G-Eazy - Years To Go (Audio) ft. Goody Grace

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. dallas cowboysSB2020

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    2. Jessie Albright

      💋✋ exactly! Now I hear u. Beautiful 🤩

    3. DANNY D

      G-Eazy 🔥

    4. Fyzix ɛʋǟɖɛ

      It’s been a while I heard this song.

    5. Jared Mars

      This is what I needed. I first heard you on flight to japan. I'm currently 3 years into my music journey, and there is years to go

    6. Connor Davis

      gr8 song

    7. Chris Calhoun

      Just a thought.... he should do a cover of kiss the rain !!

    8. Masha

      Oh my god, he made me cry... He hits so powerful right where it needs to be. He's such a good artist, his talent is beyond everything... 😦❤️💙 I think that it's fair to say that the G of his name, is for "genius".✨👐🏻

    9. Tyler Rodrigues

      Who else followed G since the Good for great days?? 🙋🏻

    10. Stephen Kiley

      Love G in It's dark out mode!

    11. Operation317

      Miss you.

    12. Zoey Conklin

      Why do they stop SINGING so the dude can like.. talk? Wtf?

    13. Rossy Gonzalez

      This was uploaded on my birthday 😩💕💘💋

    14. Ana Ana

      for everyone wondering this song is about devon not halsey

    15. TX Warrior Bride

      It won't take twice as long to forget him...because I will never forget him. Even if I never see him again, I will.always love him. And if we cannot be together again, then I stay single the rest of my life. And we will be together in Heaven. 😁 That is how special he is.😘🧔👰 And I am grateful to have found him, even if for a short period of time. Better to have loved and lost...than never to have loved at all. 💕😘🧔💃🎶

      1. Stu

        That’s exactly what I tell myself when I listen to this song...

    16. Kayn Ray

      You’ve all been there for me all along I just didn’t know you could all be my day 1s

    17. MEliSSa D Lescalleet

      ⚡💚〽️🎶 I love you! 💚〽️

    18. MEliSSa D Lescalleet

      all of my friends and family do not trust the man i am with! he has same name but not the same. he has your phones and other belongings and is doing us all wrong

    19. MEliSSa D Lescalleet


    20. RK9

      Why eazy is crying he ruined the whole music

    21. jacob sandoval

      “Leave her the fuck alone” shit hit different

    22. kandynko

      Thank You for your songs.

    23. C45 Xavitar

      Seeing that album cover again... the memories...

    24. D. Sk.

      "I heard 'em say it takes twice as long To forget someone, as it does to get to know Now I'm three days in, got three more years to go" This song is stuck in my head. Only one person comes in my mind as i am listening to it. I have to say that it didn't get 1,5 years to get to know him. Sometimes two people can be connected no matter the time they met or how long they were together. Its like knowing them since forever. You have just found a soul with the same perfume as yours. If you find that and you lose it, then the duration of getting over it in order to move on is time independent. Its like losing a part of you. "Read the text next day Why did I send that? Yeah, I just want my best friend back Uh, I just want my best friend back" But you know that no matter what, you love him... He is your best friend and nothing can change that.

    25. Harrison Cunningham

      This one time i wrote a comment and it got moderated cause it was so graphic. You know g eazy meet my homie Dereke Terrell at the slc airport on his way to a Mormon mission. Dereke is the guy who showed me g eazy. So when i saw a picture of him and g eazy i thought it was the coolest thing on the world. Say hi to Dereke when you seen him. He the homie bro. This little brother plays aggie football in Utah and scores touchdowns in college football.

    26. MEliSSa D Lescalleet



      Yeah and youve been lying to me this who time, your a lovely little liar but nope.

    28. Phantasm

      Amazing chemistry with these two

    29. Dieter oficial sau nu

      Pop version of Nip

    30. Thakur Singh

      Eazy has been on fire as of late.. damn ppl that get dumpd make the best music lol

    31. Jean Paul

      G-Eazy goes soo hard on this, never disappointed. He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *Authenticviewscom* website to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

    32. Nancie Davis-Herrera Preza

      Thank you. You know something I don't want to know. Too late. Stay safe. NLDHP

    33. Vidit Kharecha

      G's "You never told me shitter to quitter Go and do better" is a ref to Devon's song "shots for me"


      Look what happened to robin williams though...

    35. Ashutosh Porichha

      This song is awesome ❤❤❤

    36. Jessie B


    37. Traci Dacheux

      This song makes me miss my kids.....but then again so does every song.

    38. Davina Sundanum

      all the songs bout devon are just masterpieces


      What kinda beat is this?

    40. Max Gorgeous

      I'm a Monk without any feelings and ultimately I believed that Gerald is the only man in the entire universe can make me fall in love.

    41. Timothy West

      This song is slept on! I LOVE it! So good. 💯🔥🔥

    42. Francis Patrick


      1. Hatesome

        @AndraMR It's about Devon Baldwin

      2. AndraMR

        @Eddy what s the song about?

      3. Eddy

        Bro, this song isn't for Halsey

    43. Mariam Kadmiri

      Someone please add Tyler’s Instagram @Younglibra_ and DM him letting him know meme myself knows he’s my soulmate and tell him to listen to this song. “As the 🌎spins, these are the days of our lives” I love him and I stopped living the day he left my world. Koalabutt 4LIFE

    44. Mariam Kadmiri

      I love you Tyler Scott Flajole you are my soulmate best friend hubby forever ever forever everever

    45. Death Odyssey

      G definitely has the closest to home hits. Always hits the heart.

    46. Mariam Kadmiri

      My song to Tyler Scott Flajole

    47. RK9

      Why eazy is crying

    48. Lincoln Branco Gonzales

      I just heard this song and I was thinking, I had just watched a memorial and I got hit with this weight on my chest... I was just thinking about if I’ll make it, if I’ll be remembered... all those years people trying to beat me down, sometimes physically and sometimes successfully. And that’s why I’m doing this! I can’t let them be right about me as I fear they are...but I’m scared they are

    49. Storytelling by Noblesse


    50. Gabgengio Luv

      I was wondering how haven't I heard this yet with the obsessions I have with his music. Is the song old? Their is no way I didnt notice it... Oh. Its only a month old. 🙃🤣

    51. NyySox

      Am I the only one who thinks this is about Halsey?

      1. Alesha Rebitzer

        Its about Devon Baldwin

    52. Michele Smith

      Love 💕

    53. Sobhan Rakhshbahar


    54. Rmeki

      This song makes me feel better after what happened last year I got really depressed cause of my psycho ex girlfriend

    55. Spandan Kundu

      This song deserves 654M, goddamn

    56. Jessica Soto

      G is so handsome 😍 #celebrityCrush

      1. G easy

        Thanks for your kindness and support ok Leave a Mail: geasy3136@gmail.com

    57. Natasha Rochon

      This is definitely about Halsey

      1. Vee B

        I thought it was about Devon Baldwin

    58. Mare

      This hits me in a different way ...

    59. EVER.7464

      don't know why this giving me goosebumps

    60. Eve Goddess

      Yeah and I wont be alive to see my dreams...watch...

    61. MEliSSa D Lescalleet

      Ey mans B, hope to see ya to mo ? Still wait...

    62. J-Latch


    63. J-Latch


    64. Emre Bozdoğan

      “I just don't think I'll ever let it go”

    65. Nishkarsh chandra

      First day of 2021. And still addicted to this song 💖

    66. Larx

      i come here every day

    67. J-Latch


    68. Z3 snipes

      I went to school with goody grace

      1. Z3 snipes

        Brad telenko

      2. Z3 snipes

        It feels like a life time

    69. lilHyperX -

      Mmmmmmmm Yep

    70. TX Warrior Bride

      This is so real to me. Love this. Cant stop listening to it. 😊 And the one who knows how real it is too. I miss him. 😘🧔💕💃 💏

    71. Nikki Cornwell


    72. unnamed destination


    73. laura sch

      this is such a good song but it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves

    74. Angel Sunshine

      16 yrs in 32 to go😔🥺🥺

    75. no doubt

      G-eazy always music always gets to me .. Dark room .. my eyes closed.. headphones on.. meditating.. 😢

    76. Boss Hot

      The world stopped spinin when u walked out mine..


      Best song out of the 4 🔥🔥🔥

    78. Jill Thompson

      when its familure but not the same just HOLD onto the sound of my name.

    79. Vilmantas Gud

      This song is for Halsey?

      1. Paige Athersmith

        Nah its most likely about devon(the girl he was dating when he started his music and they broke up around the time when when its dark out was in the works)

    80. MJ Collins

      Vibes asf rn 💚🙌😎💯

    81. Eminem TheGoat

      Dude, you are a pure talent

    82. malvoish

      Certified garbage

    83. Jason Switzer

      Crazy how much the vibe switched after him n Halsey. Gonna be hard to bounce back

    84. moses lawmsangzuala

      Escape engmawia ka nia

    85. Pon Cek


    86. Pon Cek


    87. Aksu Ahmed

      This shit is bout Devon Baldwin for sure

    88. Dizz Bizzak

      This song hits hella hard

    89. Shelley


    90. Sanjeev Shrivastava

      Every song is giving goosebumps hope I will met G eazy one day

    91. Karla Barajas

      " I just want my bestfriend back"

    92. ITACHI

      Should I go right where there is nothing left or should I go left where there is nothing right.

    93. Songstats

      Aww yeah!! Did you know that this track got added to 'Hot Singles' on Amazon Music!

    94. Spiffy Remo

      If you need beats subscribe to the channel!

    95. Bryan Nadrowski

      Ashley nicole robidas

    96. Azaan Bilal

      duh lana halsey o devon choose one but dont stop these g songs g

    97. Azaan Bilal

      one song for devon pevious for halsey, also misses lana del ray,compulsive perso disorder bro choose one ly g

    98. Kazu Uzumaki

      Please do "must be nice" part 2

    99. Bethany Brown

      This song makes me extra sad 😭😭😭why Gerald always gotta make me cry?!?

    100. Amber Ranta

      I love this song! I like seeing this side of G Eazy. Ive always loved his music but this song feels so real compared to his other music.