Sarah Conner and the T-800 Arrive Through the Zero Point


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    It doesn’t matter if they’re coming from 1984 or 2029, the legendary Sarah Connor and relentless T-800 are the latest hunters to join the hunt. More here:
    With experience handling incoming storms, Sarah Connor’s Outfit comes with two ready-for-battle variants. Finish her look with the T-800 Endoskeleton Arm Back Bling and Combat Knife.
    If you’re more machine than man, the T-800 features a neural-net processor err… built-in Emote, and you can also purchase the HK Sky Net Uplink Back Bling and Techno-Grip Axe.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. AJ PINEDA11

      Can you Bring it back please in the new update in the item shop Please Fortnite Please i wont it

    2. Leon Bollen

      make a skin of a sheep !!!!!!!!!!!!!pl

    3. CS CA

      See this is why I play fortnite XD

    4. Mark Ganesh

      He'll be back

    5. Yosh Boi

      now kids are gonna say *ThEy StOlE tHaT fRoM fOrTnItE*

    6. ニワトリの神ひしつ

      I'll be back

    7. GalaxyBoi

      just so weird that epic wrote conner instead of connor

    8. King Tino

      Naruto skin please

    9. 3ICE

      Video says Sarah Connor, title says Sarah Conner. e != o

    10. lukezz983

      He will be back

    11. R3dPlaysGames

      Are they going to come back out i need them

    12. galans perf

      please use colobaration ninja go skin morro

    13. fallenxleaf

      Pizza Gate in a Nutshell

    14. fallenxleaf

      Im sry for every non German who bought Sarah Connor shes a German Singer German teenagers make Fun about her bc she makes Old Songs 🐦

    15. AirWalk Stefan

      They writed Sarah conner in the title :)

    16. Archer 123

      I want a walking dead Battle pass !!!!!!!

    17. Ahmad altoto

      I like SARAH CONNOR

    18. Nuts Silk

      That's so cool! Now all we're missing it's the Transformers in Fortnite and that's it, I'll be completely happy! Is there any chance of anyone calling Hasbro any time soon to start talking about an arrangement of that sort...?

      1. Yamanosei

        It would be cooler to have ROM Spaceknight

      2. Ener Gumeno

        Totally agreed! Transformers in Fortnite would be so awesome!!!

    19. NX Prodigy Music

      We Want The Mashmello Skin Back and The Batman Skin Back

    20. HyperRaids

      Isn't that hand scorching hot?

    21. SpinosaurusStudios


    22. Tom bear 1

      Pls collab with fnaf

    23. Mr blank 64

      Can’t wait for Minecraft Steve

    24. Odd Llama

      Fortnite can you please add the seven deadly sins into fortnite

    25. Jay

      *Smash Ultimate moment*

    26. Hypcro

      Whats conner its Connor not conner

    27. Alejandro Lupercio

      Wait so whenever he enters the zero point he turns to og Jonesey

    28. Heather Tanner

      Bring month man back

    29. Instafilms

      This *Agent Jones* thing is good to the Chapter 2 storyline -not Chapter 1-

    30. A b y s s

      Who's next, Steve?

    31. Vexed_ Bumbarse

      You misspelled connor

    32. Elliott Reed

      They should add dynamite back

    33. Younese El ouzzani

      Fortnite rly need to create a filme

    34. The_BG & Alpha & Omega & The_latest_The_Dodo

      0:07 0:09 0:09 0:09 0:09 0:10 0:10 0:10 0:10 0:11 0:11 0:11 0:11 0:12 0:12 0:12 0:12 0:12 0:12 0:13 0:13 0:13

    35. iamthagr8st t

      damn y u gotta make jonesy hot? 😡

    36. J Robinson

      Fortnight if you see me teaming with this person please don’t band me

    37. Jeiminso Amarista


    38. Cheryl Robbins

      Hey epic i know it seems dumb for me to say but when is renegade raider coming back im not a og and didn't have a ps4 at that time

      1. A

        I think never and if you want it buy a rip off like blaze.

    39. Ulises Morales

      please stop

    40. MaZe iX

      Hello!) I would like to contact you with a proposal!) I suggest you release the “Decisive Goal” set!) Firstly, these “Decisive Goal” outfits were not available for 2 years! And secondly, I, and many other players, I think, also want this awesome Decisive Goal team back to the item store!) I will be very happy if you pass this idea on to the developers!) Since the developers are always trying for us, and I think it will not be difficult for them to please us by releasing the “Decisive Goal” outfit

    41. Jeffrey Lorenz

      Who else has noticed every time jonsey uses that gun the rift gets smaller

    42. Nicky Castillo

      Epic you should add Rambo next cause Rambo is always being asked to help people or kill the leader of the people like pls you need to add Rambo

    43. TheTophatFoxy

      Wow Your Taken A Classic Character And Brought It Into The Loop Il Be Looking For You -End Comunication-

    44. Spaghettt

      Where's John!?

    45. Clayton Rose

      Ostra beasta baby

    46. Luke

      I missed it! Gutted. Really want these skins. Will they be returning to item shop??

    47. Dark Lynx

      Who's gonna be next? Hisirdoux Casperan from Wizards Tales of Arcadia with Archie as his pet backbling

    48. Bugsy Siegel

      Ok y’all added Sara Connor, Original T-800, The Predator! Can y’all add R.J. Macready, Snake Plissken , John Rambo (First Blood), George Nada (THEY LIVE), Conan The Barbarian or Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) maybe Ash Williams???? How about Dutch (The Predator)? Cmon this is every horror fans dream!!!

    49. Ivan Hernandez


    50. Ivan Hernandez



      Kratos: Literally made their way into Fortnite on his own Master Chief: Found in a freezer Daryll and Michonne: Taken by Jonesy T-800: Wants to die and gets taken away anyways

    52. Spider King

      I want snake eyes animation

    53. Finley C


    54. Sam O

      This is just lousey I mean they got it wrong

    55. benmbareck hedi

      i dont like fortnite that much but this is a good animation nice

    56. lachieepage

      maybe John jonesy is the original jonesy and the default jonesy is in between and the old man Kinsey is the after jonesy, just a thought...

    57. crenge man

      The next hunter freedy form fnaf

    58. Geko IlMessaggero

      Buona sera Team di Fortnite Ho 24 anni e sono un giocatore da Mouse e Tastiera. Vi contatto poiché ho riscontrato una problematica nel vostro gioco innumerevoli volte. Sto parlando della mira assistita del joypad. Questa agevolazione che avete dato alla community di Fortinite a parere di una percentuale di giocatori è particolarmente svantaggiosa, sopratutto da medio-lunghe distanze nei confronti dei giocatori da mouse e tastiera. Oggi 26/01/2021 ho avuto occasione di testare la mira assistita sulla console di un amico. Non ho mai avuto una console e di conseguenza non ho mai avuto manualità nell'utilizzo del joypad, ugualmente ogni colpo sparato andava a segno sia con arma da media distanza che con cecchino da lunga distanza pur sparando a svariati millimetri dal bersaglio. Aggiungo che normalmente l'arma a fuoco rapido (Mitraglietta) dovrebbe avere il suo naturale "Rinculo" ma la mira assistita la corregge non facendo sbagliare i colpi,in oltre a metà caricatore sparando a ripetizione giocando da mouse e tastiera i colpi si destabilizzano e vanno a destra ed a sinitra, mentre sulla console anche questo viene corretto dalla mira assistita. Dunque fatte le mie considerazioni anche sulla fascia d'età di cui è composta la community di Fortnite NON vi chiedo di eliminare la mira assistita perchè comprendo che perdereste innumerevoli utenti, Ma vi chiedo gentilmente di provvedere il prima possibile per aggiungere una modalità di gioco esclusiva per giocatori da muose e tastiera, dove i giocatori da joypad non abbiano accesso e magari anche una solo per xbox ed una solo ps4/5 dove i giocatori da mouse e tastiera non abbiano accesso. Faccio questa richiesta perchè la competitività del gioco è stata completamente rovinata da quanto Fortnite esisteva solamente dal device pc.

    59. Ninja 2nd

      I will Be Back

    60. Levente Nyári








    64. clappe123

      do it plz gift clappe123 star wand

    65. clappe123

      ?plz put a black lives matter emote in fortntie

    66. Just some random Minecraft player

      Minecraft: Have a drama. Fortnite: Altought looks like dead and boring and full of toxic kids Drama was never seen here (unless ninja)

    67. Luid Dias


    68. Michael Callender

      give me a bot lobby plz i beg plz

    69. extra-large comedy

      Today was my first day to play fortnite and when I was playing some thing happens any time I jump on top of a building(high) my heart felt like I was the one jumping myself please don't laugh is this a medical problem or am not use to the game.. Please guys reply

      1. LuKa

        That’s normal, when you’ll play more it’s going to be less relevant

    70. Green Panther

      When will we get a switch gaming legend skin? (Definitely not talking about samus)

      1. LuKa

        Probably Samus

    71. Nancy Perry

      You should make cobra kai skins next season!

    72. Mjameel123

      Can you do a transformers hunter

    73. Kaarel Gaming

      Fortnite is sooo old! 😒

      1. LuKa

        what isn’t

    74. B0ber

      What's next? Scorpion from mortal Kombat?

    75. Osama Helmy


    76. Caballero 03

      why no snake eyes trailer

    77. Dat1guy

      You're goin to Brazil

    78. Raul Meza

      Can't wait for the next Movie.

    79. tentick

      This has nothing to fo with the video but hitting an 100 headshot whith the tactical shotgun is rarer then the mythic gold fish(this is only my opinion this is no hate to the game)

    80. chuctaya jara

      si me meten a RAMBO mi cerebro explota !

    81. Ryan Crain

      I have a skin idea zer0 from borderlands and you can change his face like the heart or a smiley face

    82. Pxely 9623

      Fortnite is already died idk y there putting people in different movies

      1. Pxely 9623

        The only way you can have fun is just by sweating

      2. Pxely 9623

        It’s not fun anymore

      3. Monowara Begum

        @Pxely 9623 just cause it’s sweaty doesn’t mean it’s dead

      4. Pxely 9623

        Fortnite is dead people are all sweaty u can’t even have fun in the anymore

      5. Nikki Holdmeier

        It not

    83. Arturo Burgos

      esta feisimo eso

    84. Nicolas Bryrup


      1. Nicolas Bryrup

        Remove sniper

    85. Nicolas Bryrup


      1. Nicolas Bryrup

        Remove sniper

    86. 1 xp

      Купиташсг.р пгмХ царю ЦДХ верх вёз чех чех МАЗ МАЗ рог

    87. Ristea Vlad


    88. jmoney thesniper

      Skateboy29 is a bad fortnite player

    89. auntren

      Add mythical weapons plz😢

    90. Rafa YT

      Hola dame alguna eskin por que soy nub juegoe en móvilsoy pobre y nub

    91. David Hackett

      Not a joke anymore he's actually just kidnapping 😂

    92. IsaacCSGO

      Epic your killing me

    93. Big Chungus TRENTON

      Plz add this back into the item shop one more time plzzz

    94. Liz Kiconco


    95. Dutch Boy

      T-800 is goin to Brazil

    96. Potato

      What's next? Captain Sparrow?

      1. LuKa

        Epic: write that down, write that down

    97. Christos Michael

      Where is zero suit Samus?!!!!

    98. Laxmi Khadka

      Hire SypherPK he made the best map concept weapon concepts HIRE HIM fortnite he willl make the best things for fornite and when fortnite mobile is back it would be the perfect time to release the weapons and the map SypherPK made pls pls pls pls do it for mobile player :)

    99. khang nguyen

      Bring back the pump please

    100. Christopher Rivera

      John Connor is next?