Bryson Tiller - Sorrows (Official Video)

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    Music video by Bryson Tiller performing Sorrows (Official Video). (C) 2021 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Published on 17 days ago


    1. V 33

      My favorite off the album!❤️🔥🔥🔥

    2. ÁLEZ

      This is my favorite song from the album. Soooo glad he did a MV for this one. Please do a MV for "Years Go By" or "Next To You" !

    3. Brice Vrignaud

      The best song of his album Anniversary

    4. Pancza87

      this beat is fckn crazy :O

    5. The Everyday Fight


    6. yuuurr


    7. Yiasha Vicks

      Who else would want to see him in a verzuz battle with Lucky Daye!!!!

    8. Instagram : Waveyjxy

      Favorite song from the albums but I seriously don’t understand this video. I’m a visual artist myself but this is going right over my head rn. What am I missing?

    9. Music Forever

      *his other songs are so underrated 🥲😫 ppl only bump “don’t”*

    10. jair spann

      This guy is phenomenal

    11. Losso Don


    12. Losso Don

      Litty 🔥

    13. srsly chanel?

      definitely giving the purest soundclound vibes, iykyk fr

    14. ICON Dula DaRula

      Next to you fire as well

    15. ICON Dula DaRula

      I've played this song for about 3months now can't get the bridge out my head u got lost in the heat of the moment

    16. Michael Adams

      "You got lost in the heat of the moment" This is my SLAP 💙

    17. Rosa Negra - Urban MUSIC

      Brutha, true inspiration!! God Bless, FAM!! ur MUSIC Fuego!!!

    18. Mailson Baldez

      This song 🔥

    19. Chrisse Plummer

      This nigga right here speaking some powerful lyrics

    20. Som Tang Wong

      Why does this video remind me of the flash?

    21. Light Simone

      Whooooooooooo produced this?!

      1. V 33

        The Dream

    22. mchssnare

      Song has me thinking about last 3 or 4 ex's

    23. chszin santana


    24. torey leslie

      Mans on that Salvador Dali sh*t

    25. junaid 2902

      This is music at its best

    26. gallant

      never misses.

      1. Wekzen


    27. Elijah Taylor

      Yo he gone y’all saw him running?

    28. guap

      best song on the project fr

    29. s D

      Teu som sempre me traz emoção S2

    30. aaron thomas

      This a clean video for sure

    31. FKASWIGS

      New Tiller and new Khordelia, 2021 looking up, all I'm listening too these days x

    32. Hlengiwe Mkhize

      The beat and his voice tho🔥😫❤️

    33. Sisters In Stem


    34. Yo Boss

      Bryson reminds me of the beginning of rush hour 2 when Chris tucker was on stage 😂

    35. Anaya Theophin

      this is my song .

    36. Albon de B

      If we couldn't sample..

    37. Juan Sativo

      Real Trap Soul !

    38. Magatha Ebai


    39. UlyssesRN

      I play this on repeat constantly. Even at the gym!! Damm son

    40. Supreme 3-6-9

      His Lyrics Still Deep Soul Reaching And Refreshing and STILL Not Diluted or Watered Down DEEP I$H

    41. Supreme 3-6-9


    42. Deja J

      Love you sm

    43. Shon Hunt

      My shit ! 🔥

    44. benhurzz

      the goat

    45. Calipmf

      Bryson tiller is the hero of the lockdown

    46. Jay Kiass

      Just AMAZING...

    47. Whoisbrux

      Esse cara eh diferenciado slc!

    48. Kyle Bradshaw

      This song is criminally underrated

    49. King J

      star trek meets black mirror. LOVE IT

    50. greyonyx08

      Cool video.

    51. Jerry Liu

      who directed this cuz the video is so fire and they need credit

    52. Markus Taylor

    53. Skaadi

      bryson had the best album in 2020, dont @ me

    54. Fat Bot

      Another classic album

    55. Big IceTM


    56. Kelvin Reed

      The Black Authority brought me here.

      1. Mack Ultra

        Me to

    57. kimberlykaye Mondez

      ayeee!! i fckng love it!!!!!!!

    58. Jay Ricks

      This is what heartbreak creates

    59. Wavy B Fleek

      One of my favorite new songs from him on fucking repeat 🔁 all day🔥🪦🔥🪦🔥🪦🔥🪦🔥🪦🔥🪦🔥🪦🔥🔥🦍🦍🦍🦍🥴🥴💫💫💫🔥💯💯🤟🏼

    60. CarryOn


    61. qopoy dnon

      How doesn’t this have a million yet, Bryson needs more respect

    62. edward adinlewa

      Martial Arts soundtrack & its gooooooood!

    63. K.Martin Music

      Your #Anniversary Album music videos are 🔥🔥

      1. K.Martin Music

        @qopoy dnon i know lol.

      2. qopoy dnon

        I don't know about this anymore guys.. everytime the music ends, my mouse just moves on its own and clicks the replay button!!

    64. Nayah da best

      His music is so nostalgic! It gives me chills 🥶.. 🔥🔥🔥 #repeat

    65. zara

      he should be an actor mums i'm acc blown away i love this man

    66. Nikky Blanco


    67. Cortez Carter

      Left me with the dreams you sold me.. I felt that

    68. Yasmin Kitty

      Literally in love with this song... Let’s hope TikTok doesn’t ruin it

    69. Vanessa Dumay

      This is a Beautiful Joint

    70. Prince Jared

      This video was incredible in my opinion. Bryson told his story and it's relatable and understandable to us as his viewers. He is likening the feelings and general path that led him to his lover as a desert. The love he has for her is very strong, as indicated through his lyrics and body language here but is troublesome and exhausting, like being lost in a desert, perhaps because she does not reciprocate in the same way and because of unfaithfulness. The dichotomy is exemplified through her appearance-she is beautiful but is dressed in black, harsh clothing and dark makeup. She is his darkness and cause for his sorrows. They "meet" in the desert, while both of them were lost and yearning for someone to make them feel found but the meeting is strong and the feelings that ensue launches them into chaos. From the beginning, it was not meant to truly work. They both "fall" violently, represented by the sand vortex, into a form of love but it casts them into a confusing place in which their perception of life and love is skewed. This is represented by the distorted images of clocks, buildings and him finding himself at alternate locations, like running on the moon. The shadow hand reaching out to the hourglass symbolizes him reaching out to try and salvage the relationship against time but this effort only makes him feel trapped. He is unable to make her understand his feelings and to "find" her mentally and emotionally and this is symbolized by the maze sequence seen. She is the the centre of the maze but Bryson is still "lost" and has not found her in this respect. The clocks represent the inevitability of the relationships end. He is aware of her unfaithfulness but she is surprised that he figured her out. He wishes they could rewind time and mend their broken relationship and this is visualized by the time piece that spins counter-clockwise near the end. He reminisces on all the times they had together, including the romantic ones and they are seen kissing as the shots rewind at speed. The final message is that love, all it's feelings,bliss, pain and heartbreak are all sequences that exist in the hearts and minds of only the individuals involved and this is visualized by the casing of the hourglass. It is an internal world, different from the lives and perceptions of the world and people outside. It usually does not last forever and almost always kneels to the power and destructive nature of time. In love, time is distorted in our view and people change as time passes.

    71. myname ismyname

      1 of the greatest videos ever

    72. Teboho Mokanyane

      Like Clockwork!

    73. Mrs. Ann Marie Foster-Lopez-Delgado


    74. Andrew Williams

      This is the 143rd time I’ve listened to this since it came out

    75. Philip Rodgers

      I’m in my feelings ✍🏾🤦🏾


      Classics on classics

    77. nieooj gotoy

      behind these symbols that stretch beyond the surface value

    78. Kenneth Lorovico

      1:30-1:55 is the best


      I don't know about this anymore guys.. everytime the music ends, my mouse just moves on its own and clicks the replay button!!

    80. Daughter of the Most High

      Byrson is R &B 🔥

    81. Emilio M. M.

      Phantom Dust's remake is looking cool.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        He’s not getting the recognition he deserves . Been here since day one and will stick , he’s amazing

    82. Emilio M. M.


    83. Rushdi Valentine

      Im so touched that this track isnt bigger

    84. Jasmine Banks

      Is anyone listening to the lyrics though, Bryson is really in love with kehlani, the song is amazing and I can relate to this😩

    85. Courtney Chauntel

      Can we get a video for "Blame" !!!!


      I apologize to you sir smhhhhh🔥

    87. Allen Hadnot

      I was told time don’t exist clocks do.

    88. Solomon Thomas

      He's never going to get the recognition he deserves. His energy is too positive and the world feeds off of negativity.

    89. Julius Manz


    90. Scrappi Blaze


    91. Harold

      Its a maze just get to me, too. Sometimes I wish I could break these walls but its hard to trust these days. 😔

    92. D!lly Beamen


    93. J V

      shhhh sick!!!!!....😱😱😱😱😱💯💯💯💯

    94. J. Super Saiyan

      Song is fire

    95. Micheal Childe

      So he gat the Clockwork ideals hmin this Video!!

      1. iylly bro

        #NFNjosh This kid definitely deserves your sub 🔥💯

    96. Jennifer

      He’s not getting the recognition he deserves . Been here since day one and will stick , he’s amazing

      1. iylly bro

        #NFNjosh This kid definitely deserves your sub 🔥💯

    97. Big Theo

      Production on this joint is amazing...I wish he would have taken the same concept he used for the "Right My Wrongs" video...

      1. iylly bro

        #NFNjosh This kid definitely deserves your sub 🔥💯

    98. only1onyx

      this album makes you think about life

      1. iylly bro

        #NFNjosh This kid definitely deserves your sub 🔥💯

    99. Vasia Sky

      Bryson you’re one in a million 🌹

      1. iylly bro

        #NFNjosh This kid definitely deserves your sub 🔥💯

    100. G.O. A.T :

      Tiller really is one of a kind these visuals are fire and the vibe is tooo heat 🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥

      1. iylly bro

        #NFNjosh This kid definitely deserves your sub 🔥💯