I'm Done Making Good Videos

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Yonical

      i got a league ad on this

    2. Stormcloud Live

      Sad but true

    3. Ariyan Parsi

      I don't care if he's being real or joking, I'm just laughing my fucking asshole on his contents. I love this guy's humour

    4. The Lost

      bruh this video is honestly hitting a lil different now

    5. kehinde olubajo

      wonder how people watch reaction videos

    6. Cashes ONE

      Thats satire, right!?

    7. Isaac Anderson

      ive watched you for years and this truly hearts hearing that you arernt making any more good videos but when im 30 and i look back on your channel ill look at it and just smile

    8. ・V亗NOM・

      Well that was a freaking lie

    9. Tahsin Sameer

      Im a new fan is he joking coz no daily gaming content but it looks unscheduled?

      1. Goose Game

        No he did this as a joke

    10. Literal Insanity

      Notes I made during the video Monday- drama Tuesday- Among us Wednesday- Minecraft Thursday- among us Friday- reaction Saturday- Minecraft Sunday- among us

    11. Evan Dias

      I'm extremely happy to know someone else as popular dunkey recognize the comedy old that is "Ashens"

    12. Medlin

      Do whats best for you dunkey. I atleast appreciate youre content.

    13. Tariq Yasiin

      The fact that this video is actually good.

    14. ColorCola

      *"more content"* My soul left my body

    15. Aqif Atif

      dunkey,this dude is funny.

    16. tbomb

      No more outro songs, thanks USfilm.

    17. Christopher Cleto

      Liar, I unsub forever

    18. UAC Siege

      I at least want dunkview :(

    19. Manifestum Destitutione

      Your content is alright bruh, even your voice reminds of peter griffin, which is adding value for views 😁

    20. Lesser Vector

      too late for that

    21. Mark92

      This is a historical moment

    22. James Johnson

      Everyone sleeping on Dunkey's magazine link.

    23. Diesoon Nick

      You lied.

    24. Joybuzzahz

      I'm kinda upset he done making bad videos. They were kinda enjoyable.

    25. Curiosity

      didnt even started with it - allready quitting

    26. Raphael Albarracin

      The amount of salt from this one

    27. TJC.does. Art

      Ayo I just found one of your videos on the recommended and it was the best laugh I’ve had in a while so keep it up man

    28. Makaw Toonz

      Please make more good videos you make me laugh all the time please man

    29. Logan Fulbright

      can i have a question did you know about sakura minamoto

    30. Nobody Nobody

      Well that didn't last long. 😄

    31. Isaac Bjorgan

      Welp. hes still making good vids still.


      dunkey: “I’m done making good videos.” also dunkey: Continues making good videos.

    33. ladooscuro 13

      Wy you are so atractive for me?

    34. Santiago Dunbar

      Sounds like this swedish guys video schedule lmao

    35. Acidous

      I'm not seeing any among us, liar.

    36. Connor McBrayne

      I don't like what USfilm has become

    37. Hans KCL

      Which are the "good" youtubers from the list at 1:39?

      1. Hans KCL

        @ANSON CHAU i mean the names of the good youtubers that appear (all) hehe

      2. ANSON CHAU

        all of them

    38. The Breakdown

      Always knew you were red letter media fan, first time I heard one of your videos I thought is this guy drunk or is he doin a Mr. Plinkett impersonation. 😁

    39. Curtisg839

      If you look at his social blade numbers his views actually doubled this month 🤣🤣

    40. thermalpaste

      Mfw (my face when) when the when

    41. Max Hines

      We love you Dunky. Get your bag bro, I'm not gonna be hating on you.

    42. Kibblings

      Still love you m8

    43. Matthew

      If not making good videos is so good, why isn’t there a not making good videos part 2?

    44. GnomeBotexe

      Free video idea Leah explains stuff

    45. Christian

      Like you made good videos lol

    46. Integer0verload

      You just need to fight Jake Paul.... to the death. Worked for Star trek. 🤔

    47. Isaac West

      I thought you were done making good videos 8 years ago

    48. Jeremy Puaso

      We well always remember you dunkey

    49. JPcopter

      But for real tho. Make a twitch highlights channel and hire an editor. Those channels go a long way.

    50. Ta Trau


    51. Justin Tee

      Get that money cuuuuuh

    52. Iridescent Seraph

      Minecraft? Collab with technoblade! Hes a big fan of your content!

    53. _JTSB_

      This is sad.

    54. ReferredLamp114 Gg

      Come on man you can do it you have to have fate man

    55. Dan A


    56. JesusNoGA

      I've been looking everywhere, but I can't find this "Iron Tarkus" USfilm Channel. Is it not around anymore or just spelled vastly different?

    57. Quadir Clay

      I would love to say thank you for old memories ❤️

    58. Michael Margiotta

      I got here after this video. Ill binge all your content. Keep it indie and if you cant I still got mad respect. USfilm is not what people think it is. USfilm is not what USfilm thinks it is.

    59. SgtxAnus

      USfilm is the reason we will have more kids with ADHD

    60. Dr. Waffles

      Hey we all love u keep it up

    61. Blubba McFarlane

      Please unsubscribe to this USfilmr

      1. AkameGaKillfan777

        Did he post cringe?

    62. gallifreyansaiyan


    63. Samuel McMillin

      guys he uploaded a good vid yesterday

    64. b1tr

      Yo he wasn't joking.

    65. INFINITF2

      I don’t make USfilm videos but I tell you it’s the exact same thing on instagram as an artist. We all try so very hard to draw these elaborate and creative and dymamic pictures, trying crazy perspective stuff, pushing our comfort zone but at the end of the day hardly any of us even manage to break 1000 followers and since the latest round of algorithm updates we can barely ever break 100 likes anymore no matter what we post. It’s very disheartening because art stealing pages, half assed comic pages who just make the same “haha i like pizza and don’t exercise” jokes a million times with super low quality visuals are THRIVING.

    66. Senchi3


    67. 1 tomuch

      We must keep this guy relavent I'm rewatching all of his vids buy bye

    68. 3pt1415926535

      Big Bang Theory vs Community. But one of them withstands the test of time.

    69. Peter Leary

      George carlin Richard Prior Eddie Murphy Videogamedunkey

    70. My Name Is Shady

      This video makes me feel bad

    71. Denver Keegan

      commenting because it might get dunkey paid. disregard.

    72. starlightross who is this?

      What's the song at the start?

    73. dancingdoors

      All jokes aside videogamedunkey has been my favorite USfilmr to watch for years now. Everytime a new video comes out it always makes my day. So thank you!

    74. Abed El Rahman

      Bye Dunk, we're gonna miss you, This was one of the best USfilm channels BAYBEE

      1. steliosplaysmc

        He is back, this was 1 month ago

    75. İsmayıl Alizade

      Ahhh Vsauce....

    76. Beastgamer07

      This is where dunkey channel goes downhill, miss his actual good videos, don’t see me watching him that much anymore, sad!

    77. LookingGlass ✔️

      I knew that from the last 2 years you've given up.

    78. Samuel McMillin

      he hasn't uploaded in a week, the hope is still there

    79. Bryson Ledford

      The best part about USfilm is that it really makes you feel like a video

    80. D j C

      Yo Dunk... you need to be getting in on that Gachalife grift. Make some inappropriately targeted at kids bank!

    81. R S

      The channel which I found in 2021 and got instantly addicted...been watching non stop and I mean NON-STOP--------and now I see this :( :( :( Probably the ONLY youtube channel where I haven't pressed the fast forward button ....not even for a second, because each and every millisecond of dunkvideo counts.

    82. PKwa!fu

      He wasn’t joking man

    83. Blade_des


    84. Flower Boy

      I know he’s still doing it, but I wish the old Uncle Dunkey came back...

      1. steliosplaysmc

        He is kinda back from making daily content

      2. MannytheMan


    85. גאיה רפאלי

      Who is here because of SimplyPodLogical?

    86. Linus Overy-Smith

      Kinda sucks that this is literally what he's doing from now on, miss you dunko

      1. dark purple

        Yes, I miss him from when he was still making Among Us Tuesdays.

      2. Linus Overy-Smith

        @steliosplaysmc I thought so until I saw more content at the end of his newest video

      3. steliosplaysmc

        he is back

      4. MannytheMan

        I miss the old dunkey:(

    87. ItsJustARock

      "Uncle dunkey is getting old now" that hurts man

    88. GeoMFilms

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is first video i've seen of yours but my question is do you at least get paid what youtube says you should be getting paid. Ex: at least $1-$3 per 1000 clicks? Because thats the issue i'm having. Even though i just started with monetize looks like youtube is stripping away all income. They took for example about $1,400 worth of clicks and reduced it down to $40. Something aint right.

    89. johny cockandball 's loves you all much cool

      we saw this coming for a long time lol

    90. _420-Blue Cat

      Unsubcribed, such a shame

    91. Anuhlog

      good videos ? youtube is pure luck.. it doesnt matter if u have "good videos" youtube is pure luck based

      1. dark purple

        Eeeh, no.

      2. n

        nah its 100% skill

    92. Devin Horner

      Dunkey, I will watch your videos for the rest of my life no matter what. Your the best man!

    93. FairSavior

      That was hilarious. There is always a part in these videos that I actually believe what he is saying when I because he is so good at mixing the truth in with his satire.

    94. MissAmieHolly

      I unsubscribed just so I could subscribe again after watching this video

    95. Baybora Çorbacıoğlu

      Outsmarting with 100 IQ lol

    96. 123 321

      1:42 good shit right there 👏👏👏

    97. wawawaffles

      DUnky dont be an asshole. You a beautiful human. Make this a home base. Do it when you wanna. Who was pushing any great artist. I had to walk up to my actual stove to say this only my little shit lite is on.. you a real deal. The world does need your shit. Reference material isn't fun its just flat needed.

    98. Justin Alastair

      This is a beautiful video tbh

    99. Luke Boisen

      Fuck this sucks, youtube is sad now I miss quality instead of quantity and I just found your channel