CRASH ZOOM - Shell Shock


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    The gang venture into the woods to shoot a monster... Unless they get shot first!
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    Animated by Billy Crinion (@BillyBCreations)
    Written, Directed, and Produced by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka) and Eddie Bowley (@Eddache)
    Storyboarded by Ben Smallman (@Wonchop)
    Background Design by Jonti Picking (@Weebl's Stuff)
    Background Illustration by David Kalev-Roy (@David Toons)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Music by Todd Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce) and Jeremy Hunter (@Ska Tune Network)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Title Card by Casey D ( BallpitBee /
    Starring Alice Ann Stacey as Lucy and Kate ( aliceannstacey)
    and Paula Kay as Linda Weaver (
    With the voices of Chloe Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
    Nayha Ahmad ( NAYHAOfficial)
    and Florian Walraven (@Pegbarians)
    With visual or audio appearences from our backers on Kickstarter!
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, blood, guns, knives, and gore (mild, medium, and extra spicy).
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    #Comedy #Animation #Cartoon

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    1. [Darien_ Playz]

      is this a jojo reference 10:32

    2. Chitose Greene

      Since when is this jojo show

    3. DriftWood

      I wonder if Gump Forrest has JENNY

    4. Pandya Andika Adiwitya

      5:49 was Simon crying watching his Friend Pumba being eaten

    5. The King

      Did anyone see the minecraft reference

    6. 《Masky_0》

      1:48 *Forest Gump*

    7. Matthew Willard

      i watch this on repeat its the newest episode you know

    8. aiza jadear

      Dude if u wanna keep the money and run away with it just throw ur hat dude

    9. NicoAnSan

      I see no reason why this shouldn’t be an actual show

    10. Dog Dog PH

      Kinda weird that im watching this with the 888k views

    11. Hamza Idris

      Idk why I vibes with the montage music

    12. Diegote It’s cool

      Those cups is cuphead and mug man 7:33

    13. David Morris

      Is the guy saying my coupon expired the dad?

    14. MR.KILLER6

      Behind Ben and Kate in their house on the window bill was watching them

    15. Dickerson Family

      The snakes were drinking out of cuphead and mugman!

    16. Not So Famous


    17. Rikoo San

      If these were just a little longer, I feel that they could air on adult swim!

    18. Nic Is Bored

      Not gonna lie I’m genuinely scared of bills

    19. Fabienne B

      Your sound designer reminds me of an alcoholic I once knew.

    20. Agge Baun

      10:56 Minecraft picaxe

    21. Agge Baun

      This would de a great kids show.

    22. darkpq

      Atless lucy dosent need to sacrefice the first born chield lol

    23. tanjiro

      yeah this would definitely be a adult swim cartoon

    24. Michelle winters

      : Kate: hello :me: run :me: starts running: Kate: starts casting a spell

      1. Michelle winters

        :me: crap

    25. Flotaku

      0:30 nigga lamp

    26. Mrpumpkin Studios

      3:50 the tree from Kirby

    27. Libbie Studios

      Actually if mosquitoes drink too much blood undisturbed, they burst! I would've liked to see that animated.

    28. SpringtrapMines

      13:10 is no one gonna talk about that painting

    29. Nauman Aman

      Bill man, in the background at 13:20

    30. Ian the Fredd

      Rip winny brother sinny

    31. GioEmil _19

      This is the greatest series 🤣

    32. Michelle winters

      And keep doing it with the new Lucys design

    33. Michelle winters

      Make another episode with the new Lucy design

    34. Michelle winters

      I mean look At Lucy tom you might’ve made an episode of crash zoom but you made it to cute for us all and 21 2021

    35. Caleb Cohan

      I do not appreciate the brutal killing of beloved children’s character whinne the pooh

    36. Soutrik Banerjee

      5:52 is still the best capture of my visage. Absolute perfection Tom!

    37. i

      Money money money hes mr krabs

    38. Michael Afton

      The man at tv is like mr crabs Moneeeeneyy

    39. Cameron Seward

      This is good stuff

    40. Yellow The Monkey

      5 minutes in, I think I've predicted a plot twist. There is no turtle man, it's... you know what? I won't say just in case it's true.

    41. You’ve been gnomed

      1:04 this side up turn your rotation lock on in iOS

    42. Epic The Nightmare

      Hat kid from beginning = RoomieOfficial???????

    43. HEART HERO 456XL65

      I want that montage music NOW

    44. RAIN•DROP •


    45. Crasher 1414

      That guy running saying "Money money money money" is the funniest shit 2:02

    46. Lennea Jannaway


    47. Lennea Jannaway

      Why did that leaf 🍃 that Lucy picked up look familiar

    48. BlurpleOnYoutube


    49. Evadne Mathews

      Ha the part wear he says nooo my coupon expired 😂🤣 it made me laugh

    50. Used Name Tag

      Nice work on references and stuff

    51. JustinFG47

      6:07 Scott The Woz, what happened to you?

    52. David A.

      13:18 Pay close attention. Look to the left. They forgot...

    53. I Uplode tHiNgs

      This should be on cartoon network without blood

    54. Bow Tie the wolf

      7:32 I've seen cuphead and mugman and I'm not going back to show the leaf that looks like animal crossing

    55. Denis Perovano

      Rufus is so tall

    56. 《•_Æpplxy_•》

      7:31 Look at the cups, it's cuphead and mugman!

    57. L1me VR

      am i the only one who saw the minecraft pickaxe??

    58. Marco Playz

      There’s only a living room in that house in the intro. That kid that was late showed us the outside, or they just build more to it.

    59. Ann Crice

      Тооооооом you sooo cooll!!!!! Sorry im russian

    60. juiceair

      I like how turtle man is just happy

    61. BluWasHere

      Imagine if this was on TV

    62. Beth McKitrick

      Can I just say how subtle that Minecraft pickaxe was placed? I barely even saw it. Guess I should tell you which part it was from, but I won’t. Find it for yourself. Have fun.

    63. Egg doggo

      This way up it’s down

    64. Johnny Mate

      7:36 nice cuphead reference ahahahhaha

    65. Guy from 20XX

      Bro this was totally needed.

    66. Cookie Nunag

      Omg she is cannibal OwO

    67. GameMation


    68. Milan_Klwr

      Why is Brock chasing a Venesaur in this episode

    69. drakesayshi

      10:56 minecraft pickaxe

    70. Super Blue Gamer 9000

      Love the wtfuture reference

    71. Merlin Ya

      Did anyone notice cuphead and mugman cups on the tea table at 7:30 ?

    72. Médiéval Man !

      at 10:56 i like the minecraft pickaxe easter egg

    73. L-Zehr0

      kid knees

    74. Silver Bengal

      The opening sequence was brilliant

    75. Tabitha The Cat

      Did I actually miss this wtf

    76. Hanns Yow


    77. Parrot_snake 024. 96

      Nice pickle Rick reference 3:25

    78. Angel Diaz

      The mincraft pickaxe lol

    79. Fatih Hanif .W


    80. Yiğit Yiğitoğlu

      Lucy: Aah, Turtle Man! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Turtle Man: *Aiming Schwerer Gustav at a grandma* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    81. Xian Yohance Ramos

      4:33 can anyone please record that backwards

    82. The Arkiromi Show

      7:30 cuphead

    83. Supybort4

      There is an imposter Among Us 5:15

    84. ErikGaming713

      Im not exaxtly sure if it is him but the guy on the tv 1:49 sounds like smg3

    85. Coffee Wizard

      6:07 hey Tom,what are you doing in here?Shouldn't made more vids and then we see thats he IS DEAD

    86. Oldgamerben10

      3:28 Hay The coupon thing was pretty clever but I CAME UP WITH THE JOKE IN MY SERIES WIRDO TV ON THE 6TH EPISODE AND THE JOKE WAS oh no This cream was expired but THIS CAME OUT AFTER WIRDO TV 6 WAS DONE LIKE A COUPLE MONTHS ps Wirdo TV came out on October 27, 2020 and this video came out NOVEMBER 27!! In the same year

    87. Giberish Cookie

      I’d love to see bill in future episodes

    88. Life is Nothing

      7:33 the snakes are drinking cuphead nad mugman get it the game cuphead

    89. Yuri Kibutsuji

      3:27 Pickle Rick? Maybe

    90. Michael Stuple

      Hey umm did anyone else see a minecraft pickaxe when they push turtle man so escape crazy women

    91. NoName2207

      so Lucy is the girl that for her everything goes wrong Ben is the idiot Kate is the satanic cannibal demonic child

    92. Fluffyfluff Fox

      I feel like window guy is going to be a reoccurring character in the episodes

    93. Fluffyfluff Fox

      9:00 it’s the “I am lonely” guy

    94. TheCrazyGaming YT

      5:14 AmongUs kill lol

    95. It’s a Manturtle

      T u r t

    96. AjiaHito

      Love the red circle in the thumbnail

    97. Tactical memes

      I LOVE THIS just please make it a little more kid friendly

    98. Furry Bird Bailey :-P FURRY!!!

      Is that kid okay"

    99. doom crossing

      4:27 Im getting DA games mothohive vibes from this

    100. Table Plays

      3:24 IM PICKLE RIIICK objective : Find Pickle Rick