Down With the SICK

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    Winter Wear:

    I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. The mad nightmare

      Bro I loved the beginning

    2. Aryan Naik

      Happy birthday Rebecca


      hello Rebeca Happy birthday I'm from Brazil, there are channels that dub their videos into Portuguese, I love your channel and your videos, a hug.

    4. Goof

      I'm an explainer baby

    5. PlushyTycoon YT

      Happy birthday

    6. AbiRose 539

      Rebecca be tryna make us look like Ravenclaw's... well it's gud because I am a fellow Ravenclaw :>

    7. Yoelys Jaquez

      That cazy a story

    8. ToonWave

      Happy b day.

    9. Two socially awkward people

      Rebbeca: Promoting her merch Me: I’m not a ravenclaw though

    10. Charlin Kutia

      Is it just me of did she sound like Harley Quinn from birds of prey at some points...

    11. lfh 2012

      i love you

    12. Hallie the Patato

      Happy birthday 🎉🎁🎊🎈🎂

    13. It be crispy 3D can’t catch me

      Today’s is rebeccas birthday 🎉

      1. It be crispy 3D can’t catch me

        I’m not a stalker i just have the same birthday as her🥸

    14. Sharon Bernath

      Happy Birthday Rebecca! I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year? 😊👍🌟🎂🎁

    15. Brucelee Lovan

      How are you doing good

    16. Cuddles_animations._

      U sound kinda like Slappy squirrel from Animaniacs


      Happy birthday!!!

    18. Jayden Tangiora

      I see it I like it I want it I check my wallet I cry I exit merchsite I fantasize🥺

    19. Jayden Tangiora

      The adorable Winter Wear gives me massive Ravenclaw vibes!

    20. Fluffy Fleur

      Is this the bus to blizzard beach?

    21. BarbaraEmi_0

      hey hey I’m here on Dec 4th Happy b-day Rebeca :D It was my b-day yesterday :))

    22. Anwita Malladi

      Me: watching sick animators' videos. Also me: getting sick My humor is trash when I'm sick 🤧😂

    23. ¡ Dead Røse !

      That sweater looks like a RavenClaw Sweater 👁👄👁 ( from Harry Potter )

    24. Black Widow

      Life noggin: omg hope you feel better

    25. Grave

      You’ve been sick? I have corona (not joking) EHHHHHH

    26. Yasmin Sawwan

      I love you

    27. Kristle Diaz

      Is she sick or drunk??

    28. Galacticwolf

      I don't know if you will see this but Get well soon and Happy Birthday🎉🎉

    29. Dummy channel

      Well half of my family has corona

    30. Deltzio

      Rebecca’s version of asdfmovie.

    31. The GamerBoy

      I was sick for 2 mouth. NOT WITH COVID

    32. notscarlett


    33. Conspiracy Blanc

      I’m also sick

    34. Ozwald inc.

      am i supposed to be a women to wear this

    35. Elijah Ocasio

      Are you in quarantine

    36. Apple Tray

      Happy birthday Rebecca! Hope you get better

    37. Julissa Mariscal

      oh and happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    38. Julissa Mariscal

      just to let you know your on famous birthdays!!!!!!!!

    39. Optimal

      OO WA A A A

    40. Payton winterPaw 124


    41. The Bonking Beano :0

      For a sec you sound3d like my aunt she has THICC New York accent I’m talking a snack and a half THICC if a accent some times I can’t even tell what she is saying

    42. PAPAYIN007 Trejo

      Tomorrow is her birthday If ur reading this happy birthday Rebbeca

    43. Mr0verHype _

      Rebecca is not in a good mood according to google oodle lollies mean happy,joy and ecstatic and rebecca hasn’t been saying it in the past 3 videos there for she is sick and in a bad mood

    44. Ang_ Shay

      Hope you feel better soon Rebbeca

    45. Zach Johnson

      Please feel better

    46. Zach Johnson

      Not again

    47. Nick Dison

      I have a sizor v full art

    48. intalino

      Is this a reference to down with the sickness

    49. E- Tube

      I'm going through a never ending crisis I want to apply to CalArts but I don't know if I should

    50. Ibui #9011

      Too bad the merch is completely useless for me because I live somewhere hot :(

    51. ImACatJW

      0:00 - 0:22 Footage of interaction between sick woman and goofy man.

    52. Olivia Lacey

      Miss you but get better first

    53. Alana Muller Commenting

      She doesn’t sound sick she sounds drunk. Also the fact that she put #BlizzardBeach in the description

    54. Karma

      Your probably won't see this but since believe your birthdays tomorrow, so I'm just gonna say happy early birthday just in case👑🎂

    55. LeMichelle Lane

      I caught covid 19 in October i miss school for 4 weeks it sucked

    56. Gamer_ scull


    57. Rose milk

      Have a great December hope you get better :3

    58. raven brown

      hope you feel better love your vids they make me laugh and smile

    59. Joanne Brock

      I hope you feel better!🥺

    60. doodle_fox

      hey rebecca i'm doing a project about you :3

    61. Andre Le

      I got a Covid test today

    62. Kairi Belanger

      Happy birthday Becca😊

    63. Clementine _cats

      Lol you kinda sound drunk ...........

    64. Ragdoll Animation


    65. Bread_ Gaming_Center

      D-dont push me

    66. Mllky

      Happy birthday tommorow

    67. SketchDork

      I'd love to buy your merch, Rebecca, but in Africa, IT DOESN'T SNOW😭

    68. Puro the Black goo

      everyone: is Rebecca okay!?!? me: why is the person in the beginning of the video on dugs

    69. It's the Blue Wolf YT

      I am so glad you don't have covid get better we love you Eat sup

    70. monsterjambrony

      I hope you’ll be fine.

    71. Hello Internet

      Happy birthday for tomorrow

    72. Rexy rex

      She sounds like she did drugs

    73. N3RD GAMER

      your youtube channel is top but it is difficult to translate what you say i am brazilian.I would be happy if you translate your videos into Portuguese (Brazilian) I always wanted to meet you personally in Brazil,and i'm a child.discupe if my english is not very good

    74. Gavin E

      Title: Down with the SICK Me: NESS Get up, come on get down with the sickness Get up, come on get down with the sickness Open up your hate, and let it flow into me Get up, come on get down with the sickness You mother get up come on get down with the sickness You fucker get up come on get down with the sickness Madness is the gift, that has been given to me I can see inside you, the sickness is rising Don't try to deny what you feel (Will you give in to me?) It seems that all that was good has died And is decaying in me (Will you give in to me?) It seems you're having some trouble In dealing with these changes Living with these changes (oh no) The world is a scary place Now that you've woken up the demon in me Get up, come on get down with the sickness Get up, come on get down with the sickness Get up, come on get down with the sickness Open up your hate, and let it flow into me Get up, come on get down with the sickness You mother get up come on get down with the sickness You fucker get up come on get down with the sickness Madness is the gift, that has been given to me

    75. GachaSnowKitty

      You look so good in your merch girl!!

    76. Princess CupcakeGirl

      I feel really bad for u rebbeca

    77. N3RD GAMER

      Eu sou brasileiro

    78. N3RD GAMER


    79. JDCSTUDIO prsnts

      You sound drunk xD, but in all seriousness I hope u get better soon :>

    80. Kokichi Momo

      I know she’s sick. But why does she sound like she’s drunk? XD

    81. Rey Dumaog

      Best intro EVER

    82. godzilla man


    83. Hateface The goat monster

      iT's nOT INseST iF yOU SaY nO CHROMO

    84. Havon McCampbell

      it is a good product but the why you said SNAK is nice

    85. CøvenAnimation

      hey Rebecca I'm a new USfilmr and I was wondering if you could give me some advice? please??? (I'm going to start animating)

    86. Amber Rose

      is it me or do I think our new merch looks like somebody from Harry Potter made it

    87. pisica ambrozie

      FUN FACT. My mom made the covid test and she is positive with corona now soo.... my Among us name is my moms name. Elena

    88. •.iiBubble•Teaii.•

      Aww sucks that your sick but I’m glad you’ve finally posted a video😂😂

    89. Tnt Master

      How did Rebecca puke without a mouth... Thats Just a theory... An animation theory

      1. Rainbow Angel

        @Tnt Master I'm not joking. THEROIST TEAM!!

      2. Tnt Master

        @Rainbow Angel and if you arent joking then i have never heard something so nice from someone i dont know

      3. Tnt Master

        @Rainbow Angel wha- what really... You joking right?

      4. Rainbow Angel

        @Tnt Master you

      5. Tnt Master

        @Rainbow Angel Who are you saying that to?

    90. sunflower familie

      I really missed you Rebecca hope you'll be better soon love you💕💗🎀☺

    91. areka fatima

      I love how no matter WHO is sick the RANSOM SICK ACCENT COMES ON LIKE POKEMON no cap

    92. Rohan isaiah Cariño Baroro

      You havent posted in three months. Are you ok

    93. 1216 Chloe’s world

      *when u want her winter merch but u live in a desert* : 👁💧👄💧👁

    94. rose trudel

      are you feeling better now?

    95. Jesus Cortez

      In how she talks she sounds kinda drunk. Are you drunk rebbeca?

    96. Crimson Fox

      Rebecca explain how you puked without a mouth.

    97. theOsome1

      I love it “it makes you look like a snack and a half” 😆👍