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    Imagine n***as lying bout shooting a real b***h
    Just to save face for rapper n***as you chill with
    Imagine me giving a f**k it was ya f***ing birthday
    You in your feelings I just thought it was another Thursday
    Now imagine me c**k blocking n***as on some dry sh*t
    I don't want you on a b***h believe you wouldn't been invited
    And if it wasn't for me same week you would’ve been indicted
    You offered m’s not to talk I guess that made my friend excited
    Now y'all in cahoots you a puss in boots
    You shot a 5'10 b***h with a 22
    Talking bout bones and tendons like them bullets wasn't pellets
    A p***y n***a with a p***y gun in his feelings
    He in the back seat and he keep calling me a b***h
    We all know the sh*t I could've came back with
    He talking bout his followers dollars and goofy sh*t
    I told him you're not popping you just on the remix
    Now here we are 2020 8 months later
    And we still ain't got no f***ing justice for Breonna Taylor
    Any n***a on that n***a side is a clout chaser
    A b***h that he f***ing or a h*e that he paying
    Who you taking shots at goofy-a** n***a
    Keep yo broke a** out of rich b***h business
    And that go for you b****es too that's tryna get picked
    Talking s**t I'll slide on you thinking that you slick
    Ouuu s**t it's a lot of weak n***as in this b***h
    They confused
    They hate me but watching my videos beating they d**k
    Who a snitch I ain't never went to the police with no names
    I thought a b***h that got her chain snatched called the laws had something to say
    I be speaking facts uh they can't handle that huh
    They want me to be the bad guy let me put my mask on
    I was chose I ain't ask to be this motherf***ing cold
    Still the brightest star and not just the ones that's up in the rolls
    Keep it p**pin always actions do the talking
    I know you want the clout so I don’t never saying y'all name
    Oh you out here balling huh who you get that money from
    10 toes down for whoever get the pedi huh
    I be so content cause I know Ima real b***h
    And anything I say I'm never scared to repeat it
    You would think I was a killer how these n***as scared as s**t
    It’s only one of me but n***as bring they whole clique
    Who you taking shots at goofy-a** b***h?
    Watching me succeed from yo knees sucking d**k
    I know you want attention from the n***as that I get
    Ima steak you a side plate shrimp stay in yo place
    Real b***h yea yea I ain't selling fairytales
    FaceTime a n***a while my other n***a laying there
    B***h think she sabotaging something tryna run and tell
    B***h I got a bond with my n***as and they all aware yeah
    Who you taking shots at shut up wit yo scary a**
    No profile pic b***h yo mama shouldn’t have had
    Kick me while I'm down bad I remember all that
    Next n***a send a shot ima sent it right back
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    © 2020 1501 Certified Ent LLC under exclusive license to 300 Entertainment

    Published on 8 days ago


    1. anna weiss

      MEGAN SAVED 2020 !!!!!

    2. Tsatsoツ

      This is disrespect to Biggie

    3. ihop

      0:37 anyone else hear "LilAssNiggah" in the background after she said "we all know the shi i could've came back wit" LMFAOO

      1. Ashlee BC

        Lmfaoo I didn’t even hear that😭😭

    4. S. Sim

      💖💖🐎 🐎🔥🔥🏆🏆

    5. Robb Dark

      Megan you need to hire one of drake's ghostwriters, smh.

    6. sehhi vooty

      It still needs the “proceed to give you what you need”

    7. out spoken


    8. Bad Kitty

      "Imagine me ahahah, imagine me entertaining you fking goofy *ss" while releasing the most bitter disstrack 8 months later

      1. sehhi vooty

        All I can say is SMH @megan

    9. Mike Davis


    10. Graeiala Gil


    11. Graeiala Gil

      Htown riding for u meg 🤘🤘

    12. Y’all see me?

      Kelsey really thought she did something with her diss byeeee

    13. Davis Brothers

      Kacey talk

    14. Kanalani


    15. Ronnie M Vargas

      You say it in a song horse🤦🏽game is full of idiots

    16. It’s Lilyy

      Y’all really hyping this bad song up pls ok

    17. Justin James

      I unno I like Meg but this was kinda weak 😕

    18. TayMarieee

      Gee, I wonder what happened to protecting Black women huh 🤔

    19. Infinite Aloha


    20. Sunny Lyte

      Damn ...You the one this fire..

    21. Pretty buoy Jones

      This weak asf,lol..

    22. JustA

      i see why he shot you . you a whole linebacker . he probably got scared 😂😂

    23. shaman

      Lies. To many lies

    24. shaman

      All I can say is SMH @megan

    25. Samurai Music

      Imo this is so much better than body.

    26. Diana Brewster

      Dang he got fried

    27. hugo jones

      I will never hate her

    28. Blxmpz

      Tory shoulda aimed higher

    29. R!OT GR1M

      Please respond tory

    30. YAGA

      You’re gonna have to do better Kelsey just shitted on you, and you remixed a beat when YOU got shot. Just asking if you got shot from behind HOW TF do you know if TORY shot you? YOU DONT, unless YOU got Eyes in the Back Of Your Head.

    31. adam tyler

      Am I high or are them buttons moving?🤔

    32. Ajia’s Boss Lyfe

      She thought a what ?

    33. ⰴⰵⱀⰻ

      "Female rap is fire af" Female rap:

    34. Hawk_ish

      Whole lotta talk from the one that got shot lmfao

    35. Hawk_ish

      Y'all think that the WAP woman bodied Tory? Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh

      1. jerz

        men make songs like wap all the time and its never an issue but when a women does it, its not an issue?

    36. Bubblesispoppin

      this is soooooooo h-town with the flow but east coast with the choppaaaaasss!!! houston in the building

    37. Bubblesispoppin


    38. Daniel Fernandez

      A male horse is called a stallion, the female horse is called a mare.

      1. Marles uni

        @killa pre lol

      2. killa pre

        A stallion is a nick name BLACK men name amazons TALL & THICK . Please take it up w/ them

    39. eli thefly

      Its okay some of the lyrics were kind of corny though

    40. Jason Garcia

      Don’t ever take a og beat and make a wack song with it 😅😆 he’s rolling in his grave rn

      1. gxuo


    41. 74ksmilez: Roblox & more

      megan ruined who shot ya and boyz in the hood. Wow.

    42. Polar

      Behind the scenes

    43. Tasia Wells

      Snappppppped ! Let know 🐴

    44. Coolboii Jalanii

      i guess ya aint hear what tory said

    45. Gamer XXXTentacion

      How she gonna rap on The Who shot ya beat but she’s the one that got shot 😂😩🤦🏽‍♂️

    46. YoungKing Kp

      Now it was aye 22

    47. Crown Jewelz

      Love how she used that moneybagg yo said sum line 😭🤪😏

    48. Isaac Fayia Joe

      Hit em up coming for you

    49. hdjk

      she talking facts. she is a real freak with wap

    50. Tommy V

      How you go from being so sad and wanting sympathy to saying it was just pellets???? Smh BW are something else.... then it’s protect BW but you dissing one...? How does no one see the hypocrisy

    51. Raveen Hills

      I'm shame for Tory...he had to learn the hard way🤣

    52. YoFav Mommaaa

      shes obsessed with tory lanez, like dam

    53. lenoxx lens

      If you gone do old Skool beats to diss . You can’t Remake the beat in order to make the flow sound better - “nah, that’s not it”

      1. Abbigale Farquharson

        Looll i agree

      2. Wayne Jura


    54. Mia Dzelajlija

      absolutely grilling it

    55. luke connolly

      this is fire but we all know you lied

      1. Yori Blacc

        Where did she lie? I’d love to hear ir

    56. Amber Rodriguez

      Tory still lit tho 😈

    57. coyote Cage

      Boooooo 🍅🍅🍅🍅

    58. Agga Van


    59. 414MILboy

      Biggie rollin in his grave

    60. Charm Austin


      1. Sycha Rhodes


    61. AllAbout Leigh

      Talking bones and tendons like them bullets wasn't pellets 🤦‍♀️ She snapped! And shut that conspiracy theory down.

    62. Keondra Hall


    63. Sy Shack

      This weak AF!!!! And disrespectful too Biggie. Y'all don't know REAL rap if u think she BODIED anyone🤦🏾‍♀️ U tried tho🤷🏾‍♀️ If Tory shot you...why you fall out with your best friend??? You're not telling the whole story Meg. I'm smarter than what u feed the masses. Something isn't adding up. PROTECT BLACK WOMEN THO MEG!!!!

    64. Boss Hack


    65. Shemar Brown


    66. Stephanie Campbell

      The beat is annoying. The lyrics ain’t saying nothing of significance. Failed first attempt.

    67. Jewel Poole


    68. A-Better-Africa

      Did to shot her???? I mean she's saying she didn't go tell on the popo

    69. Yaa A

      Who shot ya - notorious big??

    70. youlovemeIloveme

      Well, whoever she's talking about, I already feel bad for whoever they are.

    71. Bpfbpf4life Tommie ceo

      Wow meg

    72. Baró

      Nobody: Comments: giViNg hEr a bAg

      1. Attackon Levi

        Fr lmfao don’t forget the “Tory boyfriends abour to come through”😂😂

      2. Yori Blacc

        That’s what you’re doing luv

    73. Gray Tiggerson

      Sounds old school

    74. lilmar TV

      We peeped the dis😆🔥

    75. Asia' Valenciaga

      She the goofy tho 😩💯💯💯

    76. pessodabandit

      I told em “your not poppin your on the remix”megan the hardest out here

      1. Attackon Levi

        I’m sorry but “harderst out here”😑come on now

      2. suG

        @M B lmao facts tho they really call that a bar 💀

      3. Gina Gabrielle

        @M B corniest reply

      4. M B

        Corniest line, Tory way more poppin

    77. Dee Tee

      Ur entertaining them now so I dont get that comment

    78. Mani Does Makeup

      Love you Megan 🤪🤪

    79. Makaela Hollins

      Ummmm........ Noo😭

    80. Ca'Tania Starr

      I like meagan 💕 she’s so pretty

    81. Robert Crutcher

      idc isc this pressa

    82. Bollas

      2:37 why did i laugh at this

    83. Chrisean Gray

      It’s a straight little diss it’s just funny how she used The Who shot ya when she got shot - biggie would be confused

      1. X_Yung Phant0m

        @Yori Blacc And don't forget the main evidence. The gunshot wound:

      2. Yori Blacc

        @YAGA let’s see, he sent her a message apologizing, he was arrested for an illegal firearm. Hmm seems like evidence to me but go off I guess 🙂

      3. YAGA


      4. Yori Blacc

        It makes perfect sense. People keep speculating who shot her so it’s was actually quite clever

    84. Ash2.0

      2:50 is the best part to be honest

    85. Kam Bond

      That's why u never mix friends boyfriends ur bestfriend I learn a hard way

    86. Nanee Simms


    87. Marveon

      This is getting very tired and we don’t care anymore...

    88. Melissa

      Me still waiting for the shots to be fired👀👀😂😂

      1. Delizzle

        Same sis, like wtf is this? I must be too old

    89. ConradEnvyVEVO

    90. R A

      *Tory way more talented than her tho*

    91. SaiaSaia

      I just wanna know the truth now😭😭y’all making us wait for the answer like Nevada 😭

    92. Sw.Roadrunner 60


    93. Laijah Mayyy

      She bodyodyodyody this mayn

    94. Laijah Mayyy

      Bro she bodied this bro

    95. Dreadhead2 cute

      Tory listening like: 💧👄💧

      1. Attackon Levi

        These weak ahh bars😂

    96. Dreadhead2 cute

      She snapped 😌

    97. Jon Ando

      Worst diss song ever

    98. Feras Altabsh

      Biggie smalls be like : 👁👄👁

    99. Frankie Oribio

      Ure the female 69 like stfu

    100. Sean Johnson

      Wasn’t she just crying about getting shot 🤣🤣