Shaq, Kenny and Chuck React to the Ending of the Denver Nuggets-Washington Wizards Game | NBA on TNT


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    After the Denver Nuggets lost a close game to the Washington Wizards, the Inside reacts to Denver's final 4-on-1 possession in the closing seconds.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. John Top

      6:01 “We’re not gonna celebraste dimness around here” .... while they have a black lives matter sign in the back..

    2. igi pop

      jammal made mistake when defenders close for him not to pass to clsoest one cause timer.. but MPJ got most of mistake there cause h e by baing at 3pt line makes defenders act differently .. he didnt open himself or others on 3 pt line ..but it was good play cause now they roll

    3. All Hail DaKing76

      Everyone say that Kenny Smith would be a great coach.I dispute that. His near sighted opinions about basketball situations are good,but his big picture analysis are sketchy. This proves it

    4. D V

      Love this play - first time Kenny was in the right

    5. Eric Buzhaker

      This is literally what happens in 2k lol

    6. Fedor M.

      Jamal should have pushed, agree with Kenny on this one. They was all dumb as rocks

    7. Classicbasketballdvds

      there's nobody under the basket for the Nuggets to rebound if they miss the 3 to tie for the tip in that last play?! thats unbelievable. Blame Steph Curry for this nonsense smh...majority of NBA players now are wired to the Steph Curry now. The 3 is now "the go to shot" imo and not really for 3 point specialist anymore

    8. Paine IntheAss

      Kenny is so wrong. Even if Murray pushes the ball, he will ends up shooting it himself on a contested drive bc those guys were already established out there. it was too late for them to cut and get something uncontested. why I rarely watch the NBA. its slop

    9. shortshins

      Perfect example of how the nba has changed for the worse , its all about the 3 ball and the game has suffered for it .

    10. Biwenger DZA MARCA

      Jamal has to read the kameeel and get to the milk or pass the date.

    11. NaijaBeats12

      I completely understand Kenny's point of view and I actually agree with him especially since he was a pure point guard in his NBA days. If you look at that play, the three teammates had their eye on their point guard as they were driving toward the defenders goal. It's like they were looking at the point guard to be the facilitator of an effective play given the fact that the clock was running down while being down at two. If the point guard drove toward the hoop, the other three would have likely did the same thing and the odds of scoring two points to tie the game that way would've been a lot higher than the odds of making a three to win it. I also agree that all four of them were in the wrong, but the point guard is looked at as the general who commands the troops in pressuring situations like that so the point guard to me is responsible like kenny said.

      1. 90 Bins

        I agree but MPJ is the lead man by the time Murray crosses half-court MPJ is at the three point line. All he had to was cut and either he gets the pass Murray takes a shot or the other two takes the shot

    12. Denis Dogic

      Kenny is wrong here. Murray stopped and drew the guy to him and he was waiting for the cutter

    13. In2wishen

      Seems like every JoeSmo in the league these days got the green light.

    14. Digeo maradona

      The lucky jump curiosly milk because afternoon spectacularly matter a a tangy pamphlet. daffy, abundant millisecond

    15. I'm Casper

      Michael porter should have ran towards the basket for the easy lob

    16. Ramon Redarez

      That's why I mess with Barkley cause he always gonna call it straight.

    17. Ramon Redarez

      That last play was a disgrace to fundamental basketball.

    18. HumbleCurt

      Kenny is right ALL 4

    19. Isaiah Austin

      Horrendous play period and everyone knows that. Jamal murray did nothing wrong the other players did something wrong. Beal was in front of Murray.

    20. Joshua Everett

      Murray did the right thing, he forced the defender out of the paint to guard the perimeter, which leaves the paint empty for MPJ or anyone to make an easy bucket. Kenny talking out of his a**

    21. Derek Johnson

      I agree with Kenny

    22. Carl Francis

      Tf Kenny is talking about

    23. ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs

      This is why I've checked out on watching NBA basketball. It's soft and everyone is just out there to toss up 3's all night thinking they're Steph Curry. It's lame af.

    24. Alvin

      Kenny's dumb. If Jamal pushed it inside, he'll attract the defense inside which will then shrink the paint. One should cut.

    25. Mr Gucci

      This is why i don't watch nba games anymore!😱😂😵😤😬😕😳😟

    26. Michael Sharpe

      "Let's leave it there, they all was dumb as a rock" 😆

    27. William Marshall4472

      This is what happens when you let preppy, non-athletic "smart white boys" convince astute basketball minds that numbers and law of averages dictate coaching strategies. It's these hedge fund Wall Street types of owners who treat their investment like a toy. I think that before you're allowed to buy a professional sports team, you should have to have some sort of qualification about the sport you're buying into. These owners have NO expertise in sports and they are the owners whose franchises will NEVER carry their own weight and they're perennial losers.

    28. Johnathan Patrick

      A 4-on-1 and you go for a 3 when a 2 ensures OT...even if that 3 was made, terrible decision.

    29. Quincys Uploads

      Kenny with the rare miss.

    30. V Beard

      Watching this two weeks later. They are all kind of saying the same thing just not realizing what they are saying. Shaq and Chuck think Kenny is trying to place all the blame on Murray (he's not, just saying there are 4 guys who had an opportunity for 2 points and overtime which is Kenny's point). Kenny is trying to say it's a bad play BECAUSE 4 GUYS had a chance for 2 (not 3 guys) and ALL 4 stopped at the three point line. As Chuck put it "Dumber than rocks!"

    31. Joel Brown

      Kenny is right. They all should have ran toward the basket

    32. CleverMan

      Chuck is right

    33. Brandon Underwood

      I agree with Kenny! Gotta push it to the teeth of defense

    34. Koko Peds

      It's a 4 on 1 shaq. You're going for the win? Lol

    35. Jose Ruiz

      Has anyone ever wondered how many rings they would get if chuck Shaq Nd Kenny all played together ? 😭 I seriously think 3 or 4

    36. odawaryor

      This along with no defense is why I stopped watching basketball. They don't know the game but players today are smarter and better???

    37. Mark O'Connor

      That first bit... why isn't it allowed? He stopped the ball going out, then he stepped out of bounds, came back on the court, established posistion on court then got the ball... what's wrong with that?

    38. mansonlamps

      😂the nba is pathetic now

    39. KB Kid ASMR

      Kenny’s right. All 4 fudged up. Point guard goes until he’s stopped.

    40. GJ Williams

      1:45...that's the difference between Gen Z and Millenials.

    41. Rashaun DeBerry

      Kenny is right. All 4 of them should've went to the basket.

    42. kiDavid

      If there brain was dynamite it wouldn't even blowup half 😂

    43. Leni Tafunai

      Its aight Jamal. Happens to me all the time on Mycareer 2k. Lols🤦🏽‍♂️ honest opinion one of the 3 shouldve cut in atleast

    44. ChuCho The Ace

      Looks like Jamal got three defenders baited on his pump fake for the 3 and all his options were shoot or pass, if he drove like kenny said it’s a 2 on layup for the win or he he has to pass again to role players all wanting a game winning 3

    45. Warren Rambo Terry

      Kenny stop it

    46. Gary Jiang

      Kenny: They all were wrong Shaq/Chuck: NO NONONOONONONONO Kenny: They all were wrong Shaq/Chuck: You right. They all were wrong.

    47. Kxng Denarius

      What in the 2k is this

    48. Derek Fox

      jamal murry isnt a top 15 pg

    49. Shiva

      everybody wanted to be a hero, no one wanted to force OT, is that lack of confidence or overconfidence? Lol

    50. Angelo Villegas

      Kenny had a point... but everybody on that picture was wrong even the opposing players hahahaha

    51. ZovieMusixx

      stop it kenny

    52. Diego Schembri

      Why couldn't neto get the ball back in the first clip? Looks normal to me

    53. ブランドーディオ

      *nowadays everybody wants to be steph curry*

    54. hhuang

      Coach Malone was absolutely RIGHT NOT to call timeout on that play!

    55. hhuang

      Note to Shaq: Shut up, smh...........

    56. Minh Nguyen

      Only a point can see the problem...good job Kenny...

    57. Dreamwake

      Chuck: "We're not gonna celebrate dumbness around here" LOL.

    58. Primetime210


    59. deeboy416

      Legend has it that Kenny is still running away from Shaq's yes or no question

    60. HKS

      Is kenny try to imply that charles and shaq never run a fast break before? I don't get his point

    61. JErmis 101

      WIDE OPEN layup

    62. TDope Rollas

      Nah Murry drew the defense in somebody had cut and they all ran to 3 point line smh lol

    63. Honcho Luis

      Nah Murray brought all the defenders too him if porter would’ve cut that’s a wide open layup if Murray drives then the other 2 defenders have a chance at contesting a layup from any of the people who cut

    64. GRIZZLIS

      wow... 4 experts and don't know the rules... "cant do that..'' sez who? Nice thinking out of box play 0:15

    65. Aaron Bierman

      2:10 Shaq claiming the Nuggets were right to go for the win. Regardless of whether or not he's right or not (which in my opinion he is not), just 5 days later, on TNT with Adam Lefkoe, Candace Parker, and Dwyane Wade, he grilled the Nuggets for going for a 3 down 2. Can't have it both ways dude.

    66. Giordano Valdez

      Im with Shaq, Porter shouldve cut

    67. DJ

      They all was definitely wrong

    68. Airwane Vid Editor

      it's the coach who told them shoot a 3

    69. drsapnis

      MPJ had to go for basket

    70. drsapnis

      they dont know the rules..

    71. James McDill

      The fragile client currently wander because delete ethically exist following a pricey footnote. melodic, massive romania

    72. Them Real

      Kenny is 1000% correct. The point guard should never stop at the 3 point line on a 3 on 1 break. With the ball you can force guys to run to the basket. If you push the ball to the 🧺.

    73. Frederick Bradley

      Kenny is right

    74. JFMarston

      0:30 why can’t you that? I thought he got back into play

    75. Boknoy Buhisan

      kenny is the most useless part of this great team

    76. Sam Spade

      I hate to say it.....but Shaq has a point.......if the 3 was MADE.....there's no video.

    77. M

      Kenny is the weak link on this team. Bring in Channing Frye, please.

    78. Chris Sullivan

      Murray did the right thing. If MPJ cuts, Murray has taken Beal out of the free safety area. If Beal didn't bite I say Murray made a bad play but ultimately the other 3 guys shoulda cut.

    79. Ish F

      Kenny is right

    80. isaac hull

      Stephen Curry really cost a playoff rival a win from 2000 miles away, if that's not inspirational I don't know what is

    81. erin curley

      Shaq out here telling people to run. That's comedy! Remember his Phoenix days? 🚫🏃🏿‍♂️

    82. IYBC

      Kenny was right mauray was supposed to go to the whole

    83. Victor Cantu

      Hope they last along time

    84. Menace Gaming

      As great Shaq is he is dumb as rock in analyzing plays.

    85. Joshua Frick

      This play is a perfect example of how player's mentality has changed.

      1. Abdul Ansari

        @Crowned King no one ever said that, but good shot selection has and always will be the most important

      2. Crowned King

        @Abdul Ansari in this era you can't get away with being a poor shooting team from the three

      3. Abdul Ansari

        Lol watch old school basketball if you think threes are the only way to win games smh

      4. Roman Avila

        @Anthony Hernandez clearly not in that situation. Layups, 2pts shots, and other forms of scoring win games too It ain’t all about 3’s

      5. R

        Yep. To shoot 3s like crazy is valid... and star players can occasionally join forces like cowards because the media and the fans does not criticize such move. It's not a sign of cowardice, they are actually being "smart"

    86. Vivek Ramadoss

      I think the play at 0:20 is legal. Shaq was right.

    87. Nick Jones

      The nba is softer than wet bread...

    88. eric littell

      Is kenny smith high. wow

    89. Sweh Slice

      Kenny right, cuz it woulda forced them to cut

    90. jbugg

      0:24 why is that a violation?

    91. Sauceboss

      I get what Kenny was saying. It’s more on the 3 other guys though to run to the basket.

    92. V News & Trending

      Poor play. .. shaq is right

    93. Kolohe

      Shaq should never be a coach.

    94. 2002RM

      What's Shaq "believe I can play point" talking about? Kenny is the only one qualified to comment on JM as a point guard in that situation. And he's absolutely right. Popovic would have blown a fuse at this play, to see easy 2s being passed up for 3s by 4 players against 1 (+1 trailing defender). The highest percentage shot is the best shot.

    95. Aneel Ejaz

      Jamal Murray was in the wrong also

    96. William SC

      Shaq & Bark both wrong. They’re all wrong for this play lol

    97. Brad M

      That’s a Laker play right there. 😂

    98. The Real 203

      They do kenny wrong he was a true point gaurd so he know best it’s all about setting the play up as PG Jamal should’ve keep running towards the basket and maybe just maybe one of the guys would’ve followed up

    99. Joker Benfica

      Shaq is so dumb my god...

    100. Michael Iredale

      Steph Curry would definitely have stopped there! He might have made it though.