im really struggling right now

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    Happy MONDAY I hope you are doing your best and I love u
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. morgans vlogs

      I love you 🖤 even if you don’t feel loved remember that you are and life always works out for the best

      1. Another Droid

        Do you always feel this way? Know that PMS isn’t the only time hormones hit. There are different times throughout the month. And even when on estrogen is high, the good feelings can sometimes bring a mix of anxiety. In the second two weeks, the body processes sugar and caffeine differently, which can change moods too. Not to say it’s all hormones, but getting a good understanding of them can help add to your picture. Maybe Clue app or Daylio are good to track. You may find that similar perceptions happen during the month. With knowledge these variations can become superpowers. Lots of happy and love to you! 🌻

      2. Sasha Gold

        @Cat Feathers thank you so much. So happy to know they’re are such beautiful people still in the world 💓💓

      3. Cat Feathers

        @Sasha Gold hang in there beautiful. Life will get better, my stranger-friend.

      4. Cat Feathers

        @Jennii Caroline right?! And she is PAYING for this abuse? That is some bullshit right there. That asshole needs some humanity training.

      5. SLE smiles

        I’m praying for you Morgan! The past year and a half has been extremely rough, so know that you are not alone. We are all scrambling to find ways of filling the holes in our lives. You have such a beautiful spirit and I hope you connect with what will truly fill your life with love , peace and joy. For me, it’s been knowing that Jesus loves me and is with me every single day. He has erased my overbearing sense of emptiness and continues to give me purpose in life. I’m not telling you what to believe, but I’m sure He can help you if you ask Him to. Sending you All the hugs and love in this world ❤️❤️❤️ Things will get better!!!

    2. Wanderlust Rachel

      At 6:30 was that your cats paw behind your head by the nightstand? LOL

    3. Meghan Freeman

      Thank you so much for this video. I have felt this way so many times it makes me feel no one is in the same boat or that no one will truly understand how you’re feel. You’re a strong confident woman and I love you!!

    4. Salem

      I literally started crying once she started crying while saying it’s okay. I can’t express how much I relate to this video. So glad you posted this ❤️

    5. Corinthia Kessler

      Damn it, Morgan made me realize I’m a simp friend too! I’ve lost four friends this year and each has killed me mentally more than any breakup has and it’s absolutely terrible. It’s such a frustrating and upsetting trait to be.

    6. Alessia Croft

      Morgan, MOVE FROM LA, we can see it’s not good for you and you are not that kind of thing person, your too good and honest for LA

    7. Lexi Hernandez

      If you come back to Colorado I’ll be your friend lol I have no friends either

    8. Ems

      I didn't want to watch this video when it first came out cause I thought it would just make me more sad. But it did the opposite! It made me feel less alone in what I'm feeling. Thank you!

    9. Auntie PanPan

      The Universe is trying to tell you something! This 50 yr. old Orange County auntie loves ya! Zenhugz.

    10. Sunny

      I felt this on such a fundamental level

    11. Stacey Janeway

      And see when you go through this you don't think anyone really gets it but I get it. I have been going through this since 2/22 and im turning 40 Saturday and I don't really know if thats it but I had to take off work because I just can't right now. I went to the dr and its not helping and im trying so hard and I have been alone for 8 years and I just don't know what to say. But thank you for sharing with ne that im not alone.

    12. Stacey Janeway

      I cried too because I feel this way. I love you Morgan

    13. Stacey Janeway

      Morgan, I have been going through this since 2/22 idk why but I just can't get out of it. Idk what to do. But it helps to know I'm not alone 🖤🖤🖤

    14. Angel Schulze

      Girl listen to “just like you” by nf. It helped me a lot and I think it could help you too!! ❤️

    15. Lexi Hernandez

      lol can i have the ones T 13:09 PLLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSEEEE

    16. Erin Krening

      That soul cycle instructor has TOXIC energy. Maybe SHE'S THE BOTTOMFEEDER for being condescending/judgemental turd.

    17. Aurora Tomchak

      I’m going through the same thing man ): thank you for being vulnerable for us. This helped me a lot today 🥺❤️

    18. ASS


    19. Ur moms toast nuggets

      Ok I’m sorry really off topic but WHERE DID U GET UR CREWNECK

    20. Ur moms toast nuggets

      Crying with a pile of clothes behind u.. mood

    21. Erin Taylor

      Thank you for showing us the raw emotions! So relatable! I've been there before.. sorry if I'm beating a dead horse, but have you looked into counseling/therapy? CBT can help you understand your emotions and change your mindset when you feel stuck. Just thinking of you and want you to feel your best!💕

    22. Ellie Taylor

      Morgan you are so strong and brave to share all of your struggles with your mental health and I think you are doing a brilliant thing by helping to make people feel less alone xxx

    23. Julia W

      “We simply have no other option than to figure it out, so here I am figuring it out. I hope you’re figuring it out, too.” As someone whose life has been completely flipped upside down in the last year, this is so real. Here’s to everyone struggling and figuring it out rn 💓

    24. Viviene Coello

      I loved your fashion show! I wanna see more of that!

    25. Viviene Coello

      I foresee Morgan getting into Yale, moving, and getting into great things! I love you Morgan! 🥰

    26. Georgia

      Aw this made me cry😢 I'm sorry you're going through this it sucks. Thank you for being so honest and showing the not so "seen" side of mental health. I feel like I'm in a similar place to you and it helps me feel less alone watching a video that I can deeply relate to. Good luck on your journey x

    27. JennaBinx

      We love you Morgan. Stay strong girl!❤💜❤💜❤💜

    28. This is not the Droid your looking for

      Are you still friends with Trinity?

    29. Lacey Minogue

      You seem like such a genuine, caring person. Im happy to hear you are doing better compared to before. Hang in there. You are beautiful and deserve nothing but all the happiness :)

    30. This is not the Droid your looking for

      You need to move to Colorado!!! Your mental health needs it!

    31. Kaitlan

      Why do you live alone if you don’t like living alone? Why not find roommates?

    32. Claire Taylor

      Morgan you are so strong. You are such a beautiful person, and you radiate so much positivity in this world, you're too good for LA

    33. Jenna P

      Okay but is your color

    34. Lina Kos

      Dear Morgan! You are the most relatable person on this platform. Thank you for helping me relate to you on a personal level. I too had that horrible day on sunday where after that i fell ill with the flu bc i just wasn’t taking care of myself bc of stress, struggling with my too low of a weight to fill out any jean and i just wanna say.. i know it might be hard for you but yt is a big enough platform that you don’t need ig. I deleted it last year march and it really helped with me not comparing myself to anyone but embrace myself as crazy as i am and people tend to vibrate more to me. I made so many new friends and acquaintances that when i have those good days and i find the right outfit i light up places and then universe is just like look at her go. I know you can find your happiness and it’s just around the corner. Just find a way to see yourself as all of our friends because i bet that every girl and boy relating to this.. we could have a smores camping night in cabins and have a lit sleepover and just be human for a moment. So if you’re reading this ever, know that you are loved, supported and cherished. Even when you feel like you’re not. And remember kids, you’re 20% more attractive than you think you are! ❤️

    35. Frida Genberg

      I LOVE how real you are ❤️ You are amazing, hope you feel better ❤️ My friends left me because I have big dreams and I moved 1 hour car ride away with my (first ever) boyfriend and all of them are single. I just felt like if they can't be happy for me and supportive, I'd rather have no friends. Yeah it's sooo hard making new friends especially in a new city where you don't know anyone but you should never have friends that are not supportice and happy for you. ❤️

    36. Breanna Jordan

      I love you ❤️

    37. smile011

      What you're going through is very familiar to me as well and many people go through. This is a void in our lives only God alone can fill. I recommend you to read a book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Blessings and be safe!

    38. Krissy Enchanted

      Thank you for making this video, it helps me so much because I am going through something very similar

    39. hazki

      Girl stop apologizing for being human! This is the 1st video I've ever watched from you and I've subscribed Because you're so relatable! I really hope it gets better for you!

    40. K Jayanth

      Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    41. Trevor N

      I love you so much Morgan. I wish I was a close friend aghhhhh you deserve to be happy! You have such a loving family, and friends you need look at that more. We ALL love you girly, why you think we always come back and to continue supporting you. ALSO YOU HOT AFFFF BBIITTTCCCCHHHHHHHH LOVE YAAAAAA SIS ❣️🥰

    42. Vanessa V

      Morgan dear. You’re depressed. You need to find yourself a good doctor and the right meds. 🥺💕💜🧡

    43. Vanessa V

      Ahhh you Said no to the sunglasses that really suited you 😶

    44. Vanessa V

      Morgan you don’t have to give away stuff to gain happiness. I really Wanna give you a covid Safe hug Right now 🥺

    45. Vanessa V

      Morgan you could actually step up your therapy game - go 2-3 times a week. As in depth therapy. Maybe moving in with someone else would be good for you too. 🙏 you got this!! And honestly even if you don’t - that’s ok. You don’t have to be fine. You can feel all the feels and still be a great person. You’re actually growing right now - your soul - your self awareness - you re all growing. This is your path to becoming you. The real you. And I’m grateful you’re being so open and vulnerable about it. 💜

    46. Blue

      I think holding on to things good or bad is normal. I think a lot of people are going through it right now. Some days I turn in the worst version of my school work ever and some other days I act out and stay in bed and end up calling myself a garbage human. I have no clue what’s happening lol, I’m just here.

    47. Eszra Falcontail

      I get it and I feel for her but.....when people replace the word GOD with the word "universe" 🙄. The universe was created by a consciousness...this was God. Some people just get to manipulated by all this new age "the secret" stuff that doesnt have room for mistakes, pain or any form of negative outburst which is just human. We are loved anyway and we get a new chance every second of the day. Also: get out of LA

    48. Diana Marlene Lemus Figueroa

      I swear you are so freaking beautiful like I can g even and I feel every single word you said it gets very hard at times and it's true you never know what someone else is carrying but you also have to prioritize YOU it's hard but not impossible my lovely ❤️

    49. Saud Alsanad

      I freakin love u

    50. my REAL big family

      No actually you put those on and you get like 12 points hotter js

    51. Katie Altieri

      I absolutely love how vulnerable you get and you don't show the "perfect life" You are so real! I hate that you have to deal with mental health struggles but you are so inspiring and make me feel better when I'm going through similar issues

    52. NS

      girl I relate to this so much. depression is so hard.

    53. Madeleine Kokiri

      I have some advice that honestly has helped me learn to love myself.. when I never did before. Whenever you catch yourself making even the tiniest self deprecating comment, say out loud "No. I am not ___." Maybe replace it with something like "I'm just being silly. I'm having an off day. & It's okay." Even if you don't believe it at that moment, rewiring what you say out loud about yourself to be more positive (or even just less critical) truly helps, even if it takes a long time. It's OK. One step at a time. 💕 I'm here for you, I love all of your work. Thank you for being you.

    54. Madeleine Kokiri

      Hello angel. 💕 I just want to say that I am going through the same painful transition, && I promise it gets better.. I am just holding out for a few more months, I know things will change.. I am proud of you, you are not alone. 🌹 Thank you for helping me feel less misunderstood, too. Much love. 💜

    55. KristaLee Raffaelli

      Maybe you should write a book!

    56. KristaLee Raffaelli

      I wanna be your friend!

    57. KristaLee Raffaelli

      Also Morgan. You're fucking normal okay. Idk if you know that but you're beyond normal. You're exquisite most humans are fucking unconscious (not self aware AT ALLL) dumb asses! You're self aware and smart and I just wish I could make you feel more confident in yourself cause you're a star

    58. KristaLee Raffaelli

      You're a beauty.. your sensitive soul radiates good vibes much farther than you think you could imagine! And this inspires me, how brave to just put your shit out there, I'm glad you have!

    59. SagitarianGypsy

      U should move from La....ur not that bishhhh anymores yano

    60. SagitarianGypsy

      I wish I could give u a hug!!!!! I love u!! Ur great and I wish I had a friend like u lol...not creepy at all! 🤪😝🤗🙌

    61. Ruth Torres

      I just want you to know I’ve felt exactly what your going through several times and I’m only 26. But good times are coming! Your energy is beautiful and will attract good people around you! 💖

    62. PeachyJacky

      Your a very sweet, kind hearted, humble person Morgan, It breaks my heart when I hear you trying ur very best to push urself to appreciate life everyday and find purpose within urself. All I can say is that what if, just my personal opinion, the emptiness u feel in ur heart and soul, or the missing piece within you is Jesus. I know other people will say other things, but just think about it, It’s not a coincidence that Every single person knows the name of Jesus weather they believe in him or not, I mean, even you say out of ur own mouth God this or God that, he’s there, patiently waiting for you to open ur heart to him 🤲 💟 I Just Pray you at least give him a chance and just see if anything happens or anything changes in ur life, you’ll be Amazed how much ur Eyes, Heart, and Soul will see and Truly feel 🤍✨I tell you, it’s just soo eye opening, Refreshing, and a Breaking Free inner feeling!!! 💫 it’s Truly Amazing, you got nothing to lose Morgan, but Everything to Gain 💝🌟 Praying for You and Everyone who comes across this comment. I Promise, I Normally don’t do this text message thing, but who knows, maybe God gave me the Courage to do it for a reason 🙏😉

    63. Bree Strong

      I feel you dude. I've been stuck in a new state since the pandemic started and have no friends still. I'm super lonely. I'm going to dinner and the movies alone now. It shouldn't be this hard... But maybe just a trial I have to endure to become better. I know you'll prevail, Morgan. You ARE a great person and the universe will always care for you. I send you love , distant friend. Thank you for posting ! Helps fill my void

    64. Sara Dugger

      I feel this on so many levels. Thank you for sharing. I totally understood everything you said. One thing you said about it it zips it doesn't mean it fits. Yes, I finally excepted that about me. You're beautiful inside and out. Sometimes we just have to talk it out and cry. You did it and you don't realize how you're helping others too with vlogs like these. Thanks 🖤

    65. Chaitali Sarkar

      I can feel you... It's not easy to go through depression

    66. aola wili

      “I’m getting rid of things, I have too much clutter” “Should I get a pool for my room?!”

    67. sarah psuedonym

      its okay to be not okay when things are fine!! you don't need a bad situation to justify your feelings! it's them chemicals in your brain meat!! reach out!!

    68. sarah psuedonym

      for all of you out there with ze mental illness and going to college, get in contact with your disability board and your professors. Even if you can't get a pass from your college, professors are pretty understanding if you just communicate what's up. sincerely, a depressed bitch in a top ten college

      1. aola wili

        Are you still friends with Trinity?

    69. Rachael Proffitt

      Love you in the red dress!!!!

    70. Ziggy

      Its called depression. You need to talk to your doctor honey you may need to get a prescription for medication that will help with that. It could be a chemical imbalance. I understand all to well. I have suffered from this for all to many years. I take a medicine and it had me balanced out now. Smile, it will be all right!!!

    71. Kathleen Devers

      Dude this shit never makes sense.. be as honest as you can with your dr. You are NOT stupid at all.. you are so emotionally intelligent and so empathetic and so fucking strong. Also that red dress looked BOMB on you👏🏻👏🏻 the color looks so good w your skin and eyes

    72. Kathleen Devers

      I’m thinking about you girl. I hope you’re climbing out of this dark season. I totally get it. The cool thing is that’s you’re aware of this happening and making effort to not sink further into it and to better your life. Also that SoulCycle instructor sounds awful what the fuck is wrong w her??

    73. yvonne armijo

      Thank you again for being real, open, and honest! living alone with not a clue in the world what you’re doing with your life is so overwhelming. Love watching your videos makes me feel normal!

    74. The Good Americans

      Girl get some room Mates and stop being sad and alone. And go to church.

    75. jenna silver

      I love you morgan

    76. Sierra Flammond

      omg girl you look amazing at breakfast

    77. craig lamping

      I love your ability to be open and raw!

    78. Holly McCabe

      I have never related to something more in my whole life. I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way but you sharing this video helps me ❤️

    79. leah lullaby

      I literally felt the same exact way last week, I’m just now starting to feel better, you ain’t alone, love you!!

    80. Matt Dettling

      Oh god not another straight white financially privileged girl complaining about her life like anyone actually really cares.

    81. Neressa Partab

      You are so pretty

    82. Sarah Johnson

      Are you still friends with Trinity?

    83. jamie schraeder

      MORGAN I think you are amazing!! SAME on a lot. You are doing it so well... and by it i mean figuring out life.

    84. TheCoppertoneGirl

      I’m literally watching this wearing the Not Average hoodie 🙈🙈🙈

    85. StinkyButton

      Soul Cycle IS a cult. Full stop.

    86. doire aintu

      Am I missing something...Or what happened to Garret and Andrew? They seem like they would be great friends to lean on during this time.

    87. Anthony Oldfield

      Morgan, you are amazing. I feel like you are overthinking and worried about what other people are thinking. You are beautiful and your personality is attractive. Sending you a hug!

      1. doire aintu

        morgan got a dump truck

    88. esmeralda resendiz

      My sister has chronic depression and has been pretty close to hurting herself on a few occasions. I think it’s very courageous that you are open about your struggles. My sister has never let us in with her struggles and this was very eye opening for me. Stay strong!

    89. Crimson Blade

      YOU’RE struggling? Hahahaha. I can barely watch a full USfilm video. Too much commitment. Whereas can drag yourself to a cycle class? You can film, upload, edit a video that will make you money? I say congrats to you! 👏

    90. Lyndsey Zamora

      Omg girl msg me on insta pls lyndsey_zamora I just wanna talk about our problem because damnn I understand youuu🥺🥺

    91. Lyndsey Zamora

      Omg the laughing when you say something you dont believe😭😭

      1. Lyndsey Zamora

        Sry I'm just watching ur videos so you gonna see me popping up🥰💜

    92. Lyndsey Zamora

      You're not alone!!!😩🤣🤣 No fr tho I feel you girl. I be struggling with living for awhillllllle now😤😤😆

    93. Paigon Brookes

      There is no right or wrong way to feel. We aren’t supposed to always feel aligned just keep riding the wave and pushing on. As human beings, we are extremely emotional creatures and it’s normal to feel extra sensitive and overwhelmed. It’s ok not to be ok, but its important to speak to others around you so that you can take a step back and look at your situation from someone else’s perspective so that you can visualise ways to move forward differently ❤️

    94. Victoria Castillo

      When shopping becomes that hole you fill>>>

    95. Abbie Martin

      I can not begin to say how much your vlogs on your mental Health had helped me to change my ways and work on my mental health even at 32 I am finally going to the doctors to get help with my anxiety and depression

    96. ilina

      morgan, baby, I wish i could be around you, give you few advice on depression battling. I straight up know what you are talking about. And it’s really hard to see such a pure soul struggle so hard🤍

    97. Cass Kost

      You crying while eating breakfast was honestly heart breaking but eye opening for me. Like I’m not the only one who feels like this. Im not the only one who cries randomly and feels so low some days. Im sorry you go through this too. I love your videos and I love how real you are. ❤️

    98. Tash

      Alright, so as an aggressive loving friend, I would come over and pack your bags and take you to places that will make you happy. And if I were your friend, I would buy plane tickets to get there and take you to Walmart or something. You are someone who needs to be around people physically and be with someone who vibes with you. I can’t be alone otherwise I will break down. It’s not about being reliant on someone, it’s about growing with someone next to you, lover, partner, or friend- whatever. You need that Morgan, and I hope you can find it.

    99. Jake Kardashian

      This was crazy to watch because I've never quite related to a video like this?

    100. dolita windo

      literally every different part of this adhd filled video is just literally and unexplainably MY FREAKING LIFE