Explosive Bat: crushing MLB records. Ft: Smarter Every Day

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    The previous explosive bat was cool, but it wasn't setting any records. I set out to design a bat that could beat Babe Ruth's home run record of 575 feet. The engineering was intense but the results are spectacular. Aside from attempts on the record, you can also look forward to some awesome high speed footage of the bat in action and a special guest.
    This video could not have been made without the help of Destin from Smarter Every Day. Not only did he provide the high speed camera, he also shared all his footage from testing the bat. He made a more in depth video on what happens when this this bat goes boom. Check it out!
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      1. Captain Obvious

        You should call the bat the punisher.

      2. name_ less

        @dodgersfn Shepard See the problem is, one main thing... The atf doesn't count that as a cartridge. A cartridge includes a shell/casing, primer, powder, and bullet/projectiles. You might want to read into that more. Two.. Also his exhaust isn't a suppressor, it's a break, or flash hider. Whichever way you want to look at it.. There's a difference. Three... The atf doesn't give one crap about a kid making a baseball hitter with caps. He could legally even do mass production and sell it if he didn't mind law suits from people getting hurt lol..atf wouldn't care though. It uses a primer. Not a cartridge. You can buy cap guns that fire the same caps and are produced by companies without fire arm manufacturing permits. No ffl required to sell them. No background check required to buy them. As per atf regulations. You can even produce muzzle loaders without permit in most states. There are companies that even sell build your own rough kits for muzzle loaders without fire arm manufacturing permits. It does depend on the kind of primer the muzzle loader uses to make the atf even consider them enough to be regulated new with ffl permits and fire arm manufacturing permits. Only a handful of them need to be. I think 3 to be exact. There's a winchester, Remington, and a savage model. Lol but you can make you a flint lock or most muzzle loaders that take primers right in your house and take them out shooting with the atf agents. They wouldn't care man. No law prevents it. They're not looked at as true firearms by the atf. Though they're under a second classification of fire arm.. I forget what they call them lol but if you read into it, it's literally just so they can charge people with gun theft that steal them from shops or owners. You can still get 25 years for it. That's what I made of it last time I read it. Simply to stop theft of them, they can be dangerous in the wrong hands, (duh) and anyone stealing a gun has bad intentions. Aside from theft. Atf doesn't like the idea of things that can kill people on the black market, legally. Lol Go figure. You're right about making a cartridge firing gun/weapon (whatever you want to call it) and suppressors though. You need a fire arm manufacturing permit or a federal tax stamp to do it legally. Cap guns and most muzzle loaders aren't regulated under these laws though. Ooo .. I just went to their site to double check that they hadn't changed something in the past couple years.. And I didn't just rant making myself look like an a** cus it had been a while since I read up on there.. They have a description of what they consider violation. Primers mentioned in it but they speak of primers in a way that you've got to pay attention. They clearly say that only primers designed to fire cased cartridges used in fire arms. This bat isn't a firearm at all. Nor does it use a casing or cartridge. They also say clearly that THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SHOTGUN SHELLS OR SHOTGUNS. So you can make shotguns legally without a permit as well???! Huh? :) I had heard that before but honestly didn't believe it. I guess maybe you only need a manufacturing permit to mass produce them past a certain number.. Since companies that make shotguns require a permit for them. I'm not sure how that gray are works lol.. The atf's only really worried about regulating weapons that are made to hurt people not weapons that people make for hunting now.

      3. dodgersfn Shepard

        @name_ less actually checked, he's in violation of 3. 2 are manufacture of a destructive device & a suppressor (the exhaust/muffler). Because this uses a cased smokeless powder cartridge that's what classifies it as a firearm, check laws or call atf if u doubt

      4. name_ less

        @dodgersfn Shepard haha.. You're so full of it...

      5. dodgersfn Shepard

        Dude if u didn't contact the atf or file some forms u maybe in violation of a felony

    2. NotACop

      I don't think bodyarmour without inserts will stop a anytime. Suggest catchers gear.

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      3:52 Talks about the schematics "How To Deal With Failure And Pick Yourself Back Up" in the background

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      The crossover we always knew we needed.

    20. HUGO Gertrude

      Test it on a TODDLER

    21. Christian Shields

      You should get some hard armor friend. I don't think Kevlar stops shrapnel that well.

    22. Dougie Fuoco

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    23. Baby Yoda

      Now make a bat that uses nuclear explosions to fire.

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    25. Wilson Godoy

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