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    Introducing the next all-electric supertruck - the GMC Hummer EV SUV. If you thought one could change the world, imagine what two can do.

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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Gonzalo Oviedo

      Yep I love Led Zeppelin !

    2. RITZ 01

      Thor Ragnarok theme

    3. Miloud89Boujaada

      Ich liebe das Auto jetzt schon Hammer Geil. Liebe Grüße aus Germany

    4. Pradeep P

      100 miles in 10 minutes.. That's a Dope😍



    6. Jawad Jatt

      Ragnarok music in background

    7. Amit Anurag

      Is this true ??

    8. Misab N


    9. Ashish Kumar Nanda

      This one's level is even beyond the recent time's Sci-fi movies concept.

    10. Jeff Stevans Paul

      jaw droppin be like . 😘🔥

    11. Карен Альбертян

      Best gm truck!!!!! I need that one!!!

    12. Hemanth CK

      " If one can change the world, imagine what two can do "

    13. andre amin


    14. Daniel Clark

      Not interested in electric. Becoming less of a fan of GM

    15. Benjamin Burkhardt

      Remember when GMC offered four wheel steering in the early 2000s

    16. Joe Boivin

      What does it do in the infamous Quarter Mile . That’s the American Standard in speed deduction.

    17. Ronald Anderson

      You sold this 1

    18. The Stig

      Can't wait to buy one and slap an LS engine in it

    19. Jonathan Kenton

      I rarely find new vehicles interesting, but this is fantastic. Makes me excited for the future of the automotive industry.

    20. Simon Beaufont

      I am so happy that the cdc has a company car

    21. Damian Gutierrez

      Arnold Schwarzenegger will tow the Tesla cyber truck with this Hummer EV pickup & say hasta la vista baby !😎

    22. festus ewere

      Nice video

    23. kolim jone

      It’s great that GM has committed to these two EV models. They seem to be pushing hard with the technology and if they didn’t, their competitors surely will.

    24. Dame Dollaz

      Thanos car Thanos car

    25. Casey F

      I’ll take a Q7.

    26. Aman Singh rathore


    27. Brian Navarrete

      Arnold Schwarzenegger as the 6 million dollar man

    28. James Hernandez

      Rip Tesla

    29. AmalKrishna

      0:38 -Hummer - BRING ME CYBERTRUCK.....

    30. AmalKrishna

      I knew✨ Karikku✨ viewers are here

    31. RedsGAMERS

      Finally, an electric suv that looks more convincing than the Tesla Cybertruck, is it bulletproof ?

    32. GAME kILLERZ


    33. ALAN K JACOB

      Nailed it .

    34. Soni shab

      come for india

    35. Staszek

      So where/how exactly we're going to charge it in off-road trip...?

    36. Logan Vernon

      What's the song playing in the background??

    37. No Question

      Lebron is that you ?

      1. bcvbb hyui

        I think GMC beat elon musk to the punch on the cyber truck

    38. Daddy

      Absolutely insane

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Ronnie colemans new ride.

    39. Chardonneret sauvage


    40. wardellward

      Y did the gmc brought back the hummer

    41. vbddfy euuyt

      It’s great that GM has committed to these two EV models. They seem to be pushing hard with the technology and if they didn’t, their competitors surely will.

    42. Ryan Rybarczyk

      This puts the Cybertruck to shame.

    43. Satvik Krishna

      3:12 reminded me of Fast5 drag race with cop cars. This one with two massive trucks. Background music : Immigrant song, suits perfectly for these cars. BTW Both are cool but, Tesla left the chat.

    44. Ultimate Zeno


      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Cadillac SRX. The quality was shamefully/extremely poor. I hope GM will put more quality into this.

    45. Ultimate Zeno

      HOW MUCH IS THIS HUMMER? $100,000?

    46. Ultimate Zeno


    47. Irish Mac

      By by Ford! 😂😂

    48. Ryan E.

      CYBERTRUCK: Hahahahaha. You're going to crabwalk right into bankruptcy.

    49. Isaac Mujuni

      Cybertruck left the chat

    50. Tamim X21

      nice song

    51. Pratik Shinde

      Ronnie colemans new ride.

    52. Chase Mauldin

      I think GMC beat elon musk to the punch on the cyber truck

    53. Car Project

      ONLY THING it fails is that GMC can't Gift me a HUMMER EV.

    54. Swapnil Vaidya

      Can someone help me find that background track?

    55. Nickhil Sharma

      Looks like.. GMC is building an SUV for Batman 😎

    56. Akil


    57. Christian Harrison

      LeBron James 🗣🔥

    58. SIX GEAR

      I like it!

    59. Chris G

      I like the attention to detail like not having your screens all mucked up with fingerprints. *How about a little arm/hockey stick coming down in front and behind of each tire, so small that you can barely notice it. On the bottom of each one...a little magnet that catches screws and nails that would ruin very expensive tires. A cheap and easy way to set yourself apart from your competitors. And a very worthwhile addition. *One speck of rust should never ever exist on this vehicle...ever. With a premium price, how about using premium materials... like stainless steel! The difference in price between stainless steel and regular steel is negligible. The damage to your reputation for using lower quality materials... is immeasurable. *How about a front window defroster that is the same as a rear window defroster..."wires" on/in the glass. *With your underbody cameras, maybe you could have miniature windshield wipers or windshield wiper spray nozzles pointed at the cameras so you can clean them off should they get dirty. ** I owned a new 2009 Cadillac SRX. The quality was shamefully/extremely poor. I hope GM will put more quality into this.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        It's time to sell Tesla stock

    60. Chris G

      It all looks good. Let's see if they engineer some quality into it...or if they revert back to their old ways. History is watching... *If I may... how about next bringing back the Allante and electrifying that...please.(If not I guess I could always pick one up and take it to EV West and have them convert it)

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Hey GMC you sure this ain't the next Mars rover?

    61. Grumbo991

      April fools. Nice.

    62. Anoyel Fernandez

      Beautiful ❤️ 🤩 GMC

    63. inder singh


    64. Kimiya Oshikoji

      Pure bliss

    65. Sagar Shetti

      Come to India with manufacturer plant , it will sales like chips!

    66. nieooj gotoy

      Absolutely in love with the SUV!

    67. Wingman

      The "city" Hummer, very nice EV. However, I would remove the spare tire. Hope there is also a suitable version without spare tire.

    68. Steve Wihl

      I got a little excited when I saw this truck. Then I saw the price tag. I am no longer excited about this truck.

    69. Wally Thompson

      Lebron the spokesman

      1. nieooj gotoy

        😱 وشذا الموتر المتوحش

    70. HET PATEL

      my tesla after i saw this trailer - you cheatin on me againn🥺

    71. Chaitali Bhowmick

      This new Hummer nailed it with that "grill" cuz Im not that guy that really loves no grill EVs like that tesla. I know that it's useful for aerodynamics, but still, a grill like this EV, somewhat powerful looking while still being aerodynamic, is a go to...

    72. Andrea Bartolini

      What a commercial..... good Job to the MKT team.... !!!!

    73. Dominic

      Looks like a video game

    74. Sounak Nandy

      Hey GMC you sure this ain't the next Mars rover?

    75. pres

      It's time to sell Tesla stock

    76. PsychoAlexander

      Too cool. Wish I had the money, or parking space, or roads wide enough to drive this on.

    77. Joseph Delmundo

      Yeah, that crabwalk is sick

    78. Ravisai Kota

      waiting to see on roads.....

    79. Puerto Rico

      No this is something which ratchet would transform into❤️❤️❤️❤️

    80. Sŵëdîsh Døg

      GM is really hyping us up with this trailer arent they 😌

    81. william Meives

      I will do what ever it takes to get one of these, I’m talkin to you gmc

    82. seeni gzty

      I’m not usually a fan of EV’s. But these.... these are badass. And absolutely gorgeous.

    83. Mercedes Benz

      Very good to hear a pik-up being called a pik-up and not some ute or truck.

    84. عبد الرحمن ناصر

      😱 وشذا الموتر المتوحش

    85. monibstar


    86. Steven Mendez II

      I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A HMMWV I think I would be crab walking everywhere. does it have a Arnold edition?

      1. seeni gzty

        when is this machine dropping? i want to buy one. what's the range and price?

    87. Steven Mendez II


    88. Akshay Shetye

      I heard Thor Ragnarok music throughout video and seen thor landing like endgame 😂👀

    89. Rana Gagan

      Abe ye kya bhaukal bana diye ho

    90. Saxel Adude

      what is the song 0:54

      1. masamori nakaima

        Immigrant Song.

    91. EnNombreDeLaCiencia !

      This makes me feel that I cheated on Tesla. I’m sad now.

    92. Ahmed Mudassir

      Thanos truck

    93. Jason R

      My h3 has been the best vehicle I’ve ever owned

    94. Adib Asmara

      Looks like FJ Cruiser

    95. Sagar Shetti

      Now people will cancel there tesla truck bookings!

    96. Christo John

      The King of the SUV's is back !!!


      Guys future is here

    98. Dylan Khadiken

      Man I want one

    99. Gagana Kalhara