Sneaking Into VAMPIRE Masquerade Ball In Real Life - Rebecca Zamolo

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    First, Rebecca Zamolo was spent 24 hours trapped inside dollhouse with hypnotized best friends. Next Matt and Rebecca realized he trapped us while sneaking into escape room for game master master secret. Finally the Game Master Network were in an extreme hide and seek battle royale in game master escape room. Now Rebecca and Maddie have two invitations as part of the sacred 6 to attend a vampire masquerade ball. They will have to go undercover in disguise as vampires while sneaking into the recruitment party for the RHS. Matt stays at home and makes the best diy vampire outfit just like troom troom and 123 Go did for Halloween. It turns into an escape room in real life once inside and a few surprises that create awkward situations. Maddie's crush and Rebecca's best friend are in attendance. Once inside the large ballroom Rebecca and Maddie have do a flash mob tik tok dance. Followed by a challenge with mysterious chalices. Finally a battle royale in real life leaves it down to 4. Do you think they will escape in time or be trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

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      1. Robert Blake

        Mr x is also king pin’s sister then because he’s the game masters brother

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      3. Annmarie Matthew

        hi Rebecca zamolo my name is Ada page is hipmtis

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      LOL Doll Tattoo

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      Rebecca can you get me a ipad because i was a little late for the zam fam give away so i want a ipad

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      What is your nameI like the chair and I think because of king pen you’ll be on heil word yet everywhere and your husband or a video query I’m a big fan please post every day my brother

    7. Enticementz

      What is your nameI like the chair and I think because of king pen you’ll be on heil word yet everywhere and your husband or a video query I’m a big fan please post every day my

    8. Michelle Swinton

      Rebecca it is all your fault

    9. Shamima Khan

      Rebecca Maddie kingpin was waiting on you.

    10. Colin Bell

      I think Ryan is hiptmotisd

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    13. Samantha Sapien

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    14. Samantha Sapien

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      I watch Troon troom

    17. Jennifer Cobbett

      im@hypnotizedfunky in pen yes and Maddie did in the in her apartment

    18. Really the best

      Ryan is hypnotize he has a doll on his back.

    19. Jael De quesada

      Theres hands behind

    20. Jael De quesada

      The one of boy and girl

    21. Jael De quesada

      Rebecca be carful 2ith the painting it comes to life

    22. R JL

      Ryan is just he has a little tattoo on his neck really means that he has a little doll

    23. Greenley Archambault

      Brian the times by the king pen I saw a dollar tattoo on his back!!!

    24. Kobra Mosawi

      Ryan is in the vampire manchen

    25. Dania Joseph

      I saw a tatoo on rayan

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    27. Susana Sierra

      Matt is going to the vanier achin now. But it is a dcor he is coming now

    28. DJ BUNNY

      matt is dume

    29. Seren Holland

      I saw kingpin multiple times spying on youin the challenges.

    30. Johi Pichardo

      Is him!

    31. Steph Colon

      Heckinstalk in the bath room?

    32. Steph Colon

      Ryan has the lol

    33. precious Hunter

      Rebecca Maddie crush she wanted to go on a date with another date top her new version FaceTime movies have a LOL hypnotized thing on his back

    34. Yassmin Mahmoud


    35. Gia Yunek-Feliciano

      Matt Rebecca and Maddie is another and they had sleep cloud up there in the vampire for

    36. Itzzbadlayy y

      Ryan is hypnotize. He has the doll tattoo on the back of his neck

    37. Joud Abu naser

      I want. A iPhone x

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      When Rebecca and maddie were talking about the message in the fire place room king pin was spying on them!!!!

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    48. Merigona Kolgecaj

      Everyone Saw the LOL doll on the back of the neck it was so simple to see

    49. Patricia Callejas

      There's some other secret hidden rooms and that would know you wouldn't to Rebecca and Maddie are both trapped

    50. Patricia Callejas

      Not you're in the right place

    51. Patricia Callejas

      Kingpin kept sneaking into the rooms and spying on you guys

    52. Lorna Kimber

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      I'm a big fan

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      Rebecca Kingpin saw you and now he knows what you are up to so, please watch out cuz he could knows everything now.

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      kingpine was spying on you rebeca

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      Ryan Is hypontized with his emotions because he has a doll on his back

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      I also watch troom troom

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    60. Manuel Guarquila

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    61. Suk Mangar

      The face Charmander was wearing a doll tattoo at that back

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    65. Pikachu Games

      Shawn Mendes is perfect for Maggie will never Ryan so Maddie can you tell me if you see Shawn Mendes like I remember the videos you had a short time this number ok

    66. Justyna Wieczorkiewicz

      On Ryan's back there is a tattoo which hypnotised Daniel matt and maddie

    67. Arminas Masaitis

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    68. Crystal Robles

      Matt so you’re in the right place but you’re right now Rebecca Maddie are trapped in the picture was from King buffet and then for some reason featuring John Nana’s whatever it’s called he is working with Keegan and then now your sleep cloud now Rebecca Maddie or truck in

    69. Crystal Robles

      King pin was in the background when you’re doing the dance

    70. Justina Anzulovich

      πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘„

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    74. Cassandra Arnold

      Go back in time

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      ryan is hypntictized he has a tatto on the back of his neck

    76. Alina Acosta (Student)

      Maddie can you my name is Alina I love all your videos so I would like you to to do a giveaway Laura Elena Elena I want the iPhone 12 please

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