A YOUTUBE THIEF IS AMONG US? Spy Ninjas Find Clues Hid on eBay Stolen Gold Play Button!

Vy Qwaint

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    After Chad Wild Clay made "WHO CAN EARN THE MOST MONEY IN 24 HOURS?", Vy Qwaint created "TOILET WILL NOT FLUSH! Playing Roblox Piggy IRL vs Extreme Hide N' Seek", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "WHO CAN FACE MY BIGGEST FEAR?", we discovered that Regina Ginera's USfilm Gold Play button was stolen! The thief is selling it on eBay! Regina is super sad that her channel has been deleted and she can't make videos with her fellow Spy Ninjas. She was going to make amazing DIY, mukbang, and gaming videos! We have to find the imposter who betrayed us and is selling this! We found clues that revealed it could possibly be ex - Project Zorgo hackers like PZ314 or the Doppelganger, who impersonated Daniel's mom! Could it be the Cloaker or PZ9? We decided to FaceTime the Cloaker on our iPhone 12 to see if he was lying or not. I hope the Play Button doesn't get sold for $10,000! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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      Hey Spy Ninjas! Our New Recruit Kits and PZ Infiltration Mission Kits are back! spyninjasgadgets.com/

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