THIS IS SO ROMANTIC | Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love | Allie Sherlock & Cuan D. cover

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    Hey everyone, this is "Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love" with my friend Cuan Durkin.
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. WarmTea

      The chemistry is exploding with this adorable pair.. Beautiful!!

      1. Paco A

        Not really

      2. T

        @Patrick D ⭐👍

      3. T

        @Brooke Kearton you sure?

      4. T

        @craig muzz he sings well

      5. David C

        @Debra Rippentrop Allie is 15 or only just 16 and Cuan is 19 in July (2021).

    2. Road King Wanderer

      f-ing amazing duo ...... _do you guys know how talented you are?_

    3. Lou Turco

      Mr and Mrs Smitten !!!

    4. Petar Marjanović

      This girl helped me feel love again, really astounding. It looks so natural, what a lucky guy.

    5. Jean-Michel Blin

      adorable :-)

    6. The Merc With A Mouth

      WOW!!! Cuan has an absolutely fantastic voice and to be honest right at the start his voice reminds me quite a bit of Elvis’. Awesome cover by you two. Keep up the phenomenal work and stay safe! 😍❤️

    7. Miss Debra

      Good thing Dad is the cameraman! Lol! Cuan is the perfect gentleman and he and Allie are adorable together.

    8. John Smith

      With the STAGED Corona SCAM the governments all over the world are trying to eradicate our FREEDOM. If we don't FIGHT back we will end up as SLAVES...

    9. Sergio Tunes

      Me escrevi no canal...super

    10. Lenon Santana

      Que todos os jovens do mundo tivesse o desejo de fazer algo lindo e construtivo para o mundo... com Allie Sherlock - Parabéns

    11. Bilel Bili

      Is it possible to prove the Instagram link?

    12. Billy Roberts

      Actually bought a tear to my eye That’s so beautiful 🥲

    13. steffen fischer

      Great Guy's 👍👍

    14. simon george

      Kopek mantap

    15. Robert Krzemien


    16. Samsun Moutoshe


    17. Petra Hoffman

      Such a nice couple!

    18. sadegh babai

      this is si biutiful...i like cry

    19. GamersLife NL

      jeeezz, this is so good. I have goosebumps 🙌

    20. Jake Sehg

      2:58 Dude was crisscrossing and like awkwarrrrrrd, let's go.

    21. Kamil Nuñez

      1:37 Allie was like "Don't give me that look Cuan. Don't you dare. " 😂

    22. fit motiva

      Essa é a coisa mais linda que já vi na vida

    23. ft. perds

      I ❤️ u From Philippines 🥰

    24. Antoine Curieux

      Top .

    25. zelia Loana

      Their cuteness made me smile so much

    26. ManuelXRalte

      Female vocals wonder and cool☺

    27. _________


    28. Scarlett Newport

      I think Cuan needs to sing this song to Allie because he can't stop falling in love with her

    29. Scarlett Newport

      Friend Allie called Cuan a friend more like a boyfriend

    30. Евгений Таиров

      Саратов смотрит на вас


      So good Allie 🙌🔥 you should try in the ghetto - Elvis. Sorry if you have I couldn't find it

    32. Indigo Visuals

      What a wonderful duo!! Well done!! I loved this! Where was it filmed? I see an Ulster Bank in the background. My guess is Dublin. Ready for more!!

    33. Daytona Jimduey

      He sings rather well or somewhat great.

    34. Les Bouma

      Love it ! I!!!

    35. Marivel Early


    36. Andreas Löf

      I love Elvis, he did good there.

    37. fahril ridwan

      Ngeunah pisan cuokk

    38. Tonya Bonds

      I love listening to these two. Please keep the songs coming. Much love from Arkansas.

    39. Trish Studstill

      I absolutely love these two. Absolutely incredible!!!! Thankyou for sharing❤️❤️

    40. M L

      oh so sweet. if eyes could talk ... sometimes happiness is very close

    41. Michell Siwak

      I love your voice I literally in love with it ❤️❤️🥰

    42. Sylvia Thompson

      They are great wow

    43. Doctor Tirchius

      One evening I too tried to play and sing this evening serenade to my sweetheart but the dogs in the neighborhood all started barking and a bucket of water came into my head!

    44. Jéssica Oliveira

      Acho tão lindo como o público fica ali quietinho admirando e respeitando a arte deles de cantar.❤️🌹

    45. Nam Hum

      Wait ,,,,,,

    46. Krish Mah

      ¡Qué bonito! Hermosas voces y bella interpretación. Felicidades y Dios en ambos. ❤️🇲🇽❤️

    47. Phillip Norris

      Is he even old enough for her

    48. Zexa XIII


    49. David Wells

      She has an amazing voice.

    50. Tiger Lily

      Young man has nice voice.

    51. William Armstrong

      That is beautiful !!

    52. James Lee

      One of my favorite Elvis songs 🎵.

    53. Scarlett Newport

      Cuan just stared at her the whole time

    54. Stephan Wylle

      Some videos she will do one word of harmony, here it's 0:29 "love." In another Cuan video it was one word also, stronger-----i'll have to find it. I wish she'd do more, even an entire song, because she does single harmonic notes so well

    55. Sparky Vakut

      Allie and Cuan are my two favorite duets! the chemistry i love it! great singers for sure...

    56. No Name

      The way the guy is seeing the girl( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    57. king 7


    58. Emerson Ramos vlog.


    59. Annah Sophia Costa Damasceno

      chipa ou não chipa?? kk

    60. Ric Ad


    61. Cezary Jakubowski

      WoW emezing wow wow wow

    62. Cathy B

      again they are great

    63. G. H.

      Not my favorite interpretation - I Like it that it is so much different in rythm and tones from the original. Well done.

    64. Dee Wilkerson

      I love both of your voices!!

    65. Ken Harte

      You can see they're in love

      1. Der Abenteurer

        They obviously try to hide it, but it's clearly to see they feel more to each other ☺️

    66. Ken Harte

      You can see they love each other ?

    67. 49ccMoped World

      Don't do trics girls but sing naturally you can do better.

    68. Любовь Пахарева

      Чудо чудесное!!!!!

    69. gogo kp

      Vedno bolj

    70. Frank Smith

      They need a small kid dressed in suit and top hat.. passing the hat for donations. The crowd just needs to be asked. Nicely.

    71. jota eme

      Hermoso dúo.....Allie te sigo hace un año ya 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱


      Hello, my name is Anghelo and I am from Peru the most beautiful country and I wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful voice I always see your videos and not what to say, you are beautiful

    73. tyto Sousa


    74. Will Schrank

      They’re so good together.

    75. George Evans

      He and she are a nice pair of musicians. The chemistry is excellent. She sings so beautifully. He has a very handsome voice also. But his haircut? Looks like my cat cut it. Ah!

    76. 김밥

      너무좋아요ㅜ 한국댓글도 남겨봅니다.

    77. TheBatistaFamily

      proud to be the 999th downvote. horrible exagerrated voice cracking is obnoxious.

    78. Paco A

      This is terrible, how did you get so many subs? Bots confirmed wow

    79. Dürpel Adonis

      Love Allie LOOOOOOOOOVE

    80. Trevor Keyser

      Amazing talent 😍😍

    81. Nick Brake

      Amazing - that simple :)

    82. m vdh

      way to slow,this is the right

    83. Habibur Rahman

      Song abstain you from Allah. Watch Ahmed Deedat Lecture and Debate, Dr.Abu Amina Belal Phillips Lectures to know aboit Christianity and the Bible.

    84. Pik Ny

      incredible.. electrifying vioce you have baby

    85. Ronald Meldrum

      I would like to hear her sing pure country music once

    86. Aimé GUTHLEBEN

      Good evening and thank you A huge bravo for this wonderful song which is performed with passion and with such a wonderful voices. I love, I love and I like. I congratulate you very sincerely and that with patience finally for the beautiful voices and beautiful music. A huge thank you for this sharing. Aimé

    87. Energo-Instal Techmatic S.C.

      My big love Allow😉👍👍👍

    88. Bruno Bison Dolza

      Bravissimi e carinissimi

    89. Olivia Ansell-Rodgers


    90. Vojtěch Šubrt

      Love You... sorry :)

    91. wazeツ

      This Boy Looks Funny 😂

    92. Pursuit of Truth

      Thought he was going to propose!!

    93. Cy Wan

      Fabio,don't give up!

    94. Barbs Tamblyn

      Absolutely beautiful and such a beautiful song.

    95. Belarmino Santos

      True ❤️

    96. Jalmari

      Awww! Cute couple!

    97. Flo Ra

      Most overrated singers of USfilm.

    98. Leandro Albernaz


    99. Seldom Большой


    100. Jef poulpy

      Franchement arrête de te tortiller et de mettre des hauts troo courts!