PARENTS REACT Ireland Boys - VIBE (Official Music Video)

Ireland Boys

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    PARENTS REACT Ireland Boys - VIBE (Official Music Video)
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    The Ireland Boys had their parents react to Ireland Boys - VIBE (Official Music Video) [feat. NCK x DjFaboloso] and got their genuine reactions to them watching it for the very first time. They had a great reaction. If you guys like these reaction videos let us know in the comments down below!
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    Ireland Boys
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. Ireland Boys

      What kind of videos do you want to see on here? (COMMENT DOWN BELOW) 👇

      1. Junior Tovar


      2. A Morales

        Where u delete your channel Lol jk jkjk

      3. Kellen Mckay


      4. Kelo editz

        Overnight at ikea and make a fort on top shelf

      5. Starvel

        last to leave the car challenge

    2. AndrewS Is Wright

      I think IBD likes it

    3. AndrewS Is Wright

      Rick's reacton to 1 million followers is leagendary!


      they kiss like 6 times

    5. Omar Jamaddar

      Do u have a code for this song pls answer 🙏

    6. I love roblox Alex

      Let’s fly away

    7. Pastor Xie

      I’m 1m Rick Nick: ._.

    8. Joseph Davis

      I’ve bin watching them since they broke into the house with RojonAnd they ordered extra napkins but they didn’t even get one napkin

    9. Joseph Davis

      No hate tho

    10. Sarden gaming 45

      YE YE

    11. David David


    12. Immutable0

      just saying the part of the vid we all came to watch is at 4:28

    13. Jake Levin


    14. Genevieve DeRose

      Among Us IRL

    15. Joshua small

      OMG there is Nicholas 😂

    16. Kenzi Grace

      I’ve been here since for 3 almost 4 years now

    17. GalaxyCube101

      Skip to 4:23 to skip intro, promotions, etc.

    18. Ramsey Jr Cox

      Nick got a beard I rember him in middleschool

    19. SP_gab

      They got a gf?

    20. sadboijayxand a

      I've been gone for two years now I'm back to the channel the boys

    21. Taro Iwasaki

      4:28 is the reaction

    22. Tuber One Billion

      Ibd: PDA not a big fan

    23. Jonathon Ray

      Sneak in to jack Dohertys house 🏠

    24. yoda crackin pot

      Ireland boys hold my expectations

    25. Frank Suarez

      Bring Back The 24 Hour Challenges

    26. Ben Simmons


    27. Andy Pandy Gaming


    28. Rafael Bartoszek

      6:05 “I love BJ”😂

    29. Gamer Boy

      I am a millionth of the tiktok follwers

    30. Gamer Boy

      All starting by 2019

    31. nino3

      Man I luv this channel

    32. Michael O'Gara

      dirty simp

    33. Robbie Jordan

      One M rick!

    34. MAV FRM94

      U guyz always make my day

    35. Zero Two

      This lit

    36. Kent Zuberbuhler

      Rick and morgan:*about to kiss* IBM :WHOS DRIVING THE CAR

    37. Brandon Letson

      Your mom looks younger 🤔🤔🤔

    38. Roberto Anzure

      Hut hut

    39. Roberto Anzure

      I love it ssoooooooo f much

    40. Katie G

      ibm just doing the dance😭😭

    41. Katie G


    42. Noah Jones

      Awesome 👏

    43. Miguel Figueroa

      I want you to get the squad and try to sneak in to someone's house and spend 24 hours

    44. Shakila Aman

      They were way better in the og days

    45. bentalluri

      No joke I thought this song was from a rapper

    46. Erik Palaguachi

      Poor poor phone

    47. Gibson Deztiny Dela Cruz

      Hide and seek to target 24hours yeye

    48. KB_Mouse

      I love you guys not in a love way and the song u guys are such inspirational people can’t wait to see more of u in the future love ur vids ✌️

    49. Alana Whisenand

      I miss the old vids when they would do 24-hour challenges

    50. Angie Avila

      Its gonna take me a while to get used to Ricky having a girlfriend

    51. Amy Tilton

      truth or dare in walmart i love you guys

      1. Amy Tilton


    52. Amy Tilton

      4 years

    53. PrincetonTV

      that pizza in dat music vid made me hungry

    54. Chay Chayz

      Keep up good work. The vibe of the song was💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    55. Im Idot

      Woah Ricky kissed a girl.

    56. Killz

      Ibm is so funny and cool 😂

    57. Catious Ahnymre

      Who went to TikTok and checked

    58. Xavier Van Utrecht

      I would like to see one of you guys stay in your brothers room for 24 hours and pull pranks and if you an invite Jack dohrty .

    59. Lisandra Ocasio


    60. Kimberly Agoha

      I really can tell their mom is so sweet and funny and loves everything they do!!!!!!

    61. CatLovr105

      It’s a really kool music video. And I get what it all was about and how the kiss topped the video off. As you guys continue, be sure to stay true to, not just yourselves but, God as well. Ye Ye

    62. Caleb Martin

      Yo bud when are you guys gonna be on tour again

    63. Gwjf

      Its actully a 6/10

    64. williy perez

      Bro they grow up I was here ever since they stared going with jack

    65. Colton Gould

      Did Ricky find his phone??

    66. Vanessa G

      More hide n seek and or more forts and or 24 hours or longer in a fort

    67. Professnal Noob

      Ibm carried this vid

    68. Nano Hawk

      Hi there, I just wished to say that i really liked your content, congratulations! I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Perhaps, You can do the same and we will become "real" USfilm friends

    69. Mikey Welsh

      Not even gonna lie died laughing watching this lmaooo

    70. Abby the rat

      Asian “parents” tho, your dad not caring

    71. Curlyhead Raichu

      IBM: yo i want da pizza!

    72. Shanice Stone

      Ture or dare

    73. beast league

      is that nicks girlfriend i didn't know he had won

    74. Max Solis

      woah calm down jamal 3:41

    75. Enrique perez

      that gave me the cringe vibes 😂🤣

    76. Alexander Shipman


    77. Power Equipment Guys

      If I got one can Morgan sign it to

    78. MWK 15

      My favorite music video was poppin now its VIBE

      1. pida siouy

        Do a haunted house vid

    79. MWK 15

      Dang I haven't watched you guys in along time I was a day 1 supporter this chanale has alot vibe in it wow ninja Nick got a beard growing

      1. pida siouy

        Hi its cool and yeeyee


      Get your grandmas reaction 😅🤣


      i lovw it i love it i love it

    82. jocelyn boone

      Honestly one of my favorite songs on youtube

    83. Luis Molero Montero


    84. MVP Snowz

      They are clickbaiting too much these days

    85. Yohanis Mannegerew

      5:56 *His Goals Are Beyond Your Understanding.*

    86. Ryan Souza

      The vibe is down very since their tour around the world the grown up and matured to much

    87. Joshua Martinez

      💯 Vibes 🔥🔥🔥

    88. DodgerPlayz

      They definitely trynna be Mr Beast signing all those posters

      1. JusLikeTht


    89. Maeve Lynch

      ItS nIcHoLaS

      1. Yabeast123

      2. JusLikeTht


    90. Dana RAMOS

      im so cherished that i can come home and watch these guys keep it up guys

    91. Legendxry

      hmmm, i don't think that IBD loved it.


      who is the girl does rick or nick have a new girlfreind ???

    93. Tracy Wentzell

      Hi its cool and yeeyee

    94. Lavisha Dabbs-Brooks

      Do a haunted house vid

    95. Tdc _Ink

      In 2016 I was a huge fan to you tubers who built Toilet paper forts and 4 years ago I found there video and have been a fan since

    96. kenneth htennek

      Lets be honest, lets not beat around the meat, lets be real, Ninja nick carried the whole track

    97. Smeef The Hero

      He sound like an eagle on 3:27 😂😂😂😂🦅🦅 if you keep playing over and over again