Thanksgiving STUFFED Butternut Squash with Gravy | Home Style Cookery with Matty Matheson

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Macy McKeon

      Infinity belly slaps back at you man

    2. P-mtc

      Butter, butter and equal parts eveything else. I love it.

    3. Lydia Eddins

      I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit! I substituted out the butter to make it Vegan. Warning to anyone cooking this recipe! Digging out the "trench" in the squash neck is much harder than it looks. I applied so much pressure to the spoon, trying to remove the raw squash, that I cut myself. Yes, cut myself with the dull edge of a spoon. Right on the inside of a finger joint.

    4. Ramseysnow

      What the fwk?

    5. Marc

      I thought he had a penis mold when he hollowed out that squash.

    6. seriussam101

      I love the idiotic infographics. 5.3 out of 4 stars. Get stuffed.

    7. Rhiannon Blouin

      I made this today and it FUCKING slaps and tying up a phallic looking gourd was a fine way to spend an evening

    8. Audrey’s Universe

      He’s coming out

    9. Mattybot 3000

      Dude I'm totally doing this with leftovers! I want to peel the squash and season it with chili powder.

    10. Jillibean 100

      Matty! I bought your book specifically for this recipe... the ingredients in the book say two pounds of butter and on here you use 1 pound. Also the amount of sage seems a bit much in the gravy... 1/2 cup?? Am I reading it wrong? Am I over thinking this? I’m not a good cook and need direction!!! Lol! Help me!!!

    11. Brandy N.

      Matty is looking very babely in this one. 😍😘

    12. Stefan Thompson

      Does no one else want to know what the liquid was? Looked like a broth... but it also could have been more butter.

      1. Dakota Spruell

        It did😀

      2. Dakota Spruell

        I used white wine and mushroom broth, I think it’ll turn out okay

    13. mr jingles

      This guy is so unoriginal. Just an uncreative amalgamation of internet humor. Editor sucks, Matty needs to tone it down, it all just comes off as super cringe.

    14. Steazy Jeezy

      Even if the cooking and the book is for real, this is still pretty good comedy.

    15. pflick13

      375 for about how long? one hourish?

    16. Samantha Sunshine

      The intro, the music throughout, the belly top, the butter, its all a vibe and im here for it!!! Looks like another recipe added to my Thanksgiving situation. 😁😁😁 Thanks Matty only you love can make this all possible. 😁😁😁

    17. gingerbreadfortuna

      Sweet delivery. Thank you. Usually I put up with your behavior because I like everything else about you ... I wish you were always this gentle, softly modulated and polite.

    18. Dude Deluxe

      STUFFED Butternut Squash - and i was "finally something almost healthy". Next scene: Mathy starts with an entire pound of butter. okey that escalated quickly.

    19. hazeofthegreensmoke

      7:53 it looks like a pipe

    20. aciddevil

      More Belly Slap Outros

    21. Ashley Rose

      “We’re just gonna add enough liquid” Doesn’t say wtf the liquid is 🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. donutvampire105

        He selling the recipe book :)

      2. Ashley Rose

        Some type of broth?

    22. Just Passing Thru.

      Best 10 min of me day. Thanks Bitch..💋🤙😄

    23. Emmanuel Canche

      the fucking best

    24. DirtyJ

      Thanks for the 2 belly slaps bro. That really finalized the content for me. 10/10 will be back

    25. Kaheya Nash

      Take my money

    26. Bill White

      If you mixed the DNA of Ina Garten, an over the road trucker, and a punk rock groupie you'd get something close to Matty's personality.

    27. Mr. Working Class Ag

      Damn that pandemic is been rough on Sammy Hagar

    28. HNSNSN ::

      You are a tool however the only thing good about you is your wearing an obituary hat

    29. Daniel Whitson

      Those noise dubs make me laugh so fucking hard. ^o^

    30. molly44

      I made this following the video and it turned out great although I made so much stuffing that I got to stuff an acorn squash too! Butternut needs about an hour in the oven. So delicious!

    31. Andrea Tapp

      I can atest.. The book is awesome

    32. tcmjester

      Cracking me up! Love it! Now if you can get LEVar Burton on with your segment cuts, that would be amazing cause I know the cut tune is from Reading Rainbow lol. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the cooking tips.

    33. breker19er

      Oh that was great!!!

    34. O Giroux

      Ok but how long do we keep it in the oven?? I can’t find that part anywhere lol someone help

    35. Allison Marble

      I usually just watch for the hijinks because I'm veg but I'm 100% going to make this for thanksgiving.

    36. Donald Robinson

      Matty is mad genius!

    37. michal wowczuk

      no one has made a joke about the dick mold with the butternut ?

    38. Jay Evans

      I want to buy 100 of those books same day

    39. Mary Udomah

      Sir, I don't think you have enough butter.

    40. Theonlypinky

      This looks like what pilgrims would use as a fleshlight..

    41. James Jameson

      I love matty but damn, a crop top?

    42. heoTheo

      The sound effects are freaking killing me.

    43. Kevin Snider

      try the man version with sausage....

    44. Loren Axberg

      This is gorgeous and I don't think I'll be waiting for Thanksgiving.

    45. Pineau Music

      can we get the recipe for thhat banana bread pie tart thing at 1:11 ? that shit looks delicious!

    46. J.C. Francis

      I just made this recipe. The butter is so much and makes the dish so rich it's sickening and I'm going to throw out the rest of the stuffing. This recipe makes perfect sense with less butter. The flavor and seasoning combo is great. Please anyone making this don't use a pound of butter. I'd hate to try that cabbage recipe now.

    47. Journey 2Asia

      SSSSOOOOOOO, why is Matty's crop top🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥?! I fucking feel this more than his t-shirts! Yes, sir!

    48. Meat Jukebox

      this is for the vegetarians .... slams 2 pounds of butter in a pan

    49. Meat Jukebox

      sound fx editing for the win

    50. TurrdFerg

      Does anyone else get mesmerized by his gut shaking lol

    51. Bearded Berzerker

      Bro the Soundeffects

    52. Dirk Kersten

      Matty lookin like a Garbage Pail Kid

    53. Spencer Smith

      Pause at 3:00... You got your next cookbook cover, Matty.

    54. Rokcules DaGod

      How is this not called butternut stuffed butter drenched in butter??😷😷

    55. Alex

      why in the world would i watch this? Cuz its matty may bebay

    56. Commander Barclay

      Just made this recipe out of the cookbook. Either half the butter/celery/onion/nuts, make 2 squashes, or maybe use a longneck squash. We ended up with an entire 3qt cassarole of extra stuffing. Not that it's a bad thing, the numbers just don't add up (I think some of the issue we had may be American vs. Canadian volume measurements and I didn't think to try converting them until after everything went into the oven).

    57. Dan Hansen

      Sounds like you hired The Douche from parks and rec to do sound

    58. D. Mat.Zero6

      when matty walked on to the set dressed like that, i thought he was gonna start jazzerciseing

    59. Christopher Bobbin

      Gonna make this tommorow

    60. Erick Hines

      Kinda reminds me of, Pat.

    61. DeMo

      why is there a homeless lesbian on the show?

    62. John Bernal

      Editor, yes. And now I know what you did last summer. You should not have put that in your diary.

    63. Castorp 1981

      Iritating voice, repulsive figure, neurotic eyes...delicious food.

    64. Joe Connolly

      I like how he reads excerpts from his own book and it sounds like it's the first time he has ever seen these words in his life. I love matty

    65. 7:3 JJ Skemig

      🍻🍻🍻🍻 great as always

    66. BigDaddyTrajick

      This is a terrible show

    67. John The Kiwi

      KEEP THE SKIN BRO!!!!!

    68. Brandon Bandelt

      I'm convinced Matty is just Alt-Rock Jack Black

    69. Jonnie Omen

      Dope. Good wee trick I use for stuffing is adding a bit of coke or Pepsi as the liquid, might puff up a bit much for a squash but fuck me it turns a roast chicken into a parade balloon

    70. the.mighty.kyuss

      You could torture people with that intro music.

    71. MAK oya

      Man was so calm in this vid

    72. Symz

      You guys needs to chill down on the sounds effects, its just annoying at this point.

    73. PrettyH8Mach1n3

      The sound effects are something I associate more with Meyer's horse meat or bunker ration mega cans than this delicious stuffed squash. I can't help it. Please chill.

    74. David Hodgson

      the music on this thing cracks me up

    75. Jack

      Matty I'm a fat fox too, make some low carb madness for me bro!! On that a homie out! Much love

    76. Liam Ogden

      Matty is my spirit animal

    77. Diego Saucedo

      A trench... ya right 🤣🤣🤣 that shit is a spaceship

    78. Harris Hunter

      Matty reping a obituary hat

    79. Chris Hansen

      how long in the oven?

    80. Weird Mike

      If you close your eyes, it sounds like Henti.

      1. Cang


    81. Harry Sven Cottar

      Genius (Genie•Oso) Origin Spain, 8,000 Babylon A.D.

    82. Excellent Taste and fair

      Hey bro I just wanted to say congratulations I'm seeing alot of your recipes on Google right when I open up my browser so it looks like you're blowing up and I'm proud of you man keep up the great work can't wait to get your cookbook and hopefully one day to shake your hand bro

    83. Joseph C

      Why peel the skin at the end? I wonder if you skin it first then roast it, because I like the burnt parts.

    84. Laundries Hanging

      Did ya mean “trunk-nuts”

    85. Brian King

      How long does it go in the oven for?

    86. WindsorEssexrocks


    87. Aaron Hazelton

      6:09 count how many Mattys

    88. Food Wishes

      This guy is great, but when is he going to collab with Chef John from food wishes dot com?

      1. ibebrodey


      2. Helena Schlesinger

        The collab that 2020 needs!

      3. Matt Smith

        Big love Chef John from Liverpool!!!

      4. Kenny G

        Hey it’s my favourite chef! I have learned so much from you.

      5. Clams Cartel

        was not expecting to see this comment

    89. Griffin Stobbs

      me no likey mushroom

    90. Attack the Radical


    91. Maronator K

      This editor needs to do way less. Exageagerated bubbling and squishing sounds are super unnecessary

    92. Meryem Purcell

      it’s the way he thought of an outside of the box idea for vegetarians for me

    93. Mick Teasdale

      That looks great....I had no idea Canadians call pumpkin squash!?!

      1. Mick Teasdale

        @Kay Flip Well in Australia what Matty's stuffing we call a Butternut Pumpkin....Ya Dig!?!

    94. D Kriggz

      Mans whipping in the crop top lol

    95. Chainsaw Panda

      Readers Digest: Vegetarian dishes are a great way to stay healthy and happy! Matty: StArT oFf WiTh A pOuNd Of BuTtEr

    96. Narby Nation

      Millenial Jack Black

    97. The voice of Season

      Been loving the veggie recipes lately

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    99. f0rmaggi0

      My brother in law makes tofurkeys. I call them torfuckeys just to piss him off.