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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. YouTube

      Congratulations on the new house Graham. 🏡🙌

      1. denmark39

        @Graham Stephan pay your taxes and be a responsible citizen! Why are you letting others paying for what you also enjoy? You are not even paying for the protection of USA 🇺🇸 ( military) 👎.

      2. Open Mind

        So USfilm is alive

      3. stoichiometry147

        When USfilm congratulates you... YOU’VE MADE IT!

      4. Patrick Stars Nose

        Am I the only who didn’t know that USfilm could comment...

      5. Jodmy Rolls Dice

        Wow I’ve never seen USfilm comment on a video before

    2. D V

      I don't get it how are you going to be saving money and taxes when California has a wealth and exit tax for every resident leaving the state and you are keeping all of your properties there including your old house? Your A/C will be running 24/7 for months at a time day I would skip the Tesla roadster and get a solar roof and some extra insulation.

    3. quietsignal

      2020: How I made millions on USfilm. 2021: My lawyers won’t take my declined credit cards. 2022: Half built abandoned McMansion.

    4. quietsignal

      What a total millionaire moron financial genius. Seriously? Your looking at $1000 per month just for electricity during 120 degree summers to keep those pumps pumping away and R13 insulation just to pass the building code, with no inspection. What’s that you say, don’t know anything about swimming pool maintenance? Add in another $300 per month at least. Good luck when all the floors split like the titanic, no requirement for pre or post tension concrete slabs, but you know that right, being the genius you are? Your just like pro athletes and celebs, had your 15 minutes, nowhere to go but down from here.

    5. pang vang

      Congratulations 👏👏

    6. Rachel Rabb

      I missed a few weeks of videos. I'm so lost you just found your dream home in LA with so much character!!!!!!!! No more LA 20 dollar unlimited sushi? But i guess by Graham logic the tax breaks from California to Nevada cover more unlimited sushi in fancier vegas buffet...a thousand times over

    7. David Cosma

      Not my style, but I'm so happy that you have moved out of California and found a house that will accommodate your future plans. I think you will enjoy living and working in Nevada. Congratulations!

    8. Eric C

      Congrats on your new home! It looks awesome!

    9. Internet Millionaire- Usman Afzal

      Congratulations graham❤

    10. Jimmy H

      The ones who disliked the video must be really BORING!

    11. Juliann Jamison

      Californians are like “ don’t know what this space is, I guess a bonus space or something?” Its a mudroom Graham. Welcome to America, you’re gonna love it. 😃

    12. oliver mccarry

      Do a video on how you find developing communities !!!

    13. Matt Sanfilippo

      What are the best locations for real estate investing, that’ll make you the most money

    14. famous brillance

      You’re joking about the cat being able to come and go as he pleases right? When I lived in CA, I was ok with outdoor cats. Now that I live in the country and coyote country, I WILL NEVER HAVE AN OUTDOOR CAT. Unless you are trying to feed the local wildlife.

    15. famous brillance

      Your gf has a channel? I haven’t been recommended you videos since the beginning of the year!

    16. famous brillance

      Lovely home.

    17. Kh-Blue

      man you should join twitter all the cool people are out there please

    18. Robert Hovenkamp

      So much for budgeting Graham. Enjoying life a little. No wonder the move away from Cali

    19. Khujo

      Graham, congratulations. You did not do a house comparison between LA and Vegas. Curious to know what 1.4 would get you in LA?

    20. jfloresdrums

      Except Las Vegas housing market is generally the most volatile if the larger markets" home prices go down. Sick house, though!

    21. Jeremy Westerman

      got enough ads?

    22. Sarita Ackerman

      If you need some artwork ...I’m here and make your imagination a reality.

    23. Felix De

      Don´t paint the wall black. Paint it anthrazit!

    24. Katherine Mary

      So many American houses are one storey, they’re not common at all in the UK and I kept waiting for him to go upstairs 😂

    25. Shivendra Shrimal

      He is so short..

    26. Sgt. Waffles

      Wait 3 amd a half bathrooms, who do you have a half bathroom, so you have half a bath

    27. Sami Muallim

      congrats Bro! very nice place cant wait to see the finished and fitted out home.

    28. MattH123

      I dont like that house design at all. So much wasted space that costs more money for nothing :( I love large houses, but the square footing isnt efficiently used at all. That price is all about fancy version functional. Poor bang for the buck.

    29. filthbomb

      Prices are "low" .....LOLO 🤣 i wonder what he would say about my house on half an acre with a seperate shop in the back yard that i paid $142,000.oo opposed to $1,440,000.oo ......

    30. stoichiometry147

      I moved from SoCal 18 months ago. Lived in a rat infested duplex working in tech making a very decent income. I now live on the first hole of a top rated golf course in a 2500sqft amazing two story home and my house has gained 10% value in the last 12 months here in Arizona, 2 miles from all shopping and top rated shops and 1 mile from a highway. I’m paying $300 less per month for my mortgage vs rent of my duplex in San Diego. All on a single income, no room mates or spouse. If you live in California, MOVE AWAY AND THEIVE!!!

    31. Persik II

      Today out of California, tomorrow out of the USA. Funny fact is that these people came to California without nothing. Most of then started their career here in a different sphere. Not all the States offer the same opportunity as California.

    32. Michael Sain


    33. psimac

      There’s traffic in Las Vegas, there just isn’t right now during the COVID disaster. i’ve been in it. That said, it’s still not as bad as the 405 near the 10 at rush hour. :)

      1. Grace Bosley

        There’s so much traffic in LA that there is EVEN traffic during the covid madness 😫

    34. Dominic Najjar

      You know he is rich when he says powder room instead of bathroom 🙃

    35. Josh M.

      Nice! So how much would this home cost you in LA? lol

    36. Adrian Pierzhała

      What a dream home well earned Graham congratulations 💪

    37. tommy clark

      All these adds because grant needs to pay for this big house!

      1. Graham Stephan


    38. Awom Kenneth

      I want my own house now lol

      1. Awom Kenneth

        thanks@Graham Stephan

      2. Graham Stephan

        GO FOR IT!

    39. Stephen Cote

      Congrats graham nice crib for sure

      1. Graham Stephan

        Thanks 👍

    40. Jakaŭ ישראל

      Hah, still in Vegas. Kind of a gross city to live in.

    41. TotemoGaijin

      Aren't you worried about the aquarium being exposed to too much sunlight? I've only had freshwater tanks, but I know algae can be a bear to deal with.

    42. denmark39

      Paying taxes is what a responsible citizen does 🥺 👎

      1. denmark39

        @Kateřina Mudrová he is doing this because he will pay no taxes. He say so in the video. Las Vegas has no income tax

      2. Kateřina Mudrová

        hell be paying them in Nevada so what?

    43. anagaj jdhaha

      No shade , but u got Absolutely screwed on the house. Although ull still save money , ull never be able to sell for that money , i know they told u thats summerlin but its not. Spending more than a mil in new summerlin is a big mistake , u could of gotten 2 thousand more square feet in a better golf community , in old money summerlin. Also that area is packed with coyotes and wild cats. Not to mention ull soon realize there is ton of traffic. And biggest point 1 mil FOR No POOl in Vegas is absolutely crazy. Like u got completely ripped off

    44. TaureanRuler

      lol This is why Las Vegas is going down hill.... the exudus of Californnians.. reasons why i had to Leave Vegas after 14years lack of culture, growing traffic thanks to ex Cali natives.. good luck with the house hope you havea enough cash saved cause Las Vegas is not a resession proof city

    45. J. Michael Almonte

      Make sure to vote red if you’re going to be leaving the horribly ran blue LA

    46. Michael Cooney

      Welcome to Mesa Ridge

    47. Ashley Brad

      I was able to get a nice truck with the help of vortexhackers .com . They did a hack of $40,000 for me and it was fast and stress free. ..,.

    48. Mangosgomexico

      Black wall and black piano . It may disappear.

    49. Rockefeller's World

      Wow those home are down the street from me welcome to the neighborhood 🙂 i been watching your vids from day 1... still miss the graham that every sentence ended with a bad word.. lol .. congrats 👏

    50. E Man

      It is going to be expensive for air conditioning for such a large house on a hot area. Other than that congratulations.

    51. Joseph Sias

      Mike Feuer is a criminal

    52. MizMundoAdventures

      When he said " so no one is gonna catch me smashing the Like button!" 🤣🤣

    53. Overspray

      Congrats 🍾🎉

    54. AverageKidKevin

      Is No one going to talk about how graham clickbait the crap out of us

    55. Ed West

      New builds take a long time to actually gain value. There will be new builds in your neighborhood for a long time if the building company owns the land and when anyone wants a house they'll just have a new one built. No one will pay more than what a new house in your neighborhood costs to build so any existing houses will only be worth a decent amount less than what a new one costs to build. Builders rarely raise prices for the new build. Vegas might be different for a little while with the influx of people fleeing California but it'll even out to how most markets are.

    56. Smyrna Chase

      Don't do carpet.

    57. Giggidygiggidy12

      Hope you got the radiant barrier option

    58. Lorenzo Vienna

      Congrats love the new crib ❤

    59. shakenbake1697 806

      That if a very nice house! BUT the amount of house you could have gotten in texas for 1.4m would blow it out of the water

    60. Darcy L

      Hey Graham to piggy back off you simplisafe endorsement. We have the water sensors since our laundry room is in our finished basement. Long story, short...I spilled maybe 2-3 oz of water near the sensor and the company was calling me and my husband immediately to let us know about the water in our laundry room. It was so nice to know that it doesn't take a flood or hours for them to get to you, it is immediate. My husband (prior to covid) would travel once or twice a month for work and it always made me feel better knowing there was a sensor on the doors and windows as well as people that will call immediately.

      1. Darcy L

        PS we try and spy on our cats but they seem to always just sleep when we are gone and do so out of camera view....hahaha.

    61. JPatriot 12

      How does he get a lower rate than what the VA is offering veterans?!

      1. Sarisbel Dominguez

        Because he works in real state, so he knows how it work.

    62. Eco Mouse

      I'm in Vegas, and make LED neon signs, like for your back walls in case you care. (I've got stuff installed in a few Casino properties if you want to go look.. or my instagram)

    63. Remember Lord Jesus Pray the Rosary

      He's truly a smart man. I hope someday if God wills it so, I'd love to marry a devout Catholic smart man that can take care of the family.

    64. Marco Hernandez

      I only smash the like button when I’m alone.

    65. Greg somebody

      A glorious abode, good sir. You deserve it!

    66. Daniel Dunn

      Baby grand in the sun by the sliding door. You probably need to rethink that.

    67. gary abrego

      where exactly in las vegas is this?

    68. David Savian

      We can’t even get a stimulus check and we are watching a millionaire buying a dream home. smh

    69. Nick Webster

      "I've calculated that I will save $750 a year on electricity because my house is shaded by the mountain after 2 PM". lol. Nice house!

      1. A-rob Is Beast

        That was an epic graham math comment . Ha ha

      2. Graham Stephan


    70. divine32

      beautiful house dude. Isn't amazing that you can be an ordinary person yet live like royalty in the US? Oh yeah, California is not part of the US.

    71. Karina Calderon

      Sounds like you need new fire detectors 😂

      1. Graham Stephan

        yep!! :O

    72. Joseph Dias

      Soooooo many ads

    73. iwona holman


    74. tinyman009

      Graham i love u... please fire your audio guy

    75. VNEM

      Thats about $400k in Texas lol. Beautiful home Graham, its gonna be awesome completed! Congrats man

    76. Pinnacle Architectural Studio

      Congratulations on the new home and welcome to Las Vegas! Love the open space and how grand the home is!

    77. Allison Schmitter

      Graham, you can toilet train your cat. It's very easy, only takes a month. No litter box!!! No smells! and no mess on the toilet, except about once a week he seems to shed there.

    78. K B

      You had me at spy feature for my cats lol. Love the house!

    79. Move with Malcolm

      This house is Dope!!! Congrats Man

    80. JK TECH

      Now this is called a dream home. Hustle. I respect you. 🙏🏻

    81. I am milan

      Oh my gosh! This is amazing. It's gonna turn out awesome. Congratulations.

    82. Erte 27

      Really going to suck when you guys don't have any water Due to climate change

    83. Paul

      its okay... i feel like you coulda done better- some of the rooms are weirdly shaped like that small corner lol.

    84. William Mac

      You put 20% down and went into debt for the rest? Yeah that is extremely retarded. Unless you can buy something up front with CASH you shouldn't buy it at all.

    85. Live Life Freely

      I highly recommend you make the entire pool one depth, 3'6'' because most people never use the deep end and it's a liability. Plus, you get to use the entire pool when you have people over, instead of having them all crammed into the shallow end. Place "no diving" signs all around the pool and lastly try to make it at least 50' or so-so you can lap swim; it's one of the best exercises.

    86. Danny41

      "Normal ceilings are tall for me" i feel that lol

    87. Lexi 10

      Yes! No more 800 sq ft house! Huge upgrade!

    88. Carlos Ruiz

      The extra room looked like a laundry/mud room?

    89. Steve & Steve Show

      Awesome! Congrats on the home. Thank you for sharing.

    90. Mike Henderson

      Welcome! Vegas isn’t bad at all Vargas housing is cheap

    91. Annie C Garcia

      This is perfect, for both of you!! Great strategy. Instant appreciation. I love the new house 🏡 - Congratulations 🎉

    92. Felicia Pringle

      Someone tell Graham the market is goin to crash next year an the 1.4 million dollar home he just bought in Las Vegas is going to drop 50%

    93. L B

      Congratulations and welcome to Las Vegas

    94. Kai B

      What a Loser. This is how typical sucker looks like. They should pay you to live in that disgusting and ugly desert city. Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to take a 30 years mortgage in most speculative housing market. I guess it’s really true that a new sucker is born every minute.

    95. Marc LeDuc

      good luck changing that smoke detector battery....

    96. Shaun Shutes

      Put a wall length water feature behind your dinner table. 🏞🕉

    97. psc69nyc

      Summerlin or Henderson???

    98. EatSleepCode

      Did he and his girl friend break up 👀

    99. Retire Earlier and Better

      How much do you think your utilities will be?

    100. Retire Earlier and Better

      Wow, are you planning on doing some massive cooking in that kitchen? Most Americans have way more kitchen than they will ever use.