G-Eazy - Let's Get Lost (Edited) ft. Devon Baldwin

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    Music video by G-Eazy feat. Devon Baldwin performing Let's Get Lost. (C) 2014

    Published on 7 years ago


    1. Rheina Queen

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    2. Jessica Finlay

      2021❤ still 🔥

    3. MV Productions

      Best song

    4. Finau Nagera

      G eazy too good still here 2021

    5. Dakota Rey

      🌙✨ I just discovered this song and addicted to it. The video compliments the song to a new level. So enchanting ✨🌙

    6. hunter lincoln

      Always down for my bro from the bay Gerald or g eazy

    7. Rylee


    8. Priscila S.A


    9. James Cook

      No way this has 1 million views...I'm confused

    10. James Cook

      I'm here for Gerald. Not G-EAzy or whatever... he's young Gerald:(

    11. Greeshma AT


    12. Faithleigh Hill

      Keep me going

    13. Ornella Amorim


    14. my account

      Eyyy still lit af

    15. Martina Herrmann

      Why is this men so sexy and hot 🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥😍🥰😘😘

    16. Jayk Wonderful

      This song is timeless.

    17. jasmine crawford


    18. Enigma

      I still feel bad for Halsey.

    19. Tom Pop

      Love , you Andrew your girlfriend christina

    20. Pixi Mlk


    21. Kasey D

      Miss this shit

    22. unique monique

      Still my fav🖤

    23. salome kakichashvili

      2021 and still here..

    24. K nOwA


    25. Saurabh Nirmal

      Why did't this video reach 1 million yet.

      1. yeee

        That's clean version the original song got over 90 millions on his channel

    26. Sufiyan Jutt

      German George

    27. Sufiyan Jutt


    28. Max Gorgeous

      2021 who's here again?

    29. Hamna Naz

      Uhh are amazing g-eazy LO🎀E it...

    30. Uttam Kaur

      1:03 that smile 🤤

    31. Sectr Reptile

      2021 still listen to these old albums 😍🥰😘

    32. Danish Naushad

      Let's leave lords

    33. Martina Herrmann

      I m melting This song ist so awesome. 😘

    34. janice sanderson

      Beautiful song . I just heard this first time Few weeks ago . Love it

    35. JonPal MerGwynn


    36. Aljosa

      since when is every curse word censored again??

    37. Elaine Coertzen De Beer

      This man is Fine as Hell

    38. Ana Micaela Relvas

      6 years and i still Love this 👌😍

    39. the bhoi rider


    40. Jesica Espeland


    41. Iam Someone


    42. Lorena Lepuri

      How does this song not have 1 million? So under rated

      1. yeee

        That's clean version the original song got over 90 millions on his channel

    43. Enkeleda Shehu

      Why did they censor it, it ruined the song

    44. VrandonXoda 01

      2021? ❤

    45. Drunk Candice

      Imagine making out with G-Eazy in a swimming pool. 🤤🤤🤤

    46. Drunk Candice

      G-Eazy is so hot that he makes all dem girls look so basic hahahaha.

    47. Emese Jasinski

      --------💫💜 ♤-----------🥀

    48. Guess Who

      i like her but it too slow

    49. Furkan Morales

      6 years later... but i'm still here

    50. ItalianQueen 2020

      6 years later and I’m here MARCH 3rd 2021

    51. Melissa M Dominguez

      His Voice 🔥

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

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    53. Tristan Hinanay

      Got lost never found myself

    54. Erin M


    55. Zain


    56. Jéssica C.

      G looks so young, aging like fine wine

    57. John Kafuneni

      Most underrated song

    58. Newari Boucha

      6 years still so unrated 😤

    59. Sandy Gurung


    60. Walid Bendahmene


    61. Casey Stromei

      Omg what small arms,

    62. Md Rahmat

      ❤️ ❤️

    63. Fardeen Islam

      what is the girll name?????

    64. Fardeen Islam

      what is the girll name?????

    65. Josimar Silva

      Here Before (Edited) ?

    66. arianna li

      miss his old music

    67. Ace


    68. Kevin Coughlin

      It's not your fault I overdosed

    69. Keron Bullock

      Such an amazing song even to this day still. 🙂 2021-

    70. Manas Sutar

      The new edited version is a bit censored right?? Mann whyyyyy

    71. Sandra Gonzalez

      He's back

    72. Sandra Gonzalez

      Luv him

    73. Gabriel Darlong


    74. Sandra Gonzalez

      Only booty calls ge

    75. Sandra Gonzalez

      Who the girl

    76. Sandra Gonzalez

      Didn't know he good go he luv u

    77. Hanim Mohamad

      2021 and still asking why this song doesnt blow up. 🥺🥺🥺 The best song ever♥️♥️♥️

    78. William Delgado

      Still here in 2021 ?

    79. Storytelling by Noblesse


    80. Kevin Ayemi

      #2021 let's get lost ❤️🎉

    81. Arif Uddin Ahmed

      Awesome Brother's 💯🤍🔥🤍❤️

    82. Morning Star Gaming TV

      2021🙏who esle?

    83. sleepymemories

      Omg I loved this song🥺

    84. Magno Rojas Saavedra

      2021 :'33333333

    85. Scott Pippin

      First time seeing this guy very talented

    86. Marinskaia

      Why did they butcher the song ? Even rappers can't say f* anymore ???

    87. charlie

      This is gud anyways yu the best singer❤

    88. Hunny

      Didn't she lose all her makeup in the pool? Why is it on again in the last scene lmao

      1. Sadhrita Saha

        I went and did it again

    89. อธิปพันธ์ ใจดี

      May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.

    90. john marchle

      Hello i know this might sound so weird but actually i really really need 50000 $ im in so much debt i know you might say go get a job im working many jobs so does my husband but no luck ! we are losing everything and no one to turn to during this time actually thank you

    91. Slow fingers

      2021 anyone with me? 🥺😉

    92. Angel of Light

      He so talented

    93. Ahmed NIAMA

      Welcome 2021😎

    94. Vladimir Vignjevic


    95. Hich

      Underrated song af

    96. mikaiel shuaib

      still here

    97. Gabgengio Luv

      6 years later, who's still here? 🤚

      1. Soe San


      2. Yousif Kurdi


      3. Rylee


      4. Anthony Gaitan


      5. Paulina Wlodar

        2021..Happy Oster from Poland!

    98. Ashlee Avila

      Who's here in 2020?

    99. mrs. Ammons

      I had no idea he made his own beats....that's modavational

    100. Isabella Tuttle

      The girl in the pool looks like scully from x files

      1. Amine Laidi

        That's so true