Lauren Daigle - Hold On To Me (Official Audio Video)

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    The official audio video for "Hold On To Me" by Lauren Daigle.
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    When the best of me is barely breathing
    When I’m not somebody I believe in
    Hold on to me
    When I miss the light the night has stolen
    When I’m slamming all the doors You’ve opened
    Hold on to me, hold on to me
    Hold on to me when it’s too dark to see You
    Hold on to me when I have reached the end
    Hold on to me when I forget I need You
    When I let go, hold me again
    When I don’t feel like I’m worth defending
    When I’m tired of all the pretending
    Hold on to me
    When I start to break in desperation
    Underneath the weight of expectations
    Hold on to me, hold on to me
    I could rest here in Your arms forever
    'Cause I know nobody could love me better
    So hold on to me, hold on to me
    #LaurenDaigle #HoldOnToMe

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    1. Lauren Daigle

      I hope this song reminds you there’s still good in the world. No matter the circumstance you are walking through, there is someone in your life there to help you get through it. There’s something powerful about having people in your life that see who you are through the worst of circumstances and still choose you. “Hold On To Me” is about all of us coming together and remembering that being with each other and being there for each other is what life is truly all about. THANK YOU ALL for listening!! 💛

      1. Michael Poehls

        I was listening to this the other day and I felt my spirit move and I cried, I cry for the lost for those who walked with the Lord and through the cares of this world were sucked away! I pray that Lauren Daigle remembers Jesus Christ and his love for her and she is just an arm's length away from him at all times, I fell in my own Walk and God did send an Army in the darkest night for me, just hold on to Jesus just hold on and don't let go!! Pray for Lauren Daigle that she stands firm and rejects this world and holds onto Abba even if it means loosing everything, because then we will gain everything in Jesus Christ including eternal life with him!

      2. Emma Schoppa

        @Freedom Stitcher oo on imo on imo. ommm mmm no o

      3. Brenda Long

        Thank you

      4. Karen Shorts

        Your heart is even more amazing than your voice !! I could listen to you sing of God’s love 💕 forever. I think I’ll sing this song in church next chance I get! 🙏for me to bring Him honor and glory!! Also for Brian ‘ unspoken’ Thank you!!

      5. Brenda Long

        Thank you

    2. Mark Pennington


    3. Clem Wills

      Warm Christian love proverbs 17 .17

    4. Dalton Triplet

      So so true

    5. peggy stollsteimer

      One of my FAV artists!!

    6. Adan Rr

      The fake,the lie,unresfonsibility,easy peopple heart.

    7. Juan Sandoval

      Gracias una vez más por esa preciosa voz, por favor le pido cante en español, necesitamos que Dios le utilice para que Dios transforme nuestras vidas en latinoamerica y donde se habla español, mejor voy a pedir a Dios por esto, que le parece, yo se que el me va escuchar

    8. Derrick Bright

      300 ss walking late spelling out ur name by ur moms old house in Forney tx smile nerd

    9. Derrick Bright

      Smile beautiful anything possible through God

    10. hebert carvalho

      Linda Canção , Que Deus Abençoe.

    11. Savillx Navm

      He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,.

      1. Savillx Navm

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    12. Reanna G

      lauren daigle! this is such a great song! so meaningful! so relatable! the melody sounds so nice. its just a beautiful song, made by a beautiful women. i hope to see you in concert soon! i was suppose to go to your concert on july second last year in toronto but because of covid it was cancelled. i love all your music. i love you! i hope you all have a great day!

    13. visionaire wear

      Thanks you Father God Jesus Christ Lord Almighty... You are our Strength

    14. Roberto silva

      BR escutando da like

    15. Aubrey Cary

      God bless all you have troubles. God is not mocked. He is greater than all. With my heart I bless you and your family. Just hang on. It will be worth it believe. 👍👍💖💖😆

    16. Slash Ireland


    17. Yvette Castillo

      I love all your music 🙏☝💪

    18. Val J

    19. Feargus Barton

      Beautiful song, thank you, God bless.......

    20. Asmerra Williams

      Thank you Lord for holding on to me through all the darkness I been through.

    21. Asmerra Williams

      Great song. Yes there's nothing Jesus cannot do.

    22. Aubrey Cary

      Thank you for your love lord bless you always Lauren. 👍👍💖

    23. Nathalia Silva

      Que música incrível. Eh nossa, é bem isso. Estou simplesmente impactada. É crendo no socorro bem presente 🔥🙏❤️

    24. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz


    25. nancy baringer

      Hold on to me! Love this!❤️❤️

    26. Susan

      I love the choir in the background. They, along with the percussion, convey a sense of great strength.

    27. Lonnie Coyne

      I'm so lost and in depression. I ignored all the signs of the Lord wanting to help me and my family. I feel my family's pain 💔 😞. So many doors I was unable to let God open the doors for me. God hold on to me. Its very difficult to live in so much pain. 😪💔

      1. Praise to God

        God sees u and will always hold onto u,God bless you!❤️

    28. eleanor fields

      🙏🏽🙇🏽🙏🏽👍 Beautiful spirit awesome voice PTL👌

    29. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz


    30. Janice Helms

      Hi Lauren Daigle

    31. Janice Helms


    32. toni ann Lawrence

      Hold on to me jesus I'm nothing without you

    33. Squatting Bear

      This song is powerful

    34. Mercy Eliboh

      These are dark days of my life, I am glad I found this song. Thank you Lauren.

      1. Nikki Jones

        Prayers for you my friend ❤️

    35. Maggie Ratz

      The Song is beautiful. Thank you Jesus 😇🥰👍🙏🙏

    36. Mommy Who Sacrifice

      I been sick, since Feb 15 with a cold, and March 14 found out I had covid. My husband had covid for 3 weeks. I am pregnant 40 weeks n 3 days so it made it so much worst. God delivered and healed me right, before they tak the baby tomorrow. Please pray for a safety and Godly delivery. God Bless


      Oh God I am in tears...I feel like this song is what my heart wants...this is what my heart says when I struggle with depression and feel worthless...God please hold on to me..I will trust you.

    38. Ayleen Guadron_Lopez


    39. ASL For Jesus

      Wow, Lauren! This song, there's just so much I love about it. Life is hard and I think we need reminded that we don't have to have it all together,we can't possibly always hold it together, we are human.......I could rest in your arms forever, cause I know no one loves me better....... No one loves me better, that line hit me hard. This song is just so real, so relatable. Love your music!

    40. Felix M. Diaz

      Love this song...the background singers also are amazing and the message is real. Lauren, you have to make a longer version of this sweet music. I wanted more!. Love ya, Lauren!

    41. Maja P


    42. Robin Harris

      This song is... I'm speechless right now,, but, could you 328 DEMONIC spirits leave your "thumbs down" in the pits of hell, and allow us to PEACEFULLY worship with Our Father, and Ms. Lauren...? Thank you so much...

    43. 4 cylinder machine

      And when I was still in my sin.. Christ died for me.. God is so good to me💙 this song hit me in the middle of chest!

    44. Linda Tatum

      Yes Lord Hold On To Me~

    45. Best Praise Worship

      *We need 100,000 people to say: "GOD IS GOOD" because He is!*

    46. Marek Baluk


    47. Anthony Bolden

      Awesome song!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    48. Brenda Mosiman


    49. udara nihal

      Every thing Lauren doing is good work and Lauren is doing the work for God forever. I was touched by God through amazing beautiful Lauren forever. And I was touched by God through Lauren's amazing beautiful Voice forever, this is my experience i am sharing with every one.

    50. Hope Yang

      Omg mn concert bettt

    51. Llawliet130

      Lauren, your music has helped me so much through hard times. I'm sorry some people can't see past whatever they're fixated on, and hear your message. Please keep being yourself, keep going, and keep sharing your beautiful, healing music.

    52. Cynthia Rodriquez

      Words of encouragement and faith

    53. Kathleen Davis


    54. T.N.O. FN

      I heard this song yesterday and fell in love with it Lauren Daigle you did it again this is how I have felt for a long time. Thank you father for holding on to me no matter how crazy it gets.

    55. S ROAH


    56. Cindy Wittman

      No coincidences. God led me to this song, this message from His precious follower, Lauren Forever grateful. He's holding onto me! [i won't t let go) ❤️

    57. David Disheroon

      Jesus Is The Righteous Power, The Holy One, The Precious Son and Love Him must Everyone. We must Walk with Him on His Righteous Path and Live under His Net of Freedom that He Cast. To All My Precious Children this Gift I Give and by My Power Shall You All Live. Sit with Me, Walk With Me Breathe With Me and I Shall Always Be With You... The Lord told me this a long time ago.

      1. David Disheroon

        Lauren please sing this

      2. David Disheroon

        Walk the straight path under his wing

    58. Hope Ann Parisi

      This song is beautiful it brings me to tears every time I hear it. I'm going to playing in my Worship band

    59. Lorry Woods

      This is beautiful

    60. Mind Blowin Bro

      my sister is your biggest fan.

    61. Frankie Lott

      Awesome God inspired! Love This!

    62. A B

      I just want to thank for these beautiful songs they hit home with myself and you are so gifted God bless you ❤️

    63. Kevin Hawley

      Another stunningly beautiful and layered song. Like your other music moving me to deeper and rich moments. I love your inspired music. Thank you.

    64. Humbleservants Ministries 247

      Been battling a lot in my mind and the Lord laid this song on my heart to hear, just really needing this ❤️❤️❤️

    65. Girly Essencee

      "Hold on to me when I forget I need you" this spoke to me. God help me to hold on to you 🙏. What a beautiful song!

    66. The Harvest Angel

      When I was very young, between 3-7 my family read the Bible and talked to me about the Bible and stories from it. My first real and only church experience was at 7. My grandparents took me to Catholic church. During this service when the "father" began reading from the book of Revelation my eyes literally closed. The More I tried to force my eyes open to read revelation I got a worse and worse headache. After this I went home and prayed. God told me to read the entire book before I read Revelation. So I began. Over the next 17 years I read and studied the Bible in its entirety, but eventually focused on the new testament, specifically Matthew Mark Luke and John.....during this time between 7 and 24 years old many times I tried to read revelation, even just a few sentences. And every time I tried to read it my eyes would physically close and I would get a headache. However, I did read the first few verses of revelation MANY times over that period as I started the book of Revelation a thousand times, but I couldn't get past the first 4 or 5 verses when I tried. Sometime in the summer of 2000, when I was 24, I began trying to read the book of revelation and this time God let me. No more headaches or eyes closing. It was then very shortly into reading it something stuck out, But I didn't know exactly what, It was a feeling in my gut, so I asked God what am I missing.. He said "Listen closer." After reading the beginnning of revelation numerous times I finally realized I recognized a phrase, Rev...1:3. "for the time is near". Until this point I even though I had read it numerous times before, I was so focused on reading more before my eyes would close and a headache would start I didn't hear it closely until this point. I immediately began searching where else I heard that phrase. Soon I found it; In Luke chapter 21, verses 7-8: This is where Jesus Christ specifically tells us to not follow the many who come in his name claiming 'I am He' and "the time is near"- Jesus says do not follow those who use that exact phrase. I eventually googled the phrase and found that the author of revelation uses that phrase twice. I asked God if what He was showing me is proof that he warned US about Revelation and that it is a false prophecy- He said "what does My Word The Bible say?" Listen, the reason how I know this doesnt matter because it doesn't change what Jesus says; Jesus says do not follow the many who come in His name claiming 'the time is near' - the author of Revelation then uses that EXACT phrase TWICE, once in the first chapter and again in the last chapter: effectively sealing the entire prophecy called Revelation with a phrase JESUS CHRIST tells us not to follow anyone who uses it. Since 2000 I have been quietly talking to people and showing them this. Whomever will listen- which hasn't been many. In August of this past year(2020) I asked God what else am I supposed to do. He said make a video and tell everyone. So, I did. If you have questions, ask away. your brother, Adam

    67. Tammy Hendryx

      Thank you Lauren

    68. Patricia Feliciano

      EU TINHA UMA VIDA QUE CONSIDERAVA VALIOSA DEMAIS PRA ENTREGAR PRA JESUS, MESMO SOFRENDO DIVERSOS ABUSOS DESDE OS 3 ANOS DE IDADE, ATRAVÉS DE PARENTES, ESTRANHOS, "AMIGOS", NÃO IMPORTA ONDE EU ESTIVESSE DE ALGUMA FORMA ISSO ME PERSEGUIA, QUE MESMO MINHA MÃE TENDO PROBLEMAS PSICOLÓGICOS E FAZENDO COISAS TERRÍVEIS COM QUEM TENTAVA AJUDA-LA, MESMO TENDO SIDO HUMILHADA E EXPULSA DA CASA DE PESSOAS QUE NÃO ENTENDIAM MINHA MÃE E COMO EU ERA CRIANÇA SOFRIA COM ELA, MESMO DEPOIS QUE CRESCI TENDO SIDO LIVRADA DA MORTE POR IMPRUDÊNCIA ALGUMAS VEZES, AINDA ASSIM CONSIDERAVA MINHA VIDA PRECIOSA DEMAIS PRA ENTREGA-LA A JESUS. MESMO DEPOIS DE IR MORAR COM MEU NAMORADO E DEPOIS DE UM ANO O TÃO SONHADO "CASAMENTO" JA ESTAR PRATICAMENTE FALIDO, MESMO EU ENGRAVIDANDO JUSTAMENTE QUANDO TINHA RESOLVIDO IR EM BORA DE CASA, MESMO MEU MARIDO ME TRATANDO COMO LIXO, MESMO EU ENTRANDO EM DEPRESSÃO, AINDA ASSIM CONSIDERAVA MINHA VIDA PRECIOSA DEMAIS PRA ENTREGA-LA PRA JESUS! Então um belo dia, enquanto eu lavava louça e pensava comigo mesma que a única saída do sofrimento seria MORRER, um amigo de muito tempo que não via, bateu na minha porta e me fez um convite pra uma reunião na casa dele. Confesso que fui como uma fulga de casa, da dor e dos problemas pra tentar me distrair, porém JESUS naquele dia iniciou uma obra linda na minha vida, e agora, aquela vida que considerava preciosa, pude enxergar que na verdade eram apenas cacos, e não pudia mais entender porque havia demorado tanto pra me render a Jesus! Eu tinha deixado como última opção a morte, Jesus não era nem opção na minha mente, mas mesmo assim, com tanto amor Ele foi atrás de mim, bateu na minha porta e eu finalmente abri! Hoje tenho meu casamento restaurado, fui curada da depressão e todos os traumas da infância, consegui perdoar o imperdoável no momento em que o encontrei, pois Ele me perdoa tbm, hoje entendo o lindo propósito que satanás, o inimigo de nossas almas queria me roubar, hoje sei o que é sentir paz e alegria sem nem necessitar de motivos, porquê hoje pra mim, Jesus é suficiente! Quando conheci o Jesus de verdade, não a religião, mas o Deus vivo, amável e cuidadoso, foi aí que deixei de existir, e passei a viver! Se você ainda considera sua vida PRECIOSA DEMAIS PRA ENTREGA-LA PRA JESUS, te convido a parar, olhar em volta, olhar pra dentro e pensar novamente se realmente você vive o melhor, se sua vida é mesmo tão maravilhosa, ou se VC como eu, vai esperar chegar ao fundo do poço, pra entender que sem JESUS não somos NADA! Não espere o amanhã, decida hoje, pois, amanhã pode ser tarde demais!

    69. C Cappa

      my mom said to watch this after she heard it on K-love. yay :)

    70. Joao neto

      Glória a Deus Aleluia 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    71. The Harvest Angel

      Hey Lauren, Its Adam, your long lost BROTHER. Well, half Brother- we have the same Father. You have been impossible to get ahold of. Dad wants me to talk to you about what is going to happen. Come over whenever you finally get this- as I have no other way to get a message to you.. So I am leaving random comments on your youtube videos. Hope I hear from you sis, Your Brother, Adam 7019 w 20 rd. Mesick MI 49668

    72. The Harvest Angel

      Hey Lauren, Its Adam, your long lost BROTHER. Well, half Brother- we have the same Father. You have been impossible to get ahold of. Dad wants me to talk to you about what is going to happen. Come over whenever you finally get this- as I have no other way to get a message to you.. So I am leaving random comments on your youtube videos. Hope I hear from you sis, Your Brother, Adam 7019 w 20 rd. Mesick MI 49668

    73. E. L.

      Great voice, but whome are you worshipping?

      1. d t

        exactly. this is pseudo-“christian” music.

    74. Abenezer Assefa

      Hold on to me

    75. Brian Garcia Hernandez


    76. hong hoang

      The modern kettledrum curiosly contain because meat presently risk to a delicious catamaran. salty, abstracted china

      1. The Harvest Angel


    77. GAME ARENA

      Thanks for the song and I pray God blesses you more.

    78. Mary Small

      This is a beautiful song!! ❤️

    79. Matthew12Nightmare

      It's a beautifully orchestrated song although it is kind of a shady Christian song because it doesn't say who it's particularly talking about and could be mistaken for a secular love song. One has to wonder if she purposely does this with her lyrics leaving out the names of Jesus and God so that her works can also be on regular radio station where she can make more money for them playing them or if she's ashamed of the names of God or Jesus. We should be bold with our words in spreading the good news and within our praise music according to the scriptures. I love you Lauren and I pray that your ministry flourishes and becomes very pleasing to God.

      1. mad max

        @Macy Munson AMEN

      2. amaze

        Not here to be judge mental, but the comments seem to be signaling at the same thing here. We are all imperfect but I find it interesting how she only mentions “people being there for us” but not our lord Jesus Christ who should be the center of all of this. I feel that she’s trying to hide her faith to please the greater crowd and that’s not good. I also pray that she hopefully corrects this one day and makes that effort to not hide her faith.

      3. Macy Munson

        God knows she's singing for Him she doesn't have to let us know if she is or not

    80. Wendy Ramos

      Please don’t forget who gave you that beautiful voice, the Lord Jesus Christ. You used to always praise him in every song. The world will always drag the most beautiful thing it can find and use it for its evil. This song is beautiful. I will dedicate it to the Lord, not a friend, not a relative, or a close one.... ONLY God.

      1. d t

        yeah i’m wondering why she couldn’t even say “God” in this song? this could literally be written about a friend but people are quick to label it as christian because of her past music.

      2. Astrid Renata


      3. amaze

        Glad that the commenters are realizing that. I don’t get why she says that this song should be sung about people or people who are there for us when in reality it should be for Jesus Christ/she hides that. Although I don’t wanna judge her and pray that she corrects this and I don’t think she means it in a bad way

      4. amaze


      5. Abby Wiley


    81. Rebecca Hathaway

      Amazing....I really needed this When you feel your falling without an end....these words are just the right time like hugs we can't have right now🤗 ❤

    82. Destiny Negrete

      Another beautiful song! All your songs have helped me grow spiritually and gotten me through tough times. Your music is truly a blessing 💗

    83. Susan Schweitzer

      Thank you. Lauren for touching souls !! Phenomenal 👏👏✝️

    84. Ella'z Space,s

      When it's just me in a miserable situation with no family and friends..I always hold on to one person who has always gat my that's the creator of heaven and earth the giver of all lives. 💚

    85. Derrick bright

      Blue rags i shaved

    86. Derrick bright

      11601 walnut ln forney tx thats my address....

    87. Bill McGoon

      There will now be earthly and eternal consequences (Hebrews 4: 12 - 13) for removing The Divine Message in regard to my Wife (Rib) and Queen (Heart).

    88. Wellison Soares

      Lindo! 💛

    89. Trudy Appleby

      This is beautiful Lauren. I think you are wonderful. You give me hope in this darkness. Thank you fir giving us this precious song. ♥️🙏♥️

    90. Kasia Marzycielka


    91. Déborah F.

      It's a very very very beautiful song ! I love your songs Lauren Daigle. Thanks for your songs ❤️

    92. esther muthoni

      Lord hold on to me

    93. BreeB

      I meant to search another song and instead this came up. I tried it out bc it was Lauren Daigle, and I fell in love w it. The only problem is ppl who listen to her aren’t always Christian, and if they look up to her, she can save their lives by turning them to Christ by just mentioning Jesus. Or God, or even Christ. “When u have no words to say, just say Jesus”. 2020 got the best of us, and I can definitely stand by that. 2020 changed my life, and everyone around me. But God was standing right by us!!!! He is here when we need it the most.

    94. Maria Emma P.


    95. Chris Hui

      Woohoo I'm happy this songs finally out! Your early renditions of it were so beautiful. Keep pumping out music that honors God!

    96. Roma Perry

      This could be a song I sing to my husband. Is she singing to her lover, husband or to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Hmmmmm, cant tell! Pretty song tho!

      1. Alma Jean Jimenez

        Yes, I thought so too because the lyrics doesn't pin point to Christ. It's obviously about a person only.

    97. Jeewana EmpirE

      Is that new style to cut the name of almighty "JESUS CHRIST" name in gospel music?

      1. d t

        yeah, the new trend is to gain an evangelical following by singing christian music and then going mainstream and hoping they don’t notice.

      2. Alma Jean Jimenez

        Yeah, this isn't Gospel.

    98. Freedom Stitcher

      I don’t know how, but my husband, Don, was changed completely for the better through your music, Lauren. Thank you so much!!!❤️

    99. Nathan Mitchell

      My wife and I have recently suffered a loss of pregnancy our first child. Through this trial we have felt the presence of our Lord so strongly with us his arms surrounding us both through the pain. We hold onto Jesus everyday he is our priority. We know he will bless us with our Rainbow one day soon. This song is fitting truth to hold on when its to dark to see you.