lael - im all alone

Lael Hansen

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    hey, old friend

    Published on 3 days ago


    1. Elize Thompson

      Pls post more Lael

    2. Enigmatic

      X would be proud of you.

    3. ThatBoulZay Reacts

      Ooooo shit she’s back??

    4. Celiodas


    5. ‘HERMANN M’

      Def my new favorite song and artist!

    6. Gun Boi Kaz

      now i need a lael feature

    7. Antonio Smith

      Lael I missed you!!. Glad to hear from you. I was worried.

    8. DarkKnight47

      “hey, old friend” 🖤

    9. Nethma 123

      this is actually really good

    10. DJ ZAYN


    11. SLOW BOY


    12. Rainiel Magpantay

      I love you lael! Hope ur doin' fine. Spreading good vibez!❤️❤️

    13. vro - Brawl Stars

      Is this about X and Juice? Or have something to do with them

    14. best of games

      the comeback we wanted

    15. TEEN X


    16. Alex Demon

      Glad your back😢❤❤ stay strong lael❤

    17. Paige Marie

      Yeah, she's dipping again. I don't see her coming back as a youtuber or even as an artist. I hope I'm wrong but it's been 3 days and she hasn't said anything to us so what does that tell you?

    18. AJcantMISS

      Sound like sum X would sing on

    19. D J

      glad shes back

    20. Steven Santos

      Omg she’s back 😩🙏🏾❤️

    21. Frank Palaguachi

      This is beautiful

    22. :SRT DICE:

      We all love you💥💙💙💙 even tho life is hard af and nun of us can't really do anything to help, we support you for who you are at the end of the day. Nun of us could never give up person so important on this platform. Keep ya head up🌧☔🌈

    23. Ivy Cry


    24. CRYSTAL 136

      Glad to have you back ❤️

    25. Fadi Aissi

      she is baaaaaaaaack !!!!!!

    26. P. D.

      I’m so sorry

    27. Dylan Peacey


    28. DangerPlays

      welcome back :)

    29. panic! at my chemical falling In reverse pilots

      here before 1 million views check

    30. swonny lpx

      holy fuck this is good. wtf

    31. Akio Crawford

      This definitely hittin radio and blowing up

    32. Gantumur Nurzee

      Yes yes yes comeback

    33. joe claps

      It a message in this song

    34. Fake Smoke

      We miss you❤️

    35. Jadon Matos

      We've missed you lael hope you're okay 🖤🖤

    36. glow mingo

      missed u lael

    37. Croc Gang Ent


      1. StreetLamp Le Moose


      2. vro - Brawl Stars

        Damn even Croc is here🤣

      3. Tyvon MahoneyYT

        Croccccc one of my favorite youtubers. Can't wait to see you post more content

      4. savage cat

        how are you not verified?

    38. Kenji Okamoto


    39. Tamis X

      Glad she’s back , this song lowkey slaps 🔥😳

    40. T -Raw

      Billie vibes

    41. MustBz

      Welcome back!

    42. tre trash

      thank god

    43. NixCapalot


    44. DxgTheSavageReaper diamond

      i think leal is sad tough i'm glad she back however i just hope lael ok

    45. The Poke Collector

      A total VIBE.........🔥

    46. calvzy

      plz comeback

    47. Gaming1Legendz

      We miss youuuuuu🔥💯💯💯

    48. LOSTINSPACE 786

      The song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and I’m very happy she is back

    49. Ethan Tyler

      This song is amazing !!!

    50. Ethan Tyler

      Yeeeeeeesssss I missed you so much!

    51. Lendita Sopa

      Hold what Happend im confused

    52. GabeXD

      I love you lael I really don't care if you don't but bruh you were the best I'm so sorry, I've know you have been threw too much and no one see's the real you😓

    53. A14RACKZ

      Your back 🥺

    54. Alyssa Tentacion


    55. Oner Leon

      OH MY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    56. TrinityInfinity

      We missed you Lael.

    57. Zuren

      OG Fans Checking If She’s Back She Finally Is!!!

    58. Kadon The Great

      On the part where her face is covered, am I the only one who heard “ I’m on my way h*e”???

    59. Noiv’ert

      I was so worried ❤️glad you’re back

    60. Near

      Hey, old friend

    61. Slerp 8D

      Cant wait for dontai to react to this😭

    62. Branchy

      Lowkey missed her

    63. sedate me

      So glad your back missed you so much lael

    64. CupcakeOVA

      Amazing song

    65. Chris Murray

      Happy 2 have you back Lael much love!

    66. Nicolas Bradley

      Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    67. Tyler Sharief


    68. danny the fat Mexican boi

      Plz come back queen ❤❤

    69. Gabriel Escobar

      Dam it's been a minute

    70. layaanu

      Yes im alone so post a video plsss😭😭 tommy u toooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    71. Serbaken

      this is great and all but all of her videos are still gone :(


      I missed you lael glad you are okay

    73. 字Kvbra

      x would be insanely proud.

    74. 字Kvbra

      we missed you !

    75. Mr. isaiah

      hey old friend the album name????

    76. Hoodiegenos

      she BACK

    77. cloudo

      She’s back!!!

    78. Pedro Vicente

      I love 💕 this song 🤩 already glad to have you back,what ever you going thru we're here for you 👌💯💪

    79. 999 Kaleb

      hey lael we miss you :)

    80. Yezuin

      Glad she’s back man.

    81. 9000 Gaming

      Let’s go she is back love you queen

    82. Damian Btw

      its been a entire year holy shit lael comeback 2021 less go

    83. Radha Marquez

      Ughhh Something about this song. Idk it's just so good. I can't stop listening to it. It just speaks to me. Beautiful job ❤️.

    84. Remi

      this beautiful asl 😢

    85. Alper Ataman

      Btw Your voice sounds like Billie eilish

    86. Alper Ataman

      Anyone else here from Mackenzie turner

    87. G. B

      Generally curious, why does this channel have 1 million subscribers but with one video? I’m confused.

    88. ClizzyDaKid


    89. JayyviiNA


    90. Lil Chriss

      Glad to see you back on the grind. Hope you feeling better and we here for anything you going through

    91. RJK Films


    92. Matthew B


    93. Voexi

      So glad to see you are well

    94. Lil Vybez

      "Hey Old Friend"

    95. YSS KIDD

      We missed you😞

    96. Lael Hernandez

      Bruh why is therd a female with my name

    97. super girl47 Jaydyn

      Your not alone we are all here for you

    98. Utube Red

      Yknow she came back cus she be missing that bread 💰

    99. VI VivXe


    100. Brent Barrie

      Lael!!!! We miss you. This is amazing. Excited for what's next. We love you!!!