Food Theory: Is Your Cake ILLEGAL?

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    Cake decorating is an art. It takes HOURS for people to decorate a cake. I mean, I can't be the only person to sit down for one How To Cake It video only to look up and realise it has been 5 hours, right? Well, that's not what today's episode is about. It is actually about Miley Cyrus and that time she stole a cake design. No really. It got me wondering if, like art of other forms, you can copyright a cake design. Well Theorists, it's about to get LEGAL!
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    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Eagan O'Connor

      Even soda is copyrighted

    2. Bogart Twins


    3. Ella Tee

      is a hotdog / burger considered a sandwich tho-

    4. Orson Zastrow

      The people who have abortions should be charged millions of dollars cause there killing someone with out there permission.

    5. -insert random name here -

      Sometimes, I think "hmmm, I should think of something insane just in case mat makes a vid bout it so I can be like WOW I THOUGHT OF THAT TOOOOO!!!" And I never thought of one... OK HERE I GO IMMA SIT HERE FOR AGES AND THINK OF A BUNCHA RANDOM CRAP.

    6. Goat Of Gaming

      10:14. a missed opportunity to say Cake Dismissed

    7. The Meg

      Wow I’m so glad that my friend is vegan and I’ve never had a birthday cake

    8. The Mandalorian

      I will copyright my face and sue my school now

    9. Gaby Cappy

      My mom has a bakery its called Gaby's Cookies and bakery and she also she made a unicorn cake like in the thumb nail

    10. TheRedOne


    11. A.G Blake

      So wait. Writing on a cake in the most basic style is artistic? Doubtful.

    12. Jeanette

      My cousin got the cake in the thumbnail.

    13. Caleb Hayes

      1:27 it most certainly is NOT!! 😡

    14. Pure Vessel


    15. MoreSand12

      Bold of her to assume that a celebrity comes up with the ideas of their promotional photos.

    16. Yiseul

      I care a lot about copyright but can you really call that messy cake that literally anyone who knows how to operate an oven can make "artwork"????? lol I'm surprised she gets that many likes on insta with those mediocre designs. The icing isn't even even lol

    17. Soft Loliete

      So something like the big Mac and the big jack? Our burgerking rename took the big Mac and just made it chicken after maccas already did it :/

    18. Björn Nildén

      The "MILF" lamp is false. It's called "MIL" and the "F" is just added for fun.


      MatPat should make his own funland. The name would be Theory Land

    20. Step Bro

      My cake illegal bc im too T H I C C

    21. Lanesb

      How did you know I put poison in my cake i was going to give to D.J.T

    22. Garrett S Houghton

      Abortion IS murder! Planned parenthood ARE murderers!!! How dare they

    23. Qthesorrow

      People sue way to much these days.....

    24. BrainFart

      We really need torte reform.

    25. Alisa Phillip


    26. Jim Moriaty

      The Sweet Feminist is an idiot. How could Miley know?

    27. YourNarrator 642

      Cake Karen

    28. MazeNation :3

      i simp for science

    29. Caffeine Addict

      Imagine Pepsi writing a poem to make their recipe illegal to copy

    30. Cousin Bryan

      If you can describe Abortion so that it's both accurate and not the murder of babies, I'll bake you a cake. Because it's literally infanticide.

    31. Marina Garcia

      I think you guys are missing a huge point. Alot of influencers/idols make money on every instagram post, the more attention they get, the more money they make. The reason WHY miley got so much attention to that post was because of the cake, so its fair for the person who created the cake to want compensation. Because miley is literally profiting off the cake and the original creator is not.

    32. barlovesnoop

      Today was the day I finally dived in to this opening song, and man, this is great! Are you a genious?

    33. Phoenix McKnight

      This gives a whole new meaning to, "The cake is a lie".

    34. • b u b b l e b a t h •

      Dam. So that disgusting unicorn cakes illegal. 👌😌👌 GREATTT

    35. Jehann Murdock

      How is abortion healthcare?

    36. racewiththefalcons1

      I love the subtext of using a Tarantino film poster for an "original" work. Well done.

    37. Adam Pugh

      The genes inside your body aren't patented. They can patent isolated copies of those genes in a laboratory. Important distinction.

    38. FadedStatic

      abortion is murder. no matter who does it.

    39. Dragon Master 505

      Yes, as a member of the animation community, I can say that we’ve had HUGE issues with copyrights on characters and people being accused of tracing before- people get inspiration from each other, but newer artists/animators often don’t know the law or social expectations of the community, sometimes to a point where certain people have left because they got sick of all the drama :P

    40. Morgan Dean

      I just can't even man. Yeah, the writing style looks very similar but there are subtle things that actually differ the cakes. I am not a professional at all but I can see a few differences in each cake Miley's frosting was lighter and the words were written in a similar style but were obviously not written by the same people. Look at the way the A is written on both cakes they are written differently

    41. Dinoaiden2 yt

      Who else thinks that the copy right logo looks like the capsule corp logo?

    42. Sky Comix

      This is why "the cake was a lie"

    43. gamer zone

      Give us 4th channel the conspiracy theorists are waiting

    44. Rick Astley

      the cake on the title is the same one my sister had on her b-day

    45. Nick Salvador

      Someone:Wait it's all cake Phoenix, matpat,Etc:it always was If you don't know who phoenix sc

    46. Dfa Playmaker

      any one here watch candyman

    47. The Main Character

      Imagine copyrighting a word so only YOU can say it. That be rlly stupid but cool

    48. Sams the bezt at stuff 888

      I didn't think I would make an episode about cake law subways bread is actually cake

    49. Deelon Musk

      Abortion is murder.

    50. Danny Danny

      Chef Josh from the Mythical Society(Rhett and Link) has a Podcast "A Hot Dog is a Sandwitch"

    51. Thunder


    52. Slytherin for life

      I mean...I'm not really a cake person, so....

    53. Mac NCheesey

      Imagine our ancestors watching us looking at a video to see if cake is copyright

    54. Power level vlog 1089

      I feel like everyone gonna trademark everything

    55. •Casual_ Bean•

      I don’t like cake-

    56. Masud Hassan


    57. krisdestruction

      Collab with Legal Eagle anyone?

    58. The_Rapture rdBP4zQ - Discord

      shes a feminist her opinion is invalid

    59. 32hyy leong

      I don't eat cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    60. Megan

      Murder is also illegal

    61. silversnake4133

      The "sweet feminist" is such an oxymoron.

    62. AquaticFlame

      Therapist: Singing Matpat doesn't exist, he can't hurt you. Singing Matpat: 3:54

    63. Jevil

      So the cake IS a lie! Portal was right!

    64. Trannguyen Hoaingoc

      Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

    65. Diego Negrete

      That intro. You ever just patent your DNA?

    66. Alex Lemons

      Well, if someone copied the food theory cake, it would be free advertisement.

    67. Al Janssen

      Just feminists being the happy, kind people they always tend to be. Ha!

    68. oliver giernalczyk

      Man this guy used the Coc 3 day shield graphic a lot in this video

    69. The G Kidz

      Yeah, I didn't think I would wake up and watch this. 3:54

    70. Kieran Lockwood

      Copyright and trademark law are fundamentally broken and shouldn't exist in the age of the internet.

    71. ToastTheDinosaur

      Huh didnt know ikea sold milfs....

    72. The Boyos

      When toxic feminists run out of people to attack so they start cannibalising

    73. Deadpool Comics


    74. Eric RC

      extreme feminism and miley cyrus. I hate this combo. the video was good though.

    75. Eric RC

      strong opinions? more like stupid opinions.

    76. h e h

      This is like when someone tells an artist they stole a pose.

    77. Victoria Randhawa

      In my opinion just because someone used "her," font and the same style doesn't mean she can claim it it's ridiculous I feel like 60 minutes is more reasonable

    78. Cold

      It always taste a little to good

    79. Sams the bezt at stuff 888

      Can gingerbread houses be copyrighted

    80. Mikhael Mohd Firdaus

      I like the Intro

    81. bransen MacDonald

      clicked on food theory to enjoy my food not think about coat hangers and lose my appitite, thanks matpat

    82. Nagaraj Rao

      the shield you are using is from my favorite game Clash Of Clans

    83. Gacha Kat

      am I the only one who thinks the cake look different edit cakes

    84. ImAstroLight

      I guess I’m illegal now

    85. A-187 The

      So... if you can copyright just about anything the problem will eventually be that no one human on EARTH can display anything in a photograph or image on any form of media. If this continues this is likely the world we will come to. In fact it’s already difficult enough for creators to show pretty much anything they own in a video as it could be classed under law as Theft. So any future youtuber has to make their own products and designs for literally everything in their home in order to film or take photos of any of it

    86. LBoomsky

      0:14 Everybody gangsta till you get sued for your dna

    87. J- bomb

      Illegal cake? wow matpat.

    88. Khroniclas

      Matt pretending like he was working all year for the cancer child thing... while he was only contacted to do so a month beforehand...

    89. Stephy00nine

      What if Miley bought the cake from her? 🤷‍♀️

    90. evilpudding_ 32

      oh no my cake

    91. Fishing pole studios

      ‘Inedible sculptures’ theory

    92. Dylan Kelly

      Did MatPat just try to hypnotize me into subscribing 10:10

    93. Lauren Leininger

      People just want to sue if they think they can get away with it. The baker clearly wasn’t the brightest of people for trying to sue for a cake. Then again people who truly believe abortion is healthcare are definitely not the most knowledgeable of people if you actually did research into it.

    94. The cool kid samantha

      my sister ate that exact same cake on the thumbnail

    95. Depressed Bean

      My mom: “What are you watching?” Me: *”Copy righting cakes.”* My mom: “Uh I- I hear your father calling me.”

    96. Shroomie Woomie

      I think the cake in the Thumbnail is a cake my aunt made.

    97. Sheridan Wolf

      I mean I got in trouble on Amino for using an artwork in a profile pic

    98. bubbles unicorn

      matpat: our biggest event is going live on december 1st when you only found out about the theorist channels on december 2nd

    99. Bendy In the ink machine

      #icescreamsandwich #theodd1sout #Jadenanimations

    100. Surya Mohan

      nah miley was way too generous she shoulf have ignored the moron