$10,000 If He Makes This Shot

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    1. MrBeast Shorts

      SUBSCRIBE if you would make the shot

      1. Harlii-Bee OMG

        Well I couldn't make the shot do I have to sub?

      2. here we are Y R D R

        Hey! Are you even real MrB__ This twins watch/talk about you madly (well you need to subscribe to know what) Anyway, amazing what you doing is-keep people smiling 🙋🏻‍♀️

      3. Jess Stubbs

        @القــران الكـريم ل المـعلمـان الصــغار তরগপসকররগতজচদগব

      4. Marcqo Sage


      5. Harmonic Duck

        People who sub anyway, knowing they wouldn’t make the shot

    2. Falinks _gamer

      He was so close

    3. Alex Mtz

      He messed up by repositioning himself after every shot he couldn’t calculate any of his previous shot cause he would move from his original spot COME ON chandler you know better you’re a ball player man haha

    4. TheGhostReckon

      That ending lol

    5. Ahmad Tareq Sabery


    6. cobyfront

      guess 6 million people would make the shot

    7. King Thamer

      السلام عليكم

    8. Willian Messa

      Noooo chandler u let me down 😭

    9. The Boys

      Poor Chandler.

    10. Daily Dog


    11. Naomi Proctor

      Oof 😅😂

    12. EdenDaPro

      Poor chandler always gets the hardest challenges 😂

    13. 2nd Pewdiepie

      But Why

    14. meow ify


    15. rory rees

      You are the besat

    16. Nice Games

      Chandler is kind of bad at basketball cause he missed 10 thasand dollars

    17. Claq YT


    18. Claire Giardino

      So. Oll

    19. Nick


    20. hxskify

      Macaroni and cheese 🧀

    21. Tess Azzato


    22. TechnicalFaisalIqbal

      Chandler ❤

    23. Oniel bautista

      Give him 5 grand

    24. Murtaza The Pak Gamer and Reacter


    25. Murtaza The Pak Gamer and Reacter

      I love chandler

    26. Luke Amenta

      What we really need is a 1 v 1 Jimmy vs chandler

    27. 104paddo

      I’m sorry chan chan

    28. randomaniac

      Chandler is the coby cotton of mrbeast

    29. Daqkota Jevante DAVIDS

      My thinking he's gonna clutch it up

    30. Colton Pennington

      I thought this wasn't real Mr Beast content for a while

    31. It’s Jayden Banger

      Hi love your channel

    32. Mark Williams

      Subscribed 👍👍👍👍

    33. Oculus Master

      I definitely made the shot pay up

    34. Jessica Thompson

      I know this is random, but my teacher from a couple of years ago, made a shot from one end of the basketball course into the hoop on the other side backwars

    35. Christopher Beltran


    36. Brody Keewatin

      A feel bad for him

    37. jace salinas


    38. DaPro

      And then Jimmy made 20 grand...

    39. Hailey Walker

      Poor Chandler

    40. Solarflame Gaming

      NOOO chandler I feel bad for him☹️

    41. jack trimble

      stop giving your stupid friends money

      1. jack trimble

        sorry, rude of me

      2. jack trimble

        yeah you’re right

      3. Skye Moore

        lol mr. salty whats wrong with giving his friends money

    42. anime world

      I mean its chandler

    43. Shyanne Morris

      Chandler on most made to next time let him have10 trys

    44. Queenki4life

      I feel bad 4 Chandler

    45. Shafin Hamim

      You just saved 10,000 dollars using honey!

    46. Ng Sau Peng

      Go to mr beast shop

    47. james currie

      damn it chandler

    48. Maxyboy145


    49. Cass B

      Maybe next time he can get it

    50. Gabriel Molina

      He want

    51. BeamerAr

      Bruh Mean

    52. John Spark

      Shite post

    53. Abdelaziz El habti

      I want 10.000$

    54. Revillis5k

      Imma keep watching and hope he eventually makes it

    55. Christopher Culver

      Steph curry would of got all 3 of them.

    56. SupComp1287

      That's ok. That one basketball almost got in the hoop.

    57. susan gormady

      Simp super intense Minecraft player

    58. SmellTheL


    59. Just Smokes

      Props to him for getting that close in 3 shots

    60. Patrick drip

      For some odd reason chandler always gets screwed in shorts and vids

    61. Shawn Turner


    62. compa_a1ex

      Can we talk about how he is wearing a Nike and a puma slides lmao

      1. Gingoo 22


    63. Sara Keefe

      Next time yell for the boys

      1. Gingoo 22


    64. THEshadowFADE

      R.I.P Chandler

    65. TechSocial101

      That’s a cool challenge....

    66. Tiburon Alex


    67. mai alsharfan

      I am subscribe

    68. Banana doppio

      *Diarrhea noises*

    69. Apple Pie


    70. mi onli

      it's alright, Chandler 😁💖

    71. Flex Gamingxx

      As soon as I saw it was Chandler, I knew he wasn't going to make it

    72. Amelia Tagaloa

      Chandler:this on is going in. Lol Chandler didn't make it

    73. Juana ramirez

      He sux

    74. KyRee312 !

      Maybe yo shluod go up in the air som tims lik a ayo timy lets go dwdwdwdwTW ima kik my rrr in the ir som times Lik a ayo timy let’s go

    75. Fatima Rodriguez

      Where is pink

    76. Kaliyah Knight


    77. Kaliyah Knight

      Go go

    78. Kaliyah Knight

      Go Chandler

    79. Rndhjckf Djxhchcjf

      Chandler is my favorite I'm so mad he dont win everything

    80. Xena Oyeks Snr

      Would love to make a shot

    81. Jimbo jack

      So close

    82. Brantley Gacha

      Wow ples subscribe to gacha

    83. Ryan Godfrey


    84. Best player Gaming


    85. RxE SnIPeS

      Chandler needs to win more mrbeast

    86. Havva Kandaz

      You got this

    87. andreigh16

      he didn’t say yeet

    88. Thanavit Dew


    89. Joker Arthur and Gaming Videos

      What is his name....🤣

    90. Paul Styles


    91. MD. SIAN


    92. Azan Hk


    93. e Kakyoin


    94. Cottagecore Rei


    95. Sevinc Ceferova

      Why does Chandler almost NEVER win a Challenge????

    96. don't talk to me

      Chandler is so adorable :)

    97. Qasim Sarwar

      I would be so tensed being a jimmy’s friend, i would have lost millions of dollars worth of challenges