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    1. Leonhart

      *I hope everyone that celebrates, had a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful to have such an amazing community with people like you in it! Thank you!*

      1. Raymond Morgan


      2. ToX3C Sloth

        Just watched this thanksgiving 2020

      3. Azim Ahmed


      4. Keith Fairman

        The guy that owned this storage unit initially was smart. There is no way he couldnt Make ends meet and miss the bill on his unit. I'm willing to bet he unfortunately passed in an accident or from an illness.

      5. robloxian2day

        hay how much for some of those packs dude i really wants

    2. rylan kalo

      I didn’t get nastalgia because I’m 10 but I love Pokémon

    3. tubenachos

      I don't even collect Pokémon but still watching 🤣

    4. Trottotrot

      Ames and Roses were stores before.walmart took over. The ames in Delaware went out in 1999.

    5. Florida KG

      I’m sure Leon gave him 5-10k and the guy was shitting his pants so happy with the number. Not knowing the sky ridge box is worth way more than that lol

    6. Souldownload

      I remember seeing those growing up. It's crazy to think years later they'd be rare and worth money

    7. Juanita Balderas

      Hey leon hart i love your videos im ten and i collect pokemon to if i could have some pokemon cards it would be the world to me

    8. Stronkter

      its funny bc that collection rn costs 200K

    9. Jacob Rhee

      im so jealous lol

    10. Keith Fairman

      “Anyone want a first edition dark charizard holographic?” raises hand quietly

      1. PekingEnte


      2. CosmicHydr0

        Stolen comment and you like it your self

    11. Looch1717

      My dude should have waited another year to sell this to you haha. I see you quoting the sealed boxes for 3-4k each..Future Leonhart is very happy about this purchase im sure.

    12. James Palmer

      How much is that worth now

    13. louise may

      Doesnt compare to this it’s the Largest base set charizard collection Iv ever seen over 100 charizards!! usfilm.info/fire/jctsqpuomduqu7I/video.html

    14. 5 G

      I am just watching this an man what a treat. My mother lost a storage unit with all of me and my brothers cards in binders. I could only imagine what the person who bought that locker got for our stuff. Great content man.

    15. Bit Stream

      Lockdown theme deck is ironic... Magmar is one of my fave pokemonz :D

    16. Mickey Sheehan

      I am so flippin jealous..... I'd love to buy some sealed rocket packs!

    17. Keith Fairman

      Dude how did you find a guy who found this ? Asking for a friend

      1. Bitch Lasagna

        He’s lying

    18. SPM0

      Those gym challenge boxes unlimited edition are going for around 17k right now I guess www.collectorscache.com/catalog/pokemon_sealed_products-pokemon_booster_boxes/pokemon_gym_challenge_unlimited_booster_box/67428

    19. Cow God

      1 year later gang

    20. Brohan

      I had that Lockdown Theme Deck! Holy crap!

    21. jruch314

      I would like some BASE SET booster packs/boxes. DM me please ?

      1. JPV

        Same here

    22. Topher Fitzpatrick

      Sucks to see someone else living out your fantasy

    23. Mike Freeman

      Ames was like a department store attached to former local mall back in reading,pa where I'm from and yea it was other places also.

    24. V H

      No footage of the actual storage shed... and or anything else actually for that matter lol FAKE

    25. BrazeBud

      should update the title of this video to current prices lmao

    26. RMM

      We had Ames in Massachusetts

    27. Travis Wirth

      4:00 when you've been dating a smokeshow for a month, but she's deeply religious.

      1. Toby The Pug


    28. Michael KaRmA

      The store was probably called "Aim". lol

    29. Texas Random


    30. Austin Brehm

      How do we get in touch leonhart? Much love and respect

    31. AloofSavage

      I’m from denton tx ur becoming my fav youtube just constantly watching u and u always stay entertaining ...I love it 💎 (plz open the Pokémon store in Dallas)

    32. Chance Yuknis

      I'd love some team rocket packs!

    33. ItsStormiez

      I have that same puzzle but it’s pretty beat up


      I love your channel man

    35. lunk

      It looks like it was the end stock of a store

    36. CHOI

      Who else is jealous

    37. Daniel Gillip

      That’s awesome. Btw Ames department store went out of business 18 years ago

    38. Ryan FN

      the store ames is a department store that in no longer around based in my home state Connecticut

    39. Gamer's Talk

      Ames we're in my state. So definitely from the east coast.

    40. Atomic Family Fun

      Ames was a department store kinda like wal Mart here on the east coast. They went out of business a few years ago

      1. Atomic Family Fun

        That case was for the Gameboy color. You were lucky to have that case.

    41. _XMoonDerpX_

      Man i wish i got that lucky

    42. J.

      That's inappropriate and immoral. It's possibly stolen property. Or was not placed in the unit with the consent of the original owner. Thus, you could get sued and/or lose them all.

    43. Supraduperfast

      Would love to have some of those Team Rocket packs. 😱😱😱.

    44. Kevin Santos

      Bro, that must be the luckiest thing to find all that, I had a lot of those Team Rockets cards and give them away

    45. suga32 hobi

      I would love some team rocket packs, maybe I'll find some when I go shopping I'm getting back into collecting pokemon.

    46. Stuart Sharp

      Pokemon, literally collect them all!

    47. Tom Shutt

      Paid the guy 15k for a 50-60k collection. Did him dirty.

    48. ACE boopypoo

      for over 50 boband dollars

    49. Emmanuel Augustine

      Yo so i think ik how all those cards ended up in the storage unit. So from the store tag from an Ames department store which is currently no more, it must be clear as to what happened. My guess is since the store went bankrupt, they ended up getting rid of their stock and threw it away into the storage unit

    50. WarriorTC04

      why are skyridge packs so expenisve. i can't find any cards that are worth thousands of dollars yet just one pack is selling for like $1000. so whats the deal?

    51. Loot Crater

      I'm confused. Did Leonhart buy the storage unit or did he buy the packs from the guy who bought the storage unit?

      1. Brant Deleon

        Got them from the storage buyer

    52. The Rare Hunter

      Porygon is a WoTc promo. Loved the vid, epic find man for sure.

    53. Olly.B

      Did anyone buy your Bulk? I'd love it haha @leonhart

    54. W E

      MTG is wayyyyy cooler than Pokemon, Pokemon is for lil kids

    55. Rick Sheets

      I used to see Ames in Rhode Island. It's a lower end K-Mart style store, went out of Business around 2002 after declaring bankruptcy for the 2nd time.

    56. Daniel The Gengar Geek

      hmmm 🤔 not bad but needs more steam siege

    57. Brandon Cunningham

      Imagine being the former owner of this collection and watching all these. Lol😂😂

      1. Brandon Cunningham

        "this is in fantastic condition" PSA grades it 5 the worlds smallest violin starts playing

    58. canoeshoe

      how do the rich boys find all this stuff??

    59. shane hilton

      Wow man that’s amazing!!!!

    60. Kenneth

      New Wild Rift video! Check it Episode #2 @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiosY...

    61. Kenneth

      BLACKPINK - '마지막처럼 (AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST)' M/V HITS 900 MILLION VIEWS '마지막처럼 (AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST)' M/V 🎥 usfilm.info/fire/ddCqY6OjqMSbu6Y/video.html #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #ASIFITSYOURLAST #마지막처럼 #MV #900MILLION #USfilm #YG

      1. Yugami

        Thanks for advertising that you have no life and that you simp for a million dollar group that will never care about you.

    62. Funancialism

      01:35 I went to get 16 shots in one day at the doc to test for allergies and after went to wizards of the coast and my mom got me that deck

    63. Krackin S

      This is so amazing! I’m just getting into Pokémon as my 4yr old has a collection of over 400 cards. But this is amazing!!! Those crystal cards were beautiful btw!!!

    64. RJ O'Reilly

      When you said Ames, the nostalgia kicked right in. I remember over 20 yrs ago being a kid in MA and going to Ames all the time in the Summer. Loved pokemon when it came out. I would say Ames was like Kmart before they all went out of business, just like Kmart. That is an amazing find. Congrats!

    65. C WIlson

      Literally low-balled the seller to the depths of the ocean

    66. ToxicRelexツ

      Logan bought a single gem mint price of cardboard charizard

    67. jaja binks

      damn, a dead mans treasure for sure.

    68. Albert Castellanos

      I had that puzzle when i was a kid.

    69. JYRICK!

      I would absolutely love some Neo Destiny packs. 🙏🏻❤️

    70. Dusty D

      Leonhart, can we get an updated value of this storage locker buy? That would be awesome to hear!

    71. ARCHIE RKO


    72. Blake Meche

      Ames was a retail store mostly in the Northeast and Midwest, that went bankrupt and liquidated in 2002.

    73. Angelica Diego

      Leonhart plz answer me are you G. A. Y.

    74. Austin Naylor

      Almost a year later, and i wonder how much all of this would sell for now. Absolutely insane.

    75. Outlaw Diesel

      When he said wizards went extinct 😂😂😂 no Leon they’re still making the best TCG game *magic*

    76. Ibrahim Klaib

      Hello leonhardt do you really have some Pokemon packs for me 0r to donate to me please

    77. Alexi Samaan

      @leonheart r u selling Pikachu bag?

    78. kaiden thompson

      he says its completly sealed but theres a hole in the middle of the box at 9:00 until 9:45

    79. scottynapas

      What do you do with all the Pokemon cards which aren’t rare or special?

      1. Emme Apps

        Card boxes. I have 3 almost full that hold 8,000 each

      2. Chris Hoover

        I couldn't imagine this man's extra pokemon card collection. I'd love to see it tho

    80. TheSideHustler

      This is literally like 200k plus right now

    81. Hal Griffiths-Kidd

      I think it says Argos it’s from U.K. maybe ?

    82. S1CKN3Z

      You got really crusty nails.

    83. Rickerdoodles

      Man i wiish i had as much money as Leonhart, to be able to preserve all this pokemon history, keeping sealed boxes, selling off loose cards, its so cool, one can only hope to be this kind of scholar that preserves the pokemon texts

    84. Chino Latino

      That moment when i realized my uncle had a 1st edition base set charizard and i ruined it when i was like 5, it wasn't nearly as expensive but i feel so fucking bad

    85. gervacio santos

      How tf did u get all that wow

    86. Osahin Martinez

      All the sudden this guy doesn’t know the price of things lmao yeah we all know you underpaid the sucker lmao

      1. Dan

        this was over a year ago

    87. Cherry_ Playz

      4:00 when you've been dating a smokeshow for a month, but she's deeply religious.

    88. Nemesis Project

      Ripping off an old man, they're worth WELL MORE then 50k! One box is worth like 100-250k if original

      1. Joshua Brown

        Nemesis Project this was last year - prices were no where near as crazy as they are now. Yes, he probably still low balled and got a good deal at the time, but even Leon didn’t know how much of a good deal this was going to be!

    89. Alexi Samaan

      Imagine being the owner knowing how much pokemon went up lol sucks to suck

    90. Isai Chay

      How tf is someone this lucky

    91. drew p

      well this was a good investment

    92. Colby Silly and Fun

      Mee ded by

    93. Colby Silly and Fun

      Yo dis da dream

    94. Omar Salazar

      Took.me back to memory lane

    95. Will's Pokemon

      Y'all Count : Max Limit Reached

    96. Dylan Beauchemin

      I love feraligator

    97. Moe B

      Is your workout routine Pokémon themed? If so can you make a video about it please

    98. xLegendAries Gaming

      Ames was popular in New Jersey until early 2000s when they went out of business.

    99. xLegendAries Gaming

      Ames was popular in New Jersey until early 2000s when they went out of business.

    100. Zachary Farley

      Cool Porygon was from the N64 Pokemon Stadium Bundle