Brandy Performs ‘Say Something & ‘Borderline’ At The 2020 Soul Train Awards


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    Brandy brings the soul as she performs ‘Say Something’& ‘Borderline’ at the 2020 Soul Train Awards!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. BETNetworks

      Love Brandy's performance?! Watch as she teaches you how to sing and achieve her famous runs on 'Will You Be My Vocal Coach'!

      1. Holistic Kulture Talk

        @Gloria Richardson you think so?

      2. jade williams

        @Shakenbake Hannah I don't recall either of these songs fast paced find you something better to type hun LOL

      3. Mystical LightTv

        @Shakenbake Hannah She can definitely sing better than Monica. However Monica's style is unique and has a lot of restraint to it

      4. ladydee78

        @Cake Diiva OR TONE DEAF!!😂😂 Monica is not even on the same level VOCALLY as Brandy.

      5. Idris Ade

        @Shakenbake Hannah You must be crazy comparing Monica to Brandy!!! That’s voice of an Angel, Monica can’t ever come close to that. SMDH.

    2. MrsDA71

      Brandy killed this!🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    3. Zero-Balance.Neti2_Inquire.

      Did not know she’s this talented...

    4. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      She did both Songs Say Something x Borderline Just So Beautiful😭💔 Got My Heartbroken Torn Apart 💔😭 When I'll Felt For The Song Of Her Brandy's Voice Sounds So Beautiful💖💖😭💔

    5. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      Brandy is a Beautiful Legendary Singer/Songwriter I'll Never Met In My Life Because My Tears Falling Down And Torn My Heartbroken Apart💔😭 And Her voice, Her Harmonical Tune Sounds Very Beautiful 😭💔 everything That You Could Of Beautiful Brandy's Voice Sounds So Amazing😭💔 Wonderful

    6. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      Brandy's voice sounds so so beautiful 💔😭

    7. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      She sings say something x Borderline just everything the emotions songs a heartbroken 💔😭 Has Felt that her harmony tones, Her Vocals of Brandy. ..Just wow😭🥺💔 Just Beautiful Gone girl She Can SANG!!!

    8. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      Whoa 🥺 sounds so beautiful brandy💖😭 her harmony tones so beautiful💖💖

    9. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      Wow her voice has the tears in my eye💖😭 Sounds so beautiful brandy

    10. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      We love brandy 💖💖💖

    11. Maddie Boy A.k.a Production

      Sounds Beautiful 💖😭

    12. Delila Mendes

      No one touching this talent! Period!

    13. Kevin Rojas

      😎😍😍😍🤩🔛📲📡Productions an performance was on point Brandy looking sexy better now fouce Proud Postive And Age like 21 year old ...Love it!♥️

    14. Amber Goree

      Her live performance of Wildest Dreams when the album first debuted and released is my #1 favorite live performance I’ve seen from ANY R&B artist. This might beat it vocals ALONE...she is an R&B/Hip Hop legend and her flowers are beyond what the Grammys could and SHOULD HAVE awarded her...I’m always at a loss for words when it comes to Brandy man 😭🙏🏾❤️

    15. mohammed yussuf

      Brandy doesnt need the grammys,the grammys need brandy..The Queen..

    16. j jones

      The voice combined with stage presence! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! Love you!

    17. Tammy T

      Thank you Brandy for this soal food i I need an we all need.😘👏

    18. Rio

      Yo the back up, the layering and the runs in the song Borderline is genuis and lyrics and song construction is crazy. Brandy jeez

    19. mandy

      I wish she would dress like she did on dancing with the stars. Or the time she was on Kelly Ripa show. Look like she is wearing a garbage bag.

    20. Holistic Kulture Talk

      She looks goodttt and this version good too! I wish we could see more of her! She DONT need to do a lot her voice makes you go into space

    21. Nessa

      Between Brandy and Jasmine Sullivan I’m about to get my whole life 😂 Their vocal quality omg 😳

    22. Naphakade Madziba

      Borderline is my favorite on the album

    23. Nairere Tomas Sjoo

      Who else can't enough of this new album these two songs are from. Playing them from morning to midnight in Sweden...big love from here ❤️

    24. Makmak Thee Multipotentialite

      My Mama introduced me Brandy. I was 3 then. Now I'll be the one who'll reintroduced Brandy to her since she's not that updated to her no more.

    25. Fareeda Ofori Muhammad

      Underrated man

    26. Mhlanganisi Kii Gxobole

      I'm currently watching this performance for the fifth time in a row.

    27. Digital LHM

      Brandy. The Singer's Bible. Your favorite singer's vocal coach knows what I'm talking about.

    28. Askill

      When you will call MariahCarey again to sing?

    29. Neweva

      Yaaa got chills can’t stop😍🤩

    30. Talyssa Dean

      She killed that ❤️

    31. M Korpal Art

      I'm just watching Moeisha , first time in my life , wondering why Brandy didn't sign on this show. ❤️❤️❤️ Such a unique voice

      1. GrubieDon'tPlay

        She does on certain episodes. One in particular.....

    32. Gentlebae 2.0


    33. Ranika


    34. Maleah Manning

      Ik she’s not that old but if I didn’t know any better I’d think she was in her late 20s-early 30s she really does not age

    35. beautifulchocolate83

      Amazing!! Who are the musicians?

    36. NerdGuru1986

      I'm so in love with Borderline

    37. Lenadea Hazelton

      You better....yea yea

    38. Marcus State

      The fact that y’all tryna convince y’all self she wasn’t lip syncing is hilarious 😂😂😂

      1. GrubieDon'tPlay

        Who cares? So do most major artists. Whitney lip synced her famous Star Spangled Banner rendition too.

    39. Sylvester Fox

      Those intense vocals and instrumentals really give off my mental state. Sound and sweet and then explosive and strong at moments. The sense of control is there, but it almost feels chaotic.

    40. Dee Mitchell

      She always amazes me. She murdered that.......

    41. Tierra Nixon

      Whitney Is sooo proud right now ♥️♥️

    42. Tierra Nixon

      Brandy stays true to HER she is always gonna win because of that alone 💜 her talent is unmatched She’s mtf Brandy!!!!!!

    43. Tierra Nixon

      My girl 🥰

    44. Robert Goldsborough


      1. Robert Goldsborough


    45. Lilogotcash

      Make me sickkkkkk

    46. Susanna N Johannes

      My brandy 🤧🤧🤧she makes me emotional 😭

    47. FatherBe WithMe


    48. Robert Baring

      Micro drops🔥🔥🔥

    49. AileenLaGorditaChula

      Wow that was so powerful I’m emotional I love Brandy ❤️🥰🙌🏽

    50. Jada Katt

      I swear Brandy came with it on this performance. I watch this everyday, every night like right now😂💪🏾👏🏾🙏🏾So proud of her!! I'm 41 so I grew up on her, monica, Ashanti, Aaliyah etc so love to see them still serving Diva Style

    51. A C

      It’s the stage presence for me! A veteran in the game and still giving us these amazing vocals and a great album. I’m still here in 2021. 🔥

    52. Abiola SHOYemi

      Nice songs

    53. Precious Afinni


    54. You Are A Fart Knocker

      Omg I just died

    55. Lakita Bostick

      Whew!!! Both of these songs sound amazing live!!!!! Whew!!!

    56. Shirley Campbell

      Yessssssssssss brandy best voice ever......

    57. Jessica Crudup


    58. TotallyTaveTV

      It’s 3:47 for me

    59. Massimo Sigismondi

      What a voice! She is great! It's so very difficult to sing like her, I believe that she was called the Vocal Bible. She can use her voice in different tones, low, central, high, head, falsetto, whatever, it misses little! I remember her in the 90's, she should have deserved the best, she needed to be more in the spotlight, it's a pity private life ruins everything in one second! Damn! I love her, she inspired me. Greetings from Italy, Florence my city. Black people are among the best, absolutely, I love them, I sing too, thanks to them I can sing with vibrato and some characteristics of black music. I wish I could sing like them but everyone does what they can the best way they know how.

    60. July lady pietra


      1. July lady pietra


    61. Matthew Rugel

      Brandy is so underrated! This album is amazing ❣️

    62. Kristian Sampson

      This womans voice gets better and better

    63. Dertrick Winn


    64. Tiffany Jackson


    65. マヨワ

      The amount of breath control that this woman exerts in the song is absolutely incomparable. In the first song, if you listen closely, she’s breathing so rhythmically that its incorporated into the song, and she comes in so powerfully after her a riff because of all that breath she is carrying. Then in borderline, the second song, she breathes so quietly so you can enjoy the quiet of the song, pulling the mic away when she needs to power up with some air. I am in school and fully enrolled at Brandy Academy!! I need lessons with this woman haha

    66. Studio OC Photo

      Damn she's beautiful! Does she even age?!


      I need you to coach me brandy omg I’m crying so hard right now!!!!! That really touched me.

    68. Alex Cooper


    69. Mello Splash

      Continue doin what u doin Mo

    70. Soraya K

      shes so beautiful and mesmerizing to watch

    71. Marie Cooper

      Don't cheat on Brandy because she is crazy 🤷🏾‍♀️🔪💥😵

    72. magicpill ismetomakeyoubetter

      Lol if watch this video one more damn time

    73. Sweetz214 Texas

      3 weeks later,,, I'm still watching!!! My goodness!!!! So graceful!!!!

    74. Kymmberly Morton

      Love me some Brandy! Hope I meet her someday!

    75. David David


      1. Taurus B

        Dude you reeeeeeeaaaaaal clever....🧐🙄🧐🙄

      2. sickvokals


    76. Music Boi17

      It’s the stage presence for me!😍

    77. Ci ara

      My fav Songs from the Album!!!🥰🥰😭😭😭😭😭🙌🏾👏🏾👌🏾

    78. Ntr Lo0se

      My fav!! 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

    79. Michelle Richberg

      That’s my baby -I love me some Brandy, What girl can Sang

    80. Cheelo Tembo

      Jazmine Sullivan is amazing

    81. ano mola

      Is so beautiful 🔥😍😍 the GOAT Brandy everyone know it!

    82. Mayteaa Wilson

      Her voice is CRAZZZZZUYYYYYYY

    83. Khabari Johnson

      Who else love this performance.

    84. Ronie Land

      Brandy will forever be bad to the bone!! 💅🏽🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    85. Mattie Anti

      What type of hat is she wearing? That ain't no baret right?

      1. Taurus B

        Looks like a kufi

    86. chillado scott

      Simply put I love her 😍 😍😍😍 icon yes legendary status absolutely 💯💯💯

    87. flavogram

      Chile, I’m only 40 seconds in and she already got me ready to threw a shoe at the screen blessed with a gifted voice!!!

    88. Johnathan chenault

      The Vocals are Solid some things you just don’t Question 💪🏿

    89. Toofly105 Fly

      She lip syncs EVERY performance like damn is her mic ever on 💀

      1. Taurus B

        Its hard to accept perfection in a world of mediocrity... We understand

      2. KA TV

        she dropped the mic , she did not lip sync

    90. Carbosaurus Ness

      Biggest vocal flex of 2020

      1. Foreign 4Ever


      2. Nici M


    91. Thelivelyfamily

      Best vocalist 💯💯💯💯

    92. vondale mayes

      This lady voice is sick. It’s the tone of her voice no one to me sounds even close. She has some sick riffs too. If you heard this voice singing without seeing her face. You would automatically know it is Brandy. Never would anyone say ummm I don’t know who that is. She’s great excuses me one of the GOAT

    93. Elise Koscso

      This is the most amazing thing ive ever watched in my life

      1. Nici M was pretty awesome!

    94. Titanium Expose

      the whole album is fantastic! when I'm singing along to it, it warms up my voice and sedates me haha

    95. Mike J Womack

      Her Voice is so Incredible.

    96. Tia Joy 1111

      It's dropping the mic for me and walking away thickness... Yessssss Queen

    97. Tia Joy 1111

      Brandy .. my favorite of all time... Name one person that don't have a brandy run in a song... She's the ish. It's Brandy for me😊💛

    98. Dman2020


    99. Dman2020


    100. DesMone Ketron