Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan '97

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    1. Windave


    2. Fish Boi

      BDG: Hon come take a look- who are you Me: zjqolrtmgmxnshhwor

    3. The Greater Dane

      This definitely feels like an intimate father son moment caught mid-home invasion.

    4. Jake Paul

      Well that's gonna be some nightmare fuel. On the plus side I got to hear BDG say my name a dozen times so that's kind of cool.

    5. Hollow Jack

      this is NIGHTMARE and i'm in LOVE

    6. Im In The Bath

      this is why i have trust issues, thanks brian

    7. Nell Turley

      the thing that hit me upon this rewatch is that beard dad says “say something” to the intruder and mustache dad says “say something” to Jake.

    8. Raja W.

      is nobody gonna talk about how a shadow hand pushes jakes hand to put the vhs in

    9. Sydney Nordhagen

      Now I'm just waiting for the first movie written/directed by bdg and karen han!

    10. Andrew Jones

      This is fantastic work!

    11. TrooperVG

      Yo wtf I got to the "I don't want you to get stuck" bit at 6:59 and the video fucking paused itself and shat me the fuck up for like half a second until I realised it's cause I was getting a phone call from my landlord

    12. pointless crap

      I was not emotionally prepared for this oh my god

    13. FinalFirebrand

      This is S-Tier USfilm.

    14. Lackadaisical

      I know this is like a month old but I really see no one talking about the, "You're not.." at 7:10, that seems like it was going to be followed with ".. jake." Meaning that the person watching this isn't "Jake" at all.

    15. Hank Pretzel

      two words: Alan Resnick

    16. Missy Faye

      solid work.. i am freaked out but my brain is whirring

    17. Raven Bailey

      HEy brian, what uh.... whats up?

    18. Daniel Rébora

      That was terrifying, thank you

    19. Julianodavincci

      Wouldya look at how dale is doing without his brothers, so proud of him

    20. Marina Jean


    21. Holly McGolly

      This was fantastic

    22. myself

      you know how he goes "you're not-" and then then the tape rewinds, implying he's saying "you're not Jake"? i think we're the ones torturing him by rewinding the video, looking for narrative clues and coming up with theories, going back to the beginning over and over again distorting what once was an untouched memory. the reason the figure in the back is a shadowy silhouette is because it represents all of us and any one of use

    23. Marachime

      shit yeah.

    24. Edge 0w0


    25. Element Pixles

      Honestly the part that hits the hardest for me isn’t even the theme of the whole video, it just the emotion and panic in his voice when he’s confronting the intruder. It just sound so real and unsettling.

    26. Red

      oh cool bdg invented horror

    27. Notapepper

      My interpretation: The thing in all black is dread, Jake is watching this knowing it's the last recording of their father. The changing attitudes, length of hair and facial hair is about the imperfection of memory influencing Jake's interpretation of the video as he begins to forget what his dad looked and acted like making him interpret the video differently. The reaction to the bunny is Jake suddenly remembering he was a child once, which is a thought that seems alien now that he's on the other side of losing a parent. His dad walking out of the room is a further representation of his dad being gone and there being nothing he could do about it. The silhouette appearing in the door way is the dread of impending death moving on to Jake, it might not happen soon but Jake knows death is waiting for him at any moment just like it did for his dad. All of the pleading his dad did with the Jake watching the video was him trying to tell his son to let it go and live his life without dwelling on his past or future loss.

    28. Sydney Mings

      wait whats so creepy/unsettling about this?

    29. sleepynomi

      i'm gonna watch the pickle video again, that'll get rid of the nightmares, right?

    30. Citizen Insane

      Reminds me of the music video for A Hero's Death, except less surreal.

    31. gross man

      this is some marble hornets type shit

    32. Andy Dobson

      Hey Todd, w̨̗̦̯͛ͫ҉̢ḩ̠͉̕̕ä̡͍̖̪͙́͜͞t̨̗̬͆͜͟͢ t̔ͭ̌̀͟͏h̵̴̹̮͚̞̚e̸̿ͭ̅ͫ͞ f̯̞͈̾͜ủ̮̯̆͘͜͠͡c̷̡̨̘͍͌͛̂͡k̛̠͜

    33. two bats

      This made me cry. I expected the horror, but what I wasn't expecting was the grief. I didn't get very many photos or videos of my dad before he passed, so I've almost entirely forgotten his voice and his laugh and other little details, and this just really hit home for me. We have a few pictures of him scattered around the house and sometimes, even 10 years later, I'll find myself staring at them and wishing he'd just walk through the front door, home in time for dinner. The "you're an adult now" bit made me sob. He never even got to see me turn 11. I often think about whether or not he'd be proud of me, whether or not he'd like the adult I'd become. It also really hit home the sections where Brian had a goatee, because he looked so strikingly similar to my dad.

    34. BreadBeard

      So this is about unraveled right

    35. Austin Loui

      This is my favorite video on the channel by far, keep doing surreal horror shorts like this, they are so good.

    36. Ian B

      what a beaut

    37. Alex Johnson

      I really love how your independent content draws from modern technology and culture as the origin for both humor and horror; this, the get rich quick skit, basically everything you’ve done feels like both a cutting commentary and a distinctly modern piece. and, it’s always super fun/enjoyable!! I feel like I could teach a whole college course on “Brian David Gilbert and the New Modernism” or something

    38. James Monaco

      When you want to wandavision but you can only hex a vhs

    39. sorio99

      It took reading the script for me to realize his facial hair changes between rewinds. How did I miss that?

    40. Veronica Jenislawski

      That was fuckin scary

    41. Jake Spruce

      I felt a little called out by this ngl.

    42. Rick Estrada - CulbyCove

      I just listened to Everywhere At The End Of Time in its entirety for the first time last week and now I find this. I sense a recurring theme that I may explore for my next D&D one-shot

    43. Aubrey S.

      The natural progression of stretching the footage to get to the ten minute mark

    44. Boris van der Hof

      Fun fact, this type of horror is called analog horror and vhs tapes are a staple of the genre

    45. Oyster

      I'm glad i came back and watched this but I don't know why everyone's calling it horror it's just kinda bitter sweet

    46. nicolas cooley

      What.....what was this

    47. nicolas cooley

      Are those new shoes?

    48. Hariboi

      Gave me a good laugh. Nice work

    49. The Warman

      Fucking WOW!

    50. L Edwards

      I suppose horror and comedy both rely on the same core skill - subverting expectations. And I know how good BDG is at comedy, so it shouldn't have been a surprise how good he can be at horror. But then, that's the point, isn't it? With BDG, it's always a surprise.

    51. Juniper Lilac

      Brian. Stop, giving me anxiety attacks.

    52. Conor Whelan

      I need someone to explain this 😔

    53. Louis Pilfold

      holy shit

    54. Nunya Bizniz

      Also how he gets cut off at one point "your not-" Uhhhg, my heart!

    55. Nunya Bizniz

      I want to see a behind the scenes video or how he came up with the idea/breakdown?

    56. BiladitoGamesBR

      Rewatching this video doesn't feel quite right.

    57. Jyake

      Being named Jacob, this video is very weird

    58. Katelyn Kanya

      Brain and his spectacular acting: Jake? Me, despite my name not being Jake: *me? Meme*

    59. Ryan Khieu

      I came for a good laugh, I got a psychological thriller about grief

    60. Molly Hayward

      im not one to overshare in youtube comments but this.. didnt feel like horror. i lost my brother in november and my grandma in feb and ive been living in the images i have of them before everything. i keep looking into their faces and expecting something to happen. i am that figure haunting pasts i dont belong in

    61. você


    62. Superellysan

      Imagine how much freakier this video must be for someone named Jake

    63. ImJustSomeGuy

      Hes got really nice teeth

    64. Lucas

      Huge Shattered Memories vibe, I love it

    65. Olympia Fulcher

      this invokes the same terror in me that PT first did

    66. Jacob Strokirch

      As someone named Jake this is very unsettling.

    67. Leonard Winchester


    68. Gideon Grace

      Like. There are two things that give me "so it's late and I'm now afraid there's something behind the door" vibes. The Babadook and this.

    69. Grant Cactus

      I am very impressed by this concept and everything but I should not have watched at 2 A.M.

      1. Grant Cactus

        That said, this kinda content is super interesting and if there’s more like it in the future I think that’d be pretty cool. It’s a creative area I don’t see explored and shaken up too often

    70. Real Peter Mitchell


    71. August Wogsland

      jesus christ

    72. Ray Gerecht

      Well just got around to watching this, and I must say a good hat tip to you BDG. My only available response for a solid ten minutes was to start at my screen and then shed a few tears. That was disturbing and rocked me in ways I cannot explain. Very nice work.👍

    73. Adam Osborne

      Well that got fucking dark huh?

    74. thelostworld19

      Nope nope nope

    75. Lady Seraph

      I love it when you make horror stuff.

    76. Thomas Faires

      My name is Jake and this fucks me up lol

      1. The Horse Outside


    77. Gray A.D.

      Perhaps comedy and horror are inextricably linked? First Jordan Peele and now BDG are experts at both.

    78. Teihaga


    79. Annika Bunnel

      I am in a sound design class right now and this is phenomenal

    80. Annika Bunnel

      I am extremely uncomfortable and i love it

    81. Dogabc 6

      Ah yes, the perfect video to watch home alone

    82. Ryder Ellis

      This was a trip. Like it managed to be unsettling and uncanny and just so much

    83. Jake Witcombe

      This video really hits different when your name is Jake and your dad's dead.

    84. UnicornGod423 _

      I love how unlike the rest of your work this is this is hollowing and somber and emotionally real I feel like I just watched an art short film and I’m really glad I did thank you

    85. Morgan Day

      Here I was trying to watch some good ol BDG before bed and you hit me with this

    86. Vale :3

      Me being happy that I watched this in the morning ✌🏻... also I might be crying a bit.

    87. Pix Tron

      This is such a clever horror story because it isn't exactly scary at first, it's just really sad, but once you watch the entire video you start piecing the whole puzzle together and it becomes a mix of straight up disturbing sadness

    88. Dethrok _BTW

      This man is an actual visionary wtf

    89. Echo Berson

      Ah yes, finally we've discovered the next way to say, "haha, what?"

    90. Jake Ratburger

      Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I can't help but notice the length of the video is 9:34. 3+4=7 9:7 January '97

    91. yuri gouvêa wagner

      i just started living alone and being away from my mom and I miss her so much. watching this video made me really emotional, even though I haven't lost them. I think it's because I have started uni and it's comforting to look back to the life that allowed me to live with her that I related a bit to Jake. Damn you, BDG, this is too good.

    92. Smithy Smitherson

      Something noticed on a rewatch is that mustache dad is the only one to notice or contact the viewer, while goatee and beard dad both seem to end up in a state of paranoia, fear, or pain. They're also the ones who continue to go on with the original video, always starting somewhere in the original timeline before changing it, while mustache dad can directly start by speaking to the viewer without needing to use a jumping off point somewhere in the tape

    93. I’mThatStrangeBoy

      bdg as a dad is so believable

    94. aaronwardL69

      Comment for the algorithm. Keep up the great work guy!

    95. Aidan Stock

      this video made me feel physically ill, wtf

    96. Kate S

      I love what the two of them are doing

    97. NexebNoXV

      Never have I been more glad that my name isn't Jake

    98. Cameron Phenix

      Jordan Peele been real quiet since this dropped.

    99. Cade Rodger

      Brian, you uuuh, you 'kay there?

    100. AboveAverageCat44

      "HEY WAIT A SECOND" -Brian David Gilbert