*LOGAN PAUL VS LEONHART!* World's BIGGEST Pokemon Cards Opening!


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    Logan Paul opens the World's rarest Pokemon cards packs versus Leonhart! Opening rare 1st Edition Base set booster packs! SUBSCRIBE NOW! - bit.ly/Leonhart54
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *Who won?!*

      1. Demon SportsGames


      2. Abdurrehaman Ali sye

        @Jenny Tran this is abusive

      3. Brodu


      4. Gabey chan

        Kakuna 1st ed was an error card with length length

      5. Shiro Gota.



      See all these videos opening pokemon cards having pack battles. Does anyone actually still play pokemon 🤔 Dont think I've seen Logan Paul or Leonhart post a video actually playing pokemon. Cool to buy and collect pokemon but to actually play...

    3. Tyler Fortin

      Great collaboration

    4. Krishn Jugran

      Guys I have a Groudon Pokemon card which is rare but I don't know is it with it or not if anyone knows plz tell me and the card is in good condition🙏🙏🙏

    5. Jaxson Orosco

      leon jake paul got first chaizard is when the old man that is selling em

    6. The Lincoln Channel

      12:54 the Kakuna is a error, look at the legth

    7. The Green Turtle

      The vulpix logan got in his shadowless pack had HP and then the number printing error caught

    8. Exploration Nation

      You missed a error card in the mewtwo pack. Length length

    9. Entei Flame 2

      How did u get him to do the video

    10. Lucas Elkins

      Anyone else think these are fake because they have shadowing and don’t have the 1st edition stamp on the side of the card???? Lil sus

    11. Looky Look

      Logan’s a is a horrible person

    12. mikey zaf

      Cool collab 👍🏼

    13. Vaskez777

      Kakuna also had Length and Length in 1st edition pulls

    14. it's Manley

      Slowest unpacking I've seen 😒😑

    15. Clorox Bleach

      You guys look related

    16. Ethan Morgan

      So wait leonhart your telling me ive been sitting on a charizard first edition pokemon card and i didnt even know it was worth that much (dont judge i dont know that much about pokemon cards)

      1. Real Menez

        You need to research ! Get it PSA graded! Your sitting on thousands

    17. micky sane

      I Love Pokemon

    18. JoniBoy TV

      Is it really possible to pull 2 zards from Darkness Ablaze Box? usfilm.info/fire/ityhkKaGqJicltA/video.html

    19. Pat Hunt

      You gotta look at those misprints too they vulpix kukuna

    20. cuppingGavin lol

      raichu def won first round.

    21. Dauzz Cuppy

      left side look like gay

    22. Lammert Van dijk

      Funny how Logan doesn’t know anything about Pokémon 😂

      1. Daan S


    23. zentex

      2m th veiw

    24. Demon SportsGames

      This is the best video ever. How did you get a hold of Logan paul?! By the way, new subscriber alert. I'm trying to rekindle my love for pokemon cards. For Christmas, I got a new deck from sword and shield Sir fetched starter deck. I pulled many months ago a rainbow foil Metagross with my older brother. Would you know how much the rainbow foil Metagross would be worth? I forgot the name of the booster box packs me and my brother pulled.

    25. Cason Copeland

      aye logan i got the MrayquazaEX

    26. Pop IZ


    27. Blue gamer


    28. goodyboygaming

      oof i had a lot of better cards when I was 8 I had a zapdos like that oooooooooof

    29. Emilio Vincent Piazza

      My friends: Avengers end game is the best crossover. Me:

    30. xUdieToox

      Logan Paul jumpin on the pokemon hype train, i see you bro.

    31. Tweets

      Seeing Logan change for the better and his newfound excitement for Pokémon cards is wholesome

    32. pranay Chaubey

      Why you do not do give away

    33. James Wilson

      There was a first edition that had a error that had length instead weight

    34. zoracila zo

      What's a reputable site to buy these heavy packs?

    35. etch250

      Whats the Chansey 🤔🤣😂🔥🔥

    36. Sean Connolly

      you missed a error kakuna on you first first edition pack how could you haha joke hope you still have the cards

    37. ıllıllı Anubis ıllıllı

      i have a charazard shadowless from the base set! its been in storage for a long time kept in a binder.

    38. Katie from gatch life #23


    39. Landon Davis

      When the music started I knew it was something good

    40. Oz-10

      I've always wondered what the number 4 heavy hitter was. I always thought it would be alakazam,zapdos, or. Raichu. So if chanseys number 4 what's the 5th base set big dog?

    41. Cranekai

      raichu looks better but its not the image its all about quality

    42. Elderly Pizza76

      Wait I have the charzard and red cheek pikachu

    43. Divinity Bravo

      I’m telling y’all they’re the same people from different dimensions

    44. Forrey

      logan ripped the charizard art 😥

    45. Carl Soll

      Leon and Logan are genuinely enjoying their passion. This is a great video

    46. AZZEK

      Im disappointed anyone wants to be within 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Feet of Logan Paul or jake Paul

    47. Colin does stuff

      Logan finally living his childhood instead of doing stuff that he shouldn't have.

    48. John Schweiger

      So basically logan Paul is just challenging anyone

    49. TOGI

      Logan isn't the best dude but He's kinda chill in some of the videos and that's cool to see, I like his this kind of side more than the screaming cringy logan.

    50. blane mangraford

      %$#% jakepaul.

      1. blane mangraford

        or logan paul lol

    51. Plazzma R


    52. malcolm casamian

      Why are the packs so expensive

      1. Jakub 83

        They were made over 20 years ago and were the first edition of Pokémon cards. There isn’t many left these days since they’ve been opened or sold. So they’re expensive

    53. Russell Sexton


    54. nora sonifrank

      I have red cheeks picachu

    55. nOt rEaL GaMeS

      Ok I’m so disappointed theater I threw a way that same chansey

    56. Karen Revere

      OMG is that OMG its logon paul

    57. Idk


    58. Chris & Tango #SaveTheBees

      Why aren't you wearing masks?

      1. Jacob Morris

        Collectible guru dosent reccomend it

    59. Aadi Shah

      the mewto is shadowless

    60. Frex

      He need to shave hahaha! And that 1st edition box, scam!

    61. Cameron Vanderwilt

      can somone send me pokemon cards my dad took them and put them in a cup of water he thought they would be fine for a prank but now there ruined they dont have to be good cards.

    62. Isaac Hernandez

      The way they said raichu though

    63. Temitayo Sogbola

      U were treating the poliwrath like a new born babay

    64. Scronic Fox

      Beards really change someones appearance a lot

    65. TMT gaming

      logan paul looks like a younger Couch Lawrance from cobra kai

    66. Shane Smith

      You can get all of these in Evolutions packs

    67. Diana Nieto

      I think Raichu

    68. Annabelle Chrystal

      Does anyone else feel bad for the pokemon he doesn't get excited about? Like I know they're not as valuable to collectors but🥺🥺🥺 as someone who had a deck completely comprised of wingulls and crustles it makes me sad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Jason

      Out of curiosity what does cost to get cards graded?

    70. Heather Rasmussen

      how can you guys afford ALL THOSE PACKS

    71. Rye Nathan Virtucio

      I like how ginger the dog of logan is at the backround its the plushy if the cam is at the side of logan

    72. RNC_Marshall_ Games

      The funniest part is in the thumbnail the cards they were holding are actually fake. Made me laugh.

    73. eggybizkit

      Logan is not obnoxious in this, which is a breath of fresh air. I came expecting cringe and left pleasantly disappointed. I hope he continues down this path because he is definitely redeeming himself imo.

    74. Blackthing Gaming

      I think U Two Are Siblings Right???

    75. Martin

      stay safe uh no just lets go open some pokemons

    76. XxBryGuy

      Logan Paul turned out so much better then his brother, hes actually worth watching lol

    77. PokemonDudes

      Team Paul wya

    78. pokemon yugioh collector

      I opened up a pikachu vmax usfilm.info/fire/hs6xf5SJoLCFr7o/video.html

    79. LCE Yudon

      Ur mom

    80. Chase Trevisan

      Shiny magikarp to start it off what?!

    81. Slash Player

      your in rewind in mr beast


      how did u know if it was a psa 10 9 or even 8

    83. Tommy B

      I just watched a vid where this man found 111 holo charizards from his old collection

    84. Rusty The god

      I think that you pulled the water energy error in that first pack

    85. l' Edster

      leon is fanboying so hard in this XD

    86. Luka K.

      Where is the 1stedition simbol

    87. Einsley Harriot

      does logan paul legitimately love pokemon or is he doing this for the views?

    88. Deluxx

      He pulled a shiny Magikarp lol

    89. Holden Ferrante

      MORE do this again pls

    90. Sinan Tuncer

      bro those cards are fakeeee

    91. JonahGames08

      the kakuna is a error card

    92. Harlan Cuite

      Its funny seeing Logan legitimately that excited its good to see he's really gotten into the community and he is trying to learn more

    93. Francois Enouf

      The sound is out of sync

    94. Mase The Gaming Dog

      The Mewtwo

    95. Mase The Gaming Dog

      I don't know much about Pokemon but I usually just collect them for fun I got that one

    96. Jennifer Abernathy

      If Logan paul is so rich he should be able to get a hair cut XD

    97. D Rock2586

      Fyi all those Kakuna cards had the Length Length error on them.

    98. Justin

      Am I the only person who doesn't know who either of these two guys are?!

      1. Big booty Aj


    99. casey mack

      12:38 logan clowning Leonhart for being nervous to open a 1st edition pack, it shows who has more love for the poke world

    100. Christopher Rosamond

      Anybody else notice Logan's eyeball when he pulls the chancy??lmao 🤯🤪