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    Thanks for watching Where has Rosa Been? *Updated Q&A*
    Hi guys, I missed you all SO SO much BUTTT I am happy to be here once again with you all! LMK if you enjoyed this video and LMK what kind of videos you want to see from me! Love you guys
    Youre hereeee, you look so pretty!
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    Published on 17 days ago



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      1. Jennifer Pena

        Let me find out youre dating lauroooooo 朮云弘

      2. Morelia Hernandez

        Yea you look skinnier

      3. Francisco Jimenez


      4. Consepcion Jimenez


      5. Jamila Newman


    2. Francisco Meza

      Why dont you pour more water? I like you rosa, but i think you're 5 minutes of fame have gone

    3. Reyna Perez

      Texan supporting Texan

    4. Lawrence G Coleman III

      Shes springy! Like Easter.

    5. Maribbyy18

      I love you Adam!! You deserve everything and more! $mariNsal

    6. Sarissa Munoz

      Youre amazing! 予

    7. MS_Elena

      Are you getting any other surgeries after this one. I got the sleeve and want to do the skin removal

    8. Maribel Ramirez

      LOVE THE POSITIVITY!!! You definitely sound much happier! Also love how well spoken you are. Wish you the best , never give up remember how far youve made it!

    9. Genesis Leal

      Love it

    10. Marcus Pablo

      I lowkey was staring at her nails 50% of the video But glad you are back and in great spirit's

    11. Cynthia Marie Flores

      Next time you're in Downey hit me up. I'm Rosa's abuelita. I'll take you to some vegan places. 平

    12. Marilyn Romero

      You should do a video on your process on your surgery.

    13. SalYou M

      Girrrrl my mom just got that surgery three weeks ago its been a challenge to say the least best of of luck Adam dont use straws lol

    14. Jessica Mendez

      Who ever says Water is wAtErR ThErEs nO dIfFrENCe. Doesnt drink enough water and thats the TEA不

    15. Do Jo

      Downey, CA

    16. M

      This guy has been extremely HUMBLE since day 1 like hes just living and I stan for that

    17. Alondra Juliette

      Feeling attacked at 11:00 朮

    18. iStephanieg

      I know Im super late watching this! But yessss !! Ive had gastric sleeve surgery. I know exactly how you are feeling now. Just remember to always keep your eye in the prize even when it gets rough. Stick to eating protein first, veggies next , carbs last if you have room. Happy for you!! 弘

    19. Vivi Canizalez

      DONT EVER LEAVE ME THIS LONG !!! I MISS YOU SOO MUCH LIKE 唐唐唐趴hat the hell dude

    20. Daisydoll

      You should do that water tester thing that shows how healthy the water actually is idk what its called

    21. Aleah Cook

      You should be drinking them out the bottle or a glass with no ice !!! The water taste is being masked but the ice and if they are fake cubes then its really throwing the taste off ijs

    22. exposed

      So glad ur doing good. I love you. Jesus loves u

    23. Tanya Estrada

      So happy for you. THIS is a part of being body positive. It's not fully on the outer appearance but a big part has to do with what is going on inside. Loved this video and so happy you're back!

    24. Mitchell Martin

      $Mitchlee413 is my cash app

    25. Im The Carlos


    26. Im The Carlos

      11:42 basically she doesnt want to do what charlie damelio does

    27. StephSavvy 009

      Im 2 years post op RNY- best decision I ever made! Congratsss!!!

    28. Mariah Huerta

      the nail movements LMAO i LOVE HIM

    29. mileygaby

      Keep us updated on your weight loss this is amazing and the content would be sooo funny. Keep killing It qweeniee

    30. Psycho


    31. Psycho

      You look good! Im so happy for you :) PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME OKAY AND DONT WORRY ABOUT US, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! $alexsaucy

    32. paul Vasquez

      My mom just celebrated her 1 year anniversary for her gastric surgery and she still cant drink water normal girl how you doin that

    33. paul Vasquez

      Honestly Im so fuckin happy Adam stay positive babe you have such an amazing spirit and I wish you nothing but the best 歹

      1. paul Vasquez

        Happy for you ****

    34. Julissa Tejeda

      Omg finally your here bishhh you got a dollar 歹歹I love rosaaaaa Adam I love your nails dude 歹歹

    35. Denisse Celeste Lara

      Evian and panna are my fav that spring water hit different glad to see youre doing good girly good vibes towards you

    36. Alexis Craig

      YOOO i was like "he looks thinner? he looks healthier too? and he looks happier too???" and then you talked about you surgery and personal improvements and happiness. so happy for you adam!!

    37. Ariana Rivera

      You got a dollar its for my slushy歹

    38. Karlee Napier

      so glad your healthy and okay. i missed you!!! 朮

    39. Ana Salazar

      I support you So proud of you! Also do you because you only have one life babe儭

    40. Maria Guzman

      I 下 welcome BACK!!!

    41. Marley Rae

      We love a queen who is healing and working on the higher self.

    42. Carolina Hernandez


    43. Akio Aslan

      Yessss skinny Rosa is coming soon

    44. Taylor Elise

      You never explained why the water!!!

    45. Morelia Hernandez

      You look so much skinnier

    46. Lana Saimeh

      The body positivity vid yes please

    47. Game Queen

      Can you share how much the surgery cost ?

    48. Anjelica luna

      This is my type of video Im here for the waters

    49. Jacqueline Lemus

      Water is not water there are all different in levels of alkalinity. I would recommend non bottle water because you don't know how long they been where you got them. Also once you open the water bottle you should drink it because once you close it, it releases particles that can cause cancer and other types of problems :(

    50. Kimberly Garcia

      When u said period A period commercial came on

    51. Ramirez Carissa

      The ice is tap

    52. Emely Vibes

      Perioddddd! Yes!!!

    53. Yadi Hernandez

      If Rosa gets skinny Rosa will not be Rosa

    54. Yasmin Manzano

      I swear i noticed the weightloss in your face when you uploaded a TikTok. I even commented that. God Bless you on your new journey

    55. Axel The King

      $Gentleflipper queen

    56. Yvette Sifuentes

      Sooooooo ...... i still dont know what pronoun he prefers

    57. Angela Alvarez

      Tell me why Im craving water now lol

    58. Giselle Enriquez

      yay so happy your feeling so goooood about yourself!!!!!

    59. Irene Escalante

      I love you so much yasss thank you for motivating me do drink water 弘弘弘 but for real as a real San Antonio born and raised I love you and love all your content. You got this bae

    60. Francisco Jimenez


    61. Consepcion Jimenez


    62. Daniella Navarro


    63. Kristaney Sims

      I saw you on my favorite tiktokers page

    64. Amya Stack

      Yyyaaassss!! Lookin Snatched btw手

    65. Al繪ns繪 21

      OMG SHE IS SKINNY 云歹歹歹

    66. Pretty bitch Mia

      Do more omegele plss 唐踢

    67. Violet Mendoza

      When you said shes good to arrowhead I said hell nahhh lmao its the worst water Ive ever tasted lol

    68. Rebeca Vasquez

      Ahhhh shit your here , you look soooo pretty

    69. Samantha Navas

      You look so good! I Iove the energy you give 均

    70. dcoog anml

      "No shade, no tea, no pink lemonade" Here for it.

    71. Shyanne Lisette

      Dude Rosa got skinny let me find out u lost weight with out me

    72. O K

      *nobody* *not a single soul* *Rosa casually buying water*

      1. dcoog anml

        essentia is superior !!!!

    73. Gisella Flores

      Loved to have been able to finish this video but the duck noise is unbearable

    74. J M

      Cool for the gender reveal lol:). I honestly thought you were female. Your voice totally hits that way. Coolio:). Now the adamray makes more sense:)

    75. Anthony Suarez

      Rosa got caught up in the fame and fortune and is now 甬rrelevant

    76. Michel J Franco

      I had the gastric sleeve on feb 5 2019 i was 325 lbs 1 year later I am 147 lbs it was the bestest decision of my life! congrats on your surgery

    77. Coco DeHart

      Good for you!!! I just had VSG!

    78. Francisco Corral

      Plz do a Rosa Halloween skit

    79. Breanne Sanchez

      Arrowhead water is gross

    80. eveny_padilla

      you should post two or three times a week!!!!!!!!!!

    81. Briana Ortiz

      Period I love you so much your amazing

    82. Renee Flores

      You look good girl

    83. elene

      Your personality is glowinggg we love to see it 弘弘

    84. Vivian CG

      Im getting bypass surgery the next month!! Please please tell me how it went for you I am lowkey scared... The pain and just everything

    85. Jewel Emoni

      bye because how her waters filled all the way up ??? scamming

    86. Jessica Garcia

      Voss water literally tastes like toilet water lol

    87. Ayat Branch

      essentia is superior !!!!

    88. Gracie Ayala

      My ass straight up got up and got a ice cold water bottle lol

    89. Savannah Duran

      youre beautiful, love you Adamm 歹

    90. Jilma G

      Love youuuu! $lilbittt0826

    91. Loooveyoouu

      Meeeee when I talk. Always have to talk with my hands and nails. Glad Im not the only one

    92. necessaryshooter

      Ignoring the haters is really the best option; youre unlikely to change their mind AND by arguing it youre giving the notion merit it doesnt deserve.

    93. Lyla :/

      Im sitting here drinking my purified grocery store water while watching you drink all these

    94. aesthetically correct

      The intro song is firee !!

    95. Isac Urbina

      You realise that your ice cubes are melting and giving a different flavour to the water.

    96. Jose Cordova

      Arrowhead is everywhere too lol.

    97. Jose Cordova

      Evian is everywhere girl lol.

    98. v V

      Essentia is my faveeeee and Bai

    99. Rebecca Flores


    100. kimmynaru

      ugh can I be your skin LOL love you!