My Room


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    karekareo: karekareo?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
    ippus/ipporo/skullfairy: ippus
    Official Riot Store:
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    -the miraculous ladybug posters at 11:30 and 24:54 are both by InjuredDreams!:
    -the cardcaptor sakura print next to giffany at 12:37 is by minevi!:
    -there is a very pretty cardcaptor sakura print out of frame at 11:37 (to the right of the tiny ddlc print) and the artist is Lowah!:
    -The KDA Ahri print at 10:24, the fruits basket print at 24:33, the Tanjiro print at 24:48 and the chobits print at 24:54 are by ahniki!:
    Instagram: emirichuu
    Twitter: EmirichuYT
    My P.O. Box!:
    5663 Balboa ave. #492
    San Diego, CA 92111

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    1. Emirichu

      **UPDATES ON ARTISTS I FORGOT THE NAMES OF** -the miraculous ladybug posters at 11:30 and 24:54 are both by InjuredDreams!: -the cardcaptor sakura print next to giffany at 12:37 is by minevi!: -there is a very pretty cardcaptor sakura print out of frame at 11:37 (to the right of the tiny ddlc print) and the artist is Lowah!: -The KDA Ahri print at 10:24, the fruits basket print at 24:33, the Tanjiro print at 24:48 and the chobits print at 24:54 are by ahniki!:

      1. Wolf B

        Noice room

      2. Myꨄmelodyꨄ

        emily you should do a art book tour!

      3. Isabelle Finch

        What closet do you have? I'm looking for a closet like that and yours is super cute

      4. Nadia OrdazUribe


      5. Heidee Seath

        and the lady bug sculpture

    2. Dasukumi

      Bro.... U like aqua And daidus likes sakura..

    3. sea worm

      22.00 where did you get that chair from?

    4. MHAG Arya

      I respect the aqua body pillow

    5. Jay-ar Catorce

      Faliny someone who likes anime!

    6. Spinelishere

      ALEXANDER HAMILTON burr go brr

    7. blackbluepurple kfam

      Mew mew power mew mew grace

    8. Kim Jaylan

      Ur room is so cute

    9. Natacha Naurattel

      Maybe you can do a room makeover.

    10. bruh moment

      nobody: all the people under 12: *cries in broke*

    11. FaZe_ Stealth

      let me see that face

    12. TheDuelingChampion

      That is sick a cute keyboard! I need to get one!

    13. Nicee Mojica

      I want your roommm btw I love chu🥺❤️✨

    14. sugarchuu

      who else really wants to buy the pins but can't afford them or your parents wont let you ;-;

    15. Golden glare

      Your room is so cool

    16. Wolf B I love it 😼

    17. lars K

      i am one of the lucky people that could still buy a home it had 3 rooms + bathroom. so i got my self a workspace/ "man cave" altho i only got 1 case of march (also 1 part is earth elements stones etc.) so that a potental GF doesnt say oo god i am out :P

    18. Crapiefoods

      1:04 that art is so cool, just wow.

    19. BFF LOVE!29:)

      your pinboards give me life! wait, this video in general gives me life!!! wow oh wow

    20. Gabriel Paddock

      Daidus: This is your room? It's so cool Emi: '*Blushes*' Yes

    21. Leandro Moralez

      I'm team aqua

    22. Faith Kaurin

      the small card captor sakura print next to the spidervers print on the last wall is by ayasalheart on etsy! :)

    23. ツMISAKIツ

      I can’t wait for my sister to move out for I can do this to my room

    24. Purplex

      I love your room it’s like my dream eeeee

    25. • Anzo •

      The moorina art prints are so prettyyy✨

    26. ShadowScorpion

      what normal people saw: My Room What Weebs (like me) saw: Boku no Heya

    27. Oscar O'keeffe

      yall are gonna stab me for saying ive never been to anime expo TwT

    28. YahikoTendo

      Wow that's quite a bit, I have a similar set up in my room with my desk being so close to my bed.

    29. Izabela Pereira

      Love the lesbian pikachu at the door. Just saying.

    30. Sl00m_

      Emirichu: My room isn't that big Me: Then why is the video 30 minutes long? Emirichu: *turns to the pin boards* Me: Oh, that's why.

    31. Mary Ann

      Emily's bed (in California): a thin strawberry blanket My bed (in Canada): a thin blanket, the blanket that came with the thin sheet, a woolly blanket and a really thick and fluffy blanket -_-

    32. Darth Zayexeet

      Emirichu: shows her Aqua Dakimakura Me, cuddling with my own Aqua Dakimakura: (surprised pikachu face)

    33. Søfia -

      Wtf you have that selling I am scared that selling is very dangerous or thats what I heard at least 😳😣😣😖😖😞😱😱🥶💫

    34. Jevilz

      This is perhabs the biggest weeb channel i‘ve ever seen.

    35. ramen

      I can't seem to find where I can buy art from karekareo... anyone else having the same issue? Can somebody help me? :(

    36. Rafaeu

      And that girl dates Daidus, DAIDUS

    37. Rachel Christmas

      5:19 rip all those who weren’t in the photo

    38. Msaufi 616

      So damn pink

    39. Technophile Lad

      I don't watch Anime 😅

    40. Dabyss

      Half the video is about her pin boards XD

    41. S Han

      How did you mount the pictures on the back of your door? Tape, certain brand of putty, etc... give exact product please.

    42. Duncan

      Emirichu best animator waifu.

    43. Kate Crilly


    44. Emily Gamer


    45. Bry The Brownie

      Lucky, my room is literally just white walls with nothing interesting :')

    46. Yoriichi Tsugikuni

      Im here from moonshine animations

    47. Nicholas Keragis

      So much pink, oml 😆

    48. Daniella A.R.E

      This is too pink and cute I can't- Im not a big fan of pink and magical girls.....But i love it!💖💖💖💖

    49. fuggggggggggg

      You're super canadian lol. Vancouver I'm guessing?

    50. Bl4Ck0utH011ow

      Oh. Daidus's comment about card capture sakura suddenly makes much more sense.

    51. LifelessHype

      “My room is not that big” *Me with a room 3x smaller*

    52. littleザイ

      emily i love how uv set ur room it like if u walk in u see an explosion of color its really cute ;)

    53. ShookyKookie

      Is no one gonna talk about all the cute food and character squishies she has? Just me? Ok.

    54. #BabyYodaforlife Mama Mia

      I don’t think you like the color pink 🤨 P.S your room is so cute 🥰

    55. ireiasu

      Yes... That is what my dream room looks like :>

    56. Crystal clear Gaming

      I don’t know if anyone else noticed but when she’s talking about the first pin board I can just see the Illymation plush next to it😂

    57. Emolga swift

      Cute pikachu 👍 and Sylveon

      1. Emolga swift

        Who's ur favorite pokemon?

    58. Nikki Nuggets

      WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE DDLC PINS AT 2:21 ? WHERE I NEED THEM!?!!!! WHERE'D YOU GET ALL THAT DDLC STUFF? I'M JEALOUS! :{ I RLLY WANT THAT STUFF :( Seriously I'm jealous Like so jealous I like NEED that DDLC stuffs

    59. DisRBLX

      You should get some of linfamy’s keychains

    60. SailorSun

      Love your room 🥰

    61. IhaveBrainDamage

      I see a gpApi

    62. HoLa nINoo

      Ah, I see... You too are a fellow Weeb

    63. ザスク-天使の友人

      I discovered this channel from a certain person. And this is the first video I chose to watch. Because the title seems so cute.

    64. Iniddo Senpai

      The room is like a museum

    65. PlasmaTooth

      I highly recommend My Hero Academia! It’s really good! I prefer dub- but I mainly watch all anime’s in dub TwT

      1. PlasmaTooth

        @Alaina Chanel oh? Really? I guess I never saw it 😅

    66. LewdLoli

      you should buy a anime styled p226 handgun.

    67. Nadia OrdazUribe


    68. OddAndAbout

      Omg at 1:51 how did I not notice your pink winged bag? I have the same one but in lavender and I can't get the wings to straighten for the life of me @Emirichu

    69. ein Dummkopf

      Thinks that some animators or drawer have : all from asia or asia family

    70. Alix

      I love your room, its so cute

    71. Sofia Hooper

      You skipped the charm that had Chihiro Ogino On it, and the print above the pinkie pie print.

    72. -ooOoo Ghostly Gacha ooOoo-

      2:30 Moriah Elizabeth’s Art Room is QUAKING

    73. Amna Unicorn


    74. Mark Harb

      I think I almost saw a s*x toy

    75. Kuriniko

      I see those magic girls almost everywhere where I live, but now I can't go outside and the snow is covering everything.

      1. Kuriniko

        @HoLa nINoo Oh cool, I live in Japan

      2. HoLa nINoo

        Where I live we have no snow at all Edit: I live in idaho

    76. Prince Zuko

      sounds like your in the ocean 10:18

    77. Beatriz Garcia

      I have 3 BT21 plushies (Chimmy, Koya and Cooky), 8 BTS albums, 6 anime figurines and 2 manga sets, Neon Genesis Evangelion stickers for my laptop, 2 pikachu plushies, 3 BTS posters, 1 hatsune miku poster and a Clannad: After Story canvas print on my bedroom wall. 😊💕💕 Man... this is long. Just wanted to share what I have...

    78. Shelyna Wang

      you're room is so small but so magestic and so cool! I could take hours exploring that place!

    79. Cxffeinated

      I was going to get Pinkachii's pink horizons print, but I have to do it later because I dont have my own PayPal and I have to ask my mom to sign into her PayPal Account so we can get notifications of when it comes.

    80. Avarie Davidson

      u never showed us the ladybug stuff

    81. David Foley

      lemme just say i did not know you play league of legends

    82. jholotan best

      It is a horrible sin not to credit or support the artist but it is totally ok for the artists to rip off the intellectual property of companies that own the copyrights of the anime. Nice

    83. Lino Diego

      My room its a white box

    84. Mimy_ Candy

      Your ROOM is so cute

    85. 햇볕이 잘 드는 쪽

      Have you watched any of the precure?

    86. Kokichi is baee

      This is reminding me of my sister and I’s personality smashed together she loves pink and animal crossing as well as pigs and I love anime and drawing

    87. Novaldyn Tomas


    88. Intel Recon

      MLG CRIBS wit emi >_

    89. Lady Orlean

      Wonderful Art and pin collection.^^ I love to go to cons, even small ones and support great art. Definitely need to have more pins. The Animal Crossing ones are so adorable! Celeste is my favorite NPC too. X3

    90. dakon shelley

      wait a second KDA member in the left corner at 12:13

    91. dakon shelley

      star gardian lux and KDA akali

    92. Leekeebum

      what do you use to hang up your prints and posters? its extremely subtle

    93. Dot

      I luv ur room but there is something missing, (mha)

    94. Sane. Tigress

      I was so jealous when you showed the doki doki litterature club

    95. Mrtop Minecraft

      3 to 9? And it's beacuse of pins

    96. Shinobu Kochou

      Ur room is soo cutee i love the pins!! And prints!

    97. itzjustmixel

      alternate title: charm review

    98. monster vloger

      I'm sorry I'm new but a little too much pink and a little too much anime Note:I'm not trying to be mean

    99. Penglop

      Do u still go to church??

    100. Dunno Anything

      I wanna collect pins now 😖