BTS Reminisces on What They Were Like in High School

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    BTS and Jimmy reminisce about their iconic performance in Grand Central and share what they were like before they were famous.
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    BTS Reminisces on What They Were Like in High School

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Lisette García

      Plot twist: Subtitles tell of overachieving in hard high schools between wholesome snacks. In Korean: BTS confesses to being expelled. 😂

    2. Lisette García

      😎eminem shoutout♥️boy’s got taste🤘

    3. Candice

      They really debate for who raised Jungkook👄💅🏻😭😭😭😭🤣

    4. Shenasi Imeri

      even tho yoongi is my fav member he still was a bad kid

    5. Harmony Lipson

      Makne Line: Ima just tap My Mom (Jin) Jin:Why do i have to put up with this everyday? -.-


      V - you can't live without me Jk- kinda shy Jimin - starts laughing If jikook was true..wouldn't jimin get jealous Conclusion- jimin is the biggest taekooker 🤣🤣😂

      1. Sonam S Sherpa

        Shut up and go study

    7. SnL

      I’m a mix of Suga and Jungkook in school ;-;

    8. MM Carts24

      Why is no one talking about Seokjin's English hes adorable

    9. Audra Wintheiser

      Jin: I didnt stand that much. The guy that was STREET CASTED. My lord.

    10. davina

      i love the fact that jk's hyungs were slightly bragging on who is responsible/ who is the main parent of jk.

    11. davina

      sorry, what was that? i got distracted by tae and jimin casually tickling jin.

    12. Gisel Lopez

      0:42 😭😘😘

    13. fcjry goo

      I would've loved to hang around with Jin in his high school days :((

    14. Snow Lion

      BTS activated their bs interview mode to respond to this be fake interviewer. Well done 🙏

    15. Iwan Subardjah

      Common Jimin V, and Siga Lear fluent English, because you All super star in the world

    16. David Warnar

      I know you guys have probably been wondering where I've been but as I mention some time ago been dealing with a ton of crap. Divorced my wife, moved tf out, thought I caught the ancient curse called covid when I lost my taste and smell and was sick for nearly two weeks wtf. My test came back negative so it was just a reaaaally bad cold, literally the worse I've ever had which I of course caught during a pandemic. But feeling better finally. Things finally settling down, got my new office/gaming space partially set up, will be making some hardware upgrades next month. rtx 3080 incoming xD But yeah. Sorry about the delayssssss, new episodes will be coming back. I SWAERS.

    17. Kinga Janusz

      all i need is jimin's outfit

    18. Kinga Janusz

      jimmy said JUNGKOO 0:48 idk probably an accident but i'm sobbing-

    19. Johna Marie Legaspi

      The moment I saw them perform in Grand Central oh my... it’s the largest Train Station in the world and very important in US history. As an Asian myself, I feel proud to them! And hats off to this people and team working behind them! 💜

    20. Emily Valasek

      I love that V and RM are wearing the same thing my two faves twinning 💜💜💜💜

    21. Rainbow Kitty

      chaos didn't ensue until 6 minutes. That's a record for them

    22. VMinKook BTS


    23. FoxFlower

      Jimmy fallon looks homeless here 😂 ( covid has messed us all up)

    24. Pragya Dwivedi

      * 5:38 Bts fighting over who raised Jungkook* Junkook totally unbothered as if its normal thing on daily basis.😂😂😂

    25. Pragya Dwivedi

      Jimmy explaining how amazed he was, meanwhile Maknaes to Jin hyung : 0:46 JIN be like : *ugh! Nevermind, I won't even bother to stop them*. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    26. Rebecca Widener

      Rm- Jim we will take your crown I laughed so hard at that part😳🤣🤣🤣

    27. Faseeha K

      We are loving how colour coordinated they are

    28. 찐

      بنقتان 💜💜💜

    29. Aestheticastronaut 2

      is no one talking about how V is like “that’s gay that’s gay” to j hope???!

    30. tasha bandack


    31. Fazila Basheer

      6:28 me too I agree Jimmy

    32. ThatCrazyTexan

      RM: ENFP-A Jungkook: ISFP-A V: ENFP-T Jimin: ENFJ J-Hope: ESFJ Jin- INTP Suga: INTJ/INFJ??? I have no clue but the rest seem accurate

    33. BeingMe._.Eilonwy

      You can tell Jimmy genuinely cares about them. It shows how impactful they are to everyone around them. They truly deserve the success they have today. I’m really proud to say I’m a fan of BTS. Idk why, but I’m crying rn😂. BTS’s music if full of hard work and meaning. I honestly have never listened to a group like this and connected to on such a different level. It’s something you just can’t explain. Thank you BTS for showing the world your beautiful music and lively personalities. It honestly means so much to me.❤️

    34. armyforlife3 Nao

      They are so cuteeee

    35. Radhwa Ashraf


      1. Maanyata Nankani

        Really, I didn't know that.

    36. Kirsten Merrill

      I love how Jimmy has a genuine friendship with the guys and accepts their culture like how he learned the Korean heart and made sure to pronounce all of their names correctly

    37. Firstname Lastname

      This interview was really boring and painful to watch. A bit like running your finger nails on a blackboard.

    38. nameMe Shiela

      V : " you can't live without me"😂😂😂 taeyung.........

      1. Mehak


    39. Moriah Christian

      Watch taetaes little dance turn out to be the dance to their next song 💀 6:18

    40. Moriah Christian

      I love how he looks like he just put a hoodie over his pjs

    41. Born To Slay

      Jin: I raised him Suga: I raised him Tae: You can't live without me! Jin: I bought him meals! Tae: I was in charge of his meals JK: this is embarrassing

    42. Star Sou

    43. Iamalimelight

      Just wondering, is there someone translating for Jimmy here. 💞💞💞

    44. Dominique

      Alternate title: Suga and Jin’s custody battle over Jungkook

      1. TJ

        ft. Taehyung

    45. ecstatic again

      There are few things that make me happier than seeing Jin’s smile and laugh

    46. Ruby Rose

      Lol why does Jimmy look like he just woke up? Edit: No hate btw

    47. Eduarda Posenatto

      not at them “arguing” over who raised jungkook lmao

    48. Cardigan

      Kookie is definitely their Baby

    49. J C

      A well deserved Grammy nomination, in fact it's well overdue. Love you bts!!

    50. jalyssa peters

      everyone: Jimin, good boy Tae: me too, good boy Jin: you, bad boy lol I can't with them XD

    51. LKNO


    52. Ewa Siewkowska

      Ja co prawda sprzątam ale słyszę

    53. Ewa Siewkowska


    54. Somya Roy

      God of destruction Worldwide handsome Bad boy Sunshine Baby mochi Good boy International Playboy BTS!

    55. Jessica Bruna

      Entiendo que hay Coronavirus que hay cuarentena. Que todo cambió. Que el tele trabajo ahora la lleva y desde casa se hace todo. Pero Jimmy no debes evidenciar el encierro. Esa ropa y esa barba de tres días te pasas🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. Sofia Lima

      Jungkook: Starting to talk about his highschool years Out of nowhere Suga: I raised him Jin: I raised him V: WiThOuT Me YoU CoUlDn'T LiVe! Jin: Thinking Jin: I BOUGHT HIM FOOD V: I WAS IN CHARGE OF HIS MEALS Jin: thinking YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY?!?!?!? V: thinking SO WHAT??? They both glare at each other Damn Jin really looked like he was about to fight with V 😂😂😂😂😂

    57. ΝΑΝΤΙΑ nantia

      I love them...❤❤❤❤

    58. Ali H

      nobody: jimmy: jungkoo

    59. Daniela Brugés

      Amo a Jimmy Fallon porque él ama a BTS ( ˘ ³˘)♥

    60. Ishika Parihar

      4:24 don't fall jimin don't fall!!!!🤣🤣🤣

    61. MsMiika13

      It was huge.

    62. Naznin Mubaiya

      Jin: I bought him food Taehyung: I was in charge of his meals They are such adorable hyungs I can't-

    63. Naznin Mubaiya

      Suga to Jimmy: "I raised him up" Jin to Jimmy: "I raised him up" Meanwhile Taehyung to Jungkook: *"you can't live without me"* Lmao Taehyung 😂

      1. Mehak


    64. Arianna Howard

      Jimmy fallon?! Is your hair okay?

      1. Arianna Howard

        It's just really distracting

    65. Naznin Mubaiya

      everyone: Jimin, good boy Tae: me too, good boy Jin: you, bad boy lol I can't with them XD

    66. GVM Management

      1takedaytona is one of the most talented artists in New England

    67. DuskThe_Alpha

      Tae to JK: u can’t live without me Jk: HYUNG DO U WANT TO EXPOSE US????

    68. Maheen Naz

      Both my biases are matching their outfits wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. 2017 Army

      Suga he is like me i dont like to study 😭😂😭

    70. 헤헷

      I can tell Jimmy really loves bts lol cute

    71. Chim Chim Yoongles

      Jimmy, the reason I appreciate you SO much as the host is that you treat them so well and make them feel so comfortable. You never let them feel out of place, ever. Even when you explain things or ask questions, you're relatively slower/clearer and more expressive with hand and face gestures, and I think that really helps the boys better grasp the question/conversation. Really, thank you so much for BTS week on Fallon. One of the highlights of the year for ARMY.

    72. Natasha Snow

      I thought it was V he hugged! (Don't remember where/when I heard it, haha.)

    73. Katie Park

      5:41 Why does it look like Tae is saying that to Jimin even though they’re all talking about Jungkook haha. Honestly these two are inseparable and I love it 🥰

    74. Buswas Rai


    75. Snow Flake

      I prefer to the guy on the left (the rapper one). I just say it, of course. He looks the most friendly and easy going than the others. Someone who we can be friend with him in the real life. I dont say the others are bad, just looks too shining shimmering splendid. YKWIM. Edit : (Sorry idk his name, im not a fan. Im here cause BTS fans attack like 'everyone' on internet, and im being curious about this boyband personality. But i like BTS songs, for sure, i watch their MV like several time. Honestly, they're tallented. They're impressive.)

      1. Snow Flake

        @K 21 front. The yellow one.

      2. K 21

        the one in the front row or back? 🥺💜

      3. Lofty Radish

        I think it must just be because they are not used to American culture and most of them aren't fluent in English so it makes them pretty uncomfortable in interviews like this. The are normally a lot more chill when it is just them. I think the American interview where you see their personalities the best is their Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon, otherwise, I would recommend checking out "BTS Run" on the website "Vlive" to see what they are actually like when they feel comfortable. :)

    76. Raquel Vaz

      mds o biquinho do JK falando

    77. Raquel Vaz

      a risadinha do ji--------- eu vou chorar em posição fetal

    78. Raquel Vaz

      o inglês do Jin eu vou beber cloro com um prato de vidro picadinho mds q pitico de mamae

    79. Rondreal Fields

      SUGA I raised him up. Jin I raised him up. V you can’t live without me. Me taekook 🤣🤣🤣😭🥱

    80. Rondreal Fields

      Lmao I like how Jhope was popular🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Leisha Vanessa

      3:03 ..... fellow RM lovers.... your welcomeeeeeeeeeeee

    82. Mei Park

      Someone jealous once said:"Me too good boy" Lmao i love them all

    83. Sall Hmm

      I LOVE THEM 😭💜💜💜💜

    84. Anis Husin

      How did jimmy understands what they’re saying on tht spot? Is there a translator

    85. Lourdes baby

      I thought they were Japanese,not South Korean 😳 The language sounds very similar to Japanese.

      1. henlo world

        you must’ve never heard the languages before

      2. henlo world


      3. İmmoral Atheist

        It sounds completely different to me.

    86. ami 0613

      BTS's Upcoming Single "Life Goes On" Will Be Here November 20th! BTS will release their new album, ‘BE,’ on 20th Nov, 12 AM EST / 2 PM KST. Pre-order Pre-save Album Info

    87. Alba Mendez

      I love it how JK, V and Jimin can’t stop massaging or touching Jin. Brother goals

    88. Amembar Rai

      Members fighting over who raised Jungkook 😂😂 Also Jimmy pronouncing Jungkook as Jungkoo 😂😂

    89. Kpop Fangirl


    90. Felipe Oliveira


    91. Saranghe Alina imnda

      3:10, FALLON:JIMIN GOOD BOY 3:12,TAE:ME too good boy 3:13,JIN:YOU BAD BOY ME:THIS IS LIT

    92. Sista Mochi

      When RM and V decide to buy the same sweats 🐱

    93. Ice Snow

      *Life Goes On teaser 2 out!*

    94. a ram

      Oh i love bts

    95. Noralis Márquez

      so no one is gonna mention how taehyung and namjoon are practically wearing the same fit

    96. Hope is

      💓💓💓 BTS UN Speech English-Korean study

    97. DD MG

      I love how at the beginning jimmy says “the world was a different place” it’s the first time I’ve heard someone in the E. Industry say that. Yes Jimmy, the world was a different place, life last year will be different, from this year until another crisis changes the world, until we evolve in a certain way as a society. Thank you.

    98. Vkook

      6:15 🤣 *that moment Jimmy gets distracted the whole member started being themselves 😆 everyone's in their own world, being how they usually behave 😆 so cuteee!! Never change* 💜 (members gettin super hype up) *jimmy : OH MY GOSH!!!* 🤣

    99. Sammy The wammy


    100. Jamie Law

      "I went over to juncoo"