*GRADING OVER $300,000 OF POKEMON CARDS!* Opening and Results!


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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *What's your favorite Charizard card of all time?*

      1. Bri4n08yt


      2. endqrz _X



        @purple got it!

      4. Boblin King

        Leonhart charizard first addition

      5. Parker Vallette

        Dark Carizard

    2. Mista Fistya Sista

      decent collection, ill give you $13 in store credit

    3. Trottotrot

      You know becket has no business being a card grader. Read back in the 90s how their price guides lied about baseball and all sports card pricing to keep driving the market until the bottom fell out. Plus Beckett was responsible for fake C.O.A on forged sport stars autographs. These assholes should be.out.of business. Period!

    4. A P

      Crazy to think that those $300.000 have turned into maybe $3M in less than a year

    5. SirAlbertho

      I'm just glad he didn't sell his cards to Rick and he is sharing his love with the world!

    6. Vxnilla

      Bro Gary is going die with those cards bro

    7. HAARP Cards

      gary is a god

    8. Hydra Gaming

      Skip to 8:10 to watch charizard

    9. maka3230

      The old man look so lovely. Would love to get to meet him for a day.

    10. Prfction Music

      My question is, if you buy a pack that’s made in 2020 would the card be worth it? Like I know their value won’t be that high but if I keep them safe would it’s value rise? Looking for a friend, really want to just start buying packs and saving cards. Not really in for the money but more for the experience and to say I collect rare Pokémon cards

    11. TheMaskOffical

      i have a 2016 Pokemon XY Evolutions Mega M Charizard EX Full Art and i love it

    12. Cheezeburger Walrus

      I was always under the assumption that PSA graded harsher than Beckett, I guess not.

    13. سالم السالم

      making history

    14. DELK822

      GameStop be like hhhhmmmmmm 300k in Pokémon I’m think the best I can do is 110 dollars or 300 store credit

    15. Braden Sorensen

      Why play with children's playing cards when you can't spend absurd amounts of money to frame the same few cards in plastic that makes them unusable! Perfectly sensible!

      1. Ben W

        i don't think you quite understand what's going on in this video

    16. FordifiedTroll

      Why would the 9.5 have changed on the auto card?!? Lol am I missing something?

    17. Jason dyna

      Gary is such a pussy getter he smashed the lady that handed him the cards at becket and thats why right after his heart was racing so hard

    18. Gasly Pokeman

      Grande!!! Sono contento per te è veramente un carta bellissima, se ti va iscriviti al mio canale ho bisogno di una mano per crescere, ti ringrazio ❤

    19. hypedcardz

      Love this!

    20. hypedcardz


    21. Fortnite Montage

      Charzard 10

    22. Team BEER

      Wow gary got old while ash still young

    23. TRAZ 2.0

      Now there worth way more 😶

    24. Sinai Li

      one thing that bothers me, what in the world do becket not understand that Grandpa Gary is probably on top of mountain rushmore regarding pokemon cards. and they use cheap ass box for his cards.......you get better boxes spending $100 in cigars......

    25. DarthMayvin

      I was under the assumption that a year or two ago that PSA 10s were harder to get and more valuable than Beckett 10s. Has that changed?

    26. Nick S

      Beckett be some assholes and very stingy but there cases are so nice.

    27. Vikturus22

      none got upgraded. Saved you 20min

    28. Lee

      can anyone explain to me why you would get a card that is already graded a psa 10, regraded? is beckett's grade considered to hold more value? Im looking to get some of my own cards graded!!

    29. Nato Min

      Thats cards value is a house lol.

    30. Kory Robertson

      Anyone else internally screaming at 7:15?

    31. Suman Kumar

      I aggree

    32. Susanne Silvestris

      Can i g’et a charizard👏👏👏👏👏/ love all Your videos and you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. Adam Murray

      Beckeet: Yea its a great card... but it has a dust spec on the bottom right in a different dimension... PSA 8

    34. Tauwhitu Taylor

      Hey there Gary is it the case that when you got a damaged Pokémon pack ,back In the day , PSA would send you back shadowless Zara’s 🤓

    35. Steel Flex

      what a stupid hobby

    36. OVX_ sweaty

      Why is ther saying prishtine thats in kosovo and im from kossovo

    37. Cjdoestuff_ _

      hey yoo its the main man gary.. gary the pokemon guy...

    38. A Z

      I love Gary so much man.

    39. Seth Degenhardt

      i like ya cut g

    40. Sydney Marmol

      god i wish i owned a time machine

    41. ChrisTheFish

      [Heads up: I love Leon and Gary, none of what I say here is about them or applies to either of them whatsoever or in any way. I know they are genuine and good hearted amazing people. This is about some of the bad actors and corporate greed that is fed by mass greed and hysteria combined with FOMO of high values on their collections.] (This is the second time I’ve seen a card come back from Beckett where they are claiming it’s only one error and it is minuscule which would have been only docking a 0.5 from one of the 4 categories from the 4 potential 10’s. So what I don’t understand is why that is not a Beckett 10. I have a feeling if those cards had gone in bare then a few of them would have been pristine 10’s, or at the very least 1 of them would be. I think Beckett is just stuck up and will almost never “upgrade” a PSA so they can keep looking more prestigious than PSA which would therefore increase the overall marketshare of their graded cards and make more people want to get them graded by Beckett which obviously costs money. So basically it’s somewhat rigged in my opinion, and that makes Beckett greedy spoiled little brats. I wish the collective human race had the resilience and fortitude to boycott companies that act like that, unfortunately people are greedy too and sometimes just want that Beckett grade. I don’t see it being any different than “ScammerGuru” over inflating prices to try some shady pump and dump of Pokémon cards to make a quick buck for himself without caring about the cards themselves or the community. I personally will only use PSA, I just wish either another company could come out to increase competition and potential return some fairness to Beckett’s grading, or people would just stop using them because it’s clear they don’t actually care about people, only themselves.) {I’m talking about the higher ups by the way, not the employees - that lady looked very friendly and genuine.} Rant over, thanks for making it this far lol. ❤️

    42. ChrisTheFish

      Insane to think these are worth well over $1,000,000 altogether now.

    43. Erik Lindo

      Question ??? Are 2000 to 2017 Pokemon cards are valuable ???

      1. Erik Lindo


      2. ChrisTheFish

        Some are, depends on a lot of factors, there are new cards that are being made in the last year that are already worth $100+.

    44. Apih mohd

      So Gary is more BETTER than Ash 🤣

    45. chandranshu parijat

      17:00 logan paul bought that one at 150k

    46. csgo plays

      i though he was his dad lamo

    47. CakeBoy34

      Amazing how I’m watching this now when the price for those cards are around 300k each!!

    48. wchae2

      Logic is prob pissed lol

    49. — LXIX

      It’s cool to have all these but realistically, what are the chances these actually sell?

    50. 211212112

      It seems like most cards wouldn’t grade (black) straight tens at any point. Especially with the alignment/centering being such an issue. From what I understand some of the cards are the best ones known so that means a perfect black rate card does not exist. How can they know that perfect cards ever existed. Maybe hit card with only centering issue is as perfect as they made em. Maybe the s fire series printed off like that.

    51. Mike Catch’em

      Can any my cards hit prestige u thnk?

    52. Corry Whittingham

      Can’t help but feel gutted none got upgraded but those cards are probably worth over 1mil now

    53. Unbox Hero

      Gary is a fucking legend!!

    54. Opened Eyes

      I have one of those charzards the exact same one and I’m about to get it approved!!!!!!!

    55. Muth Bros

      *Video starts at **6:03*

    56. Rayman DBZ

      Ngl if this was my grandpa I wouldn’t go to school I would just collect with him 🤣🤣🤣

    57. Emmanuel Jnr Bow

      I've never seen so many charizards

    58. aryan rahman

      my freind has a base set charizard but he lost it and I have a base set mewtwo

    59. Dis Foo

      Yooo gary recognized the squad 😎😎😎 letts goo

    60. Robert Rue

      love your videos keep it up

    61. Zelthy belong to panda


    62. The meme King

      God I love this guy


      I'll burn all of your cards 🔥

    64. Jason Hart

      She had my Nashville Predators gear on love it!!! I am born and raised in Nashville.

    65. Sanjay Bhatia

      I have so much Raquaza

    66. Taylor Restall

      I wonder how much he got these for before grading them

    67. Taylor Restall

      Wow this video was awesome So cool to see a collector so into his cards!

    68. titan90 MeGaTron

      Sad for the grandpa when he said it's my turn now nd this guy snatches the card from his hand and reveals it.. sad grand.

    69. chance shearer

      who favrite pokimon is carzard

    70. Idk Goku

      I have been a Pokémon collector all my life and from all my trying and selling and buying and opening Packs Amy collection is roughly around 15k and I thought I had an amazing collection but fuck me this just made me realize that no matter how hard you try you ain’t never going to be at the top but that won’t stop me and byd I subbed to you’re Chanel just cuz you just amazed me man that all I have to say

    71. Jens H.

      "There are two of these in the hobby and I own them both". I dont know, I collect something else myself but there is this guy in every hobby and I truly believe there is a special department in hell for guys like this.

      1. Skype Call

        Ok Karen. If you think Gary deserves to go to hell then you should go see a therapist. He can say whatever he wants since he owns both of them... don’t comment on USfilm when you’re on your period Karen.

    72. Jeziah Yadig

      Little did they know there worth 3 or 4 times that now

    73. Francisco Rocha

      If you look at 17:16 it says it’s a perfect front side but you can clearly see it’s off centered it goes more the right and top. Beckett is so dumb it’s probably a random guy in the back just circling random areas

    74. Francisco Rocha

      I said it before and I’ll say it again that Beckett rating is BS. I bet if you slipped them some money they would bump all those cards up

    75. Sann Dohmo

      We get this cards for free on chips packets😂 dummy you all😂

    76. Bruno Bursic

      Pawnstars lost so much potential money lmfao...

    77. Cc117 cc117

      How the heck can I upgrade the card in its existing case wouldn't the glare from the plastic interrupt what needs to be done

    78. Cc117 cc117

      Wow blessed they didnt give him his asking price

    79. TheJoker998Fame

      Is there in the world a Charizard BGS first edition Black Label ?

    80. Joaquin Laurence Rabe

      When Leon looked at Garry for 3 secs realizing how much his charizard collection costs

    81. GeodudeRocks

      Leonhart check out the channel!!!

    82. Blasphemous Rumors

      You should of got a black label 10....😎🙏🕉🌱🍀

    83. Marrow

      Half a million dollars worth of cardboard lol.

    84. Jordon Atkinson

      I’ve got the same Dsquared bag as the pokemon master Gary!!

    85. Josh Chapman

      Have Gary on some more! I’d love to see him open new packs with you!


      Gary on pogba stars

    87. Key Killer 74

      How did Becket grade that card a 10 if there is some flaws on it?

    88. Daft 909

      Gary !!!

    89. Harry S

      They look like a couple

    90. Bin Cin


    91. DrakkonGames

      I only clicked on this video cause I did see him on pawn stars

    92. David Burnett

      I have a first addition charzard i got it as a birthday present

    93. Mark Brown

      U need to get magnifying lamp only like 30$ on Amazon

    94. money team

      Gary this video just killed the sales

    95. Charles Nichols

      I'm way late to this video, but I just started getting into collecting pokemon again and I can't say how much I appreciate you both explaining the grading process. Thanks Leon and Pawn Stars legend!

    96. Seng Chang

      And his card is now worth more then 300kx

    97. ColdTV

      JAKEPAUL EXPOSED WITH UNDERAGED GIRLS usfilm.info/fire/o9SYZpywp6x_t7I/video.html

    98. Isaac Rodriguez

      Yo why is Leon so jacked!

      1. NRT

        Gotta protect those cards somehow

    99. Va al

      Yugi's grandpa 🤗

    100. Varity

      Go to MoreScurbzah he pulled the charizard