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    This was so crazy, you will never guess who made the 'ultimate' couple! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!
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    If you see this comment who you think is the best couple, love you guys!

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Bethany Doyle

      I feel so bad for Lexi!

    2. Maya Khader

      It' s true, Dom and Sofie are the best couple.🤣🥳🥰


      Brension a nice couple

    4. Naty rose

      The fact that person and Brent are just comfortable when they kiss tho-

    5. maletinarose tovi


    6. bumpy bubbles

      When done tried to eat the ring pop Sofie: that's my ring pop!!

    7. Dhwani Gola

      Damn, the way she was looking at him at 2:27! My heart!

    8. Kali Schoenforfer


    9. Kali Schoenforfer

      lol. when sofe liked the ringpop dom went crasy

    10. Urwah Arslan

      No bexi it’s Andrew and lexi

    11. Safire DonBomb

      there's too many cute couples in the squad...i can't choose who is the best and cutest

    12. Eef ten Haaf

      di's was amesing challenge

    13. Bren Amazing

      Love how fun and proper her voice sounds

    14. Abi’s Beanie Boos!

      I miss Bexi! They were amazing together! THey clearly still have feelings for each other. No hate to them, in any ways. They did what they thought was best and I fully support that!

    15. Thaine Patino

      Sofie and Dom are really cute together I think they will make a good couple.

    16. Thaine Patino

      2:45 you can tell brent liked it.

    17. Alex Shand


    18. Yasmine Ibrahim

      Who ships Alexa and Andrew together

    19. ariana someone

      honestly, sofie and dom was the cutest

    20. Neha Rao

      Ben over there expecting a kiss on the lips

    21. zion casurao

      get back with ben plssssssssssssssssss

    22. Kenza KSOURI

      Fun fact: Sofie is older than Dom

    23. The Gamer Buddies

      Who realized she misspelled piersons name

    24. Laepa Ekeroma


    25. Gensis Garcia


    26. Yannick Charron

      the best couple is brent and pierson

    27. MAYYAR

      Your so cute Alexa

    28. Cupcake Girly59

      In the binging of this vid I was soooo excited

    29. Tony Garcea

      I love how how good looking people come up with excuses to have sex with one another... lol

    30. Fluffy panda 5

      Who thinks Dom and Sophie are really cute together like if you agree

    31. Millie G

      Jeremy and Andrew should have been in this challenge they defo would have won

    32. GiasWorld

      Lexi And Ben PERIOD

    33. Stephanie Camarena


    34. Finn Balor WWE

      Lexi & me hahahahahaha i joking

    35. Nettie Keith

      Lexi is trying not to be mad about Brent and Pierson

    36. Bubble Tea Bear!

      I would say that Lexi and Ben Are the best couple!

    37. Chris Haslam

      Who else thought Jeremy & Andrew would've been the most ideal date? Obvious, they voted them and Dom voted for #Dofie, or Andrew could've had Andrew/Lexi

    38. raja mozambique

      I love yall

    39. Kayllee vusani


    40. Yogirl Carissa

      Lexi and ben

    41. Mark Paulo

      Plz bexi come together

    42. Marysia Stasko

      My birthday is in three months

    43. Jarhyza Maramag

      Why not Landrew :/

    44. Camila Ballines

      Which app do u guys like Instagram Tik tok Likee USfilm Among us

    45. Camila Ballines

      Ben and Lexi is the best couple

    46. Mendehije Latifi

      Fun fact:if u say funfact people will read the whole comment

    47. Sick Songs

      I’m team bexiiii

    48. Gerda Orlova

      hi lexi i love all your videos your amzing and i think the best couple is peirson and brent

    49. Sadie Coccimiglio

      I can’t believe Sofie and Dom won the challenge!!

    50. Juddie Steph

      i knew it's doffie

    51. Sadie Coccimiglio

      The horses were so cute!!

    52. Sadie Coccimiglio

      I can’t believe Lexi and Ben are not together anymore :(

    53. Abhinay Baghel

      6:39 he said h will be fail. in India passing marks is 1 third

    54. Lucas joe maull


    55. Ivana Thomas

      Sofie and Dom would make a cute cupple!!!💕😇😎😍😉🦄

    56. iinotsunday

      Imagine Brent Watching this Will Kill Ben 😂✌️✨

    57. Elizabeth Mccallum

      I like how Sophie eats the ring pop and that shows how much she loves Dom

    58. Elizabeth Mccallum

      Omgggggg Sophie and Dom are super super cute iltsm

    59. Shilesh Sharma

      Lexi I was your biggest fan but. When u you start dating ben that was a shock I mean why are u dating ben not Andrew is soo handsome and he loves u why r u dating ben and nice that u guys broke up

    60. hanna aklilu

      why was brent so cold and so bored ?I need answers?

    61. Zeronatsu

      1.07 you si pieson

    62. Jennifer Logan

      I fell bad for you you always get pranked

    63. Jesse Kippen

      I wonder who wrote lexi and Andrew

    64. mercedes Iryn

      Dom picking poop for the team🤗🤗🤗💐💐💐

    65. mercedes Iryn

      This girl loves Ben with all her heart 😅😅😅

    66. Pheletsho Mosia

      Brent's like when are we done with this 🙄

    67. Bjarni Ziska

      haha Jeremy

    68. Aqeel Shaikhoosen


    69. Colette Cannon

      why bexi

    70. Maureen Feltham


    71. Bionicfan

      The way he grabbed lexi😳 5:18

    72. Lindie Wolford

      Omg so cute

    73. jacklynn lerma

      Um hi

    74. jacklynn lerma

      Hi jeremy

    75. jacklynn lerma

      Hi I'm a. Girl

    76. jacklynn lerma


    77. Telly the Teddy


    78. Avani V.A. Weahkee

      I hate brents hear

    79. Rich Grant

      Ben and Lexi sitting in a tree KIS says I No first comes love then marriage then babies

    80. Here comes the Rainn

      I think you and Ben are the best but.. Brent and peirson are really good togther

    81. Emmily Tenorio

      They still are in love with each other ( Ben and Lexi) cuz the make so much videos about “my ex”

    82. Jaike Cuse

      I say that lexi and ben still have something in there heart you never no the future ❤️

    83. Debby Bishop

      Yeah you were right about Brent and pierce

    84. Debby Bishop


    85. V1P3R 1.0

      Hey I like your vid and GOD IS GOOD

    86. Roblox With Ava

      I think brent and Pierson are the best couple not gonna lie

    87. Angela kid

      Mejor justkiting

    88. Stephanie Nadvit

      I ride them every week

    89. Stephanie Nadvit

      I ride horses too I love them

    90. Zoey Phillips

      Didn’t Brent say we did that last week when Lexi asked him and Pierson to kiss of the lips

      1. Dhwani Gola

        Lol yes, I didn’t even notice that! But that was probably because of their video with Ben in which Pierson kissed Brent.

    91. Glitcher Galaxy

      Lexi and Andrew sorry Ben but...


      Ship ship

    93. Ruby King

      Horse People watching this like:*rolls eyes*

    94. sssplat 14

      Brent when peirson kissed him on the cheek cool , cool his heart omg weeee

    95. LW - SFSJ 946941 Derry West Village PS

      My name is Leah L EAHW I LL yes

    96. Dina Mussadique Rajput

      To all the ppl who ship Landrew usfilm.info/fire/ocRwn6R_lsdk0Zk/video.html

    97. Andersen Rothe

      Whoever is with Lexi should win