If Everything Was Like Among Us


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    Among Us is very popular and we can’t stop playing! Check out WooHoo’s new video about funny situations in Among Us, in real life!
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    Published on 2 months ago


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        Asiap bro

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        @Roel Sindiong 454

    2. Erica Hernandez

      You got a weird

    3. Lucie Eldridge


    4. Lucie Eldridge


    5. Wincel Garcia

      Bruh red r u an idiot...u know that emergency button.u have to read the rules first so u know what ur gonna do

    6. Snigdha Khan

      Make mor among us vedeo pls

    7. Dilip Rab

      You copied shiloh and the bros

    8. Alfie Atkins

      i love among us because i love Being imposter

    9. Babli ki duniya !!


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      I love purple

    12. solomon tufa

      I like anong us

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    15. Alicia Schmid

      I like red

    16. Alicia Schmid

      I like this video where where where read what is red and purple send it out on the ag among us I like that that video

    17. P1 Player

      Among Us is cool bro

    18. Annabel Arlinghaus

      8:07... can't you only click the button once?

    19. Shamsa Hassan

      ewrtudues said the company was raped and raped in a couple doing sex in shaa and was raped and

    20. Jernalyn Panoncio


    21. Muhammad Saim

      My game

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    25. Prabhakar Kane

      And I kicked him out😂😂😂

    26. Prabhakar Kane

      When I was playing among us their was one player who was copping me😫😒

      1. WiseKids


    27. Rhianne Miraflor


    28. Jeffrey Maglowski

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    29. Licia

      I want you to make more among us Videos just10,000,000 more and then you can start playing tricks and art tricks and stuff but I just love you so much make more videos for me. My name is Juliana I'm 7 years old.

    30. DME

      I don’t know why I like Among Us I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so much

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    32. Marnalika Davis

      Purple kill red

    33. Julia Wright

      I like among us I like playing it

    34. Mapuii Chhangte

      among us is fun

    35. vash zabalakl2l9poookekkekwoeqquickejejnqnqw

      I love it i like among us

    36. vallarino paola

      We cant stop playing! baby that's calelled toxic

    37. Amongus Both

      Among us animation: usfilm.info/fire/d5ixooltgbhe1LI/video.html

    38. Amongus Both


    39. Vedik Ningthoujam

      I. Love. Among us

    40. Jayden Grasty

      Lol cool 😎

    41. Legit Boss Dylan

      I like red the most, but my fav colour in among us is black or yellow!

    42. Modality Creative Studio

      Orange: hmmm uh aaa :red hehe HEY COME here :me .. HAHAHAHA 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I’m dead 😂

    43. Modality Creative Studio

      Red: hello :me WHY YOU DO THAT

    44. Shuai Waner


    45. Licia

      I play among us to my favorite game is among guessing you're the best USfilm channel sorry I said I don't like you I actually like that make like 1000 among us game for 2 years okay

    46. BL - 03KS 856120 Credit Valley PS

      i love playing among jiust as much as i love your vids!

    47. Marijke Peters

      Me hate it so much!

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      I hate kelly

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      l love among us that's why woohoo like it

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      Dumb red

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      WOw very nice ! Like it

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      zsme Yh Sf MNG!?

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      Was the knife real?

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      Why why

    59. Fatemah Mohd

      What is thisIt’s a cool game

    60. Hans Weiss

      Wow and you have play this cool game i like this game among us so much!!!!!!!!

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    62. Aastha Pandey

      😂🤣😹Hahaha bloopers is so funny 🤣😝😜

    63. Aastha Pandey

      I really like your videos

    64. Aastha Pandey

      Pls make videos in hindi

    65. Tia8611

      When She Wakes Up And Coughs My 1st Though: CoRoNa ViRuS 🥱🤮

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      Hindi pa rha

    67. Mounir Hassoun

      OK man but I will be out in the area tomorrow

    68. Mounir Hassoun

      The rest of the day is good

    69. Shailesh Thakur

      I play among us daily

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    71. Elilyana DelaCruz

      I love among us

    72. Auzi Mukhtar

      It's kind of like woohoo indonesian wich means "jika semua seperti among us"

    73. 777gitana

      Woo hoo shut up sus

    74. anne Dalangin

      I am 9 I also play among us

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      SO FUN

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      Kako se zove igrica

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      Tolong di buat bahasa indonesia kayaknya bagus kalo di buat bahasa indonesia ,aku gak tau bahasa inggris soalnya😅

    81. Parker Dennis

      In 5:13 I can see the phone in the bathroom

    82. Cakemiix Polelee

      The woo.woo among. Us is should be woo us :D

      1. Cakemiix Polelee

        @Aastha Pandey thx

      2. Aastha Pandey


    83. Than Zaw

      Wow is good among us


      who says among us game is old right this game is my favourite whatever game i play i still install among us and i got the game from this video thanks for making this video

    85. Ali Rahman

      Cyan is my favourite colour

    86. Jaxon C


    87. Gabi Skates

      I get bored from among us without friends

    88. FM - SFHJ 949240 Alloa PS

      I love among us I love to be a crewmate

    89. Marco Ferreira Da Silva

      I LOVE play among as ;)

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      I love amomg us to I love it

    91. Joury Muhammad

      Woooooooohoooooooooooo is the beeeeeeeeeeeest

    92. Zeviak

      Very cringy video :/ omg this hurts my brain holy sh** . Makes me wanna shoot a random guy on road

    93. Jijibisha Dahal

      My favorite colour is red obviously 😊

    94. Lemaiyan Israel Kinya

      How are you allowed to play among us in class impossible

    95. Nyuar Neymar

      Red was the impastor

      1. Jay Millar

        You mean impostor

    96. Rim Mekonnen