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    ***This is an ASMR video. To experience ASMR tingles, PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS, DO NOT WATCH. ***
    What is ASMR?
    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

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    1. Sakthi Sakthi

      I like it

    2. Rabisankar Seth


    3. Tatiana Maldonado

      That was definitely more then a pound of lasagna that has to be like 3 pounds

    4. Simply Millii

      Legends say people have died of hungerness after the video


      I haven’t had breakfast yet and watching this makes me want to jump into the screen

    6. Марина Пряхина

      Великолепно 👍

    7. Nagesh Moorthy

      Exactly dude!

    8. ihav egoals

      Anyone notice he didn’t narrate what went in after the onions?

    9. Ian Chae

      It's clickbait but not clickbait

    10. Ency Ec

      I love to see him eating that at forest

    11. yenni Cruz

      can i gets sum looks bomb asfc:(

    12. Reese Rassy

      Best cook of the century

    13. xueni Eu

      This is how many people want Zach Choi to talk 👇

    14. IO IO

      I’m Italian, this is not lasagna but a rock 😓😓😓

    15. lasoute

      USfilm: do you want to turn the volume up, u can damage your ears Me: *hell yea*

    16. Naruto Uzumaki

      His camera quality is better than your eyesight.

    17. Ilaria Iaccarino

      sorry but the best lasagna you found it here in Italy 🇮🇹 ✋😉😌 just joking but it's true though 😂

    18. Alexander Cheong

      Forget about his cooking skills and the food, just his reaction on his first bite brought me smile throughout the rest of the video. He knew he freaking nailed it. 😄

    19. Dế Choắt Gaming

      Clip very very very good

    20. Myself Ashu

      Sprite can is missing?

    21. Job Ezekiel

      how the fuck does he eats this much and not get fat

    22. N01 shihama

      Garfield found his right Owner

    23. wasyl kamran

      Why does your making process feel like a commercial ad😂

    24. exu

      zach is secretly garfield

    25. Arare Kei Rasahan

      That lasagna isn't for everybody is for a dinosaurs

    26. rere nomad

      i appreciate that you made it from scratch.

    27. Memes for grandma

      I love how he makes all his stuff homemade.

    28. x Kiki x

      okay but like, WHO TAUGHT THIS DUDE TO COOK

    29. Oscilla Williams


    30. Nisrin Albayrouti

      The sound when your eating makes me feel like I'm eating😁😁😁

    31. jasmina

      *dies in diet Hungry*

    32. Tulips AG


    33. Pooneh M

      I'm hungryyyy

    34. Maillard Annick


    35. Jade Raro-Perchat

      You have gloves and you eat with fork 😂😭😂😭😂

    36. Sasageyo hshdhdhshdheheheue7e

      teacher: don't get caught eating in class 👺 Children from the last bank with me:

    37. 20k Aaliyah

      I like how he shows how he cooks it and how he does not go and buy the stuff Love you and your vids

    38. Sherease 8

      Amazing video!

    39. Irina Garin

      Zach makes every video into a piece of art

    40. Neko_ Todoroki

      I like how Asmrtist and Mukbangers gains no weight while me breathing gaining 1 kg

    41. Braung

      Best channel ever

    42. Mario

      Lasagna is the best food ever

    43. Figgo

      Nossa velho Como o Cara Consegue Comer isso tudo Se eu fosse tu eu ia Comer um pouca e deixa o outro pedaço pra mais tarde

    44. Viser Hi

      i like how he litteraly shows us him cooking

    45. samurai Gaming


    46. Nevaeh Boynton

      I bet Zach was always the oueit kid in class

    47. No Name

      Masak nya lama tpi makan nya cpet ")

    48. Ernestina Yeboah

      I am so hungry that food looks so good

    49. Andrea Bertazzoli


    50. Aljay Asis

      Zach: First bite is all yours😃 Me: Trying to eat my phone💀

    51. Mohammad Kheder

      I love how he smiles while eating, it just makes the watching 2x more fun.

    52. Vxvid_HD

      How do you asmr channels eat so much food? I would love to eat this much 🥰

    53. Kelvin Call

      Yummy 😋

    54. Gengxu Nan

      Why do u dont get fat:?

    55. ISIGMOF

      check out my mukbang channel

    56. Black Hacker

      Im on a fcking diet jeeezzz

    57. Ma. Elena Tolentino

      I want to ask the tomatoes for its skin care routine.

    58. xXgalaxy killer867Xx

      Me watching this video: Hmmmmmm. *cracks 5 eggs and slams them on the bowl

    59. じろらも

      I want to eat it!!

    60. Rodela Hati

      Now you make videos like professional!❤️

    61. everclearrrh

      dang why big bites tho o wonder if he threw up afterwards

    62. Tammy Cohen

      This looks like the best tasting lasagna ever made! All fresh ingredients!

    63. 2am Greenz

      Mans fit a whole puece of lasagna in his mouth

      1. Jake Egg Boi


    64. wan farizah wan rahim

      Aaa rgrgrgrop chop chop slrrpp

    65. Tylarr

      how tf does he eat all this i- 🤯🤯

    66. Tatiana Parabéns

      caramba mano que isso

    67. L L

      boy yesss♥️

    68. Audrey 899

      I like how at 5:01 the video editor purposely let the scene play longer as the oil merge together (instead of cutting it right after Zach finished pouring the oil). So satisfying!!

    69. Khairi Mustaqim Khairul Anuar

      No one: Zach consuming lasagna: .0. * nom *

    70. Hotaru Toshihiro 傷心

      This is so satisfying and I’m very happy that Zach is able to eat this amazing food and gets money to support himself from it. He’s an amazing cook I’m sure and his videos are always very clear to have effort put into them. We love you :) !! 💖

    71. Ariana RobloxGurl

      It looks so good it’s like a giant piece of ravioli

    72. Abdul Kader

      Others: Zach Choi ASMR Me: Foodie Psycho 😜

    73. -*honey Comb*-

      What we want: asmr videos What we get: a literal hunger making asmr masterpiece.

    74. Selina Hof

      Ekelhaft, einfach nur ekelhaft

    75. ciah Reid

      Jeez your videos have gotten way better keep up the good work❤️!

    76. ชัย ลุงมน


    77. EpicDms

      Only ogs remember sprite pouring

    78. Keiji Akaashi

      which is better : comment : zach choi cooking like : anime cooking lets see who's better

    79. Swastik gamer

      Garfield has entered the chat

    80. serendipity

      what upsets me is that none of this was store bought.......... but he looks so happy when he's eating

    81. Mokey Delano

      Please stop with the first bite is all yours mess. I have broken several teeth trying to consume my phone screen.

      1. bae

        that’s rough buddy

    82. Aryan Habil1234

      Eating starts at video Thank me later

    83. Marlenny la ñiña mala Famili la chucky

      Y Yo 🤔AKI mirando a ver si de los 10 ,055 hay alguien que hable español 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... Lol 😁... Eso se ve riquísimo 😁😍..... No sé dónde es que a ustedes le cabe tanto la comida 🤔😳🤦🏽‍♀️.....

    84. unknown person

      bruh do you gain weight at all justin cause ur literally cracked at eating my guy

    85. mr ninja gaming

      Kis come on😡

      1. bae

        how will he get a kiz kiz?

    86. Isaiah Rymer

      Who else is eating lasagna while watching this

    87. Raven Vachon

      That was a huge ass first bite

    88. 2pac Shacur


    89. 2pac Shacur

      Ага, смотришь такой в час ночи и хочешь жрать...

    90. Matyn DT

      ayo this is niiiiiiiiiiice!

    91. あかねakane

      6:01 SKSSKKSKKKK não acredito que ri disso

    92. Cayo Ayo


    93. ᗩᗰIKKO Kᑌᑎ

      wacthing the promised nerveland has got me crazy whenever i see raw meet i immediatly think abt conny LMAO-

      1. Hey hisoka nice as-


    94. Rodie_TheGamerGirl

      Bruh you make me hungry 🤤🌚🌝

    95. salvatore di pietro

      Im italian 🇮🇹 this is not a lasagna

    96. Imade Ary p.p

      U look so happy eating that lasagna

      1. Hey hisoka nice as-


    97. A human?

      Asmr starts at: 10:31

      1. bae

        @A human? no problem x

      2. A human?

        @bae thank u

      3. bae

        i’m amazed by your pfp

    98. Tamia Malloy

      I love how the cooking took up almost half of the eating its self

    99. cherrie blossom

      This video feels so alive