Void Ikeman36

      @2:20 is that DK Metcalf? If not that has to be like his brother or some shit

    10. Kaydon Paris

      Straight 93

    11. Eddy B

      Da beat is brazy n gunna just snapped 🔥🔥🔥

    12. Cull Obsidian

      Uzi would've went dumb on this shit omg they tripping smh

    13. Cull Obsidian

      How they gon steal Uzi's "Yea Yea" & not have him on this shit 🤦🏾‍♂️

    14. Nik

      intro and outro from wheezy!!

    15. Mansah Asare

      Everytime they link up I get a new vibe song

    16. Grave Diggr


    17. Makaleb Scott1

      most of yall did not see badkid mya 0:44

    18. I am Ginger Tate

      Love my young thug

    19. SasukeOnTheBeats 80

      After Surf and now Ski the next is Skate😶 Anyway this shit is fire🔥

    20. Mikey Jae 777

      Thugger and Gunner 🔥🤟🐍

    21. King Favor

      Dope beat and flow... But why the fvck are they talking about tho

    22. Real Loyal 6ixx

      me telling my daughter go to her room im gonna listen some young thug my 4 year old daughter : ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya😂😂😂😎

    23. teo

      Ion rlly listen to new songs but I new this would be fire

      1. Slatt Business

        Damn you don’t like music?

    24. shorty tune


    25. yuliana aragon


    26. lil ace gang

      Yeah yeah ski yeah

    27. starfoubinkslesangre

      need @ of this girl at 0:14 wtf

    28. Cxllme_ Verge

      ya ya ya ya ya⛷🎿❄️🥶

    29. Team Skip management


    30. Kéren forbin

      God loves you and he wants you to be save so please repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your savior because he is coming back soon.

    31. Jyunus Djack

      Best Tack on the album! 🔥🔥🔥

    32. Andy Friday

      Is that badkidmaya from H.A.G. on 2:03 ?

    33. Fire Man

      Best song in 2021 so far

    34. Awesome GenetiX

      One of the best songs and video of any year love always EmileLeo

    35. Dar Rell

      when thugga said "fuck a phiranas"

    36. Slindurrr Productions

      When Gunna said "She for the streeneneneets" I felt that

    37. Nicholas deroyiannis

      Putting it on GTA6

    38. Picasso Alien

      Favorite bro🙋‍♂️😭😭

    39. Gussy Adams

      Proud of you.from the streets to a ceo. Birdman said there aren't too many rappers who wana be ceo' just did it. Yessirskii💚⛷

    40. Dwayne Morrison


    41. Tyrese Campbell

      SKI YEAH 💀

    42. Tyrese Campbell

      Bro its bin years now.... And i still don't care if i cant understand what they saying...... YEAH , YEAH 💀

    43. Grounded Erectus

      Jesus, rap is so fucking dead.

    44. Halley Hart


    45. Jameara Hicks

      mya is in this video but i know that all ready because Tik Tok soo

    46. Tony Hill

      Put lil wayn on REMIX YES SIR

    47. Cxllme_ Verge

      ski ski ski⛷🥶❄️

    48. That Girl KP

      Bad kid mya was up in there get in to it sis

    49. Elite Snortin GFuel


    50. Ace

      Both best verse ever

      1. Big Jay

        Who the girl @ 1:37

    51. Savage Young

      Showed her two million cash, now she woozy (woah) 20 watches and I'm still snoozin' (20) I had came up out the trenches, then I had beat a few bodies like Boosie She said, "You murk 'em, I show you my coochie" (woo) I had to sing to this bitch like lil' Toosii (woo, woah, woah, yee, woo) My favorite part no cap !

    52. Marcus Vinicius

      Meu senhor sabe

    53. CaMaNi Johnson

      Anybody notice Mya from imbadkidmya ?

    54. victorhugo


    55. James Giarriputo

      Yo gunna said two lines and killed the song!!!!!!

    56. Louise Trice

      Bruh all i hear is yAyAyA he dont say nun else tbh even gunna cant fix this chileee😂

    57. Rasheem Foster

      This bang yo 🔥🔥

    58. Saddxonix11 Ss

      Don’t lie some of yall searched up yea yea yea yea

    59. Chris Wallace

      Trash tra tra Trash N Some More Trashhh. YEA SKIRT

    60. Hidden Pumpum Village

      i just know toosie going wildin about the shout out lolololz

    61. Sahram Ghanim Khamo

      Young adz started with a SKI

    62. Wonder Njabulo Gumede

      Can somebody please help me tell thuggerthugger1 to sign me, we hungry 😪

    63. shadow player trxp

      Ya ya ya

    64. R&B Cardale Dripp

      the best 100%

    65. The 401K

      You’d have to be playing with less than a full deck to enjoy this.

    66. Sammy Njuguna

      This one is good

    67. Gee Babyy


    68. Komaro Jones

      Gonna and thugga made a song about surf now their skieng 😂

    69. Mary Muturi

    70. TwinY Lk wrld

      slaatt skiii

    71. DaDarkSlayer


    72. TewKoolJodie

      Hey don't forget to show love to the director of this video this shit is straight fuego visuals

    73. Beza Woldeselassie

      I like the 🎧 beat🔥

    74. Alberto Perez

      Slatty 🐍🐍🤑

      1. NSG YoungStunna🔥

    75. TennesseeBabyye

      RDY 4 Da Sunmer ☀️ 👏🏿 Yea Yea Yea Ye yea Yeaa

      1. NSG YoungStunna yo

    76. AlmightyJav Topic

      Imagine if uzi was on this song 🔥🔥😝

      1. NSG YoungStunna sho

    77. Rackz OnRackz


      1. NSG YoungStunna🔥🔥

    78. your moms favorite virgin

      why dk metcalf put his glasses down like tha 😭

    79. slime x

      this good on ski

    80. dkisbest

      Was that dk

    81. Brandon Gilbert

      I don’t rap, but thug make a nigga wanna hit the studio 🔥🔥🔥😎🤴🏿🙏🏾

    82. Keily Loui

      Im feeling a lil rich this week

    83. Dawg Pound

      FvllyGang here

    84. Tha investor

      The song is good but I still play power

    85. Aaron Lesik

      ⚠️Tsunami Warning ⚠️

    86. Dawn Dawn

      47yrs old and LOVE THIS SONG 🎶

    87. Bruce Wiltz

      Now this song definitely slaps Young Thug n Gunna

    88. Nanda Zakaria

      no iklan?

    89. Yung Dub D

      Yeah yeah yeah yeah

    90. CAM2GLOBAL


    91. Brady Dolan

      I tell dat bih

    92. TuckTuck

      I see you DK 🤣

    93. 063 GodBody

      After the way 2020 and 2021 started we definitely needed this song

    94. hshssjsjs


    95. Julian Savage

      Aie Aie Aie tik tok ruins the mood on very song tho

    96. Mozza x


    97. Gary Hall

      This song fire af