Sheff G - Proud Of Me Now (Official Video)


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    "Proud Of Me Now"
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Robby Reese #1


    2. The Godfather

      Sheff be lit asf No Cap 🔥🔥💯

    3. Tea Jean Marie Kamin


    4. DeeChe


    5. SUJO PROJECT Collective

      “New BIG “

    6. A G

      Nah bro was going dumb In that booth

    7. Yaw Jnr

    8. ProdByRuz Beats

      Put the gang stuff aside, 22Gz and Sheff G would make a HIT if they collabed together. Blixky to M8V3N is the future no cap

    9. FrostBite


    10. Keanu Gordon

      Damn lookin at sheff and sleepy views Dey increasing hella slow🤨

    11. Mohammad Shaaban

      bro never missed

    12. blvkkout

      here before tiktok ruins this

    13. Kendra Hall

    14. DigitalRedux

      Yeah still fire 😂

    15. anime hof AMVS

      Sheff G and Pooh would be such a raw collab 😬😬😬 SHEESH

      1. the wax god


    16. Attendnce


    17. Derian Lopez

      "Faded feeling faded"

    18. Zarxy


    19. Reinaldus Natalisto


    20. Akha Nonxuba

      Naw Sheff G too much 🔥🔥🔥

    21. Miłosz

      Dude is giving both Pop SMoke and Gunna vibes wtf, HUGE

    22. DuUbermensh

      I am a musician and a creative consultant and its clear from the comments that even Sheff G. fans might now clearly understand what they are hearing: is not just a rapper: he’s a true musician, and there are very few vocalists who are true musicians. If Sheff G keeps improving, I am 100% sure he’s going down as one of the best rappers of this era. I personally want Sheff to build his song structures out a bit more-2 minute songs are really not able to capture his talent. 3 minute songs would be more suitable for his catchy hooks. The man has great flow choices, good ear for melody, his song structure is dynamic, and has punchlines/bars when he wants to. I’m almost certain that Sheff G. listens to a lot of music that is not even hip hop because you don’t get a good ear like he has only listening to one genre. Another clue as to how special a talent Sheff G. is is that makes everyone else’s songs better when he does a feature, but he never tries to just make them look bad. Sheff G. not only has the booming voice, but musical talent that is in a different league than most of the young rappers on the scene right now, but he seems to be a good dude, who collaborates well with others, and he can write songs. If can easily see Sheff G. becoming a future legend and I could also see his talent being under appreciated by many current rap fans. I definitely see him being relevant in 10+ years, whether it be thru his influence on other rappers or his prominence as a top seller. I hope he catches on majorly, but keeps pushing himself to grow as a songwriter because he CLEARLY has potential to be one of the GOATs of rap, but I see Sheff being bigger than rap one day and I could easily see him being popular with fans outside of rap who are just pure music fans. I think he should collaborate with non-rap artists to get greater exposure because I don’t know if rap fans are going to truly appreciate Sheff G. the musician based on the popularity of all the Pop Smoke impersonators who are just having easy success. When I came up that was considered biting, and I personally get annoyed when I hear too many people trying to sound like Pop Smoke, but they totally miss the choices that Pop Smoke made on tracks as a musician. This is why no one can exactly copy Pop’s style: they are not MUSICIANS and he was. Same with Sheff G. in a sea of rappers, he clearly stands out because of the choices he makes on a track with the mind of a good MUSICIAN. I get into arguments with friends because they don’t hear anything special in Sheff G. and I tell them that Sheff G. is not even in his prime and he’s already special!!

    23. Geo Laden

      Underrated , 🔥

    24. Duran San

      didn't realise there were no hi-hats

    25. King Benjy

      The only reason the views aren’t up as usual is because he dropped the music video to late

    26. Ben Dover


    27. ForeignChris Harden

      “I’m suppose to be chillin but niggas keep getting out of placed on me”🔥🧯

    28. Jordan Legrand


    29. KVBE

      Fire 🔥 🔥

    30. Cesar Lopez

      He never disappoints.

    31. Lee-no

      I need the remix with pop to drop

    32. Awdi

      B 4 tha milly

    33. Stezi


    34. NYC boxer

      Here before a mill

    35. Touchscreen MultimediaTV

      I like this young bull 🔥

    36. Weirdo Mane


    37. Sam Jones

      Wait till I get tha chance to be riding a quad in all designer iced out ion care what it takes📌 id rather get shot up young nd rich then old nd broke

    38. IsoAngel

      Sheff and sleepy are the best duo

    39. IsoAngel

      Sheff g is my fav rapper fo life

    40. AGN Studio


    41. Justin Stapon


    42. ISK YT


    43. Nick Cold


    44. SheLuvAdam

      🔥🔥🔥 he doesn’t Miss

    45. Noah Barron

      Bro don't miss.

    46. Ghastly Gogeta

      Bro, that UK drill type beats are taking over and that shit is fire. Thanks everybody for pointing me out to the artists.

      1. Ghastly Gogeta

        @JadenKrizz Now that’s what I called advancing the scene. Talented producers

    47. _official bamzino_

      Sheff G make more drill, u going too mainstream we need that greazy No Surburban type ish

    48. David Arsene Ngendahayo

      Sheff G and Sleepy are really about to take over the world. They won’t be underrated for long

    49. Almighty J

      I need Drill Sheff g man tired of this sheff g, this song fire doe 🔥🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Gabe HP

        We all need drill sheff

    50. Cool Macc

      Making Pop proud asf 💫

    51. Brandon Beaulieu


    52. Brandon Beaulieu


    53. Brandon Beaulieu

      Yessir sheff 💪🏾🔥💪🏾🔥💪🏾🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯

    54. Blessing Wright


    55. Jess

      just became an avid sheff g fan of how he owned 22gz and tutu gz is by far not a bad rapper

    56. Nash

      Sheff G songs always full of vibez

    57. Robert Horry


    58. Troll Foxy

      so how does kreekcraft respond?

    59. Wana Chikoka


    60. Tim from the basement


    61. Shamma M


    62. vReapster

      This vid released two weeks ago where the hell was i

    63. big DICK GOKU

      Stilll...... yeaaazzz it went BIG BIGSHOUT SHEFFFG 🤟🏼👽😈🥴😇🤫♥️

    64. RedhairNfreckles _

      Sleepy hallow and sheff g best combo

    65. Last KingBAYBAY

    66. Kemi116

      What a banger this song was, wow!! Sheff G doesn't disappoint!

    67. Lanre Akerele

      *Sheff G for XXL 2021 Freshman Cyper Class* 🔥🔥🔥


      Bro who thought he would be doing shit like this now♿️💙

    69. Black_Nastyez

      nah bro dis nigga underrated 🤦🏿‍♂️ dis nigga deserves mills💯 got rats wit mad views

    70. otis

      listening to sheff g feels like listening to a drake that grew up in the hood, this man is really talented

    71. King Queen

      Who the kind of NY?? SHEEEEEEFFF G bitch

    72. helt murings

      sheeeeeeeeeee this shit buzzin

    73. Havi klips

      I buss a bop ion dance 🔥🔥🌑

    74. Exo-Zaddy


    75. Aric Herring

      Hottest Ⓜ️ in da game ‼️🥶

    76. Ariess K

      I hate rappers making two min songs trying to secure more streams... shit lame...

    77. SSG Playboy


    78. Derek Hovland

      Sheff beat selection is immaculate! Let's goo!

    79. Thupreme Tv

      If y’all remember me from the last vid I told y’all he drops everytime I go to my grandmas house

    80. Charming Fox

      War - Sheff G

    81. Sheila Mack

      W.h to yo 3 min vids cuz this song was supposed to longer the end has more to it. Proud of me now pt 2 possibly a thing 💙🍃💙💨

    82. Devoo YT

      “LOOOKKKKK” 🗣🗣🗣

    83. Mamkajiwin

      What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

    84. trav Newman

      Nobody:...... Sheff G: LOOK 👀

    85. Mythikz

      Here before 500k

    86. GraveInjustice

      NEW YORK!!!

    87. try just try and stop

      Sheff g still up never dropping 🙏🏿🙏🏿

    88. Lexi Candy

      "nobody perfect but your beautiful to me" ... my message to the people.

    89. A B

      Bdk on my back

    90. Sniper Smith

      Badman Chune pure Lighters inna deh air for the Shooter Gang Top General

    91. Lost Soul


    92. Lost Soul

      So fire


      nigga sheff nd sleepy still unda rated smh

    94. EDG


    95. AO Baller

      Magical 🙏

    96. K1ng Vu

      😳🤚🏾💥🔫🤭 shi make me finna pop off

    97. Tyson


    98. Gerald Buretta

      If a Sheff G song doesn't start with "look" Pls let me know😤

    99. Dr Souc Music

      Wow!! Search Dr Souc 👏😎😊😉

    100. Moonz 2

      Fukunnn elllll🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥