Wow, The Corvair Build Hit Some Major Milestones!

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    So we're building the Corvair and WOW!!! We got some major work done this week
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    Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Kevin Massenburg

      That's a sweet build👀👏BOOM!

    2. Stephen Harrison

      The nice sugar correlatively whistle because maraca structurally plug as a young lute. wonderful, decisive quill

    3. HELLAxTTV

      More of these videossss

    4. b y

      How did you do the fender flares? They look similar to the ones on the Yellow Banana..

    5. Jeriel York

      I really appreciate your bills and your conversations you guys are not cussing like some people do thanks

    6. b y

      Can you post info on axles (front & rear), transfer case, gear-ratio? Were the link tabs (1/4" thick?) bought from suppliers? What suppliers did you use for the links (tubes & ends)? Did you use link calculator to set things up front & rear? It's a 4-link rear, 3-link front? What rear coils did you use? What do you expect the overall weight to be?

    7. Beardo McWhatTheFug

      I like those hats yall got.

    8. Steven Foust

      Probably could have built a kick ass Cherokee faster, but that is looking pretty awesome

    9. Jim Williamson

      You already got a banana, is this one the " punkin "

      1. nieooj gotoy

        I love the new wagon build. I get so excited everytime u upload a new video bout it. Can't wait to see its first recovery

    10. Systems Planet

      Why don't you build a transformer?

      1. nieooj gotoy

        tubing, Doh!

    11. Ailsa Ni

      whomever the first person is who gets rescued by the new vehicle should get a new "Launch Edition version" of the I made a call t-shirt!

    12. Jacob Lange

      That tribute segment was so moving.

    13. Greg Ballard

      I must say Ive never seen sound / heat mat installed on the ext of a vehicle . Never say never.

    14. Dave Cook

      5 minute drive to the Costa Vida :)

      1. Ailsa Ni


    15. Harry N

      I think Trevor just named it... The Yellow Canary! You know, beacuse its tiny and yellow like a canary ...

    16. Michael Hoffman

      In the video when you were installing the front suspension. You kept calling them "Ories." They are O.R.I.'s like the individual letters, not a word. They are really bad add. BTW, the make a reservoir O.R.I. as well and it adds 3 stages of damping. It makes them perform like a 5 way By-pass with internal bump stop. They also make an upgrade kit to add the reservoir to the regular model. If I were you, I would do the O.R.I. struts in the rear as well, and when you do the upper mounts do them up higher so you can run a longer version. You want to run them at 50% of the stroke when it's just sitting there. So it can go up or down the same amount of travel. You don't need the reservoir version unless you plan to go hitting the whoops and really going out and rallying it. If you are then I would definitely do the reservoir front and rear cause not only do they keep the oil separated from the nitrogen, but the reservoir adds 2 more stages to the dampening for a total of 5 stages! They act like a coilover, reservoir shock, 5way bypass shock, sway bar, limit straps and bump stop all in one unit! Anyway, awesome build man! Can't wait to see the videos of you out wheeling it!

    17. Weslee Miller


    18. Weslee Miller


    19. Weslee Miller

      Great video.

    20. Warrior Woodworking

      You should spray in some LizardSkin sound deadening coating on the passenger compartment walls.

    21. Thomas

      MATT OR RUDY!!! Was wondering if either of you had ever pondered having a roof rack on your corvair build that you could place camera mounts.. having so much success with U-Tube videos,,,permanently having quick release mounts might expedite capturing video... Just a thought!!! Your fan Tc from Nevada

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        So, where was I when Jamie bought lunch??

    22. D Roy

      Woah... They let you all go into that restaurant without masks?

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        My thought was to revisit this channel after I unsubscribed to see if there was any worthwhile content. I will remain unsubscribed and move on.

    23. NIGHT_SHADE1

      nice masks

    24. Kathy Armstrong

      Matt struggles to remember the ferrule nut before flaring the tubing, I feel for ya, don't know how many times I've soldered a wire connection only to realize I've forgotten the shrink tubing, Doh!

    25. Nick Davidson

      I love the new wagon build. I get so excited everytime u upload a new video bout it. Can't wait to see its first recovery

    26. Tom Chrissy

      Man, I love your video's, but quit trying to pay for all of your projects with ad's, you have increased them to amount where myself, and others will find a different channel to watch instead

    27. Mark Blanchard

      With all your video and really enjoy, but it's hard to see the no masks in a public fast food restaurant.

    28. Luiz Ferreira

      @ 7:22 does your ‘eyechrometer’ need calibrating at the opticians? 😊

    29. Fadi Sayed


    30. xjesse92x

      had I know this was an ls when youtube recommended it

    31. nieooj gotoy

      I see you out there with that "goodnight - good morning" transition

    32. Tom Holgate

      Did this Yank Tank get named officially yet? Love the build.

    33. Myco Night

      I have Never been impressed by a Corvair, I have seen some decent ones, but you guys have the coolest one By Far. In a car show, I would stop and give extra attention to the on y'all built, but to see one doing recovery, and being used.... stop the bus, I just soiled my Jean's! Great Job, you nailed this build in every way, and deserve more then what's coming! And to add, you are using demo derby stuff, as proof of toughness, Y'all just had a grade school kid dunk on Shaq, kinda moment....LMAO

    34. Joesep Spindle

      Mattracks: they would be good for snow and that brown powder you call sand (holy crap that stuff is bad where you are) have you given them any thought? probably can't use them on the road legally and they cost way too much money. I bet Fab Rats can make their own Matt - Tracks :)

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Something already big, and bad. JoeB

    35. Leslie Robinson

      My thought was to revisit this channel after I unsubscribed to see if there was any worthwhile content. I will remain unsubscribed and move on.

    36. Jim Ronchetto

      So, where was I when Jamie bought lunch??

    37. vbddfy euuyt

      about the brake lines - we put in every line a stopcock , so when a line is leaking, you can switch it off

    38. Heath Davis

      Great job guys!!! Love the channel!!

    39. BleepinJeep

      Wow guys, that is amazing! It’s crazy how it looks like a Cherokee at this point. The sad rotisserie death had me laughing! Can’t wait to see this thing finished and on the trails!

      1. Matt's Off Road Recovery

        With any luck, we’re going to bring it out to some of your trails.

    40. Corvair Chris

      Matt, at the end you said "I just have to do the steering really quick" , is it going to have "Quick Steering"? Seems like Quick steering might be desirable on a recovery rig when you get into tight spaces.

      1. vbddfy euuyt


    41. mudd Snow

      Opps Driving the school bus w/o a seat belt. shame. like the trailer w/o safety chains or being crossed for safety sake.. guys are slipping..

    42. Jim Webb

      Will this be licensed for street use or will it be trailered to recovery jobs? Anything special need to be done to get it certified for road use?

    43. Phil H.

      I'm not in the recovery business, but it seems to me, if you can't afford to give away more than 1 shirt, then you probably aren't charging enough.

    44. ezbdaniels

      Man this thing has came a long way... it’s gonna be so sweet 😍

    45. 1ARM_65

      I hope you didn't pay for that "rattle trap" stuff. It's so incredibly over priced! Just get the exact same thing at Home Depot for 1/10th the price.

    46. Pain

      This was on a plaque mounted on the dash of a 1941 willys jeep I grew up on. (Das machine is nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengrabben. Ist easy schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und corkenpoppen mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fur gewerken by das dummkopfen. Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen hands in das pockets. Relaxen und vatch das blinkenlights!!! )

    47. Ed Barrientos

      I find even more ads on the newer vids compared to the older ones. Two maybe three would be okay, but 4 + in a 18 minute video is pushing it. You have good content but whiling to un-subscribe to avoid ads.

    48. pitbullgator

      Looking good 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏁🏁🏁🤠

    49. Joseph Burkhalter

      Are you putting a lot of bucks onto something that won’t be big enough or high enough or strong enough for tough recovery work.? Like why nor rebuild g an old Ford 350. Something already big, and bad. JoeB

    50. PDQ Painters

      What I wanna know is who are the 233 negative yahoo's! :)

    51. NitroNoriFan

      That rotisserie has been a brilliant aid in the birth of this awesome truck 😎

    52. João Luiz Loureiro

      Very beatiful

    53. tomarken Murrell

      Can't wait to see what kind of flex you get our of it great progress 👏

    54. Detector Aid

      Is the sticky heat shield water proof?

    55. Ryan M

      So rudy is dual citizenship but mat isnt but he said matts his dad a few times? Im confused, i have seen most of the vids for about 6 months now but im lost? Somome clarify please

    56. Joe Malovich

      wen hop?

    57. Rome Rides

      its amazing, you designed and built a vehicle from parts and knowledge. i can't wait to see this thing doing recoveries.

    58. roshie brothers

      You don’t know your in the good times till it’s over

      1. roshie brothers

        Rip rotisserie

    59. Ryan Edwards

      looking good bros

    60. Dj Heinze

      Have you guys ate at the Pigs Ear in Hurricane.. love there food.

    61. Bricknose Powerstroke

      That rattle trap is good stuff man! I got 3 layers on the inside of my firewall, and the rest of the cab in 1 layer! Definitely makes a difference!

    62. Joe Campa

      That sound deadening material goes on the inside.

    63. Bob Hob

      "lets get the wagon done by 2021"

    64. Eric

      I may have someone build just the body and wiring of a classic c10 or I'm in between that or like an 02' model camera and then throw the motor, trans, axels and all that jazz in myself. If it's built correctly there should be no issue getting my LS3 in there and my $2,000 focal system with a little customizing I think it'll all fit.

    65. Alan Sarrol

      No masks yikes

    66. pbodymathis

      Are y'all building a "Corvair Tank"?

    67. BANANA BOAT9763


    68. Lucky-Rowe

      How exciting! This has been great fun watching this winter. To bad I wasn't out in the shop working on my own stuff...LOL

    69. bozus8

      Guess you guys don’t think you have to follow Utah’s mask mandate.

    70. Harry Harpoon

      Is it a Corvair station wagon that's lifted to be a truck with truck suspension? Corvair trucks don't exist, right?

    71. Mr Gagarin

      Why not portal axels?

    72. Jesse Barraza

      Lookin good

    73. torinobob

      Had to watch this one again. I'm a Ford guy and not an off road guy, but I am loving this build. Can't wait to see her put to work and/or play.

    74. Kenny A

      Ooh man this truck is so nice! Love watch the videos!!

    75. paul kravitz

      Omg Matt head of the Bolt goes out and the nut goes on the inside on the four link bars !,,,,,

    76. jdear97

      Blood, sweat, tears and time, lost sleep and a pretty good pile of money. Anyone could do this.

    77. paul kravitz

      Well at least the bus is the right color.

    78. MaybeSo MaybeNot

      Ha... I just flared the same brake line TWICE without putting the fitting on first the other day.

    79. Nadnerb Yellah

      wow that is looking great sitting on the wheels keep up the great work

    80. Komer West

      You need Edd out in the shop with a weather forecast.

    81. Daniel Randolph

      Matt its coming togather yal stay ssfe ! Daniel from central Mississippi

    82. Stephen Poe

      Looking Good !

    83. ClassicAutoRestoration

      Going to be a beast !!!!!!!!!

    84. Robbie Hampton

      I really enjoying watching this build, it is somewhat of a lost art in this day and age

    85. Dee Gee

      5:31 WTH?!?!?! *FULL SCREEN*

    86. Mike Sandberg

      The Corvair build looks great. I really enjoy watching you guys build stuff. it is pretty fun

    87. Grow Roots Landscape

      Nice pumpkin. Anybody on project cost?

    88. CLC III

      Hoping you are putting beadlocks on to begin with. Also accessory cooling system.

    89. CLC III

      Like the jack-o-lantern pumpkin.

    90. M GH


    91. LOWVSN

      Watching this from scratch was amazing how far you guys have came 🔥

    92. Dave Christel

      Looking good! Love the bus ride too 😂

    93. brian meattey

      Can't wait to see it finished and running ..great job ya all godbless and stay safe

    94. Garden Railroading Join The Fun

      WOW, She is looking beautiful!

    95. Steve Botkin

      I absolutely love the Corvair build and have been following since the beginning. Congrats on getting it to this point.

    96. Nancy Deurell

      So much fun watching this build!

    97. Craig J

      Really nice build.

    98. Wrenchettes

      man its looking great! hope i can build something like this in the near future.

    99. Dan Moore

      In the early 70's, I rode to school in mom's '62 Lakewood wagon (when it would start). When she could finally afford a new car she gave the old 'Vair to the neighbor that had kept it together with duct tape and bailing wire. He cut the body off, welded a crude cage in place and turned the kids loose in it. This thing is beautiful.

    100. Qanon Boom718

      Don'tt rescue Biden voters