We Spent 100 Days in Minecraft PIXELMON... Here's What Happened (Duo Minecraft)


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    We Spent 100 Days in Minecraft Pixelmon DUO
    We Survived 100 Days in Minecraft Pixelmon DUO
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      1. rivah peralta

        You did not going modem gumawa ng pokemons good buhay

      2. rivah peralta

        Alam ko di ko po panda my

      3. Shquecker

        @aCookieGod i hope you get 1 million subs

      4. Ashton

        @aCookieGod 😱😱

      5. Ashton

        Everyone likes your video you have to teach us how to get onto it broken

    2. war sword

      O my God

    3. Visionz_Chronicles

      Monkeys when they see a banana be like: 0:51

    4. Likith Tejas.C.N

      Play 200 days of Pokemon

    5. Max Zentz

      “I’m gonna build a town, I don’t know. I’m not good at GeOmItRy 🥴🥴” BRUH

    6. Sen God

      Am mad that you called your starter ugly cuz its my best pokemon and the one I like the most one my team

    7. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

      Love your USfilm videos subed

    8. Jeremiah Fitzgerald

      Make this a series’s

    9. Yukii

      His lesser knowledge of Pokémon pisses me of but it’s fine cuz he one of my fav mcyts

    10. Christopher cornett

      LOL summoned a "demon" that was arceus the god pokemon lol

    11. Yvonne Stone

      i know about kungfu panda trust me.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW his name is master sheefu...NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    12. Mikki Riddle

      Rip kope

    13. Julian Sosa

      Bruh I’m still waiting

    14. Funnemonkee Playz

      He is BLACk-cookie god

    15. crazy croatian people

      Sorry for this but i want to punch your friend in the face xD

    16. Michael Debord

      I do

    17. Anthony Medina

      Bro a shiny mega evolved rayquaza is the best pokemon ever and dude how do McDonalds get them fries

    18. Wild card Boy

      I love that movie 🍿

    19. find1550 find1550

      What I sip ode

    20. Yoseph Ellias Mangahas

      Ken you make a 200 days of that video

    21. D DOC

      200 day series noob

    22. Jon See JH

      Wugui's palace was like bigger than that right? I used to watch it everyday as a kid lol

    23. Maxx Forestking

      The devil pokemon was a legendary pokemon that were you can get legendarys


      I think i can beet you but i don not have money to buy mine craft and mods

    25. Ocean Raukawa

      i know what your talking about

    26. Might pro Robox

      The have weaknesses

    27. Gabrielle Luna

      When rowley evos it is super strong stronger than a fire type

    28. DANNYGO

      I know what your talking about kunfu panda

    29. Might pro Robox

      Hey it’s me that you hearted in 200 days

    30. BLACK MAMBA4248

      I know that king foo panda thingy Uhh Idk But can we still be friends :3

    31. Hunter Hammons

      those shrines are for articuno zapdos and flareon

      1. Hunter Hammons


    32. Hunter Hammons

      did he just call areadactle a teradactle im sad now

      1. Hunter Hammons

        idk how to spell the names so sorry if i did it wrong

    33. Marcia Michael

      I do

    34. Isaac Eli and their Friends

      PART TWO!!!

    35. Kayden Wilson

      200 days plz

    36. Hayden Raditya Mutter P4 Archimedes

      Your friend sounds like he's summoning a demon.

    37. Kevin Powers

      that surperior shouls be the actual shiny

    38. ksrganu


    39. levi Snootch

      200 days plss its fun to watch you

    40. Darkplays YT

      Plz make a 200 days Pixelmon

    41. Shinequa Cobbs

      I do

    42. Rick Woodruff

      Walk like a cookie


      You idiot it's greeninja

    44. Caleb Smith

      Everyone: Meganium Cookie: Maganum

    45. xPantherPlays

      That voice is going to give me nightmares

    46. Melissa Ramirez

      Cookie if you look at your likes you have 69k NOICE

    47. Michael Mendez

      I like that move

    48. John Kuksgaus

      200 days PLS okay?

    49. Yahboi Salad

      His friend sounds like beavus

    50. RebelAttic 1945

      this video in a nutshell: I threw my ball at it

    51. Kallen Vinti

      you aren't Ugly

    52. Guillermo Mendez

      Your the best USfilmr

    53. ZeroDeaths

      Wait... HE PLAYS POKÉMON TO??

    54. the panther plays

      I know what you mean

    55. Onyx Penner

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    56. Onyx Penner

      I never missed his voice lol

    57. Reality _223

      Still waiting for part 2

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    60. AlphaVemonYt


    61. Polar Bear squad

      That pissed me off so much when he called the hitmonchan a monkey

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    63. PulsaZ

      Bro Sir cookie man, I hope you know I know master oogway, he’s my neighbor

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    67. Fu Richlady

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    69. Prince albert Tuno

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    70. Prince albert Tuno

      Can you do 200 days please

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    72. Lyla Winters

      You are not ugly

    73. ziyon caldwell


    74. Grant Spikes

      I want a shiny gallade

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      one SEC pikachu is one of the worst pokemon

    76. Tamara Wieme

      RIP KOBE

    77. Elijah Adler

      I think cookie the better monkey

      1. Elijah Adler


    78. Jaycee Cancel

      Wh why you can get mega evolution is it legit

    79. Kristina Genc


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      acookiegod your pokémon starter was a shiny

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    85. Kunga Norbu Bhutia


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    88. Philip Furlong

      Stop saying mega num it's maginyum

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      Oogway is chifus master I know what your talking about from poo

    90. New China



      Yo i,m sorry to say but your freind is on creack

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      Find a shuppet please ;o; I love shuppet Edit: Bultund is a doggy Honedge and Drifblim are ghosties, my favorite! Edit 2-:Summoning the Pokémon god Arceus is not summoning a demon

    97. Susana Rodruez

      I know kung fu panda it's funny

    98. no

      part 2 please

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      raquaza best/cooki/ everyone IHARDLY DOUBT THAT

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