iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins

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    "Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.
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    Published on 7 years ago


    1. Rafael Nico Christiansen

      it’s all great and good product and presentation, but where is this presentator now?

    2. Yi Liu

      Who is still watching it in 2021 and feel impressive?


      Its like your favourite porn. You keep coming back to it.

    4. Xuan Hoa

      Lửa thử vàng, gian nan thử sức

    5. Soe Thu Tun

      If Apple had invented the iPhone 1 without Steve, they wouldn’t have invented the finger touch screen. Instead, they would have made a stylus and sold it with $100. OMG..... Apple without Steve really sucks.

    6. Mohi Kri

      The day phone reinvented and changed whole world.... Forever

    7. Ikeria Scott

      “It is painful but it is necessary, it is making me powerful so it is purposeful, God is using it to build me so it is indeed a blessing.”

    8. Ikeria Scott

      “It is painful but it is necessary, it is making me powerful so it is purposeful, God is using it to build me so it is indeed a blessing.”

    9. B H


    10. Philip church

      46:50.. first ever prank call done on a smartphone 😭😂

    11. Philip church

      Did I just see Google on the stocks app 😂😂

    12. Dr. Surakshith Battina

      It’s crazy how similar the iPhone 12 is even today , in terms of core usage.

    13. Jake Chapman

      the old text icon man the nastalgia

    14. Vicky

      7:10, people there laughing like dumb ass 😂😂😂😂 while jobs is talking seriously!!!!

    15. MasterGamer3905

      47:00 she was the first prank call on the first iPhone

    16. A j

      He shouldn't have compared to other phones

    17. A j

      Played some good music

    18. boo yeah

      Still wouldn't buy one.

    19. Raver AX

      1:02:30 so we already had black air pods back then? 😱

    20. Velkis Elofsky

      Woo ho this phone is soo cool why not flash back too the future🙄

    21. ctech9

      "An iPod, a Phone, and aninternet communicator."

    22. Jeevan Batla

      It’s impressive to see that Steve Jobs did the entire presentation of the first iPhone himself 😎

    23. fire4bull

      thank you sir

    24. fire4bull

      17:56 so lovely nice music during the show as well))

    25. SL twentyeight


    26. Noor Affendi

      Watched this on iphone 12 😁

    27. Master Makoy

      The power of innovation

    28. Cesco Monti

      this is like a time traveler showing fire to caveman and it was NOT THAT LONG AGO

    29. DesertEagle

      still the best phone presentation

    30. Yeti Yeti mimi

      I love this moment

    31. Porkchop Pete

      Imagine what’s going on behind the scenes during this presentation with the tech guys, and audio guys on stand by - hanging on his every word, just praying that everything works EXACTLY the way it’s supposed to. Just imagine if phone didn’t turn on or text wouldn’t send or screen froze. Steve would have to jokingly play it off while mass hysteria is going on back stage

    32. Porkchop Pete

      I don’t think I realized how ahead of it’s time the iPhone was

    33. Wing W

      I am touched to watch this, in 2021. Thanks Steve, you’ve set the tone for all the devices to come. We will remember you.

    34. Benny Jacob

      Present generation be like YaWho?

    35. TSM- Mohandas-Gandhi

      Steve: large 3.5 inch screen Me: then why does she tell me it’s small

    36. TSM- Mohandas-Gandhi

      35:43 not a *WAP* web browser

    37. Perry dothead

      Nobody clapped about the internet communication youtube Instagram ect device little did they know

    38. Sonja Spackenberger

      I remember watching Steves keynotes every year before 2007 and telling my wife "I wish Apple would just make a cell phone. These things suck! I'd totally get one." Then I got not just one, but new ones each year for the whole family. Now, I'm trying to get rid of them all.

    39. Adnan Malik

      stop recommend this plzzzzzz

    40. TheGreat9 Productions


    41. Panda

      The fact that I still remember when it first came out and I’m still in my 20s. I am old enough to witness all the transitions the world went through in just my life time XD

    42. Amisha Chourpagar - Student

      World's legendary presentation ever😀

    43. Daniel Cohen

      It looks like a complete parody now 😂

      1. Daniel Cohen

        @Samar Preet Singh It's funny that the audience is so excited about things that we look at them completely differently now

      2. Samar Preet Singh


    44. amanfinally20

      The office in 2007, back before it blew up to one of the greatest shows ever

    45. Serge

      this is the day the world changed for the worst.

    46. Joseph Kersey

      Me watching this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max 👁👄👁

    47. Budd Fuddlacker

      Smartphones have ruined society as far as I’m concerned

    48. Budd Fuddlacker

      Steve Jobs didn’t ‘invent’ anything....he told the engineers what to invent

      1. Sonja Spackenberger

        Besides, Steve had plenty of unique patents registered to himself.

      2. Sonja Spackenberger

        Isn't that the job of a CEO vs. an engineer?

    49. Xbite Rebirth M.1


      1. gracie


    50. True News Only

      Who is watching in 2021 Fuck them who see my comment and not reply

    51. Cute Gallery

      11:54 3.5 inch really big🤣🤣

    52. Enrique Gabriel

      46:58 I wish I worked at Starbucks by that time..

    53. Ronil Bhattarai

      That bluetooth near piece was ahead of its time. Kinda similar to Airpods

    54. Adrian ASD

      Steve Jobs: *coughs* Audience: "yeah woo!" *applause* jk this is awesome

      1. Lossh 2004

        Cough *

    55. Siddeo

      32:31 Google : Not ever.. Credit - Google Photos

    56. Naveed Qazi

      iPhone was an invention, but if we fact check LG made Prada was the first multi touch phone.

    57. Sabotage, MMHD and MSSkip

      Me: has a stylus for my iPad Air 4 Steve: *yEEuuChH*

      1. Hisaudience

        He didn't hate the stylus, he hated the need for it

      2. Sabotage, MMHD and MSSkip

        @Tyler exactly!

      3. Tyler

        The difference is the NEED for one. The ipad works just fine with touch controls but some motions are more natural with a stylus: writing, drawing, etc

    58. ABHI

      The most greatest person of revolution technology ❤️💯🔥

    59. The Diecast Kid

      Scrolling. Hehe

    60. Realboarder

      Amazon has really took off! Crazy what they used to be.

    61. PixelatedBits

      I miss cover flow

    62. Dakaay

      I'm gonna show this to my kids whenever they complain about their phone.

    63. João Correia

      "3.5 inch screen. It is really big" ahah

    64. AnonymousGamingYT

      I love how apple is so comedic

    65. Sergent Buzz

      I wish Apple Music looked like that

    66. Sergent Buzz

      I wish iphones were that small

    67. Vladimir Shapovalov

      January, 2020 Sorry Steve, we just make screen bigger, that’s all :/

    68. lullemans72

      28:35 just watched the documentary about the making of the iphone, and they mentioned this very bit here where deleting tony's number had a far deeper meaning than what we saw on the surface.


      "A giant Screen"! Watching on a 10.4 inches Tablet.

    70. Zzskaoqod

      46:45 imagine being that Starbucks employee and not realizing you are making history by answering that phone call

    71. gbessone

      if they patented multi touch how come everyone else was using it a few years later? 7:35

    72. The Futuregamer94

      Am I the only one watching this in 2021

    73. An Active Mind

      This will go down as the next stage in the evolution of how we communicate, love, have sex and even compete. We have stepped into a world that only the ones who can see will see. Be blessed traveler.

    74. Kartikeya Singh

      Who all are are here after iPhone started to give phone without chargers🙄🙄

    75. Oscar Loft

      Why doesn’t my phone fly by now

    76. Misho Mishèv

      back when people were just simply happy

    77. Ya Dig

      Watching this with iPhone 12 Pro like 😳

    78. Vũ Võ Hoàn

      This is an evolution. Apple was really 5-year ahead every phones then. But now..

    79. sailendra sunny

      Steve.- Nobody wants a stylus. 2020- note series rocking. Like hell

      1. dudetocartman

        The real reason Steve didn't like the stylus is because then you can't use your fingers on your hand to use on the phone while holding it with the other hand.

      2. Maciej Kornatowski

        Note series being tiny, TINY footnote in smartphone sales you mean? It would literally be rounding error for Apple total sales (and is rounding error for Samsung too... it's just cheap lineup to make so it's still worth putting $5 into development).

    80. Στελιος Μπατσιος

      Nintendo in the 2000s: we like styluses in our handheld consoles! Nintendo today: 6:53

    81. Dan H

      Johnny's phone is cooler

    82. The Quack

      His clothes should be in a museum lol

    83. rmiddlehouse

      “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along, that changes everything”

    84. Jose Morales

      I was a sophomore in high school when this came out. This is literally what started the smartphone revolution. Coming from someone that just bought an s21 over an iPhone 12

    85. Shandy Leer

      The audience look like they came from the 90s. Remember this was in 2007.

    86. Shandy Leer

      The start of Nokia's downfall.

    87. Sunil Syangbo

      No advertisement on the internet The era when internet was clean

    88. Aman Limbu

      You legend of a man. Completely changed how mobile phone are made

    89. SUICED

      I was 7 year old

    90. SUICED

      2007 making history 2020 out the charger the box 2021 today out the iphone in the box 2022 buy the box after buy iphone 14 Its so stupid its so sad steiv jobs dead :(

    91. SUICED

      Who buy iphone 12 ? I want buy 13 beacuse 120HRZ I wish 120HRZ come truth

    92. SUICED

      Its magica

    93. SUICED

      Nostallgey I buyed i phone 11 tomarrow its come to my home :)

    94. 왜냣맨

      This is so shocking that the basic idea of a smartphone didnt deviate much from this even until 2021.

    95. dengajip

      As a lifelong Samsung user, what Apple is to this world is irrelevant to me. I'll always use Samsung and not Apple. Apple is just overpriced, it has nothing unique. Smart people use Samsung.

    96. John Schaeffer


    97. Barbie Mendez Polistico

      missing the pre-covid days

    98. Preston Todd Bradford

      RIP Stan Sigman! Fine man.

    99. Utkarsh Prakash

      "I just take my finger and I scroll" Mind = Blown

    100. Darsan

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