Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV! | FOX 5 DC

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    FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. FOX 5 Washington DC

      FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:​ STAY CONNECTED: INSTAGRAM »​​ TWITTER »​​ FACEBOOK »​​ On the go? Stay in the know! Keep connected to DC, Maryland and Virginia news and weather by downloading FOX 5's mobile apps, and make sure to allow notifications to receive alerts:

      1. Travis Adams

        @Crazy 77 Senator Cruz is a Federal Senator. The issues Texas has experienced has nothing to do with a Federal Senator and everything to do with Texas Governor, Texas STATE Senators and Congressman. Bob is an idiot.

      2. Stephanie Keith

        How sweet! That puppy was just precious.This is great way to start my weekend! Thanks guys.

      3. Llama Undercover


      4. d fobroy

        @M. A. if you weren't so busy trolling you could take time to spell words correctly. It's yeah, not yea

      5. d fobroy

        I thought reporters ethics required them to stay above personal opinions and taking cheap political potshots. That is why I watch SkyNews for my national news

    2. Healing Wisdom

      Pierogi is plural

    3. ms. ongnipotent

      Life IS good!

    4. numeroVLAD

      Propaganda channel has found some cuteness. Good for them, maybe it will remind them what’s it’s like to be human

    5. TheBaconBrotato

      What a great segment. Kids and animals will always upstage you.😁

    6. DigitalPraise7

      Take. Off. The. Masks.

    7. Diogo Pinto


    8. Momma Minga

      I love this guy!! He needs his own show lol

    9. Lucie Melahn

      Advice from a northerner: The best way to scrape the rear window is to start the car and turn on the back window heater for a few minutes before scraping.

    10. Steven Johnson

      Frozen fish

    11. Steven Johnson


    12. Scout

      Got to warm up car first and put on defrost. Duh. Roads look good:). Puppy wins. He doesn’t care about snow.

    13. nelsonta00

      2:41 is she wearing thermo pants or yoga pants? I swear women will wear Yoga pants into anything.

    14. yeah sure

      Perogie - so cute. Gods ✝ Creatures.

    15. Galaxial

      Great reporter. I actually stayed and watched the whole thing

    16. R J

      $20 bucks AND A FREE PUPPY !!

    17. Zuzia D.

      Her neme is PIEROGI?! hahaha

    18. Mr. Pig

      Are we just going to ignore the fact that these clowns wear masks while talking on TV, with nobody around them.... Then a guy comes up without a mask and they don't even blink. Covid is BS!!

    19. ERIC

      I can never stand these local news bits for more than a couple minutes cuz god the “casual” banter just always makes me cringe uncontrollably

    20. Umi

      Bob is a funnyman... Sarcastic at the same time (Good one 👍)

    21. Dale Does MTB

      Pierogi wanted to be on TV

    22. SlapMyBass3825

      News people telling the TRUTH with puppies. I would tune in every day.

    23. Mamouillette n#1

      This whole situation and this guy made me smile and laugh, all i needed was a bit of wholesomeness today ❤❤❤😷

    24. Al

      Poor dog. Not freezing?

    25. InsomniacMechanic


    26. LPS Dingo

      “20 BUCKS!!!!!!!!????????? “😱😱

    27. Edna B

      Wow how heartwarming

    28. MandyMagnolia19

      Awww 🥺 puppy wanted to be on tv

    29. Lona EL

      That Washington DC accent tho

    30. HelloMyFriends

      Dude could of at least defrost his car while the report scrapd

    31. Silverleaf

      That tail was waving at 100 miles an happy

    32. A Spiritual Perspective

      yep, makes sense. Standing all by themselves, no one around, and, wearing a masks. smh, seriously! LMAO, no commons sense here folks.

    33. Alison McCracken Mills

      Lovely guy!! Great to get a laugh!

    34. Biggils

      They really do look like face diapers. It’s ridiculous! Let’s talk about truth and what’s really going on. What’s happening hasn’t made sense from day one, and bill gates has a lot to do with it. He is the biggest monetary funder to the WHO. Research bill gates and the evil that’s developed. He is a scary human authoritarian. He is buying out all farmland in the u.s and telling us our future is going to be eating bugs! Wake up ppl.

    35. Defiance 32

      Did he ever de-ice that guys car?

    36. wasilaify

      This is the most lovable guy, EVER.

    37. ethan flake

      Homie really just jacked $20 from that dude

    38. Valoress Bqiskrnrjbx


    39. Shijoe Joseph

      Ugh, ya'll took our Winter. Angry Canada!

    40. Petal b_rry

      Hi, uh, I’m here for the puppy. Edit: I’m 30 seconds in and am very upset that I do not see a puppy.

    41. Tomato

      This was so good on so many levels 😇😄

    42. Issa Rae's Body Double

      Is the news always like this? Haha it’s wildly chaotic lol

    43. Issa Rae's Body Double

      Lmaoooo the Cancun thing

    44. TVideoupload

      He’s just going to steal that 20 and go talk to a cute girl and play with a puppy instead huh.

    45. Everyday is cat


    46. JByepitsme

      Awesome reporter💙💜💙💜

    47. Tara Charnow

      Any man who immediately picks up a puppy is a good man. 😍😍😍

    48. ergle lergle

      I thought my local news was absurd

    49. Melissa Samson

      So cute puppy! :)

    50. Lisa Kennedy

      Love the Ted Cruz insults Saving a puppy and making 20 bucks was the icing on the cake.

    51. Choppin Broccoli

      Perogie! What a cute name!

    52. San D

      Thank you Bob, for making us laugh. Stay safe from Texas.

    53. Callmelucky

      i hope bob is doing great and so is the puppy and dude who gave the 20$

    54. Honeybunch

      Freezing but the pup warmed it all. This reporter is adorable!

    55. offmeds2nite

      i love these vibes

    56. M C

      Meanwhile in Canada wondering if that's what you call icy roads

    57. Common Sense Corner

      That dog is FULL OF ENERGY!!! 🤣🤣

    58. Raf Mar

      “being chaotic can also be a good thing”

    59. Lynne Harris

      So wonderful to watch

    60. R Mascotto

      A dog walks into a bar with a pierogi in his mouth...bartender says hey y u have a pierogi in ur says I can't talk I have a pierogi in my mouth...

    61. Emily Suprise

      Omg this is too damn cute

    62. Firstname Lastname

      omg, it made me upvote a fox news video! :D CUTE!

    63. James Mayle

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    64. Rosie Rubalcava

      Loving this!!!! What a great job!

    65. Colormeimpressed3000

      Hahaha that guys cool af. Super cute vibe 👌

    66. Alex D

      I'll give you $20 to scrape my windshields IRS: 😒🤌

    67. elige brown

      Lmao! This guy has a full time job and 2 part time jobs. This guy has a lot of posative energy.

    68. Tyler Frederick

      How cute!

    69. kim nino


    70. Awdie

      I like this reporter 😂☺️

    71. duckielover151

      This feels like a guy who loves his job

    72. LightWorker

      Lovely! Such an upbeat report! Just what we need these days! ❤️

    73. Andi Leigh

      What a squirmy pup!!

    74. Tone Banderas

      masks stupid

    75. OneMoreRep

      But did he finish scraping the windows

    76. Gia P

      Moral Of The Story: Stay Positive And Good Things Will Come

    77. thrasheus annonymous

      Why ask for more to crash your news report but a cute friendly puppy!!

    78. TactlessBeast

      This should be titled morons standing outside wearing masks! Smh 🤦‍♂️

    79. MJ Zoom

      “Ice scraping and kennel service.” Lol

    80. 8luvbug

      The guy is full of life :)

    81. bhavana samhita

      He has the energy of a puppy himself haha

    82. Susana Casarrubias

      Bob rules!

    83. Drizzt

      This was fun!!! The dogs owner was certainly adorable.....

    84. MichTransplant1985

      Haha this reporter Bob is great!!

    85. Jeff McNally

      Pierogi was all kisses, snuggles & tail wags...what a happy little pup!

    86. Xoana Balam

      Este hombre definitivamente se robó el show.

    87. Big Boomer

      Cancun jokes... even the dog is laughing 😂

    88. Empress Rae

      What on earth lol

    89. Michael Licavoli

      Don’t worry Cancun is coming here!

    90. Ari Goldfeld

      So the reporter thinks the infamous Cancun trip of miserable Ted Cruz is funny?

    91. Mace M

      gets a 20 to get ice off car then a puppy comes to him. what a great day

    92. SnuSnuDungeon

      Hand over the puppy😍

    93. Ruby Whiteside

      I love it!

    94. Thefemalearrow

      “Bob and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” You mean Bill and Ted

    95. katebeckinsnail

      He's so excited 😊 ...both of them lol.

    96. lc R

      Aaww puppy...

    97. Tiffany Andrade

      That dog did nottttt want to be held

    98. Bonniejean Eckler

      That is awesome

    99. steven vo

      Amazing dog Amazing reporter

    100. John Pomeroy

      6 feet! That dog might have covid! Nah just playing cute puppy tho