Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. tylerbosco96

      My father just got diagnosed with lung cancer 2 months ago and having to juggle working and keeping up on wverything already hard enough through this pamdemic then finding out my fathers lungs were full of fluids and he had to get them drained at the hospital and thats when they found the cancer in his lungs i try so hard to not breal down and have an emotional break down durimg my shift 6 days a week and this song as helped me pull through these hard and rough times thank you so much tom

    2. John Doe

      Lost half my family to various forms of cancer so this hit awfully close to home

    3. April May

      2014 I was diagnosed and refused treatment although a DR. actually threatened me about my choice! Hey, I had a Mum to care for because she had cancer. We did the treatments! It killed the Mum I knew. Three years she fought and still died! Sooner then what they had said. So for 3 years we were the victim of a violent crime that resulted in her murder! After I agreed to have an operation. It was followed by another. The second surgeon told me there was NO REASON for me to believe I had cancer. Imagine if I had done those treatments?! They would have ruined me while living!! Don't do those fucking treatments!! Please, don't do those fucking treatments, they are deadly and they only piss the disease off. It will come back with more ferocity then it had before. Its not about years its about quality of the years you have left!

    4. Buddha Awakens

      Eat better. Stop eating sugar. Cancer solved. Big ups Dr. Sebe

    5. Scott Fitzgerald

      A friend asked to watch this and listen to your song. This is such a powerful message! I just found out 2 days ago my dad has stage 3 lung cancer. His body is too weak to handle treatment... They are giving him 6 to 9 months to live. This stuff needs to go away and they need to find cures for this massive killer. My heart is broken thinking of losing the one man who's taught me so much.

      1. Scott Fitzgerald

        @O T N thank you man that means a ton to me. It's gonna be long road but gotta enjoy time with him as much as possible.

      2. O T N

        Sorry to hear about your pops man. This made me fight back a few tears when I put myself in your shoes. I wish you both the best, and I hope you can find a healthy way to cope when the time comes.

    6. xStrikerVisionx


    7. richie sxillz

      Whoever puts a.dislike here it's either you are a witch or an evil doer

    8. Matthew Roelke

      this. is. beautiful.

    9. Cheyenne von monroe

      Cancer sucks my grandma died of lung cancer a couple of years ago it sad cancer is in this world

    10. Nasmi Thousen

      Omg u r so intelligent bruh❤️❤️❤️

    11. Ian Mcalester

      I lost both of my parents to cancer my dad to lung cancer in 2017 and my mom to liver cancer in 2019 they were both 67. I miss them so much and as much as this song makes me sad I love this song. Thank you Tom!!

    12. Stephanie hartman

    13. Ka Dy Roane

      Amazing song

    14. Who Cares

      All of your songs are so powerful.

    15. cory parent

      Wow the truth is just so sad keep pushing the truth down there throat people blow this up share it like it we have all lost sum special cancer these people are killing us and we pay these people TOM you keep blowing up there spot and ill keep spreading ❤ 💙 the truth you didn't break

    16. andrew keeler

      What a beautiful song. I’ve lipstick two friends to this disease

    17. Suzan Pahari


    18. David Noble

      Love you man! Thank you!

    19. Phat Man89

      Man I appreciate this I lost my mom to cancer a few months ago and it still sucks.😭😭😞😞

    20. Kaden Turnbull

      I was diagnosed with high risk lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 11. I'm 17 now, & have been listening to you for a couple years now. This song means everything to me.

    21. Teddygram1412

      My grandma just got diagnosed with stage 5 cancer only has 6 months with chemo..

    22. lizardmandx

      He's been making cancer music this entire time, this is just meta now.

    23. Kev_the_gamer1

      this is trash

    24. thomas riley

      This is the truth love it thanks tom

    25. Lillian Scott

      So I am being Tom for Halloween this weekend and idk what his forehead tattoo says does any one know along with his finger tattoos?

    26. Orlando Rossano

      Facts bro!!!!😭😭😭💯💯💯

    27. Robert Bethel

      It’s songs like this that make you a legend Tom!!

      1. Robert Bethel

        @Kev_the_gamer1 lol salty about him are you? Must suck to live you’re life trolling music videos of someone you don’t like.

      2. Kev_the_gamer1

        he's a legend of shit music

    28. Steven Patton

      Expose this Tom MacDonald

    29. Main Jesusp Sasuke

      1616 I sealed demons powers

      1. Main Jesusp Sasuke

        Hacker x style clonnes and our selves cho mo killers

      2. Main Jesusp Sasuke

        People's not my men or Phillip or silver stein is Stil9n our tech I'm still presdent

    30. Main Jesusp Sasuke

      Ttillgeal to shapshit to run-in someone

    31. Main Jesusp Sasuke

      Leslie Bev

    32. Main Jesusp Sasuke

      Not my people but some people shapshifren again

    33. Noe Montoya

      Cancer really really sucks man

    34. Teresa Virden

      This hit home for me. The last 8 years ive been surrounded by cancer. I helped my mom fight. She passed in 2016. During that time i was helping my best friend in the whole world. 20 years of her being my best friend. CANCER is a wicked thing. Breast cancer bone cancer lung cancer and brain cancer. All suck. Thats what they fought. Every day for 6 years each. It has dam near killed me. Im in do much pain on a dayley basis i cant breath most of the time. My borthday is sunday. Im not looking forward to it. This song hit me right in the heart. Every word is true. Am i going to feel lonely for the rest of my life. I dont know. What i do know is i habe to keep fighting. Thats what they would want me to do. They were my heart. And now its gone. Thank you for this song

    35. ReplicaGt

      Thank You ,Tom! I just got your signed cd's in the mail :D My mom is a cancer "survivor", its not been easy for her and the rest of the family. the treatment they game her (chemotherapy) destroyed her, she can no longer work, and she get exhausted for just go buying groceries. the "medicine" and treatment they give all cancer patients are wrong, we all know it, they know it, but nobody dares to talk about it, the pharma industry makes way too much money on cancer to really go and find a real cure. you and me both know the cure is there, but in most places in the world its illegal and if its legal its not recognized as a cancer treatment... we live in a sick world. Thank you Tom for giving us truth and hope. Keep doing your thing and we will support you all the way. Say Hi to Nova from me, love her "problem" song! (and thanks for putting the value on the mail at $10, didn't have to pay tax on that! hah, f the system) Love from Norway (PS, my mom usually hates people who has tattoos in their face, but after I showed your music to her she loves you!)

    36. Stormy Lay

      Played this for my mom last niggt and it had her crying and smiling at the same time .

    37. Elizabeth Moriarty

      Excellent video! Anyone who put a thumbs down on this is just an asshole. My dad had stage 3 lung cancer, beat it and a few years later died from bladder cancer. 6 months after my dad died, my mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She beat it and 2 years later she is right now fighting very aggressive breast cancer. They cured every form of cancer in the 1930's. They government took all the research and the man died alone and poor. I believe his name was Rife. Rudolph Rife maybe.....

    38. Theunknowng4y

      They must have a cure for cancer

    39. Israel Grantham

      Swear this made me cry

    40. Brian Hall

      The sad part is he is telling the truth, their will never be cures for anything man kind can greedy make billions on. Think of this the people you vote for to be put into Government places knows this is going on and puts prices on people lives by letting this happen.

    41. James Filion

      Thanks again Tom. Music worth listening to.

    42. Bloodshot

      Sober and cancer is.....SO INSPIRING well sober isn’t it’s baccicly connecting to peoples lives

    43. Daniel Treesh

      My dad died from cancer. I thank you for this song

    44. 7Filters

      Thank you

    45. Morning MtnDew

      Terrible bald cap, Cancer kills the animals too, pets/food, don’t matter, humanity won’t survive, our alien parents will save us or kill us like species before us.... this attempted radio hit is no “I Wish”...

      1. Morning MtnDew

        Not to break down anyone’s personal struggles, I got cancer in my family too. But not every track can considered amazing by a few thousand comments with no negative reactions or comments. I try to be constructive as I feel Tom would be the only artist to read any comments

    46. Superboygamer

      Oh your talking about yourself great cuz ur cancer

    47. Dylan Farstveet

      Both my grandparents died of cancer and I have generalized anxiety disorder almost every night I am worried about if my parents get cancer

    48. Brandon McCoy

      Truly inspiring

    49. Laverne Bloss

      This was deep. You can tell how emotional he was doing this video

    50. Michael Brown

      Watching my dad die from brain cancer this is definitely a fight song for cancer patients. Keep up with the truth!

    51. Chase_ 55

      Can I tell you something my grandma died the day before you posted this by cancer she had brain liver and stomach cancer

    52. Claire Glenn

      i love the message of all his songs it’s like f the haters f everything life throws at you just fight like hell to live, like actually live, and don’t succumb to your addictive personality, addiction, and mental illness. just live your life and try to be positive. you’ll struggle and life will throw some shit at you but just LIVE.

    53. Professor X

      As someone (who is not looking for attention) being depressed and my brother having cancer it’s a amazing song and I love your music have fun making what you making Also if your going though anything just know that you do have strength to get though it

    54. John Pyle

      Please tom make a video of dementia!!!! Please

    55. John Pyle

    56. Cory Cody

      I lost my Dad to chemo two years ago. His body tried to fight it, and went septic, and it killed him. His birthday was four days ago. I miss you, Dad. Thanks for this song, Tom. Jim Cody 1949-2018

    57. Darian Osborne

      Hey Tom, call me?

    58. Javier Trevino

      This is why I have so much respect for Tom he speaks nothing but the truth even when it hurts. Keep it up man

    59. xSpookySZN

      rip dad

    60. A Waren

      Dam bro,I love this song.. hard for me to listen to tho😢...

    61. Nicholas Sharpe

      this song is so sad

    62. Nick Enterline

      Tom thank you this hits home hard . When my son was 3 the was diagnosed with Wilms tumor kidney cancer . seeing him go through what he when though changed my family's life forever.

    63. Quentin Grzyb

      This song hits so deep that it reminds of my grandpa. He passed away from stage 3 cancer reaching stage 4. He went to the hospital and went through radiation treatments. In the end, he died of toxins in his system. The hospital never that he went to never wanted to save him. His pain has brought great pain in my life and affected everyone in my family. He was a great loving man of God. His last dying wish was that everyone in the family live in peace and get along. I keep his memories and image in my heart to this day and what he stands for. Thank you Tom MacDonald for making this video and song. I truly appreciate it dearly.

    64. Dabasaurus Rex 44

      Thank you for telling my cancer is bad Tom🙏

    65. Hunter Bollman

      So true tho

    66. Hunter Bollman

      So sad! ):

    67. Sly Dawg

      My cousin is fighting a loosing battle with stage 4 lung cancer, and spread to several places. She is on her last few moments on this rock.

    68. Psycho Space

      My mom had cancer before she had me, if she died I wouldn’t be here today. She is so strong.

    69. Bosanac


    70. Emmanuel Chisha

      TOM MCDONALD ft NF ---I would love to see them together in one song🎶🎶 like both say the truth and facts about life 🌍🌍🌍🌍

    71. Donovan Meier

      Awesome song. Thank you, Tom!

    72. alisha hill

      Had to wait to listen to this...just lost my aunt to cancer. U rock dude

      1. alisha hill

        When my grandfather was dying of cancer he said China had a cure but the us won't allow it due to the lose of money they would see

    73. Samantha Morgan

      20 some years ago in high school I shared the opinion that cancer was an industry that too many were financially invested in for them to allow a cure. I got torn apart by the whole class and that's when I knew that most never look beneath the surface of an issue for the root cause. And that's why we make no progress on the worlds issues.

    74. Baystream *

      A great straight forward read that should be shared

    75. Wachira Paul

      I discovered Tom MacDonald today and for real there is no turning back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    76. torremth

      Well 230 am, this mourning my grandpa Don passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. I missed the call im crying.

    77. Random-shiz

      I just lost my moms a month ago to throat cancer she was only 47 my life is forever changed

    78. Teri Lee

      October Breast cancer awareness month Thank u Tom I'm stage 4 and fighting every day!

    79. Сука Блять

      Cancer funny

    80. Eric Kimball

      See my thought exactly the cure is out there somewhere but I bet ya government got it all locked away

    81. Zak Feather

      Nice song tom macdonald

    82. Senji Kryomasa

      Yes such grate sing and meassge! Preach it.

    83. Lisa Quartararo

      You speak to my soul, brother. God bless you Tom

    84. A Theresa

      "We've been paying them to kill ourselves" that hit so deep right now!!!

    85. Sebastian Shillito

      Hows a song mixed with comments give one goosebumps

    86. Sebastian Shillito

      Love the message you send bro

    87. Chris Treborn

      Fire Fauci, now!!!!

    88. Clear Eyes Media

      Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Read the ingredients on your food before you eat it. Exercise regularly. Drink lots of water. If you’ve got extra body weight, you don’t need to eat 3-4 times per day!! Being healthy isn’t easy, and it’s not a 1-2 week thing. It’s a life style. If you want a long, healthy, happy life with your family, please take care of yourself.

    89. michelle compton

      I Lost My Brother who was 27 yrs old to Brain Cancer and 7 months later my mother who was 48 to lung and kidney cancer. It has been 17 years now I miss them every single day! Love this song ! ❤️

    90. Mike

      Bro Much L$R fromNJ💯✔️🇺🇸💪🇺🇸👍✌🏼 2.9k dislike that’s really crazy y’all will get wok hope it’s not to late. 🙏

    91. Tiffany Francis

      My 10 y/o son and 11 y/o daughter just lost their daddy in February to cancer. The doctors lied to us. This song is amazing! Dying to keep living! Prayers for all the fighters!

    92. TheWestCoastRasta CanaGanjauana

      My mom is a breast Cancer survivor and my work honors the breast Cancer survivor and the ones who are still fighting and the one we have lost every year during October. I appreciate every day my mom is still here. And I applaud the ones who are still fighting this cancer.


      Bro this video was released exactly the same day when my uncle died of cancer

    94. Molasses Malone

      It's been 2 years since I lost my mom can barley talk about it don't know who to blame just so much rage thanks for the video makes me feel not so alone in this cold world

    95. Gariel vazquez

      Tom you gotta get a singer on your hooks your hooks be fire plus your lyrics are on point

    96. CreekSquad RHEC VFL

      Wow . He actually made a fight song for those suffering from this madness that's man made ?? Smh god bless you all !! #WeAreTheSame 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    97. Mary H

      My mom has 2 different forms of cancer right now and my sister died 5 weeks ago. You're music is helping me a lot

    98. Allen Sailers

      Omg tom you never stop amazing me bro with the truth you speak bro I'm more than a just a fan of yours because the words you speak I feel like we are family man I love you an have never met you in person and your the only musician in any music genre that has ever mad me feel like that bro an that's is why your successful keep doing you brother we all love you so much respect we have for you

    99. Ashley Lewis

      People who hate Tom McDonald are just stupid plus for all the mean comments are necessary and whoever is saying them you must be out of your mind because Tom McDonald is great and if you want to keep on making mean comments you might as well be pointing them towards yourself

    100. Darcey Spates

      I sent this to my aunt and uncle who are in the hospital fighting as we speak Thank you for this I love you!